Leader-Wavestar, a dark gray tabby tom with lighter stripes

Deputy-Jetfur, a soot black tom with amber eyes

Med. Cat-Mistcloud, a white she-cat with silver stripes and hazy sapphire blue eyes

app.-Mousepaw, a brown tom witb amber eyes, Jetfur's son


Spottedpelt-black she-cat dotted with cream, has amber eyes

Vinetail-white and ginger tom with green eyes and unusually long tail

Leafpelt-brown she cat with green eyes, Jetfur's mate

Leopardfire-golden spotted she-cat with blue eyes

Pebblecreek-ginger she-cat with gray tail and blue eyes

Rabbittail-black and white tom with short tail and blue eyes

Hawkpath-brown and cream tom with dark green eyes

Sootflower-black and dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Skylark-gray she-cat that looks blue under sunlight

Moonspring-white she-cat with dark blue eyes

Runningshadow-dark gray tom with turqoise eyes and pelt dotted with white

Barkfur-mottled brown tom wth amber eyes

Deepsea-dark gray tom with turqoise eyes

Deerfoot-Cream and gray tom with lng legs and white underbelly

Flamerunner-ginger tom with green eyes

Pidge-cream she-cat with blue eyes, formerly a rogue


Morninglight-silver striped she-cat with blue eyes (mother of Frostkit and Bitterkit)

Sedgewind-gray she-cat with dark green eyes