Okay, this is going to be the last thing besides providing a note that the first chapter is up. Thanks to all of the comments and suggestions for filling the final slots, and I've added a few other options too. There are now just two questions, and there are polls up, check 'em out later. These polls are mostly opinion polls, unlike the previous one. There are 14 girls in the harem, 10 confirmed. Four slots remain for harem members, and there is an additional spot left for a non-romantically involved male character.

Confirmed shinigami additions:

Retsu Unohana

Rangiku Matsumoto

Markings on poll options:

* indicates a conditional option.

L indicates that the character will be arriving late in the story

B indicates a character that is difficult to write, typically DxD characters that have not been shown in the anime/have little to go on in their characterization from their wiki bios. I may want a beta, and will read more of the light novels.

Poll question #1: which non-shinigami Bleach characters should be added to the harem (select 2)?

1. Ikumi Unagiya (Human)

2. Lisa Yadomaru (Visored)

3. Riruka Dokugamine (Fullbringer)

4. Bambietta Basterbine (Quincy)

5. Candice Catnipp (Quincy)

6. Franceska Mila-Rose (Arrancar)

7. Haineko (spirit of Rangiku's zanpakuto)

Poll question #2: which DxD characters should be added to the harem (select 2)?

1. Ophis (Dragon)-LB

2. Tiamat (Dragon)-LB

3. Gabriel (Angel)-L

4. Kuroka (Devil)-L

5. Mittelt (Fallen Angel)

6. Raynare (Fallen Angel)*

7. Sona Sitri (Devil)

8. Bennia (Devil)**

Special conditions:

*Raynare-I harbor hatred towards Raynare considering her actions and personality. If she is selected, I will be altering her goals and outlook because I don't think Ichigo would have spared her, the manipulative little hedonist.

**Bennia-as a member of Sona's peerage, her inclusion is dependent on Sona receiving enough votes.

If you don't know a character, look them up to find out who they are!

Attention guests! You now have the right to vote! To vote, follow the format below. These votes will be kept in moderation limbo until the conclusion of all four polls. Please note your votes are viewed as inferior to actual profile votes.

Click review

'Name' in name box

In message box:

Line 1: Guestvote

Line 2: Poll 1 choice-first choice followed by second choice

Line 3: Poll 2 choice-first choice followed by second choice

(Lines 2 and 3 must have 2 choices or they will not be counted)

Example: (this does not reflect my personal preferences)

Lapsed judgement


Haineko, Ikumi Unagiya

Ophis, Kuroka

I will remove spammed votes, and spell stuff as accurately as possible please!

Some valid points made by reviewers:

1. 'dragon rider' (guest)-No you're not stupid, and I've also wondered about this. It's unlikely considering how I've set up the fic and how I intend to have Ichigo interact with the Gremory peerage.

2. 'ace os spades' (may also have posted under 'ace of spades') (guest)-You now can vote, just follow the format.

3. Issei haters- Issei is not the main focus of the story, but he's there. Sorry. Although he's very easy to write...

What is the progress on the story's first chapter? About 36%.