This idea popped into my head and I could not let it go! Hope you like! Also, the ages are different then from in the books. I don't like Hazel being thirteen and Annabeth and Percy being seventeen and the others fifteen. So now Hazel is still thirteen but Nico is fifteen and the rest are sixteen. Sorry. That's just my opinion. Also, Reyna was in Circe's Island when she was thirteen, so I'm making her stuck with the pirates until she's fourteen, then brought to Camp Jupiter.

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Hera looked down at the demigods in disapproval. Really, they didn't know each other well. She decided they would have to learn about each other the hard way.


The Seven, Reyna, and Nico were sitting in the Counselors' Room on the sofa in front of the flat-screen TV, arguing over what movie to watch. Calypso had errands to run on Mount Olympus to prove that she could leave Ogygia, so that left Leo alone.

"I want to watch The Lion King!" yelled Percy. He stuck his lower lip out. "Simba is really cute."

"Oh please," scoffed Annabeth. "Let's watch a documentary about architecture. That would be enjoyable."

That resulted in a loud "NO!" from everybody and a pillow thrown at her head.

"Pocahontas," decided Piper.

"I want to watch Peter Pan!" Jason yelled, feeling overcome with joy about the thought of watching a green-clad boy soar over the building tops. Wow, he really needed to get a life.

"Aladdin," decided Leo.

"The Little Mermaid!" sighed Frank dreamily.

"Peter and the Wolf?" suggested Hazel hopefully.

"Frozen," muttered Reyna, daring everyone with her eyes to question her choice. Nico did the same after he said, "Tangled."

A flash of light made them stop their arguing, for which Jason was grateful for. He got up and looked at the table, from where the light had come from.

A DVD case was sitting on the table. It had, 'A Trip Down Memory Lane' printed on in rainbow letters, and pictures of Reyna, Nico, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Jason were on the cover.

"What is it, Jace?" called Piper. Jason frowned and returned to his seat with the DVD in his hand, confused.

"It's a DVD," Jason announced, holding it up for the rest to see.

"There's a note on the back," said Annabeth, pointing to the sticky note on the back of the DVD. Jason turned it over, peeled the note off, and read it out loud.

"Dear Demigods," he read. "I have decided you do not know each other well enough and this movie will show all of your memories."

"What if we don't want to watch it?" asked Leo.

"If you do not watch this I will smite you," continued Jason.

"That leaves that option out," muttered Piper.

"So have fun!" Jason concluded. "Hera."

"It would be Hera," growled Annabeth.

"We won't get anywhere by groaning," said Reyna with a sigh. "Let's just get it over with." She took the DVD from Jason and popped it into the DVD Player in the TV. Immediately a bunch of pictures of Jason popped up.

Annabeth still looked angry and upset, but she resigned to clenching the pillows in her fists.

Leo looked at Jason, who was frowning. I hope it won't be too bad, thought Leo. Then he mentally laughed. Nothing is bad enough when Hera is involved.

The screen when black, save for the neat light blue letters that printed Jason. Then the memories began.

One Year Old

Jason was on six-year-old Thalia's lap, gurgling happily, tiny fists curled. He smiled, but after seeing Thalia's scowl, started to cry.

"Shhh," crooned Thalia softly, and Jason laughed again. But then he seemed to get hungry.

"Mama!" he wailed. "Want Mama!"

"She's...not here," whispered Thalia sadly.

"Want Mama!" howled Jason.

"Trust me," Thalia said grimly to Baby Jason. "You don't."

"This was your life?" asked Annabeth with wide eyes.

"How would I know?" protested Jason. "I can't remember this!"

Piper winced in sympathy. Are all his memories bad, or good? she wondered.

"But I want Mama!" protested Jason, light blue eyes blinking fast with tears.

"What do you want, brat?" snapped a new voice. The drunk figure of Beryl Grace came into view, holding a half-cooked half-eaten steak in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other.

"N-nothing Mom," Thalia said quickly, with a trembling voice.

"Food!" wailed Jason.

"Bad idea," reprimanded Annabeth.

"I was one!" cried Jason, looking sad at the memories.

Hazel wondered how it would be like to watch her memories. She hoped she'd be last.

"I'll give you food!" snarled Beryl Grace, and threw the half-cooked steak at them. Thalia caught it, and Jason grabbed it, tearing into it like it was the only thing he'd eaten in days.

"W-we're leaving, M-mom," said Thalia, standing up with Jason in her arms, backing away, as Beryl Grace threw the bottle after them. Thalia turned around and ran.

Beryl stared after them, hurling another bottle after them, not caring as it hit the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces. Her light blue eyes were filled with madness, and her blonde hair was disheveled, as if she hadn't washed in days.

Frank hadn't known that Jason's mom was like that, and apparently Jason hadn't either. Frank watched as Jason's mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.

"We understand," said Reyna.

"It's hard," murmured Nico.

"This was my mom?" said Jason, utterly shocked. Frank felt for him.

Two Years Old

"No! Jason!" A seven-year-old Thalia rushed forward as a slightly older Jason started to gnaw on a black stapler.

Everyone laughed.

"Aagh!" Jason yelped as the stapler stapled the top of his lip. Thalia scooped him up and carefully pried the staple out of his face.

Jason touched the scar on his upper lip.

Jason started crying as crimson beads rolled into his mouth. "It...hurts!" he wailed, beads of blood on his lips.

"I know," said Thalia. "But it'll get better. Promise."

She rushed away, and came back with a First Aid kit as Jason kept blubbering, his salty tears mixing in with his crimson blood. Thalia disinfected the deep cut and put a smiley face bandage on it.

"What in the world is going on?" demanded a slurred voice from outside the room. Beryl Grace.

"Her again!" growled Annabeth, feeling angry towards the woman who had destroyed Thalia's life.

"How dare she call herself a mother!" hissed Reyna angrily.

Jason smiled sadly at Thalia patching up his hurt lip. "I hate you, Mother."

"Jason's lip got stapled," replied Thalia. "I fixed him."

"My poor baby," Beryl simpered, her face turning from disgust to sympathy. "We're going to have a picnic. Let's go!"

The demigods stared at each other in horror.

"This is where it happened," whispered Leo, the only one who knew the story besides Jason.

"My hate for that woman increases," said Nico.

At the picnic, Beryl Grace took Jason's hand.

"Where are you going?" asked Thalia.

"Me and Jason are going for a walk," replied Beryl sweetly.

"Fine," said Thalia, suspicion clouding her electric blue eyes. "But be back in five."

"Okay honey," simpered Beryl.

"And now," muttered Leo.

Jason looked scared and sad.

A woman with a goatskin around her and a bright radiant aura surrounding her smiled at Beryl behind the Wolf House.

"Hera," snarled Annabeth.

"Actually," said Jason sounding shocked. "It's Juno."


"Thank you Beryl Grace," said Juno as she lifted Jason into her arms.

"My pleasure," responded Beryl and went back to Thalia.

Juno waited until Thalia started screaming. Jason wailed as Thalia's screams turned into howls that ended in sobs.

"You have gotten what you have deserved, child of Zeus," murmured Juno. She looked down at Jason. "And you are mine, child of Jupiter."

And then there was a flash of light and they were gone.

"That's a pretty intense memory," whistled Leo.

"I don't think I like that memory," said Jason, frowning.

"Nobody would," said Piper, leaning over to touch his arm.

Three Years Old

The Wolves were milling around a three-year-old Jason, whose cheeks were gaunt but his arms were already lean and muscled.

The lead wolf, Lupa, was leading Jason to the tunnel of San Francisco, where Camp Jupiter was.

Jason ran across, laughing with happiness as two guards picked him up and brought him inside after bowing to Lupa.

Inside the Camp, he was introduced to Praetor Brooke, and was claimed by Zeus.

"Jason was three," mused Annabeth. "So Lupa takes care of all kids very young and leads them to Camp Jupiter, but only after they've proved themselves worthy of being in her pack."

"Yes," answered Jason, with a smile on his face. "That's a good memory."

"That was a short memory," corrected Piper.

Leo wondered whether Jason had really ever felt emotional pain.

Four Years Old

Jason was playing with a blonde scarecrow kid.

"I want your teddy bear!" he announced.

"I'm the augur," hissed the scarecrow kid. "I get to kill it!"

"That's Octavian," said Reyna, stifling a laugh.

"He looks like an idiot!" smirked Nico.

"But Octavian-" Jason was cut off.

"No buts!" ordered Octavian. "I get to kill the teddy!"

"Jason?" a voice made Jason look up.

"Yeah Bibi?" he asked innocently.

"It's time for you to get your first stripe so you can be a Centurion in the Youth Legion," said Bibi, looking bored.

"YAY!" screamed Jason and ran outside, leaving Octavian to cut up his teddy bears.

When Jason returned, he was proudly wearing his first stripe.

"Does it hurt?" asked Annabeth curiously.

"It burns when you first get it," replied Jason.

"And stings for a while afterwards," said Hazel.

"And when you touch it pain shoots up your arm," said Percy.

"But other than that, it doesn't hurt, no," said Frank.

"It wouldn't burn me," said Leo.

"True," agreed Reyna.

Five Years Old

"Some son of Jupiter you are," sneered Centurion Dalta.

"So pitifully weak!" laughed Centurion Dennis.

"I'm not, Centurions Dalta and Dennis!" said Jason boldly. "How else would I have gotten here if I was weak? You know Lupa doesn't appreciate weakness."

"Smart comeback," said Nico.

"Yeah," added Piper. "And to think you were only five."

"You are still weaker than most," said Centurion Dalta.

"Really?" snorted Leo. "Her name is DALTA?"

"You will be killed in the next ba-" Centurion Dennis' words were cut off by a bolt of lightning frying them into ashes.

"Thanks dad!" Jason chirped happily, skipping away.

The demigods looked at Jason.

"Really?" asked Nico. "You just thanked your dad for killing two people?"

"I was five!" protested Jason, his arms flailing around wildly.

Six Years Old

Jason's forehead was creased in concentration as Praetor Brooke burned his third stripe onto his skin.

"Did it hurt?" she asked.

"A little bit," responded Jason cheerfully. "But it was worth it."

"You were a cheerful kid," remarked Annabeth.

"We have a new recruit," a centurion called.

"Who?" asked Praetor Brooke.

"A six-year-old son of Bacchus named Dakota," answered the Centurion.

"Could you show him around, Jason?" Praetor Brooke asked Jason.

"Sure, Praetor Brooke!" responded Jason and he skipped over to Dakota, linking his arm in Dakota's and leading him around Camp.

"You were a nice helpful kid," said Annabeth. "Where did Hera go wrong?"

"Shut up," responded Jason irritably.

Seven Years Old

Jason was sword-fighting a centurion.

"Good job!" praised the centurion when Jason's sword clattered to the arena floor. "Now all we gotta do is find you a suitable weapon."

"Is this where you got your sword?" asked Hazel.

"Probably," said Jason, eyes glued to the screen.

The centurion led Jason into the Armory. "Here you can find a bunch of weapons."

"Thanks Centurion Amore!" exclaimed Jason.

"No problem!" smiled Centurion Amore. She gave Jason a sword. "Try this one out."

"Is this your sword?" asked Frank.

"No," said Jason. "It was too heavy."

"Too...heavy..." Jason grunted, heaving the sword back into the armory.

"A slingshot?"

"I have terrible aim."

"You really have terrible aim?" teased Leo.

"Shut up, it's nothing!" Jason defended himself.

"We'll see..."

"This sword?"

Jason tested it out. It was balanced and light in his hand, and he liked the feel. "It's perfect!"

Centurion Amore smiled. "Good. Let's go and practice some more!"


"You were cute when you were younger," commented Annabeth.

"What about me?" complained Percy.

"You're cute right now," said Annabeth.

Jason rolled his eyes.

Eight Years Old

"Keep going!" huffed Jason to Dakota. "Gotta...make"

They burst into Camp Jupiter, panting.

"What was so urgent?" asked Hazel.

"You'll see," answered Jason, grimacing.

"Monsters attacking!" yelled Dakota.

"Praetor Blake!" yelled Jason.

"Legion, to arms!" cried Praetor Blake, and the Legion marched up to protect Camp Jupiter as the monsters attacked.

Jason fought as the monsters came near him. He was soon covered in monster dust. Then a harpy clawed his leg. He let out a yell and stabbed the harpy, turning it into harpy dust.

Soon the monsters were all gone, but someone lay bleeding in the battlefield. A brown-haired girl, whose green eyes were half closed. Jason dropped his sword and raced over to his best friend.


Her eyes fluttered open and she breathed out, "Good...bye. I love you as...a fri...friend." And her eyes shut for the last time.

Jason's eyes were leaking as he remembered Nina, and the way she could cheer him up.

"I got over her quickly," he said. "But I still miss her."

I will never get over my mom, thought Leo bitterly, wiping his eyes since seeing Nina die made him remember the wonderful Esperanza Valdez. The other demigods just stared at Jason with sadness.

Nine Years Old

Jason kicked a rock. He still felt sad about Nina, but not so sad.

"Do you want to watch Tristan McLean's new movie?" asked Dakota. "I hear his daughter's in it."

"You were in a movie?" Percy asked in surprise.

"Just one," Piper answered honestly.

"That's one more than I've been in," Percy whistled.

"Sure," muttered Jason. He followed Dakota into New Rome's movie theater, and sat down, watching Tristan and his daughter act out various parts. Tristan's daughter was hot. Not that Jason would ever get a chance with her.

"Yet you did," smirked Piper.

After the movie, Dakota challenged Jason to a sword-fight. Jason won.

"Aww man!" Dakota complained. He glared at Jason. "I'll beat you one day!"

"Yeah right," smirked Jason.

"I will!"

"You'll beat me when I get a date with Tristan McLean's daughter," laughed Jason and walked away.

"He beat me when I told him I was dating you," mumbled Jason, looking at his shoes. The others laughed uproariously.

Ten Years Old

"Why don't you just tell Gwen you like her?" asked Jason, turning to Dakota.

"I dunno, man. I'm scared," shrugged Dakota. "I don't know if she feels the same."

"Oh she feels the same," laughed Piper.

"Come on!" said Jason. "When will you ask her out?"

"We're too young!" objected Dakota. "Not to mention the fact that she's TWELVE and we're TEN!"

"Too true," muttered Annabeth and Hazel as one.

Jason slapped Dakota's back. "I think you're chicken!"

"I'd rather be chicken then turkey roadkill," said Dakota.

"This was probably when Dakota ha some sanity left," said Frank as Jason nodded.

"Suit yourself," said Jason, walking away.

"You gonna leave me here all by myself?" complained Dakota.



The demigods erupted in laughter. Jason smiled. Those were good memories.

Eleven Years Old

Jason shivered. These cold feelings were coming down his spine, making him feel like something was wrong.

"JASON!" Dakota ran towards him. "Gwen's missing!"


"Gwen's missing!" Dakota repeated.

"I know that!" Jason's horrible feeling increased. "Search New Rome. I'll search Camp Jupiter."

After an hour of searching, Gwen wasn't to be found.

"I can't find her Jason!" Dakota wailed. "Gwen's missing!"

"No I'm not," said Gwen in front of them.

The demigods laughed, and Jason smiled again.

"Oh." Dakota looked embarrassed. But Jason's cold feeling didn't loosen.

"That's probably the beginning of when Kronos started rising," said Annabeth.

Twelve Years Old

"'Percy Jackson and Sally Jackson are missing. Gabe Ugliano, Sally Jackson's husband, has said that Percy...'"

Jason turned to Dakota in despair. "Jupiter and Neptune are fighting!"

"You had me in your memory?" Percy asked Jason.

"We got the newspaper," Jason shrugged sheepishly.

"I know, I know," said Dakota. "But listen to this other article. 'Boy jumps off St. Lois Arch after causing demolition and destruction.' Dude! That could be Neptune!"

"We need to find out why Jupiter and Neptune are fighting," said Jason, not really listening. "And we have to stop Pluto from joining the fight."

"I'm not going on another quest, no way," said Dakota, lip trembling. Jason understood. Dakota's best friend, Ajax, had been killed on a Quest.

"Understood," said Jason. "But-"

"You would have run into us!" objected Annabeth.

"Dinner is ready," interrupted Dakota, hurrying towards the Dining Hall.

Jason followed, all thoughts about a Quest washed from his mind.

"We already went on that Quest, thank you," snorted Percy.

Thirteen Years Old

"All these monsters are attacking us," said Jason, sitting in a clearing with Praetor Terry and the Legion. "I wonder why."

"We'll find out," said Dakota. "Look! A man is climbing up to us!"

Sure enough, a man was there, but he had a powerful aura. "I am Mars Ultor," he said. "And I bet you've been wondering why the attacks have been so frequent."

"I'm guessing this is where he tells you about Kronos," said Percy. Jason nodded.

"Yes," said Praetor Terry.

"Saturn is rising," said Mars bluntly. "You will attack Mount Othrys when the time is right."

"How do we know?" asked Praetor Terry.

"You will attack Mount Othrys in three years, when Saturn rises completely," growled Mars, and disappeared.

"That was convenient," shrugged Dakota.

"Mars is always blunt," said Jason.

Fourteen Years Old

It was late winter when they brought in the half wild girl. They said her name was Reyna and she was a daughter of Bellona.

Reyna's eyes widened as she was mentioned.

Jason went forward to meet her and said hello, and she attacked him, hands around his throat before they pried her off. Jason caught the look in her eye-wild, unrestrained, powerful, and terrified.

"You tried to strangle him?" asked Hazel in disbelief.

"Yes," Reyna admitted sheepishly. "I had lived all my life with evil people, so I didn't think that anyone could be nice."

Later that day, he managed to get near her and she seemed suspicious of him. But she relaxed after a while and Jason showed her around Camp Jupiter.

"My name is Jason," he said.

"Reyna," she growled, voice cracked and husky with disuse, as if she hadn't spoken in ages.

"Had you?" asked Frank.

"No," answered Reyna.

Jason and Reyna became fast friends, and soon they did everything together.

Dakota joined the duo and it became a trio.

Reyna's eyes misted over. "I was only open to them," she murmured. "But then Jason became my only friend after we drifted away from Dakota, who went to Bobby."

Fifteen Years Old

For some reason, monsters kept invading Camp Jupiter. Jason had heard tales of the Labyrinth, and one day, when he pressed his ear against the ground, he heard a muffled sneeze, followed by, "Allergic to goats." A nervous bleat followed that, and there was a sharp cry of "Annabeth!" and an exasperated yell of "Percy!"

"That was Grover, Tyson, Annabeth and me," said Percy in amazement.

Jason and Reyna rounded up the Legion when the monsters attacked, and everyone was fighting. Dust kicked up everywhere and blood was in the air.

"Jason..." Reyna breathed. Jason turned around, and his heart caught in his throat. Centurion Bibi was bleeding to death on the crimson ground, and nobody was helping.

Hazel gasped.

Jason knelt down beside her, with Reyna, and Bibi smiled. "Nobody can help me," she rasped. "Good bye." And she breathed her last.

Jason and Reyna cried, and went back into battle, ready to avenge Bibi and so many others.

Jason's eyes were tearing up, and the others were shocked that Hera had chosen to show this memory.

Sixteen Years Old

"Praetor Reyna! Praetor Jason!" Jason and Reyna were now praetors, after Jason defeated Krios and Reyna's strategies killed Kronos' army.

"You can put me down now!" yelled Jason, laughing. The bushes to the tunnel rustled. Jason froze.

Hazel gasped, knowing what was happening next.

Reyna got off her perch and walked forward slowly, Jason following her.

The Legion put up arms again.

"What do you think it is?" breathed Reyna.

"A monster?" whispered Jason.

"Not a monster..." muttered Nico.

"It's..." Hazel trailed off.

The bushes rustled again, and Jason cursed himself for not putting up guards for the tunnels.

The bushes rustled one more time and a girl burst through, followed by Nico di Angelo, the ambassador of Pluto. The girl looked about thirteen. She turned and stared straight at Jason.

Her skin was dark brown, and her hair was an even darker brown, but very curly. Her eyes were golden, and they seemed to stare into his very soul.

"Who are you?" he managed.

"My sister," growled Nico with a slight edge to his voice.

"I am Hazel," the girl said, voice strong and loud. "Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto."

The demigods stared at Hazel.

"Okay!" said Hazel with fake cheerfulness. "Who's next?"


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