Demigod Heroes Online

Summary: Kiyaba Akihiko has developed the NerveGear and released it worldwide with the announcement of the first VRMMORPG game: Demigod Heroes Online. A group of friends soon find themselves trapped inside a world were the myths could end your life. (A/U No gods, so powers are only in-game)

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Chapter 1:

Demigod Heroes online

"Come on guys! We're going to miss it at this rate," a frantic Percy yelled to the small band of teens following him. Everyone in this group had met at a summer camp for ADHD and dyslexic kids and afterwards had become very close. The group was following Percy Jackson, a 16 year-old, black-haired boy who was just over 6 feet tall, to his home to immerse themselves into the newly released virtual reality technology.

Following him closest are the Stoll twins, Conner and Travis, a pair of pranksters whose matching grins were infamous everywhere they'd been. Behind them and to Travis' left was Katie Gardener, a pretty girl with green eyes who was almost always in her garden at home if not hanging out with her friends. To Katie's right were Percy's cousins, Thalia Grace and Nico Di'Angelo. They were wearing dark clothing in the autumn weather and shared Percy's black hair color, but that's where the similarities stopped. Thalia was taller than Nico by 3 inches and had bright blue eyes. Nico had eyes such a deep shade of brown that they seemed almost black. The two were bickering until a gray-eyed blond stepped between them. (A/N I assume you have read the books, so they look like themselves at the end of TLO).

"But Annabeth," Thalia whined to her best friend. "I was about to punch him."

"No you were not," Annabeth stated. She had listened to them argue after school, on the bus home, and as soon as they saw each other on the way to Percy's house, and she was sick of it. Then somebody clearing their throat cut off their discussion. Everyone turned to look at Percy who was standing in front of the door to an apartment.

"We have about one hour until 6 O'clock," Percy stated. "That gives us enough time to eat dinner and prepare ourselves for Demigod Heroes Online!" The tiny crowd cheered with the green-eyed boy. He then turned and unlocked the apartment door before opening it to let everyone in.


The group was scattered throughout the living room of the Jackson family's apartment. Percy and Nico were lying in the comfortable armchairs sitting on ether side of a coffee table in the middle of the room. The Stolls and Katie were on the couch, Travis and Katie on the comforters length-wise and Conner lying on top of the plush back rest. Annabeth looked like she was asleep on the floor, the NerveGear hiding her face. Thalia was on the coffee table in the middle of the room, a blanket padding her back from its cold, hard surface.

"Everyone ready?" Percy asked unable and unwilling to hide the excitement in his voice.

"Yes!" This answer was unanimous before the group began counting down with the clocks in their headgear. "10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!"

"Uno," yelled the twins, just to be different.

"Link start!"

The screen in front of everyone's faces became a brilliant white. Five small disks appeared with the words sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste flashed in all languages of the countries in which the NerveGear had been released. Before the teens could read them, the disks' words changed to OK before moving to the right side of the screen and fading. Each teen then proceeded to create their own account, flying through the character selections since they knew what the wanted, and took the quiz that would determine their avatar's godly parent. Suddenly the seven teens were plunged into the virtual world.

(3rd person following Percy)

Percy opened his virtual eyes for the first time and couldn't help but be amazed. "It's so realistic," he thought. He looked down at his hands, wiggling his fingers as a test. Sure enough they followed his command just like his real fingers would. He staggered as the weight of another human was draped over him. He turned to find one of the twins, Travis he presumed, due to the large 'T' on the avatar's shirt. The teens had agreed to make their avatars look as close to their real selves as possible, but Travis' avatar was currently looking down on Percy due to a height difference that Percy had not expected.

"Sup, Pierce," Travis said. "Uh, that is you, isn't it?" Travis looked sheepish, hoping he had not just flung his arm over a random player whose avatar simply looked like his friend. Percy laughed, amused by his friend's confusion.

"Yes," he answered. "It's me. I'm guessing you're Travis based on the 'T' on your shirt, but why are you taller than me?" Percy had prided himself on being the tallest in their little group. It was Travis' turn to laugh now that his doubts about his friend's identity were gone.

"I got tired of looking up to you, literally, so I, and probably Conner too, made our characters taller. "I must admit, being taller than you feels weird," Travis said with his own half of the infamous 'Stoll Smirk' as the twins' smile had been named.

"Hey! Percy! Travis! Or is that Connor? Twin! Whichever one you are!" The boys turned to see Thalia and Annabeth walking towards them. It had been Thalia who had shouted to get their attention. Her avatar looked as close to herself as she could make it, right down to her black combat boots. Annabeth's character was the same, but her eyes were a warm, chocolate brown because she could not find gray in the eye color menu.

Percy felt a faint heat rise to his cheeks. He had had a secret crush on Annabeth since they met when they were 12, and by secret, everyone but Annabeth knew about it. Travis smirked at Percy, giving him a knowing glance. Inwardly, Percy began to plan on how to get back at Travis when Katie arrived, knowing Travis would prank Katie over anyone else as a way of flirting. Percy was snapped out of his musing when he heard Annabeth's voice.

"-ven't seen the others, I guess?"

"Huh?" Percy responded smartly.

Travis grinned, amused, before grinning wider and pointing to something behind the girls. Percy followed Travis' finger with his eyes until he saw the other three people of their little group of friends. Sure enough, Conner's avatar looked exactly like his brother's in every way except his shirt had a 'C' rather than Travis' 'T'.

As Katie, Nico, and Conner walked over, Travis began to lightly blush at the sight of Katie's avatar. She was pretty, but Percy thought that Annabeth was more so. Not that he would say that out loud. If he did the teasing would never end. Percy gave Travis a knowing smirk like to one he had received earlier and got punched in the arm for his troubles. Nico watched this exchange with interest before asking a question to the group.

"Do you guys know who your Godly Parent in the game is? I think mine glitched or something 'cause it didn't tell me."

'Oh,' Percy thought. 'I don't know my Godly Parent either.'

Annabeth responded with an exasperated sigh. "Nico! Didn't you read the manual? The game has a code stating that 'you will be claimed after performing what DHO deems an 'Act of Courage', such as getting the 'Last Attack Bonus' on a Floor Boss or defeating a stronger player in a PVP Dual," she stated in her lecturing voice. Percy nodded along, not wanting to admit that he had not read the manual and that Claiming was news to him.

Nico caught the motion of the other black-haired boy and stated, "Oh, like you knew that Percy. We're both dyslexic, so I know you didn't read the manual!" Everyone began to laugh as Percy hung his head in embarrassment in being called out.

By this point, the area was getting pretty crowded with players who had taken longer to create their avatars. Only now did Percy and Travis take in their surroundings. They were on a hillside that seemed far too small to fit the 10,000 gamers that had bought Demigod Heroes Online. Percy assumed that there must be multiple starting areas for each language available because the only language he heard around him was English, but then remembered a translated news interview with the creator of DHO that he had read (with difficulty) saying that 'DHO is equipped with a universal translator to remove language barriers on the upper floors.'

In front of them, next to a large pine tree, was a sign with 'Welcome to Camp Half-Blood' written under a drawing of a winged horse, a Pegasus Percy remembered from the Greek chapter they did in their history class at Goode High School.

Behind the sign was what looked like a normal summer camp in a valley, if normal summer camps had a sword dueling area or statues of divine-looking people spread out around the hillside in seemingly random spots.

'The rock wall looks normal,' Percy thought until what looked suspiciously like lava started flowing from the top. 'OK. That doesn't look normal."

The conversation had continued while Percy and Travis were looking around, but all talk ended when a centaur with a bow strapped to his back materialized into the middle of the field. The cursor (a blue crystal) floated above his head. Under the crystal it read 'Chiron, the Trainer of Heroes'.

"Heroes!" the horse-man called. "Now that you are all logged in, the tutorial can begin!"

End of chapter 1