Dragon's Punishment

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"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes" = thinking/ thoughts

"Fire dragon's wing attack" = Spell

-A month before the S-class trials-
Lucy walked into the Fairy Tail guild hall, It was a normal day in the Fairy Tail guild hall well normal for Fairy Tail at least. Gray was stripping with Juvia watching from a distance while daydreaming about said Ice wizard, Cana was drinking her twentieth barrel of beer, Levy was reading with Jet and Droy cheering her on for no reason, Happy was trying to convince a certain white exceed to eat fish with him, Mira was at the bar gossiping with some of her female guild mates and Erza who was eating her favourite treat and Elfman was yelling something about being a real man. The only person who was nowhere to be seen was everyone's favourite dragon slayer Natsu. Lucy then decided to sit down next to Erza and start talking to Mira.

"Oh hi Lucy who are you doing today" greeted the lovely former demon of fairy tail.

"Nothing much just thought I would relax at the guild today" she replied in a tired tone.

"I think it's good to relax once in a while" Erza said why finishing her cake.

"Princess can I have my punishment now" asked a pink haired girl in a maid outfit with no emotion in her voice.

"No Virgo, why do you keep asking it's kind of weird and plus you haven't done anything wrong" Lucy replied.

"Ok Princess" reasoned sounding disappointed.

"Can I ask where is Natsu-sama you two are always hanging out when you come to the guild?" She inquired.

"Hmmm I'm not sure how about you Erza do you know where he is" Lucy said as she passed the question to the red headed knight.

"No I'm not sure where he is, sorry I have failed you please strike me" she said as she got up and bowed down in front of Lucy which caused her to sweat drop.

"Don't worry about it Erza it's not your fault" she said reassuring her armoured friend.

"Oh I know where he is" Mira chimed in trying to stop the awkwardness.

"Really please tell me Mira-sama" Virgo asked the demon of Fairy Tail with stars in her eyes.

"I'm pretty sure he is in the forest near his house training" she told the pink haired maid.

"By the way Virgo why do you want to know" Lucy asked but didn't get a reply since her maid spirit already disappeared.

'She acting strange today, but I guess I shouldn't interrupt her" the blond thought to herself.

"Hey Lucy when did you get here" a half-naked Gray said.

"GRAY YOUR CLOTHES" an angry red head yelled.

"Y-y-yes Erza right away" responded a very frightened ice mage.


"SHUT UP ELFMAN THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE" yelled Gray removing the clothes he just put on and punching Elfman which triggered a guild wide brawl.

"GRAY WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES" yelled a furious red head that joined in the brawl so she could break it up. Well by breaking it up I mean kicking the shit out of everyone and yelling at them.

"Why can't I have a quiet place to drink" said an irritated card mage who had just finished another barrel.

"Sigh why can't it be normal in this guild for one day Natsu's not even here today" an exhausted blond said while laying her head on the bar.

-Meanwhile in the Forest-
"Fire Dragon Roar" yelled a shirtless pink haired boy while a torrent of fire came out of his mouth and hit a and boulder which was roughly ten times his size.

'Hmm I've gotten better but at this level I won't be able to defeat Erza or Gramps and time soon' he thought to himself as he sat down on what was left of the boulder.

'Wonder if Gildarts will be here for the trial, I really want to fight him before he leaves again' which lead him further into thought.

' I also need to catch up with Lisanna I haven't talked to her much since she got back maybe go on a mission with her like when we were kids' he continued to think of all the things he wanted to do.

*An hour later give or take*

"I also need to find the ice stripper and give him a punch in the face for getting naked in front of the whole team, I need to catch some food for happy" He said not noticing he started saying the things he had to do out loud but can you blame him thinking was not his strength in the first place.

"Crap I didn't realise I had so much shit to do and how am I going to remember all of it, anyway I guess I shouldn't worry ice princesses will remember for me and if he doesn't I'll just kick his ass" he told himself as he went back to training.

"Fire dragon's Iron fist" Natsu yelled as he launched himself into a nearby tree but as he was about to hit the tree his enhanced sense of smell picked up on something and he stopped his attack.

'What is that hmm I think its Lucy's maid Virgo what would she be doing here' he thought.

"Virgo what are you doing here I thought you were Lucy's Maid shouldn't you be doing maid stuff" he inquired.

"No, not today Natsu-sama it's my day off" She told him "even though I insisted on not having one but she says everyone deserves one" She continued sounding disappointed.

"Well you do work hard for her so I guess she would want you to have a break now and then" he told the pink haired maid trying to cheer her up.

"So Virgo why are you here" He asked again.

"Princess said she would not punish me so I thought I would come to you since you are her closet friend in the guild" She explained.

"So do you want me to try to convince her because I don't think I do it though, one because she would probably just say no and Lucy kick me to the other side of Magnolia and I wouldn't make her do anything that she doesn't want to" he said while scratching the back of his head.

"Ok then why don't you punish me Natsu-Sama?" Virgo asked pleadingly.

"Umm I wouldn't feel right hurting a friend" Natsu replied slowly backing away.

"Please I will do anything for some punishment, Please Natsu-Sama" Virgo said with puppy dog eyes making the dragon slayer feel a large amount of guilt.

"Ok fine just let me get home I smell pretty bad" He said giving up. 'Man I wish Mira would stop telling people that trick it works way to well' he thought to himself as he walked home with Virgo next to him.

'I have to thank Mira-Sama for teaching me that trick' Virgo thought.

'I wonder how hard Natsu-Sama will hit he is a very strong wizard and must be physically strong judging by his muscles' Virgo continued to think to herself as she slowly undressed Natsu with her eyes which didn't go unnoticed by Natsu.

"Hey Virgo what are you thinking about" Natsu said interrupting the maids train of erotic thoughts.

"Nothing just excited about how you are going to dominate and punish me" Virgo replied in a seductive to causing Natsu to blush the colour of Erza's Hair. Even though Natsu was dense romantically he learnt how babies where made when he was with his foster father which was traumatising for him and all the perverts in the guild where always trying to corrupt him when he was younger didn't help either.

"Calm down Virgo I said I would punish you but I didn't say anything about dominating you" Natsu replied as they walked to the dragon slayer's place of residence

-Thirty minutes of walking and suggestive comments later-

"We are here now let me just go take a bath I'm extremely sweaty from all the training" Natsu said wiping the seat from his brow with the back of his hand

"Oh and it might be a bit dirty inside" Natsu warned as he opened the door and he was not joking the inside was filthy there was rotten food all over the floor, weights lying around and scorch marks on the ceilings and floor the only non messy part of the house was a board with a bunch of job requests and a skimpy maid outfit that was once worn by a busty Blond Celestial Mage.

'Wow i wonder if Natsu-Sama will punish me more if i wear that but if I am to get proper punishment this house needs to be a lot cleaner' Virgo thought to herself while picturing herself in the outfit.

"Natsu-Sama I shall clean this house before you clean yourself so just wait here please" She said

"You don't have to do" but before he could finish Virgo had already ran into the house and started cleaning and sorting Natsu's house

"That" He finished after realising it was too late.

-Thirty minutes Later-

"Natsu-Sama I have finished cleaning" Virgo said as she came out of the small house.

"Virgo can you please stop putting Sama at the end of my name can you give me a nickname like Lucy" Natsu asked.

"What about Prince?" Virgo inquired.

"No that doesn't feel right" He responded.

"Your Majesty" She asked.

"No" he repeated.

"King" she proposed.

"Nah royal titles sound to fancy for me" he responded.

"What about Master" She asked.

"Yeah I think I Like that one best" He said which made Virgo happy.

"Ok I'm going to go in and have a bath now" He told her as he stepped into his house. to say he was surprised was an understatement Virgo had completely renovated and expanded Natsu house it now had a larger lounge room, the bedroom actually had beds in them instead of hammocks, the bathroom looked a lot like the one in Lucy's house, there was now a new dining room and the fridge in the kitchen was now a lot bigger. (A/N I'm to lazy to describe the house in detail plus I'm no good at it)

"Master are you happy with what I have done with your house" Virgo asked.

"Thanks I Love it but how did you do this so fast" Natsu inquired while still being mind blown

"As a maid i will do anything please my fast and magic makes things a lot easier

*LEMON* (A/N why the crap do you think it's M)

Natsu removed his pants and boxers then proceeded to turn on the hot water. after the bathtub was nearly full. He then sat down in the bath then he closed his eyes to relax and started leaning back but before his back hit the back of the tub he felt something soft and squishy.

'what was that' he questioned to himself 'It's really comfy though'.

"Master can you please get off me I can not wash your back if you are so close" Natsu heard a familiar voice say 'Virgo?'.

"Virgo what are you doing here I can wash my own back, but if you really want to I wont stop you" he said. While turning his head he was presently surprised to see Virgo in a very sexy black and white bikini.(the one she wore in the OVA).

"I will start washing your back now Master" she said as she got a towel and started wash his back but soon after that Natsu started to feel something soft and familiar but this time he did not feel any cloth on his back this time.

"V-V-Virgo what are you doing" he asked as he started to feel an increase of lust. 'what's wrong with me I'm becoming a Pervert like Gramps and Gildarts'.

"I'm just give my Master service is there something wrong" She asked as she rubbed her soup cover breasts up and down on Natsu's strong back while touching his chilled abs

'Shit this is feels too good, If she keeps going I will lose control' he told himself while Virgo continued causing a certain part of Natsu's Body to harden and enlarged which didn't go unnoticed by Virgo.

'I hope Master is enjoying this though I haven't done this before Loke says men like this sort of thing and he seems to be right I can tell Natsu is getting excited I better do the next thing he told me to do' she told herself as her hand travelled further south. she grabbed Natsu's cock but it was so thick she could not wrap her hand around it she then proceed to start stroking his cock which made Natsu grunt in pleasure.

"Virgo what are you doing now" He asked while trying not to cum do to amazing hand job Virgo was giving him.

'Dear Mavis this feels so great how is she so good?' he thought

"I'm just servicing you Master" she said rather calmly even though she was feeling extremely aroused after seen her Master's hard member.

"Virgo It feels too i won't be able to hold it in much long" he said though all the pleasure.

"Please hold on for now Master I'm still not done giving you my service" Virgo told him.

"Master can you stand up i want to try something" Virgo asked. Virgo let go of Natsu's throbbing erection so that he could get up.

"Now could you please turn around Master" Natsu then turned around so that Virgo was looking right at Natsu's throbbing erection.

Virgo then started to put his cock into her mouth but she could not put it all the way in since it was to long but the part that she could not fit into her grabbed with her hand and she started moving her head and stroking his cock.

'This feels even better then the other thing she was doing with her hand' Natsu thought as he experienced best feeling he had ever felt in his young life. He grabbed Virgo's head and forced his cock further down her throat causing her to gag a bit but she did not have time to tell him to stop as he blow his load down the bikini clad maid's throat without any warning.

"Wow that felt so good thank you for that Virgo" Natsu thanked Virgo who was currently trying to swallow all the cum Natsu had just forced down her but was failing since here was so much.

"It's *Cough* OK *Cough* Master just get ready so you *Cough* can punish me for wasting you precious seed" she said apologetically while trying not to choke on his cum at the same time.

'wow that is hot' Natsu thought as he saw Virgo licking up the semen that she had coughed onto her breasts.

-After Cleaning up-

"Master i would like to have my punishment now" Virgo said as got on her hands and knees on the newly made bed while only wearing a pair of white frilly panties and her white stockings

'wow she looks so hot right now i wonder if she will let me..' he started thinking while getting an erection.

Natsu got onto the bed a raised on of his hands and slammed it down onto Virgos bubble butt.

"Yes Master please keep going and hit me harder" Virgo screamed out in pure pleasure.

Natsu did as he was told and kept hitting Virgo who was getting wetter with each slap.

"Yes Yes please keep punishing your sluty maid Master it feels so good" Virgo Said as she was nearing her climax

"Wow Virgo you look so sexy when I hit you and your ass feels so nice" Natsu told her. Natsu himself was getting extremely aroused listening to the normally emotionless maid scream like a slut as he hit her with his strong hand.

"I'm cumming master" Virgo yelled as she reached her climax and fell flat on her stomach.

'Wow that face she's making is so erotic' he thought while trying not to fuck her brains out

"Well are you happy with your punishment Virgo" he asked the panting maid.

"It was great but it seems that you are not satisfied" she said while she pointed at his throbbing boner

"Umm well I guess" He said sheepishly

"let me help you with that as a thank you for giving me punishment" told him as she pushed Natsu onto his back and got onto his lap.

"What are you doing Virgo i don't have any protection and plus this is my first time" he whispered the last part.

"It's OK Master it is also my first time doing anything like this also" Virgo reassured as she aligned her drenched pussy with Natsu's huge cock after she moved her White Panties to the side. (Cowgirl Position just in case I did not describe it well)

"But are you sure isn't it painful for girls their first time" Natsu said remembering what Gildarts said when he was younger it was quite a traumatising experience for him considering he was only twelve at the time.

"I know but I need to make you feel as good as I did when you have me punishment" she said as she impaled herself with Natsu's Cock in one swift motion causing two different reactions.

For Natsu it was one of the best feelings he had felt even better then the blow job and hand job but for Virgo it was the most agonising pain she had felt and not the good kind like when Natsu was spanking her it was so bad that tears started building up in the corner of her eye's. Natsu also picked up the smell of blood.

"Are you ok Virgo you look like you are going to cry" He asked as he got off his back and hugged Virgo trying to comfort her.

"Just let me get use to it the we can both start feeling good" Virgo told Natsu .

after a few minutes of getting used to Natsu's size she push Natsu onto his back and started ridding his cock.

"Wow this feels Amazing Virgo keep going" he said while being watching Virgo bounce up and down his cock.

'her boobs look great' he thought as he reached up and cupped them and start kneading them like dough which seemed to be the right move since Virgo's moaning got louder.

"Please Master play with them more" Virgo yelled out as she continued to ride.

'hmm she likes a bit of pain so maybe' Natsu thought he then stopped kneading his her breasts and start tugging at her nipples which made her pussy tighten around his cock even more then it already was.

"Master it feels like your trying to rip them of" Virgo moaned as her Master gave her a feel of both pain and pleasure.

Natsu saw that this was his chance to take control so he pushed Virgo on her back and started started to rock his at an abnormal pace. (A/N the position they are in right now is called missionary)

"Master the feels so good be as rough as you want don't hold make" Virgo said breathlessly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, the kiss was full of lust and passion and it did not break until they need air.

"Virgo your pussy is so tight I'm going to cum any second now" Natsu said trying his best not to cum.

"Master I am also close please lets do it together" Virgo said through all her moaning and with that Natsu unloaded a load of hot cum into Virgo's tight snatch and the feeling of hot cum filling her insides and invading her caused her to have the biggest orgasm of her life. After cumming Natsu fell onto of Virgo right into her her big pillowy mounds she called breast.

"Master that was amazing but i have a feeling you are not satisfied yet" Virgo said regaining her usual composure

"You are right about that get on all fours now" Natsu demanded

"Yes Master" Virgo replied and did what she was told

'Wow he is so sexy when he is demanding' she thought to herself getting wet thinking about how much rougher Natsu would be now that he knew what to do.

"you better be ready I'm not going to hold back this time" he said as he trust into her with great force. He was not lying about not holding back he was trusting into her with a much greater pace then last time if that was even possible, The sound of meaty slaps and moaning filled the room Virgo's pleasure got even more intense when Natsu started spanking Virgo's ass while he pounded her like an animal until her ass checks where bright red. It didn't take long for Virgo to reach her climax

"Master I'm cumming" she yelled as she reached her peak and almost passed out from the feeling of pure pleasure.

'Sigh I guess I did over do it with the spanking I did not realise she was that much of a masochist' he thought while admiring his handy work

"Master I'm sorry for not satisfying you" She said while apologising Japanese style (You know like they do in every anime)

"It's aright you can make up for it by going another round" he said while putting her on her side and putting one of her legs over his shoulder, he aligned his member with her entrance and said "Hope your ready Virgo" with that he started rapidly pumping in and out of Virgo which caused both parties to received a large amount of pleasure. After a lot of panting, grunting and moaning Natsu and Virgo where both about to reach their peaks.

"MASTER I'M CUMMING" Virgo yelled as her pussy clapped down on her Master's huge cock which cause said Master to release his hot gooey seed inside her.

"Shit Virgo that felt amazing this might be my new favourite exercise" He said fairly out of breath as he pulled out of Virgo making the maid feel empty.

"Just remember Master I'm still owned by Princess so we can't just have sex when ever you feel like it" Virgo told him which made Natsu a little disappointed but then he got an idea.

"Well I guess I have make the most of it while I can" He said as he resumed to fuck Virgo's brains out.


-An Hour later at the Guild-

"Wow I can't believe she made the entire guild go to the infirmary just because they destroyed the cake in the bar" Lucy said in fear as she remembered Erza's rampage during the guild brawl.

"That's Erza for you" said a Blue cat whose head was rapped in bandages

"But why did she throw a chair at you" Lucy asked the blue cat.

"I actually don't remember that chair must of hit me harder than I thought" he said while rubbing his head.

"Well I guess I should head back to my house before I end up like you' Lucy said as she got up from her seat.

"WAIT!" Lucy heard a sweet voice yell out.

"What is it Mira, do you need any help" Lucy asked the barmaid.

"Yes would love you help but your maid would be even better since she is so fast at cleaning" Lucy suggested.

"Open Gate Of the Maiden Virgo" Lucy called out.

and with a puff of smoke instead of a pink haired maid out can a pink haired with curved goat horns who was wearing a white woollen dress.

"I'm sorry Miss Lucy Virgo is currently busy with something and I don't think it would be a good idea to interrupt her" She said sheepishly while blushing wildly while looking away from Lucy.

"Aries what could she possibly be doing that would stop her from doing her job" Lucy said in a rather demanding tone which scared Aries to the point where she was almost at tears.

"It's not nice to make people cry Lucy" Said Happy.

"SHUT CAT" She yelled at Happy.

"Oh sorry about Aries it's just that today has been crazy with all the chairs being thrown, people being frozen, the guild hall almost being blown up over twenty and worst of all a crazy red head beating the whole guild up" she ended with a sigh "So can you just tell me why I can't summon Virgo" she continued.

"Well.. um.. she's kind of um.." she said the last bit too quietly to for anyone to understand or hear.

"what was that Aries I did quite catch that" Lucy said.

"VIRGO AND MISTER NATSU ARE FUCKING LIKE RABBITS AT MISTER NATSU'S HOUSE AND NATSU'S COMPLETELY DOMINATING HER" Aries yelled with her face completely red due and with that she disappeared back into the spirit realm due to how embarrassed she was.

"What" Lucy said with a blank expression on her face letting what was just said set in.

"WHAT" Lucy and the rest of the guild yelled simultaneously.

"I'm so proud of him" Makarov said while crying anime style.

"I didn't know he had it in him" Macao said crying with Makarov.

"NATSU YOU ARE SO DEAD HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LUCY'S MAID AND DO INDECENT THINGS TO HER" An angry redhead yelled as she bolted out of the guild and to the forest Natsu lived in.

"Oh no Natsu's going to die" Happy yelled out trying to get ahead of Erza since he knew she did not know where they lived.

-At Natsu's House-

A Pink haired maid by the name of Virgo was resting her head on the chest of the Pink haired dragon slayer by the name of Natsu.

"Wow Master you are amazing i have never felt so good in my life" Virgo said.

"It's OK Virgo a master has to treat his maid right" He said while stroking her hair.

"I love you Master" Virgo said as she started drifting to sleep.

"Same here Virgo but I wish we could have you all to myself" Natsu said as he was feeling sleepy as well.

"Well I guess I can let you make a contract with me" She told him while rubbing her head on Natsu's chest.

"I thought you where Lucy's Spirit?" Natsu asked.

"Well you are a stronger and better Master than Lucy" She said.

"Sure if you are OK with it but what would Lucy say" Natsu questioned his soon to be spirit.

"I'm sure she will understand and she would not keep a spirit if they really did not want to stay" She told her new Master in an effort trying to reassure him.

"Well lets get some rest and think about it when we wake up" Natsu said as he started falling asleep while hugging Virgo.

"Sure Master if you say so" Virgo said as she fell asleep in her Master's warm embrace.

Their peaceful rest was disturbed by the sound of flapping wings and a very high feline voice.

"Natsu please wake up and run Erza is extremely pissed she said she's going to castrate you" Happy yelled while crying.

"Huh what are you doing here happy and what does castrate mean" Natsu said sounding groggy.

"Master I think it means it she is going to rip of your balls" Virgo said which caused Natsu to wake up and start panicking.

"She's GOING TO DO WHAT" Natsu said while guarding his junk.

"Don't worry Master I will take you and your family jewels somewhere safe" Virgo said while drilling a whole in the ground.

"Wait Virgo you're still naked" Natsu said while stopping the Maid from digging any further.

"AHH NATSU PUT SOME CLOTHES ON" Happy flew away and yelled as his innocent eyes where subjected to Natsu's the sight family jewels. But as he was about reach the door it flew open and Happy's came face first with an angry Redhead's metal breastplate.

"NATSU WHERE ARE YOU" Erza yelled as she started breaking down all the doors in Natsu's House in an effort to find the pink haired dragon slayer. After many doors Erza finally found the bedroom inside was a shirtless Natsu who was lying on his stomach with a relaxed look on his face and onto of him was a pink haired maid who massaging Natsu with her soft hands.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING" Erza yelled at the two pink haired teens.

"I'm just servicing my new Master, is that a problem" Virgo said as she continued to massage Natsu.

"Yeah Erza I don't see what is wrong with what you are doing" Natsu added while enjoying his massage.

"First of all that is not what you two where doing thirty minutes ago and Two Virgo you are Lucy's Spirit not Natsu's" Erza Pointed out.

"Well I am going to be his spirit soon and I don't see anything wrong with servicing my master" Virgo retorted. After that comment Virgo and Erza got into a heated argument which involved a whole lot of blushing and dirty thoughts.

-Thirty minutes later-

"OK I guess there is no convincing you and i really can't do anything about it , well without going to jail" Erza said "Just remember to use protection next time I don't think the world is ready for another destructive hole digging pink haired kid yet" She said to the duo who both nodded in agreement.

"Well with that sorted out I shall be taking my leave but you two better remember to tell Lucy about the your new arrangement" Erza said leaving Natsu and Happy's house.

"So Virgo how do you feel about going to see Luce and tell her about you being my Maid" Natsu asked Virgo as he put on his vest.

"As you wish Master I will start digging a tunnel way to her house" Virgo said as she started to dig.

"Wow this will make sneaking into her house a lot easier" Natsu said as she jumped into the hole.

-At Lucy's House-

"Jeez today was so bad I didn't have a chance to relax at all today" Lucy said to herself as she fell to her bed.

"Wow Princess has some very skimpy clothes in her closest" A voice said.

"I know right i wonder how you would look in these" Another voice asked the other one.

"If it will please you Master I will wear any of these extremely revealing and sluty clothes" The first voice said causing Lucy to turn around and see the two home invaders and instantly reconsigned the two.

"NATSU! VIRGO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AND WHY ARE YOU LOOKING THROUGH MY CLOTHES" Lucy yelled at the two while blushing crimson red but the pink haired duo just brushed it off.

"Hey stop looking though my clothes and there not that revealing and can you answer my first question" Lucy told them both sternly

"Lucy me and Virgo have something to ask you" Natsu said in a very serious tone.

"Ok Natsu what is it?" Lucy asked.

"Well Virgo would like to be free from her contract so she can make one with me" Natsu said causing Lucy to be a bit shocked.

"Ok I guess" Lucy replied in a surprising calm manner.

"Wait why are you taking this so well, not that I'm complaining I just want to know" Natsu asked the Blond.

"Well I know you will take care of her and you two look like you are going to be impossible to separate" She said to them with a smile and with that she handed Natsu Virgo's Key. After making the contract was made the duo left through the tunnel they came from.

"sigh now I have to fill this stupid whole, I'll just tomorrow I'm too tired" Lucy said as she went to sleep.

-The Morning of the S-class Nomination announcements at Natsu's House-

"Master I have something important to tell you" Virgo said as she appeared from the spirit realm.

"What is it Virgo?" asked Natsu as he was doing push ups with Virgo on his back.

"Well I'm Pregnant" She said calmly.

"WHAT" Natsu yelled in shock the shock also caused him to fall flat on his stomach.

"Like I said I'm Pregnant with your child" She said sounding way to calm for the situation.

"Virgo do you know what this means?"Natsu asked sweating bullets.

"What Master?" Virgo asked looking confused.

"ERZA IS GOING TO KILL ME FOR NOT USING PROTECTION" he yelled while curling into a ball and crying to himself.

"Well to bad Master you are going to have to take responsibility for this child and that includes telling the guild" Virgo said sternly to her Master/Lover. Over the last month Natsu and Virgo had gotten a lot closer and had got to know each other really well as they went on missions together constantly to the point that Virgo had became a member of Fairy Tail just so she could be closer to Natsu.

"Ok lets get to the guild and tell everyone about your pregnancy" Natsu said while flashing his trade mark smile.

-At the guild-

"ALL RIGHT BRATS LISTEN UP" Yelled the Fairy Tail guild master which got the whole guilds attention.


"The following wizards are going to be participating (A/N: You Know who got picked I'm not bloody writing it.)

"Gramps sorry, but I'm not going to participating" Natsu said shocking the entire guild.

"What" The entire guild yelled

"Well I have something a bit more important to take care of" Natsu said while scratching the back of his head.

"Or maybe you are just a chicken" Yelled a half naked Gray.

"Yeah you are not a real man for backing down" Elfman called out from the bar.

"Wow Natsu i never took you for a coward i thought you would jump at the chance to fight me" Said Scarlet haired knight. soon most of the guild joined in mocking Natsu.


"SHE'S WHAT" The whole guild yelled at the same time.

Well what do you think of my first Fan Fic. I know it is not that good but could you give me some feedback so i know how to write better for next time. I'm hoping to write a second chapter to finish up this story so i would like some ideas for the name for the baby (Next chapter is probably going to be much shorter). I hope you liked it though and a favourite would be very appreciated. I know the lemon was not to good that is why i need people to tell me what i can do better