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Chapter 12 - Scrap

The four figures who had appeared in the room, seemingly to rescue Aoba, didn't seem to notice me at first. It wasn't until the one in the red yukata ran towards Aoba and I stepped in front of him on reflex that he seemed to finally realise I was there.

"…Who are you?" he asked me, his grip on his katana tightening.

"My name is Molly," I replied, not shifting from my position in between Aoba and this man. "I helped Aoba get in here. Who are you?"

"Koujaku," the man replied shortly. "I'm Aoba's best friend from the Old Resident District."

I relaxed slightly at his answer. "So…you don't want to hurt him?" I asked just to clarify.

"No, of course not," Koujaku shook his head. "We're here to make sure he's okay. He scared the crap out of us running away like he did."

"So you're all his friends?" I asked, nodding to the other three who were currently beating up the members of Morphine.

"Eh…friend might be the wrong word for those three," Koujaku admitted looking over his shoulder. "The one in the gas mask, his name is Clear. He seems to feel like he owes Aoba some kind of debt. Keeps calling him Master. It's kind of weird. The other two… I honestly don't know why they came along but they came along. The kid's name is Noiz. The scary looking one is Mink." Koujaku looked back at me. "…You said your name was Molly?"

I nodded, and Koujaku gave me a kind of half smile.

"You able to hold your own in a fight?" he asked.

I grinned. "Well I got up here didn't I?"

Koujaku smirked. "True. I doubt that was all Aoba somehow. Go join in the fun, I'll watch him."

I looked down at Aoba, wary at the idea of leaving him. But I felt I could trust Koujaku, and I just prayed I wasn't being stupid. Nodding to him I gave one last look to Aoba who was unconscious but at least still breathing and ran at the closest Morphine member I could see, jumping into the air to give him a roundhouse kick to the head which caused him to drop to the floor like a rag doll.

"Not bad kid," I rough voice said behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see the tall dreadlocks guy – Mink I think Koujaku said? – nodding at me in approval. I felt a strange swell of pride at this compliment from a stranger who could easily rip me in half if he felt like it and nodded back in thanks before another Morphine member slid into my peripheral vision. This one received a swift kick to the groin before I brought both my hands laced together down on the crown of his head. He spluttered out a cough before also dropping to the ground.

Aoba's three "friends" had managed to take out most of the goons before I was able to join in, but I will happily admit how satisfying it was to kick the crap out of the handful I got to, given all the problems that Morphine and Toue had caused me recently. I remembered Virus's comment about how Sei might have been the reason nobody saw me on the security cameras. I silently hoped he'd somehow seen me fighting and had been cheering me on. The thought of that made me smile.

"Looks like that's all of them," the younger man with the hat on – Noiz – said with boredom in his voice as he shoved the crumpled body of a Morphine member away with his foot.

"They may send more soon," the gas mask guy – Clear – pointed out, sounding worried. "We should hide quickly so they can't find Master."

I quickly looked around and spotted a door behind one of the tanks which looked like it could be some sort of storage area.

"Over there," I pointed out to all of them.

Koujaku looked over and nodded. "Looks good. Clear, help me with Aoba."

"Okay!" Clear ran over. Both men helped to hold Aoba up and all five of us ran for the storage cupboard before any reinforcements arrived. Mink held the door open and we all dove in.

Luckily the room was a good size, even with a large area being taken up by filing cabinets, so there was enough space for us all to sit down and get our breath back. Koujaku and Clear set Aoba down gently before sitting on either side of him, helping to prop him up. I sat opposite Aoba, with Noiz and Mink sitting on my left.

"So…who's this?" Noiz finally asked after a few minutes of heavy breathing but otherwise rather awkward silence.

"I'm Molly," I introduced myself. "I helped Aoba get in here."

"You work here or something?" Mink asked.

I shook my head quickly. "Hell no. Although…I guess I kind of used to. It wasn't work really, but I used to come here every day to see someone so that's how I know the building. How did you guys get in here?"

"Same way Aoba did," Koujaku replied, "the passage between the Old Resident District and here. Then the kid hacked his way into the system to get us into Platinum Jail."

"Quit calling me kid," Noiz grumbled. "The girl's younger than me."

I glared up at him. "'The girl'? Really? And how old are you anyway?"


"…Damn. Eighteen."


I decided Noiz was going to annoy me.

"If you don't mind me asking Molly-san, who did you used to visit?" Clear asked me very politely.

I looked up at Clear and saw that, while both he and Koujaku had let go on Aoba, Aoba's head was now resting on Clear's shoulder. Even while he was talking to me, Clear kept glancing between me and Aoba. Even without being able to see his face I could tell how worried he was about him. He might have been a little bit weird…but then again so was I. I liked him.

"Well…to tell you the truth I was visiting Aoba's brother, Sei," I replied.

That got all of their attentions.

"Wait, Aoba's brother?" Koujaku repeated, his eyes wide.

"Yeah. From what I overheard from what Virus and Trip were saying to Aoba, they were separated at birth. Twins. The were joined by their hair, but when they were separated they thought Aoba was dead. Aoba's grandmother took his body away to bury but he must have come back to life somehow. You know about Aoba's Scrap ability?" They all nodded. "Well Sei has something similar to that, but it just involves his eyes. Somehow it doesn't work on me, and neither does Scrap. That's why Toue had me come and spend time with Sei. They're just using him though, he doesn't realise he's hurting people, and he would never hurt anyone on purpose. When I met Aoba I had no idea they were related. Aoba didn't know either until Virus just told him." Thinking about Sei again made tears fill my eyes, and I looked down in an attempt to hide them. "Sei…if he stays here then he hasn't got much time left. He's really weak, and Toue has now created some sort of artificial version of the power of his eyes so he doesn't even care if Sei dies. He's disgusting. I hate him. I need to get to Sei, that's why I'm here. That's why I agreed to help Aoba get in here. He wanted to stop Toue from whatever he planned to do to the people in the Old Resident District, and I need to save Sei."

I finally stopped talking and took a deep breath, glad I'd managed to stop the tears from falling. The four men were silent for a moment while they tried to wrap their heads around everything I'd just spurted out.

"Do you know where he is?"

I looked over at Mink who had spoken up for the first time since we'd entered the storage cupboard.

"Sei," Mink elaborated, looking over at me. "Do you know where he is?"

I nodded slowly. "I think so… His room is on the top floor."

"Then go," Mink said.

"Wait, what?" I was confused.

"Mink's right," Koujaku smiled. "I'm really thankful for how much you've helped Aoba. I'm sure we all are. But you need to do what you came here for. We need to wait for Aoba to wake up but you don't. Go get Sei; he needs you more right now."

"Are you sure?" I felt really weird about this. Although these guys – or at least Koujaku and Clear – obviously cared about Aoba, after everything we'd gone through together I felt very uncomfortable leaving him.

"We'll look after Master!" Clear promised, nodding enthusiastically. "Please go and rescue Master's brother! I'm sure that would make him happy."

"…Okay," I agreed, smiling gratefully round at them all before I remembered something. "Oh, wait!"

I grabbed Aoba's bag, which Koujaku had had the good sense to bring with him into the storage cupboard, and unzipped it, pulling out the small blue lump of fur which had been in there ever since Aoba and I had escaped from the party however many floors below.

"Ren!" Koujaku exclaimed, gently taking him from me.

"He's been unresponsive for a while," I admitted sadly. "Aoba was worried he wouldn't be able to get him working again. I don't know if there's anything that can be done about it but I know Aoba wouldn't want to give up on him."

Noiz held his hand out towards Koujaku. "Let me take a look at him," he said. "If he has some sort of bug I might be able to get rid of it."

Koujaku nodded and carefully passed Ren over. A lump in my throat grew as his little body didn't so much as twitch as he passed in front of me. Noiz ran a hand over his back and he sighed slightly before he pulled his Coil up and started typing away.

"You should get going," Koujaku said to me, pulling his eyes away from Ren. "I still can't hear any more guards outside but they will be coming."

I nodded and stood up. Mink stood up too and went to the door, pressing his ear up against it. "You should be fine," he declared. "But get out with Sei as quickly as you can."

I looked up at Mink in confusion and was slightly frightened at how serious he looked. I realised he must have had some sort of plan in place and it was probably pretty dangerous, so I resisted the temptation to ask for more details and just nodded.

Mink stood aside and I placed my hand on the door. Looking back round at the others I smiled. "Thank you for everything. Look after Aoba. And…tell him I believe in him. As cheesy as that sounds…but please tell him I know he's strong."

Koujaku smiled and nodded. "I will, I promise."

I smiled back. With one last nod at all four of them I pushed the door open and ran like hell.

I'd made it to a stairway without any sign of guards or Morphine members, and I sprinted up the stairs as quickly as I could. A small part of me was grateful I was now on my own as it meant I could move as fast as I could, but the bigger part of me missed Aoba already. But I knew his friends were with him and would look after him. I could only hope that after this was all over I could see him, his friends, and Ren again.

Finally I made it to the top floor. It was all so familiar; the same small corridor which ran from the stairs and elevator – which were next to each other – and Sei's room. As I approached the door to his room I felt my hands start to shake. I prayed he was there but if he was what was I going to do? If he wasn't what was I going to do. I suddenly became very aware of my lack of an actual plan. But I could worry about how I was going to get Sei out of Oval Tower once I'd actually found him.

Steeling myself for whatever might be behind the door I pushed it open…

…and immediately had to force myself not to cry from a mixture of relief and anger because while Sei was there, sitting in that same red plush chair he'd been in the first day I'd met him, Toue was also there, perched on the arm of the chair and smiling at me as I stepped into the room.

Letting the door close behind me I let my gaze settle on Toue, the man who had become the bane of my existence over the past few days. I could already see that Sei wasn't looking directly at me; he was slumped down in his chair with his eyes to the ground. It made my heart hurt seeing him like that but I knew I wouldn't be able to get to him with Toue right there. He patted the top of Sei's hat almost fondly before turning to me.

"I assumed you'd come here," he smiled. "Sei would have been heartbroken if you'd just left him up here."

I had to stop myself from physically growling at him. "How could you do this to him? You said he was like a son to you. How could you torture somebody who's meant to be like your own child to you?!"

Toue just laughed, standing up from his perch on the arm of the chair. "I haven't been cruel at all. I'm sampling helping Sei to achieve his destiny. And now, it is time that was fulfilled. I have a very important call to make to Sei's beloved brother. I would appreciate it if you would stay here and not interfere."

Toue walked towards me, or rather towards the door. As he passed me he murmured, "You were indeed useful, Tsubomi-chan. Have these last few moments with Sei as a show of my gratitude."

I want to punch him for those words but by the time my brain had registered what he'd said he had already left, the click that I heard after the door closed indicating that he'd locked up both in here.

With nothing now in my way I ran to Sei, kneeling down next to him.

"Sei? It's me, Molly. I'm so sorry, I swear I didn't want to leave you. They wouldn't let me back in so I broke in with your brother, Aoba. He'll be on his way here now, I'm sure of it."

By now I was crying. Sei looked weaker than ever; I could actually see his veins through his skin it was that thin and pale, and his cheeks were so sunken it looked like the bones could be exposed at any time. He wasn't moving and was barely breathing.

I moved so I was looking right into his eyes, but even with that there was no response from him. His eyes were looking in the direction of mine now but I could tell he couldn't see me. I looked around and grabbed one of his stuffed animals, a koala, and had it nuzzle his hand, but that didn't do anything either. In frustration I threw the toy across the room and collapsed in a heap on Sei's lap, sobbing like a small child. I hated the lack of control. I couldn't do anything to save Sei, or probably myself at this point. I had no idea where Aoba was or if he was even awake yet, and no way of finding out. And if Toue won then that would mean he could use Sei's power to do whatever he wanted.

Wait… Sei's power…

I sat up slowly as the conversation about Scrap which Aoba and I had back in Glitter began to come back to me. Aoba, not knowing at that point that he and Sei were twins, had explained to me how Scrap worked. His power had stemmed from his voice, and Sei's clearly came from his eyes, but Aoba had also said that his power was enhanced by skin-to-skin contact. Aoba hadn't tried that with me, and although Scrap hadn't been effective on me before now… Aoba had told me that his power could either be used to break or save people. If Sei was able to use Scrap, or whatever his power was, on me, then maybe I could somehow use it to save him. It was a long shot and without any sort of evidence that it would work, but it was the only idea I had.

Determined to give my only idea a try I gently took one of Sei's gloved hands in mine. Bringing it towards my face, I rested it on my cheek so that his fingertips were touching my skin.

The moment that our skin touched Sei's eyes flew to meet mine. I felt a faint electric shock run through my entire body and all of a sudden my vision faded to white.

…Damn my head was sore.

It felt like I was leaning on a table…? But I'd been in Sei's room…

I sat up and looked around me. I wasn't in Sei's room anymore. I was sitting at a desk in what looked like a classroom. As the pain in my head faded away I realised it wasn't just any classroom, it was my classroom from middle school back in Hokkaido. How on earth did I get here?

My desk had always been at the back of the room, the farthest seat away from the window, and that's where I now found myself sitting.

But I wasn't alone in that classroom.

Sitting at the desk in the same row as me but next to the window, with a beautiful sunset behind him, was Sei.

"Hi Molly."

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