Sleeping With The Enemy

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A/N: Alternate Universe. I'm going to be switching from Alejandro's point of view to Heather's point of view from time to time to get both sides of the story. Rating may be bumped up who knows.


I hate weddings let alone being in the wedding today is going down in one of the worst moments of my life at number two. Number one is being born in the family I have, speaking of which my mom is getting remarried it's about time. The only problem is, is that I'm spending it with my family and, "Heather mi amour." Alejandro.

"What you idiot!" I gritted my newly whitened teeth grinding them back and forth. Alejandro is an annoying, yet charming creature that I despise.

"Heather, today is a happy day." Pluhease happy day my ass. The happiest day I ever seen was the day I moved away from my moms shit house and got my new loft. "Besides you look muy bonita in that dress." This is a pure example of why I despise Alejandro. Alejandro knows damn well I see through his transparent act we grew up together sadly due to my mom working for his dad since we were five.

"Don't you have some other girl to lay those cheesy lines on." Alejandro is a womanizer I watch and catch him in the act from time to time. "I'm pretty sure you've said that to every girl in the room." I don't know how I draw his attention, but I do and I resent it.

"Oh, come on cheer up after all it would do you and your mom some good to be nice to a Burromuerto." Alejandro smugly said making me want to vomit.

"Me be nice even for my mom." I laughed at the thought. That's when Alejandro's no good brother Jose' showed up just in time to take Alejandro off my hands.

"Come on Al dad needs help." Alejandro almost cursed Jose' out on spot but calmed down. I waved evilly at Alejandro earning a blowed kiss I pretended to vomit making him chuckle.

"I don't know what he sees in you." My rude ass little brother said. Ignoring the little munchkin I found some wine quickly downing a glass full. First was the one glass, then five more, then the bottle, then half another." I'm drunk slurring, stumbling, and letting my emotions take over at the worst of times.

Clink, clink, clink.

"I'd like to make a toast." I tried to stand fumbling around. "Mom where are you?" At the time I didn't notice my mom who is right next to me smelling the wine on my breathe. Cue Alejandro to the rescue.

"Heather I think you need water."

"I think you need to leave me the hell alone." I looked around the room all eyes on me, not in the best way either. "But we all don't get what we want do we!" I shouted.

"You need to sit down." I cut him off out of annoyance of hearing his voice.

"Blah, blah, blah." I repeated several times. "Anyway I would like to say that this is a wonderful day for my uhhhhhh my ummm what do you call old washed up whores who happen to be related to you?"

"Oh this is going to be good." I hear Jose say in excitement.

"Your darn right it is!" I begin to walk around the table. "Thank you mom for being the biggest slut ever and here I thought you were going to stop at fifteen but now you got a sixteen!"

"Heather..." Alejandro warned me.

"Heather what? I thought I was mi amour." I made everyone give Alejandro questionable stares, "Yeah I've been mi amour since I was six. Whatever the hell that means."

"Alejandro please get Heather out of here." Alejandro's dad ordered. Alejandro lifted me bridal style I tried to escape only succeeding twice getting more wine shouting to. Once at my nice loft I begin to undress forgetting Alejandro is here to watch over me.

"What are you doing?" Alejandro asked half nervous/half curious.

"Don't act like you haven't seen a girl naked before Casanova." I don't care I'm drunk so I stripped right down to my lingerie which Alejandro didn't object to. "Getting a nice peep show?"

"Here." Alejandro ignored me giving me water placing a wet rag on my head. I shook the rag off plopping down on my couch in a weird position before rolling off hitting the ground with a thud. "I never took you for a sloppy drunk." Alejandro rolled his eyes it triggered me even drunk me.

"I never knew you studied me that much. . . you suck." Alejandro took off his jacket alerting me, "What are you doing idiot?"

"I'm getting comfortable because I know I'm going to be here for a while."

"By choice." I added Alejandro sat on my couch making himself at home I'm still on the floor. "As much of gentlemen you claim to be why haven't you helped me off the floor you handsome jerk." Alejandro ears perked up.

"So you think I'm handsome?"

"Doesn't everybody." My drunk body is an honest one.

"What else do you think of me?" Alejandro became curious wanting to know things to use them against me when I sobered up but I didn't think about it too much because I'm drunk and carefree.

"I have a list really." I answered slowly raising myself off the ground lying on my couch next to Alejandro, "Your handsome no one can deny that but your also evil, transparent as hell, cold hearted, pompous, and down right agitating." Alejandro tried to talk but I'm not finished, "Did I mention annoying, evil, you know what lets just say that the only good thing you got going for you is looks." I snorted.

"Glad you think I'm handsome." Alejandro replied half sounding hurt half happy.

"Aw don't be mad get glad." I laughed half awake half not, "after all no other person sees that but me so we have more in common than you think its just that I show those traits but you hide them." Alejandro became interested again slowly shaking me asking questions, I passed out not too long forgetting everything I did or said. Too bad I'll have to face the consequences in the morning.

...Damn It...

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