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The Wrong Fairy Tail!

By: The Bay Man

Chapter 1

Lucy's POV

After a long cold winter... Spring had finally come to Magnolia Town... Birds were singing their happy little tunes as they triumphantly announced to the world that spring had finally arrived. As if by magic itself, the once dormant trees were now shedding their winter foliage while new buds burst forth, exploding with new life. But the true beauty of the season was the sweet aroma that filled the air, as newly blooming flowers released their heavenly odors on an unsuspecting town and nature was out in all its glory, as everything appeared to be that much brighter than the previous day. It was as if someone had mixed a new color palette and added in extra pinks, reds, greens and yellows... It was true, spring was in the air and today would be a wondrous day.

'The world just felt brighter today,' Lucy mused to herself as she made her way along the river with her ever faithful companion Plue. They happily laughed and sang as they slowly skipped their way to their destination... Fairy Tail.

I could sense today would be special as she could feel a strange electricity in the air. No!... Not a Laxus type of electricity, more of a... Well!... It's hard to describe. 'It felt like something was coming,' I know that sounds weird but this is Fairy Tail and we do weird everyday.

I tried to shrug it off as I rounded the final corner corner and stopped in front of Fairy Tail, but the feeling only intensified. Yet I still managed to smile because Natsu and Happy had promised they'd take me on a mission as I was running low on Jewels, all thanks to my monthly rent. When I stopped in front of the doors, I noticed some odd carvings on the door. Anywhere else in Earthland this would be cause for concern and be reason enough to stop and investigate but this is Fairy Tail... I just shrugged it off as Freed or Levy-chan playing a prank and continued forward... Little did I know, the adventure that laid before me!

I reached out and grabbed the door handle only to notice the carvings on the door start to glow a bright white as sparkles of magic slowly drew patterns along the door. No longer was it just a simple carving as the door started to change shape... Gone were the large double doors, now in it's place stood a single door that arched at the top, with a brightly colored floral pattern. Green vines swirled towards the top meeting at eye level as they slowly turned into a bright colorful flower surrounded by randomly placed flowers. The new door's colorful design emanated power... It was as if all the magic in existence was now focused on this one small door-way.

"If this is someone's idea of a joke I'm gonna Lucy Kick their a..." My thoughts were interrupted by a cold shiver which ran down my spine... I could feel someone's hand on mine but when I looked down I only saw my hand... This day just keeps getting weirder. I sighed and pushed open the door and felt a sudden burst of magic course through my veins...

Makarov's POV

I was sitting on top of the bar, enjoying one of Mira's finest when I noticed something peculiar - the double doors at the front entrance suddenly changed. Our normal double-door were replaced with a single and might I add somewhat colorful door! I set my mug down on the bar and readied myself as I felt a powerful magic coming from the door.

The guild went silent as everyone felt it as well... A presence or perhaps some magical entity was coming. No!... It was here as the door swung open and a bright flash of light blinded me for a moment... My eyes slowly started to focus on the figure at the door, it was Lucy. She laid on her knees physically and magically drained, but what caught my attention was the vision of loveliness standing behind her... She was a goddess!

I couldn't help but smile as my eyes took in the full beauty of the young lady that stood behind Lucy... To say she was a Goddess was an understatement; to be more precise, she was a vision of beauty. She wore a bright pink formal gown that hovered just inches off the floor. It seemed to sparkle as she moved and her gown was adorned with a multitude of flowers, which if you looked hard enough almost appeared to bloom before your eyes. Her long slender form would send any rational man into a fit of ecstasy.

But what truly caught my attention was her long flowing blonde hair, it shimmered as she looked around the room. It was curled at the ends and pulled back at the top revealing all her beauty... Those high cheekbones and small nose only added to her allure, but what caught my attention the most were those big beautiful blue eyes, which seemed to almost sparkle. For a moment she had the look of someone who was confused but that was quickly replaced by a small knowing smile which graced her rosy-pink lips and atop her head, neatly tucked into hair stood a flower encrusted pink tiara... Yes!... This girl was truly spectacular!... A Goddess for sure!

I was quickly bought back to reality as the dead silence was broken by the clanging of steel and chants of, "who are you!" that echoed through the hall. That's when I noticed Natsu, Gray and Erza assume their fighting stances. I had to act quickly before this escalated into something I'd later regret. I could sense a great amount of magic from this child and after several moments I could also sense a pure and unshaken heart - this child was too pure and innocent to be any threat to us or anyone for that matter... At-least that's what I thought upon our first meeting!

"Erza!... Gray!... Natsu!... STAND DOWN!" I growled as I jumped down from the bar and walked up to the young lady standing at the door.

"...But Master!... She attacked Lucy!" Erza said as she pointed her sword at our visitor.

But before I could diffuse the situation, my goddess stretched out her arms and flicked her hands, palms up and a magic I had never seen before flowed from her palms and slowly drifted towards Natsu, Gray and Erza. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. It was as if she had reached into a large pool of magic and released a river of magic, one of sparkling flowers that upon striking its target altered them... Erza and Gray's weapons instantly disappeared as they stood there in shock at what had just happened. But the real shocker was Natsu's flames... They disappeared and were replaced with a bouquet of flowers - bright fire flowers!

"I-I'm ssoooo sorry!" She said as she lowered her head. Her rosy cheeks told the tale as she appeared to be hiding her sudden embarrassment.

"T-That's alright child!" I said as walked up to her and stood between her and Team Natsu. "They meant no harm!... They're just worried for their friend!" I leaned down and checked on Lucy and sighed. She was totally drained of magic!... 'This was serious!' I thought.

"Quick!... Wendy help Lucy!" I roared as a frightened young blue-haired Dragon Slayer came running towards me with her Exceed following closely behind her. But with Wendy, rushing is never a good idea and she tripped over something and started to fall face first. I cringed as I watched her falling towards her face.

"HUH!" She never fell on her face, but instead she gently landed on a mound of pillows which had magically appeared beneath her. I looked up and saw a knowing and very gentle smile aimed towards our young Sky Dragon Slayer. Wendy stood up and brushed herself off and gave a small toothy smile to our visitor and continued on her way.

"T-Thank you!" Wendy said as she rushed over to us and went to work determining Lucy's condition. After a few moments she sighed and looked back at me. I could see tears in her eyes as she shook her head, indicating bad news. "L-Lucy-san!..." She sniffed, "...she's d-dying!... She has no magic left!"

My goddess gently knelled down and smiled as she placed a hand over Lucy's ample bust-line. Her hands started to glow... It was a warm and somewhat happy feeling I got as I watched her work on Lucy. A few moments later Lucy opened her eyes and smiled at us.

"She will be fine now!" Said my goddess as she stood back up.

"Natsu! Wendy! take Lucy to the infirmary!" Natsu complained a little but did as he was told. A few moments later Natsu returned and stood beside his teammates.

"Now my child would you please explain who you are?" I asked as I stood there watching her look around as if she was trying to determine what she should say or perhaps what she shouldn't say.

"I'm Alexa!... Princes..." She stopped and sighed! "I guess that doesn't apply here!"

"What doesn't child?"

"Well a few moments ago I was Princess Alexa and I was in a magical world with Mermaids and Fairies and now... Now I'm somewhere different altogether!" She smiled as she lowered her head and thought for a moment... "I-I'm... I... My name is Barbara Roberts, but you may call me Barbie!"

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