Lord of Sunlight: Prologue

He had succeeded. After all the battles fought to reach this place, it was finally over.

Gwyn, the former lord of sunlight, was finally vanquished, and rather easily too. The former deity moved like a lumbering giant; too slow and too vulnerable. Hence, the chosen undead was able to utterly destroy (Curbstomp) the fallen lord. The chosen undead's speed was at such a great magnitude that he almost resembled a flurry of blades. But really, the battle lasted for 5 seconds before Leandros, the chosen undead, decided that his all too awesome moves seemed out of place, he then promptly kicked Gwyn in the nuts only to realize that the man had no balls ( Literally and Figuratively ), his only remaining course of action was to hack the man apart, which he did.

If he could sigh, then Leandros would've sighed by now, unfortunately for him, undead folk had no lungs. Of all the impossible challenges he had faced, of all the gods and dragons he had slain in single combat, this one was the most disappointing. But the task was done and now, two choices lay before him. To rekindle the flames or leave the first flame to its fate.

One choice, to rekindle the flames, would only serve to prolong the reign of the gods and, thus, prolong the curse of undeath. The other choice; to leave the flame to its eventual fate of burning out, and he would become the dark lord of a dying world.

Leandros contemplated briefly on his next possible course of action. Both choices offered no absolute victory, no benevolent effect in the long run. On one hand, the gods continue to rule and the world will survive, but the curse of undeath would remain. On the other hand, he would become the dark lord of the world and the curse of undeath would vanish, but the world dies. Not much of a choice really.

'No' Leandros thought. All his actions since the Undead Asylum, all of them boiled down to what now lay before him. From the Asylum Daemon down to the Original Lords, all of them paved the way to reach this and, after all the trials and hardship he'd faced, he would not falter now. He began his journey to end the curse of undeath, and the choice was clear to him now. 'The curse ends now'

So he left the flame to its fate….

When Leandros emerged from the Kiln of the first flame, he was greeted by a host of primordial serpents all bowing down to him.

"All hail the Dark lord!" They all said in unison. This should've been a joyous moment; the curse of undeath had been lifted and he became the lord of this world, but somewhere in the dark recesses of his mind, was a dark foreboding feeling that something was wrong.

I never truly remembered my life as a mortal. When I awoke in the Undead Asylum, there were only fragments of my mortal life etched upon my mind. I remembered that I was once a knight, serving a king and fighting for the innocent. I remembered my friend who lay beside my corpse after I had died.

'Victory never lasts…..' I also remember those words, but I can't remember who said them. Nevertheless, those words were true.

Arcane energies suddenly appeared all over Lordran. Streaks of blue and red lights began to dot the landscape and envelope all of Lordran. Then one-by-one, the Hollows disappeared; crumbling into dust and vanishing into the winds. All manner of undead began disappearing as well, their dying wounds reappearing and causing their deaths.

For Leandros, his suddenly felt warm liquid all over his abdominal area. He looked down and saw it. It was blood. The crimson liquid all but covered the mid-section of his magnificent golden armour that was forged from the soul of Ornstein the Dragonslayer. His arm lost its strength, and his Dragonslayer spear fell to the cold floor with a resounding clank.

Then he remembered how he died in life.

He and his fellow knights had been ambushed by brigands, and a spear was lodged in his belly.

"Just as the curse of undeath will vanish, so will all of those who are undead" One of the primordial serpents said as if this was meant to happen. Leandros glared at him, but was severely weakened by blood loss. Even now, he'd never actually thought he'd end up this way, dying as he was and he knew this death would be permanent. After all, he did just break the curse of undeath and freed all the Hollows.

The warrior fell to his knees, and soon his vision dulled. The dark lord glared at the Primordial Serpents and saw faces of indifference. One last breath in his body would've allowed him to kill all these serpents at a moment's notice; he would've if not for the serpent who spoke.

"Chosen Undead" It began, moving its face closer to the weakened body of Leandros. Its stench was always horrendous, like all the other serpents, only this one was up close. Thick and vile saliva poured down its mouth, splattering all over the ruined stone floor. "The destiny of the dark lord is not in this dying world, but in another. By destroying the curse of undeath, you have rid this world of all undead, but as a descendant of the Furtive Pigmy, you are forever bound to the darksign…"

'What?' The single word ran through his mind before his body could no longer stay conscious, and soon his world turned dark.

These creatures are sheep.

One of the goat demons see fit to rush towards me, a grave mistake. The demon swings its weapon at me, and I easily dodged away. Another one of them rushes forward at me, ready to cleave me in two with its poorly made sword of some kind. But his attack is clumsy and slow, giving me room to intercept his attack with my own. I would've killed it right then and there, but the other goat demon was quick to aid his brother.

Two more demons rush towards me, and I am truthfully getting bored and impatient. I pull out the Dragonslayer spear and began counting.

1…. One goat demon charges at me, such a clumsy beast. I avoid its horizontal swipe by ducking below it. I prepare to counter-attack, but…..

2…. Another demon attacks me, preventing me from counter-attacking the previous goat demon that had charged at me. I swiftly roll away from his vertical strike that was aimed at my head. These beasts are truly very slow.

3….. I hear the third goat demon try to attack me from behind. A big mistake. I roll away to the right to avoid its attack, and I respond in kind by thrusting the Dragonslayer spear and piercing its chest cavity. A pained demonic scream soon followed.

4… Apparently it was still alive. Golden streaks of lightning suddenly began dancing around the Dragonslayer spear, electrocuting the foul creature. Its demonic screams echo and I am forced to kill it faster by twisting my spear in its chest, effectively breaking its ribcage.

5… The creature dies swiftly as its foul blood drenched my spear. Three more of its kind rush towards me from behind, and the other two from before are closing the gap. A foolish attempt.

6… I throw the burnt corpse towards the two goat demons who'd previously attacked me. The corpse hits them with full force and sends both of them to the ground. I swiftly turn to the three behind me.

7… Dancing golden streaks of energy now covered my spear, illuminating the darkness of this thick forest. Like crazed fools they rush at me, their curved swords being flailed around. I glance behind me and see the two goat demons had now stood up from the ground. How annoying.

8…. The golden energy becomes even brighter now. Dancing electricity touched the ground and began to turn into smoldering ashes anything it touched. The five demons rush towards me. Although my features are hidden away by the visage of a lion, a smile had found its way to my lips.

9… Quick analogy told me that the three demons were closer, so leap towards them. I saw the surprise on their faces; they'd never imagined that I'd be the one to rush towards them. In the blink of an eye, I swing my spear horizontally; cleaving three heads at the same time.

10… I turn around and two more of them rushing towards me. Both were only 3 or 4 feet away. I swing the spear again, this time attacking the goat demons from below. One was able to jump, but the other had both its legs torn off by the sheer magnitude of the force I had applied. The one who jumped high, probably thought it was safe. In an instant, I release the stored energy within the spear, creating a dome of golden energy around me. It's previous illusion of safety had been reduced to smoldering ashes as its body was burnt by the golden energies of the Dragonslayer spear.

Ten seconds? I must've gotten slow.

"By Elune…..6 Satyrs….and he killed them all" The soft voice of a night elf spoke in a mixture of awe and fear.

"…..by himself…" Another voice added, clearly amazed by the spectacle she had witnessed a while ago.

They were hushed by their leader, Arein Shadowleaf, who continued to observe the strange human who had displaced an amazing amount of skill. They were night elf sentinels, they were the warriors who moved and crept in silence. The most hushed of whispers were only given in the form of commands given by the leader.

"Druid" Arein whispered to the druid who accompanied them. "Is there anything you can discern from that human?"

At first there was silence as the druid closed his eyes. It didn't take long before he opened his eyes once more.

There was a brief moment of silence before the druid finally answered.

"He's not human"

Before any of the night elves could even react, the warrior the had been watching, suddenly threw a bolt of golden lightning at their general direction, creating a massive explosion of golden energy.