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Thump, thump, thump, thump... Base started to slowly fill the air as it built from a low rumble to a louder steady beat as Barbie reached out for a microphone that magically appeared before her.

"H-Hi!..." A low squeaky voice said. Barbie cleared her throat and started to speak again. "Hi, I'm Barbie!... Thank you for your kind welcome!" She smiled as she looked out over the anxious crowd.

"Shall we party!?" She yelled as she threw her fist into the air as the room erupted into cheers. "I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" She yelled louder as she held the mic and pointed it towards the crowd. The noise was now nearly deafening and she smiled. "That's better!... Let's party!"

Chapter 4

Makarov's POV

My jaw hit the floor when the bright light finally subsided and what I saw left me in awe...

The guild hall was totally transformed as the ceiling had vanished and from my vantage point I could see the stars twinkling high above in the night-sky... Each star shone a different colour from the light spectrum and to all those that shared my view a feeling of wonderment overwhelmed us but she just winked and smiled. Mufti-coloured streamers cascaded down the walls and crept along the floor and along the top of the walls, large lights pointed towards the heavens and left a trail of light as they moved to a beat that was filling the air.

As the blonde-wonder took to a dark stage, a single spot-light danced around her glowing form, she smiled and pulled a microphone from the air and introduced herself, all to the cheers of my children, who were lapping it up with a vengeance... And high a-top the balcony stood Mira, Juvia, Levy, Erza and Lucy, who were all dressed in similar dresses. All the while their counterpart, now on stage, was whipping everyone into a frenzy... "This is gonna be good!" I quietly said with a grin.

Normal POV

The blonde beauty smiled as she leaned forward and incited every mage of Fairy Tail to the point of near ecstasy and then yelled... "Let's Party!" She smiled as she snapped her fingers and a loud 'Thump, Thump, Thump...' could be heard coming from the back of the stage.

Directly behind her, '...Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump' then the sound of a cow bell joined the steady beat as a spotlight illuminated the back of the stage... Revealing a surprised pink-haired dragon slayer, who shrugged his shoulders as he pounded on the large set of drums.

A chorus of cheers erupted when another spotlight lit the right side of Barbie and revealed a stunned Gray picking lightly on a bass guitar. His reaction was identical to Natsu's but he kept picking at the strings as the beat of his bass guitar joined the pounding rhythm of the drums... To his right, a lone keyboard joined the mix.

When the spotlight rested on the keyboard, a familiar face was awkwardly scanning the guild hall, searching until his gaze rested upon an old man sitting on the bar. He yelled, "Help me!" and was surprised when the old man laughed, waved him off and motioned for the boy to continue. In retaliation, a bolt of lightning coursed from the keyboard player's body and struck the old fool sitting on the bar, leaving him slightly charred but unharmed.

As if that wasn't enough, an electric guitar joined in with the cavalcade of sound, which now reverberated throughout the room as a black-haired man in a white suit grinned as soon as the spotlight had found him... Unlike the rest, he revelled in the spotlight and quickly took charge of the others as he motioned for them to smile and enjoy the sweet sounds they were making...

Barbie grinned as the lights came up on a stage filled with instruments, amplifiers and speakers. She started to sway to the beat as she placed her microphone in it's stand and turned, revealing a warm and supportive smile to her unusual band-mates... They all looked at one another and smiled back as if they were ready to accept their fate. Fairy Tail was now jumping and nothing was gonna stop this party. Barbie took a deep breath and leaned in as her sweet voice rang throughout the hall...

...Magic happened as she began to sing, "Loving you... Isn't the right thing to do..." A round of cheers filled the room as she smiled and continued. "How can I... ever change things that I feel?"

Natsu grinned as he proudly stood. He had given into the magic that was now guiding his movements, his confidence was bursting at the seems as he kept the beat, his eyes never once leaving the beautiful blonde standing so proudly before him. He'd seen his fair share of beautiful mages but this one was stirring something deep down that he never knew even existed and he grinned as she winked at him, before she turned back to face the crowd and the mic before her... He felt his cheeks burn as he continued to pound heavily on the drums. 'This wasn't so bad!' He thought.

"If I could... Baby I'd give you my world!" She glanced back again and smiled. A smile that never went unnoticed by a certain platinum-haired bar maid who was dancing to the rhythm as was the other girls, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her.

"...How can I... When you won't take it from me?" Barbie looked out over the crowd who were now swaying to the beat. Lisanna had been reluctantly pulled to the centre of the floor and was dancing seductively with a metal-cladded mage as his friends hovered above them, humming to the beat that pounded against the walls. They were quickly joined by others who saw this opportunity to relax and let the music move them...

...By now everyone in the hall was dancing even a slightly crispy guild master was strutting his stuff high a-top the bar. He laughed as he spun around a post and danced down the bar top, stopping only for the occasional brew that was left abandoned by some wayward soul who was probably now out on the dance floor enjoying themselves...

The party was now in full swing and he relished every moment of it. Even the girls high above on the balcony were now joining in on the chorus... "You can go your own way..." It was as if every mage in Fairy Tail had known this wonderful song as they all joined in and sang along with a surprised and extremely happy Barbie. She held her hands up high and released a burst of magic which set of fireworks, high into the night sky.

Natsu smiled as he broke in with an energetic and somewhat powerful voice, "Go your own way!"

"You can call it another lonely day... You can go your own way..." Everyone laughed, smiled and sang as their voices echoed throughout the hall and were carried off into the distance night as a lone girl was slowly making her way towards Fairy Tail. "...Go your own way..." She hummed as a grin crossed her lips. "Fleetwood Mac huh!... She must be near!"

The fun had started and it would be a night of music, merriment and dancing, highlighted by a ballet performance by their newest member, Barbie... But tomorrow would bring a new day and a new challenge!

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