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Chapter 1 - Different

"Sir, I'm afraid it's not good news. He's not in very good shape. I doubt he'll last much longer if we do nothing."

Tatsuo Toue sighed heavily and ran his hand down his face. "What would you recommend, doctor?"

The doctor looked towards the frail young man sitting on the chair at the other end of the room for a moment before looking back towards Toue. "Honestly sir, there isn't anything we can do for him now medically."

Toue looked directly into the doctor's eyes. He stayed perfectly calm, but the way he was looking at him made the doctor feel very nervous indeed.

"He needs to stay alive doctor. He needs to stay alive for at least the next three weeks."

The doctor swallowed heavily and nodded, not even daring to ask why Toue had put a time limit on how long this young man had to stay alive for.

"I'll do my best sir, but honestly one of the few things that may help might just be if he had some company his own age. From the looks of things, it doesn't seem like he gets much in the way of interaction with other people," the doctor said nervously, very much afraid of angering one of the most powerful men in Japan.

Toue looked over at Sei, the young man who was so very important to his plan, and nodded slowly. "Yes…I agree with you doctor. Excellent idea…"

I trudged through the streets of Platinum Jail, kicking a small stone as I went. For all that this place was meant to be some sort of entertainment utopia, I seemed to get bored in here really easily. My parents didn't get it; they absolutely loved it here. But I couldn't help it. I was bored of the same stuff every day stuck inside these walls, trapped from the outside world.

My name is Molly Tsubomi. I'm 18 years old. And I live in Platinum Jail in Japan on the island of Midorijima.

My mother, Alicia, is American and my father, Hiroshi, is Japanese. We moved to Platinum Jail from Hokkaido not long after Platinum Jail was built. Our family was wealthy enough to afford to live here, but we're no way near a rich as the majority of the residents so some of them act as if we don't belong here. We live on the outskirts of the complex, right next to wall separating Platinum Jail from the rest of Midorijima. We lived in the Midnight Blue Coast district of Platinum Jail, although from what I'd heard of the other areas I would much rather live in Aqua Forest or Flame Willow. There are no plants here and almost everything is made of glass.

I was approaching our house with two heavy shopping bags in my hands. My parents had sent me out on a grocery run. I had my hands full so I had to kick on the door to get someone to open it for me. The door opened and my dad's face appeared.

"Molly! There was no need to make all that racket," he sighed. "Didn't you take your key with you?"

I held up the bags of food. "I did but I kinda have my hands full with your dinner."

My dad rolled his eyes. "It's your dinner too rascal," he teased, ruffling my hair.

I walked into the house, kicked my shoes off, and dumped the bags on the kitchen counter, quickly fixing my short brown hair back into its two regular bunches and making sure my fringe was straight.

"Hi sweetie," my mother called from the living room.

"Hey mom," I called back, walking through to the living room and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "What's up?"

"Nothing much," my mom replied. "Just watching TV."

"Anything decent on?" I asked, already knowing the answer would be no. Platinum Jail didn't show anything on TV other than the news, occasional music videos and incredibly cheesy soap operas which my mom loved but I couldn't stand.

"Nothing you would like," mom answered, confirming my suspicions.

"Molly, do me a favour and put the shopping away?" dad asked as he walked through to sit next to my mom.

I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. "So I go shopping and I have to put it away? Am I just slave labour to you two?"

"Molly, stop being so overdramatic," dad sighed.

I grinned and stuck my tongue out at him. "You know you love me."

My dad gave me a look but he grinned back. "Of course I do, rascal."

I went back through to the kitchen and started to put the groceries away. I had only been at it for a few minutes when I heard my mom squeal.

"Hiroshi, it's Toue-sama!"

I sighed heavily again and shook my head. My parents were just like every other resident of Platinum Jail: convinced that Tatsuo Toue was the greatest man alive and that everyone should hang on his every word. I wasn't convinced. I hated how he always went on about how the world is better without any pain or suffering. Of course I agreed that those things were bad, but I'd always felt like without the bad, humanity can't appreciate the good in the world.

"Molly, come through and watch this!" my mom called.

"No thanks, I'm okay," I called back, not having any intention of letting Toue poison my mind with his drivel.

My parents normally protested more if I refused to watch one of Toue's broadcasts but this time they didn't say anything more which must have meant they were completely engrossed in whatever he was saying. So finishing up putting the shopping away I headed upstairs to my room.

I sat down on my bed and opened the window next to it, zipping up my usual purple hoodie a little higher to protect myself from the wind now coming into my room. I pulled my legs up to my chest and stared out the window, up past the gigantic wall separating me from the Old Resident District. Since me and my parents had moved from Hokkaido straight to Platinum Jail the only time I'd seen the rest of the island was in the taxi ride from the airport to get here. It hadn't looked anywhere near as fancy as Platinum Jail was, but to be honest I think I'd prefer it to here. It looked more lively and fun, and like there were lots of different things to do. However even going there for a visit was impossible. Once you entered Platinum Jail it was almost impossible to leave, unless for whatever reason you needed to go to the hospital since there wasn't one here. Most people didn't want to leave anyway so they were fine with it. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only person in the entirety of Platinum Jail who would be quite happy to leave.

But sadly, since nobody else agreed with me I had to keep quiet. I was used to that by now, but it was still annoying having to keep my opinions to myself. I stared up at the artificial sky full of artificial stars and couldn't help but feel lonely.

"Toue-sama, I think we may have found someone."

Toue came over to stand behind the man who had been typing away at his computer. On the screen was a picture of a young woman, probably 18 or 19 years old. She didn't look like she was completely of Japanese ethnicity. She had short dark brown hair pulled up into two bunches and dark green eyes. Toue's eyes skimmed over her information.

"Molly Tsubomi," he murmured. "What's different about her?"

"Well sir, whenever you are broadcast on television, all citizens of Platinum Jail immediately focus on you. However Miss Tsubomi seems to be an exception to that. She doesn't seem to respect you like the other citizens do," the man explained.

"Hmm…" Toue mused. "Well, normally this would be a problem, but in this situation it may be able to help us."

"…Sir?" the man asked, confused by what Toue meant.

Toue clapped the man on the shoulder. "How quickly can you organise a broadcast to only be shown in her household?"

The man thought for a moment. "We should be able to set that up in around half an hour."

"Perfect," Toue said with a sly grin.

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