See What Had Happened Was Part ll

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Bruce introduces Firefly to Steve. Steve loves it and doesn't know why they cancelled the show.

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Steve walks into the kitchen of the St- er Avengers' Tower. Slowly getting used to living with so much technology. Well...not really; he was getting by. The kitchen was connected was connected to the living room. It contained a U shaped couch circling a large tv. A STARK tv. He walked to the refrigerator opening it and downed a water bottle, pulling a apple - green - and bit into it. The juicy sweet - and sour taste filled his mouth. He glanced over to the living room and was startled when sound filled the room. He spotted curly brown hair peeking up from the top of the cushions.

Dr. Banner. He stopped moving. Unsure if he should make his presence known. He glanced at the refrigerator, the door open. Dr. Banner probably knew he was already here. Maybe he didn't though. Steve opened his mouth, but Doctor Banner beat him to it.

"Morning Cap," Dr. Banner's voice startled him, again. How did he known it was him? As if reading his mind Dr. Banner continued speaking "Tony finally crashed, he's asleep in the lab, haven't seen Barton or Romanoff lately, I'm assuming they're on a mission, plus it's close to four in the morning and I don't think Tony is planning on waking up anytime soon." Oh. Steve silently scolded himself for not realizing Barton and Natasha weren't there. He didn't see much of the two spied so not seeing them wasn't that big of a deal. Still he feels he should know where his teammate are.

"Morning Dr. Banner," he responded and the scientist paused whatever he was playing.

"Bruce," he supplied, Steve raised his eyebrows.


"You can just call me Bruce, you don't have to call me Dr. Banner," Bruce explained. Steve gave an iota of a smile.

"Morning Bruce," the genius smiled in response. Steve took another bite of his apple, chewing and swallowing, "what are you watching?" Bruce's eyes seemed to light up.

"A tv show, it's called Firefly," Bruce said. Intrigued Steve walked to the couch, still eating his apple - almost finished.

"What's the genre?" Steve sat down on the other end of the couch.

"Um, science fiction," Steve nodded, gesturing to the tv.

"Do you mind if I join?" He said trailing off at the end of the sentence. Bruce nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah yeah, of course, I can restart it too," his hands fumble for the remote, playing the first episode. They settled in to watch Firefly.

Steve and Bruce began marathoning the entire _ seasons of Firefly. Only stopping for food and sometimes sleep. Clint and Natasha came in a couple days later, only getting a nod from the two men. Bruce played the last episode. When it finished and the next episode didn't immediately got to the next episode Steve sat up from the couch alarmed.

"Where's the next episode?" He asked, Bruce only shook his head.

"There are no more episodes."

"What?" Steve shouted, "there has to be more!" He said, incredulously. Bruce only shook his head again.

"They cancelled the tv show Steve. They stopped filming it, not enough people watched it, something like that." Steve slumped against the couch. Eyes widen, mouth slightly opened, as if he wanted to say something but not sure how to say it. He must have found his word.

"But...they can't just end it, we need to know what was going to happen!" Steve closed his eyes, running his hand over his face, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes, or at least trying to.

"Sorry Cap, a lot of people were upset," He said. Steve slowly exhaled.

"It's alright, I'm...I'm gonna...go to bed," he stood up and walked slowly, shoulders slumped, looking dejected. Oh well...maybe next time he'd introduce Steve to the 4400. Bruce shook his head mentally slapping himself for the thought, He was starting to sound like Tony.

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