Ok so a day late not that bad. My parents were like you don't spend time with us! And they took away my iPad aka what I write fanfiction on… So here's the next chappie!

It had been over a month now. Nemos found me and 'took me in'. The irony. I was looking for him but inevitably, he just happened to have stumbled upon me. Right now I was locked in a cage. I guess Nemos overestimated a dying eight year old. I was sitting in the middle of the cage because of the dogs. They couldn't get me in the middle. But still tried to snap at me. The middle of the cage was safety. My back was facing the back wall so I could see when Nemos came through the door.

Currently I was cradling my arm. They had jabbed an IV into it. They were pumping me some kind of medicine and it made my insides feel tingly. I knew that Sarap had been effected by it. As soon as they injected the IV into my vain there was excruciating pain in my abdomen. Whatever the IV was doing it was killing me. I figured that I would die because the IV was attacking me and the Sarap. Not a good combination.

Also I learned this had a few side effects. I was deaf and I was pretty sure when I looked at my hands they were blurry. I would probably be blind in a few days. Oh well. I would probably be dead in a few days. I figured that if I went blind and deaf I would probably get this weird freaky talent like being able to sniff things or whatever.

I hope Nemos and his minions knew that I was dying along with the Sarap but if they did they wouldn't care. And I couldn't pull the IV out of my arm. If I tried the dogs placed around the cage would alert the guards placed around the room. And the ones at the door.

I was stuck here. Until I die. At first I had counted the days until the lines marked on the floor became to fuzzy. By the time I was completely blind I had been here at least two months.

I could feel the sun on my skin from the window though. I had counted how many times it had risen. After the two month, days faded into weeks. Weeks faded into two more months. I had been here for four months.

Around the second month they had changed my IV. I could here again but I was still blind although I could make out some shapes. And I could faintly make out the sun in the mornings.

I got food once a day but I decided to eat it very slowly so it could last longer. Amelia taught me this. Sometimes I wish I could join her but I would never kill myself. I just wanted the pain to end.

To occupy my time I figured if I had any chance of escape, I should be in shape. I hooked my arms on the top bars of the cage and I pulled myself up. I did this five times at first, daily. Then I upped it to ten. Then twenty. I would also hang by my legs and use my abs to pull myself up. I always have trouble with this so I only do ten. I try push ups and have my splits down. And in a way the dogs helped with my reflexes.

I had hurt them once and now they respected me. I could lean against the bars if I wanted to.

I was working on my Italian. Nemos spoke it to his guards and I could understand most of what they were saying. Sometimes they would speak backwards to but this came much easier than Italian. When they really didn't want me understand they would speak in Latin. But for some reason I understood that perfectly. My mind wanders from a plan of escape to the rather loud voices outside the guarded door.

"I ejus in eam. quod pretiosissimum est ti desolatum. si aptius ad me dare illam magiae curatio potest custodes stantes ostium tuendae meliora!" Was that Klarion? What was he doing here? My thinking time was interrupted by another voice. Nemos.

"Klarion , Quid velis eam malam esse decernit? Atque eo melius tueri putas ? Nunquid remedio?" What? Why did Klarion think he could cure me? Why would he want to?

"Argentum ipsa continentur, ad nemos grata mihi . si mihi dare vis ducam eam turrim habui. Nonne rem Teekle ?" What on earth! Klarion wanted me for my silver? What the hell can't he just rob a store or something? But the news that shocked my the most was that Nemos agreed. And who was Teekle?

The door to the dark room opened and light flooded through. I closed my eyes with the sudden searing brightness. I heard a cat hiss and the dogs started barking.

" get up argentum. Someone is here to get you" I hesitantly looked up to see beady red eyes staring down at me. Klarion.

Ok so I wrote this late. Don't kill me! Anyways the conversation went like this:

I want her. she is to valuable to be left alone. if you give her to me i will provide better treatment for her and my magic can protect her much better than the guards standing outside the doorway.

Klarion, why do you want her so bad? and what makes you think that you can protect her better? Surely you don't have a cure?

The silver she contains is to valuable to me Nemos. if you won't give her to me then I will take her by force to my tower. Isn't that right Teekle?

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