Sleeping With The Enemy

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Weddings can be a romantic ritual, but not for me I prefer a non tied down life at least until I meet the one which will be rarer than rare. "Boring, uptight, gross." I rated every girl in the room my eyes landed on Heather eventually, "Heather mi amour." I called out watching Heather groan.

"What you idiot!" Heather shouted at me, nothing new. I only bother Heather simply to make her mad other than that I can careless about her, yeah she's pretty, but far from my type.

"Heather, today is a happy day." I lied. I've been around Heather's family long enough to know that they are not or in anyway a unit and can't wait to kill one another. "Besides you look muy bonita in that dress." I half lied the dress is ugly but the other half I like how short it is to show off her legs.

"Don't you have some other girls to lay those cheesy lines on." Already did. "I'm pretty sure you've said that to every girls in the room." I have but I'm not going to let Heather know that. Messing with Heather is like a game to me it's funny to watch her get angry it draws my attention.

"Oh, come on cheer up after all it would do you and your mom some good to be nice to a Burromuerto." I love being smug and in control so I show my power all the time around the power hungry Heather to make her jealous.

"Me be nice even for my mom." I heard my brother Jose' approach from behind at the worst time. I despise Jose' almost as much as Heather but I despise them in different ways. Jose' is an annoying, always out to get me, older brother while Heather is always trying to stay one step ahead of me which can be attractive, sometimes.

"Come on Al dad needs help." Fighting the urge to curse Jose' out I calmed down with a smile. As I went with Jose, Heather smiled evilly waving at me I blew her a kiss I laughed at the fact she pretended to vomit. I approached my dad who was talking to everyone at the wedding.

"Hola, mi hijo." My dad spoke in his native tongue more than I did. Believe it or not most of my persona comes from my dad. "How is it going my mini me?" I'm also called my dad's mini me by everyone because we have the same name his is Alexander mine is Alejandro, we both have green eyes and tan skin, along with our chocolate hair.

"Fine papa." I answer, "Jose' said you needed to talk to me?"

"Si" My dads face got serious and that means a serious talk is about to occur, "Are you and that Heather chica an item?"

"Item?" I asked myself more than my dad. Is that what everyone is thinking? Oh no I can't have that I only bother Heather because she's the only girl who reacts the way I want. Right? That's what I've convinced myself over the years. "What makes you ask?"

"I mean she is quite the catch for you." My dad is a romantic at heart and believes that there is a someone for everyone in the world. Romance runs in the Burromuerto blood line every Burromuerto man has a romantic relationship with a woman at all times at any age. "Besides you're at your prime and so is she." Doesn't mean we should date.

"I understand your point." Surely I have considered it but at the same time Heather and I would never work especially with her stubborn attitude. "We are too different." My dad just laughed.

"You will understand soon enough." I already understand, "Heather may not be your choice right now, neither was your mother when we first met. I can see something between you two it's like watching your mother and I."

"Hmm." This is awkward I made my way back to the main hall where I watched Heather drunkenly try to make a toast this can't end well.

"I'd like to make a toast." Heather wobbled a bit spilling her drink. This is the woman my dad thinks is for me a sloppy drunk? "Mom where are you?" This is embarrassing to watch.

"Heather I think you need water."

"I think you need to leave me the hell alone." Heather continued to make a complete nuisance of herself I even took a sip of some wine to get me through this embarrassing moment. "But we all don't get what we want do we!"

"Oh this is going to be good." Jose' said to me, "Your girlfriend is quiet the drunk isn't she." Why is everyone claiming she's my girlfriend or destined to be.

"Your darn right it is." Heather finally responded to Jose' she walked around the table occasionally falling. "Thank you mom for being the biggest slut ever and here I thought you were going to stop at fifteen but now you got a sixteen!" Husbands I'm assuming.

"Hijo, please take Heather home before she ruins this beautiful ceremony." My papa whispered to me.

"Heather..." I tried to warn her she ignored me anyway.

"Heather what? I thought I was mi amour." Now I'm embarrassed everyone gave me questionable looks excluding my family knowing what that means. Jose' snickered. "Yeah I've been mi amour since I was six. Whatever the hell that means."

"Alejandro please get Heather out of here." My dad ordered for the second time. Carefully I lifted Heather bridal style carrying her out she escaped twice taking her last sips of wine.

Heather's loft is nice I examined the place noticing how neat and organized things are. The smell is intoxicating it's a minty vanilla like smell. Next thing I know I'm watching a drunk Heather undress it made me uncomfortable at first until I seen her those long legs. "What are you doing?"

"Don't act like you haven't seen a girl naked before Casanova." Heather lingerie is a nice cream color completely see through not to be a perv or anything. "Getting a nice peep show?" I am to be honest.

"Here." I placed a wet rag on Heather's head laying on her couch she crawled next to me laying down then falling to the floor, this is the calmest I'll ever see her. "I never took you for a sloppy drunk."

"I never knew you studied me that much . . . you suck." Heather then reacted to me taking off my coat, "What are you doing idiot?"

"I'm getting comfortable because I know I'm going to be here for a while." It's already midnight I'll be spending a night for sure, sadly.

"By choice." Actually dads orders, "As much of a gentlemen you claim to be why haven't you helped me off the floor you handsome jerk." Do my ear deceive me? Heather giving me a compliment. Now I have full control and an advantage. Heather's drunk I'm sober perfect time for information.

"So you think I'm handsome?" I know this is wrong but I just can't help myself.

"Doesn't everybody." I like this Heather I should get her drunk more often.

"What else do you think of me?" I'm curious to know because Heather can be stubborn so her emotions are never known though I always knew she couldn't resist me.

"I have a list really. Your handsome no one can deny that but your also evil, transparent as hell, cold hearted, pompous, and down right agitating." I found myself objecting but Heather wouldn't allow me to. "Did I mention annoying, evil, you know what lets just say the only thing you got going for you is looks." Heather snorted.

"Glad you think I'm handsome." It hurts me and amazes me that she knows so little of my sweet side but knows a lot of my 'real' side. Maybe my dad is right I should show more of my sweet side but then again I don't want to waste my time on a stubborn woman. I like to be in control of all things at all times dating Heather would be a headache.

"Aw don't be mad get glad. After all no other person sees that but me so we have more in common than you think its just that I show traits but you hide them." I show them only when needed to strengthen my family business I hide them for the same reason. I tried to ask Heather more questions she fell asleep anyway.

...Heather and I definitely not...


Sounds like Alejandro has mixed feelings about Heather will he show is soft side more or continue down the path of denial? We'll see.