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Greetings. I'm trying to work on a Bleach/DxD crossover, specifically a harem fic. As I am unsure as to what mechanism to use to give Ichigo his harem. Some preliminary facts:

1: This is before the beginning of DxD (before the beginning of the school year when Issei is killed and then revived) and after the Fullbring Arc in Bleach.

2: Ichigo is not replacing Issei, he is not taking women from Issei, and he is not becoming an angel, devil, or fallen angel (his heritage is screwy as is). PERIOD.

3: Ichigo has one spot reserved in the harem for an early-stage, not crazy-mutated Viser, and another space for Kalawarner.

4: The Bleach and DxD universes occupy the same planet, although supernatural forces have their own home dimensions and satellite realities to Earth.

5: The list of potential women is going to change depending on what harem mechanism you choose, due to cuts in count.

6: Ichigo's harem mechanism is a part of his real Bankai.

Potential mechanisms:

1: Chessmaster (non-King)-has space for 16 members. Ichigo's role is the 'Player' of one side of chess. The representative chesspieces are colored black.

2: Chessmaster (as-King)-has space for 15 members. Ichigo's role is the 'King' of his side. Same coloration as above.

3: Cardmaster (modeled after the Angel expy of the Evil Pieces system, single suit)-has space for 13 members, Ichigo is effectively the card player, and there is no distinction for morality of characters.

4: Cardmaster (2 suits)-has space for 26 members, Ichigo has the same role as above, and 'good' energy characters (e.g. Shinigami) are of the Red Suit whereas 'evil' energy characters (e.g. Arrancar) are of the Black suit, 13 cards per suit. My least favorite due to sheer harem size.

5: Checkersmaster-12 member harem with Ichigo as checkers player. A member doubles in power upon reaching deep enough into enemy territory (similar to promotion of pawns), pieces are colored black.


Harem mechanism: the method by which a character acquires their harem in a way that does not involve violent coercion, hypnosis, or massive OOCness. Please note that these mechanisms can be wielded against potential harem candidates without their consent, at the harem's centerpoint own risk (e.g. Rias reviving Issei without his knowledge or consent).

The mechanism as it relates to Bankai:

Ichigo must be in Bankai to do the following:

-Admit new members to the harem

-Allow/activate combos or boosts for harem members such as Kinging in Checkersmaster, pawn promotion in Chessmaster, or blackjack combinations in Cardmaster.

Harem membership:

I currently am focusing on having all females in this harem, although I am open to suggestions for characters to add who are male, are typically not focused on in the fan community, and who will not be romantically involved with Ichigo. The suggestion of Kensei Mugurama is a good one, albeit the scale of the Brave Saints System equivalent for Ichigo (Aces low, Kings high, power ascends from lowest to highest) needs to have more members so I know where to place him.

Any suggestions for angel harem members?

Guaranteed Harem members:



Members who are highly likely in being in the Harem are:





-Retsu Unohana

Plot notices: (these are for Dantrlan or anyone else, and will not give too much away)

1: Ichigo will not be assisting DxD characters in power boosting or training, he will be inclined to avoid them anyway.

2: I am aware of the power disparity, but DxD will not be curbstomped and engagements between characters of differing fandoms will be rare unless between main characters.

3: Ichigo will be involved in the DxD storyline and its events, but he will have little to no influence on the Riser-Rias rating game.

4: Ichigo's power level is around High-Captain level, and his power has been increasing at a slower but still high rate than he was before using Mugetesu.

Bl4ze777: Issei will be male.

Let me know what you think in reviews, or PM if you've got any questions.

Especial thanks to current reviewers as of 4/18/15: youbadoobadooba, Cloud Narukami, Dantrlan, Aesir19, Bl4ze777, and CourtingTheMoon.

Voting status:

1-Chessmaster 1: 1

2-Chessmaster 2: 1

3-Cardmaster 1: 1.5

4-Cardmaster 2: 0.5

5-Checkersmaster: 0

Based on reviews, 0.5 given to an option if a reviewer was indecisive. I'll add a poll later to finalize the results.

-Lapsed judgement