Chapter 1: Welcome home

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Summary: Hadrian James Silverstar*, Adopted brother of Cynthia, decides to come back home to Sinnoh from a long year of traveling different regions to visit his favorite sibling. When he arrives he's surprised to see the familiar blond double battling against two trainers, and the previous Hoenn champion as the referee. Well that's a good show to come home to.

Warning: Hints of Steven/Harry(though you can view it as close friendship). Mild cursing, OCCness




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Hadrian Silverstar hummed a soft lullaby as he walked calmly down route 210 towards Celestic town. The place he has called home for seven years since he arrived to the world of Pokemon through his wish to mother magic. He was thankful for what the Deity gave him everyday since.

He had met his new family that had taken him in and loved him since. Saw new creatures called Pokemon that brought out his curiousness and his old sense of adventure. He had his freedom.
Smiling softly and looking down to his arms where he held a baby Togepi, Hadrian chuckled quietly. His thoughts slowly going deeper into his old memories as he passed through familiar tell grass, his smile dimming lightly.


Back when the war was finally over things slowly began to reveal the truth behind everything he thought was his life. Manipulations from old coots who stole from him even in death made him regret the trust he had given. A brother in all but blood betraying him and had lied from the start had made him rage with sorrow to the lonely sky. A false friendship by the sister he had always wanted had finally broken his already tired and worn heart. A bonding contract signed by the family he thought he knew, knowing that he didn't love the girl and that he had only considered her as a sister when they separated.

Even when the war was done and over with, he wasn't free. He was once again being forced under and into a cage, that knew once trapped, he wont be able to escape.

So during the night he went to consult to a familiar blond seer. Her words to him, showed him the way to his freedom.

"The mother has cried for you when you were taken as a baby. Stolen by Fate and taken by death, she had lost you from her protection. But do not fret. She has you safely in her gentle hold once more. No more pain. No more prophecies. No more death." A dreamy smile and a kiss to his cheek. "Mother Magic loves you Harry. Do not doubt that. Because of her love for you and because you have suffered for so long she will grant you your wish. Your wish for freedom."

To say that the young war hero was shocked would have been an understatement. The underlining of hope on being free as last sparked deep inside his heart and soul. Even though he knew, he KNEW he shouldn't get his hopes up so quickly after what had happened weeks before when the truth had come out to him and the war ending two months prior. Especially since the next day was the 31st of October. But that small spark couldn't die no matter how much he tried to convince his mind and heart. His hope away from this cruel world.

So nodding hesitantly at Luna's words he would take her word just this once and hope that what she said would be true. That mother magic would give him his wish.

The next day arrived Harry was wandering the renewed halls of Hogwarts, managing to escape from the nagging of lying friends, the adoration of unwanted fans, and just everything and everyone that wanted the boy-who-lived, the great defeater of the Dark lord. Not Harry. Never Harry.

Alone and lost in thoughts the young wizard let a loose a depressed sigh. The 31st of October just seem to suffocate him with painful memories. Turning a corner Harry stiffened when he heard the familiar annoying voices of a lying bookworm and a fake brother.

"Come on Ronald! I know I saw Potter coming around here. He couldn't have gotten far" Hermione Granger screeched from down the hall making Harry swiftly scan around him to find a hiding spot or at least an escape route.

"Geez Hermione! Cant we find him later? Like after dinner at least?" the voice of Ronald Weasley whined as it approached a frantic Harry's location. "Its not like he can escape the castle since the spell we place on him will alert us if he does!"

Growling under his breath in annoyance to Ron's words. 'Not bloody likely' Harry thought as he remembered the spell that Luna had removed and when she dreamily pointed out that was placed on him with her small smile. Still even with his annoyance and anger it was quickly turning into full blown panic on being found. Harry scanned around him only finding a dead end making him scramble around in small circles. Looking to and fro his head snapped to the right when a door suddenly appeared on the wall. Inwardly cheering at his fucking luck and thanking Hogwarts harry quickly entered the room and quietly shut the door behind him, watching it melt back into a solid wall.

Heart beating and body tense Harry waited until the two voices passed by and there was only silence. Letting out a long sigh of relief the defeater of the dark lord turned around to examine the room the castle had opened for him.

He was surprised to see that there was a large oak wooden door with a marble edge holding it in place in the middle of the room. Strange symbols were carved on the marble edges from corner to corner and unfamiliar runes circled the door from the floor. Curious Harry took a step forward and examined the runes. It seemed to be engraved into the stone floor and to be emitting a soft glow.

Knowing that it would be a stupid idea to even step on the glowing runes and to see whats behind the door, Harry just COULDN'T ignore his screaming curiousness. Wanting to see what would happen. Wondering what WOULD happen. What would he find behind the door that seemed to be whispering promises of adventure, even though he knew he could physically see that there wasn't anything on the opposite side of the door.

But deep down he knew what that door was made from. Magic. Mother Magic was whispering to him to step forward she had created. He knew it was meant for him.

Like being in a trance but being conscious of everything that he was doing, Harry took his first step forward. His foot stepping on a rune symbol, making the entire engravings to glow a bit brighter than before. Childish giggles brushed against Harry's ears and a melodious voice echoed in his mind, urging him closer to the door.

Slowly but steadily the emerald eyed teen approached the door that called to him; not noticing that the glowing light underneath him grew brighter and brighter. The whispers growing louder and louder in his ears until his hand had taken hold of the door knob rendering them silent. A beautiful loving voice of a woman spoke clearly into Harry's mind making the wizard instinctively feel safe and loved.

"My beautiful sweet child... How Fate has been cruel to you... and how Death has surrounded you... I will grant you your long deserved happiness. You will no longer suffer such harsh pains, and burdens. No more. From what should have been rightfully yours from the beginning. I grant you this door to freedom. The door to another world that will give you everything that your heart had ever wanted."

A smile rose on Harry's lips and tears of happiness and gratefulness seem to mist over emerald orbs. His heart beating with hope that rose every second his mother's voice echoed in his mind. Lips parted but words seemed to be caught in his throat only letting out a soft choke. An amused laugh echoed and the wizard felt warn invisible arms that breezed around his neck and a gentle light kiss placed to his scar.

"I love you my beautiful fierce son." The voice didn't echo this time but was right against Harry's ear "I wish for the greatest happiness and love in your future within this new world"

With that, Harry's hand turned the knob; opening the door to a bright light that blinded him and bringing him to lose consciousness.

End Flashback

Hadrian's smile grew back to a gentle one as he remembered that, that same day he woke up to see four grey eyes looking down to him in worry. Finding him lying unconscious in the forest. Harry was quickly taken in to be checked up by an elderly woman and blonde haired girl that looked to be slightly older than him. He then introduced himself, receiving their names in return, and told the two kind women what had occurred to him, his instincts telling him that he could trust the two to not accuse him as crazy weirdo.

After he told his story on how he came to this world and what had happened to him in his old world he was instantly smothered by the young Pokemon trainer into a tight hug. Shocked and confused he saw over the shoulder in front of him to see the elder woman, Carolina, smiling softly at the both of them. Then promptly telling him that he was with family now and he will no longer be alone.

Brows scrunching in confusion he told them that it wasn't wise to just let someone into their family. That he could be lying to them. Harry didn't know why he was protesting so much even though his heart cried out in hope that he would finally have a family that was eager to welcome him in.

He was then quickly shut silent when Carolina spoke with firmness in her eyes "You've suffered enough and this old woman is wise enough to see that you were telling the truth the whole time." she scoffed with a smile "Besides. I've been a professor long enough to see that you are horrible at lying"

Flushing at how blunt and how true the elder woman's words were, he sputtered in embarrassment. Cynthia released Harry and smiled down at him with amusement, making the wizard inwardly pout at the unfairness of how tall she was, squeezing his shoulder. "Welcome home Hadrian James Silverstar"

Her sudden words to him brought tears to his eyes shock clearly shining within them. A smile that held no lies and a nod of firm confirmation made the young wizard tremble with some unknown emotion. A watery laugh escaped his lips before he could control it. Reaching out to wrap his shaky arms around a slim waist. He squeezed his newly found sister in a tight hug. Thanking her and his new grandmother repeatedly. Not seeing happy smiles of his new family.

Harry was now grinning in fond amusement on remembering his grandmother teaching him intensely about the world of Pokemon. The different types and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The different berries grown in the world, what its uses were and how it could effect. What you could make from them. Pokeballs, healing items, held items, TMs and HMs. Just non stop information that had the young wizard groaning in pain. Physically from searching for berries and from fitness training ("You need meat on those bones kid. You might have been in a war but you're a stick figure just waiting to fall over."). And Mentally from all the history and information crammed into his head within the first year being with the Silverstar family.

When he was ready and prepared Cynthia had taken him into Mt. Coronet to capture his first pokemon. Borrowing the 18 year old's Roselia and super rod, Hadrian took a seat on the floor and cast out the pokeball. Two hours full of magikarps and goldeens the wizard reeled in one last pull only to have two female feebas' flopping on the floor ready to attack. With luck that Cynthia was beside him both of them battled and weakened the water pokemon before quickly catching them in their own poke balls.

Though not many would want feebas', Hadrian knew that its evolved form would be worth the hard training he would go through with his pokemon. Months of training with Cynthia, their grandmother had gifted the both of them a prism scale. Having already determined their decision beforehand, both siblings had their Feebas' hold onto the scale before trading it with each other. Watching as both Pokemon evolved into the amazing final form; Milotic.

A week of training a bit more both Cynthia and Hadrian was ready to set in their own adventures. Cynthia to become Sinnoh's Pokemon Champion and Hadrian to explore the new world in other regions. To see and capture pokemon, battling new trainers and just being free, the way he wanted.

Coming home every year and staying for a few weeks was always a Silverstar tradition and now even after seven years of tradition Harry was coming home once again. With his new baby Togepi he received from an old daycare couple, sleeping in his arms Hadrian smiled when he saw Celestic Town just right ahead of him.

Walking more quickly to his hometown he greeted those that recognized him politely when he walked down the path. Welcoming back from his journey. Before going home he turned directions towards the shrine in the middle of the town like he usually did when returning from a long journey. As he came closer to the shrine he was a bit surprised to see more people than usual surrounding the area and was apparently cheering?

'Whats going on?' The 23 year old thought as he gently rubbed the top of Togepi's head, soothing the just awoken baby pokemon. Approaching the giant crowd and walking deeper towards the center excitement that seemed to capture the towns folks attention.

"Infernape Flamethrower!" the voice of a boy commanded as Hadrian came closer to the center, seeing a large blast of fire shoot from the left to the right.

"Gastrodon dodge and use Sludge bomb!"

"Empoleon use Hydro pump then ice beam towards Roserade!" a young girl voice shouted in quick command.

"Roserade use shadow ball to counter!" A quick response called out right after the shout of the male voice.

Quirking a brow in high curiousness Hadrian reached the center of all the excitement only to instinctively block Togepi's view protecting her from the large explosion of the combined moves that had collided all at once. Coughing slightly at the smoke emerald eyes slowly opened and a smile of fond amusement slipped onto the wizard lips as he saw his sister, Cynthia sporting an excited grin as her Roserade and Gastrodon stood in front of her unfazed but having the same excited glint in their eyes. Turning his gaze to the opposite side of the battle arena his brows rose to see a young teenage girl and boy standing side by side with matching red scarves wrapped around their necks. The young girl wore a white beanie with a pink pokeball symbol in the front. A pink skirt with matching pink boots a black vest and white undershirt to complete her outfit. The boy that looked to be her partner had a red cap with a white/blue poke ball symbol on the side of it. Casual trainer jeans and a stripe shirt seemed to fit him well. Their pokemon Infernape, and Empoleon seem to have gotten a little hurt but in all the same looked to be fine.

Murmurs and chatter seem to fill the area as the crowd excitedly watch their pokemon champion battle out with two strong trainers, but what caught Hadrian's attention was the murmurs of the Hoenn Champion reffing the battle. Surprised and curious, Emerald eyes scanned the area to stop on the tall silver head of Hoenn's very own pokemon champion; observing the battle sharply on the sidelines. As if feeling an intense stare; steel blue eyes turned and locked onto emerald orbs. Seeing those light blue eyes widen then following with a smirk growing on those smooth lips made emerald eyes narrow in annoyance. Huffing in slight irritation at the playful smirk directed to him, Hadrian turned his attention back to the battle.

Knowing that his sister had still yet to notice him due to being lost in battle he could tell that she had gotten stronger since the last time he saw her in Kalos. The small battle that had happened between them seemed like ages ago.

"Roserade energy ball on Empoleon! Gastrodon muddy water!" Cynthia shouted, her pokemon following command as Roserade jumped up high letting out a large green blast of energy while right under Gastrodon summoned a giant wave of muddy at the opposing pokemon.

"Empoleon Ice beam!"

"Infernape Overheat!"

Again the moves collided but this time the ice beam had struck its target causing Roserade cry out in pain and fall back. The overheat from the fire pokemon was drowned out by the Muddy water and crashing into Infernape with a harsh blast. With Roserade falling harshly to the floor at the same time as Infernape did it looked as if those powerful attacks had knocked out both pokemon straight out.

"Infernape and Roserade are unable to battle" Steven announced clearly through all the excited cheering.

Whistling impressed, Harry grinned widely at the action of the battle. Seeing the boy recall his fire pokemon and calling out a Medicham while the Sinnoh champion called out her Lucario. 'Gastrodon looks like he's faring well.' The wizard thought as he examined his sister's water/ground Pokemon. Turning his gaze to the young girl's Empoleon he could say the same as Cynthia's. 'I'm impressed' He though with a smile. Hadrian could tell that it's been a while since Cynthia had a decent Pokemon battle.

"Toki toki prrriiiiii!" the baby pokemon chirped happily, distracting Hadrian for a moment to look down at his little one. Chuckling in amusement on seeing the little pokemon wave her small arms in happiness he tickled the baby in his arms lovingly, earning even more happy trills.

"So, finally back eh brat?"

Jolting in surprise at the voice behind him, the green eyed trainer turned and smiled at the sight of his grandmother looking over him to see any differences from the last time she saw him. "You know I would be Grandma. I have missed your beautiful young face after all" He said playfully as he approached the elder woman to kiss her cheek and hug her lightly, careful of Togepi between them.

A scoff and a half-hearted slap to his arm "Brat." a warm smile then an indication with her head on what was happening behind her grandson "Have you been watching the battle long?"

A negative shake of his head "No. I arrived five minutes ago." Turning back to to the battle after there was another explosion occurred "Who's the two that's against Thia? New trainers?"

The woman shook her head "No. They're pokemon champions" she said calmly making the young man's emerald eyes widen with surprise, head snapping to her sharply. "Are you serious?"

The elderly woman chuckled amused and nodded silently. Shock and surprise made the wizard turn to the battle once more seeing that his sister had called out her Milotic to replace her Gastrodon. The Empoleon replaced with a Toxicroak. All four pokemon looked to be about to drop within seconds. Looks like it was time to determined the winner of the battle.

Tensing with anticipation and excitement the three trainers shouted out their commands

"Milotic Ice beam! Lucario Aura sphere!"

"Toxicroak Belch!"

"Medicham Hyper Beam!"

Again Hadrian covered Togepi before the giant explosion impacted. A harsh wave of wind blew against the crowd causing everyone to cover their eyes crying out from the blast. When the wind slowly died the audience opened their eyes and stared in excited curiosity to see just who won the battle as the dust cloud dissipated. Gasps of Shock, silence, and then overwhelming loud cheers surrounded the area as Toxicroak staggered weakly on two legs alone while the three pokemon were knocked out in the field.

Steven saw the results of the last attack and waved his red flag "Milotic, Medicham, and Lucario are all unable to battle the winner is Dawn of Twinleaf town!"

A roar of cheer grew louder as all three trainers recalled their pokemon and approached each other. Knowing Cynthia the way she was she was probably thanking and congratulation both trainers for the amazing battle. Finding that it was the right time to approach Harry smiled and walked forward with his grandmother.

"Congratulations. Its been a long while since I've seen Thia be beaten fair and square in a pokemon battle." He spoke gaining the four champions attention. Grey eyes locked onto him and lips parted with a gasp. "Harry!" Surprising the two younger trainers as they saw the powerful Sinnoh champion let out an uncharacteristic squeal of happiness and promptly tackled the male named 'Harry' to the ground hugging him by the neck.

Luckily for Harry; knowing before hand what his sister would do, he had quickly but gently handed Togepi to his grandmother before he was tackled to the ground and glomped by his big sister.

Laughing happily and hugging his sister back just as tightly he nuzzled her neck affectionately before sitting up and pulling back to smile at his adopted sibling. "You did good sis. You looked like you had fun."

Receiving a bright happy smile in return Cynthia nodded "It was a worthy battle that pushed our pokemon to their limits and we all grew from it"

Seeing the satisfied gleam in his sister's eyes made Hadrian feel grateful towards the two trainers for giving his older sibling what he knew she was looking for. Patting Cynthia's arm lightly to signal her to get off of him from their position on the ground, wanting to stand up. Feeling the Sinnoh champion tense for a second finally realizing what she had done in front of many observers; her cheeks had dusted in light pink from embarrassment making both her wizard brother and grandmother bark out laughter from amusement.

"Come on Thia introduce me to the cute trainers" Harry huffed with a smirk. Earning a slap to the arm and weight lifted from his person.

Finally standing up Hadrian smiled and patted the dirt from his jeans before he smiled at the two curious trainers still looking at them. Easily ignoring the Hoenn champion behind them that still had a playful smirk on his lips.

"Well" Cynthia coughed lightly to gain the two's attention and smiled kindly "Dawn, Dylan**. This is my younger brother Hadrian James Silverstar." Turning to look at Harry that was now hugging a Togepi in his arms "Harry this is Dawn and Dylan Gemini*** newly turned champions of Sinnoh" Seeing the younger trainers smile and nod in greeting the raven head nodded back.

"Twins?" asked the curious wizard earning nods of confirmation.

"I'm the older one" Dylan said as he adjusted his cap with a teasing smirk towards his sister earning a pout and glare.

"Only by three minutes!" Dawn huffed crossing her arms over her chest.

"Still counts~"

"Says you stupid!"

"What was that idiot?!"

"Don't call me idiot, Idiot!"

"I'll call 'em like I see 'em! Idiot!"

Both were now glaring at each other. Foreheads pressed against each other as small sparks of lightning zapped between their gazes. Argument about to turn into a pokemon battle their fight came to a stop when they heard a covered laugh.


Turning to look at who was laughing them. They saw Hadrian covering his mouth with his knuckles. A clear amused expression shining in his eyes and shoulders shaking lightly from suppressed laughter as he watched them. The twins separated blushing in embarrassment at their old argument taking coarse in front of Cynthia's brother.

"Now that's what I call sibling love." Hadrian said as he grinned at the cute trainers when they're blush darkened. "Call me Harry." He continued, "Hadrian is too formal for my tastes and before you ask why I don't have blond hair and grey eyes like Thia and Grams here, I was adopted in their family a few years ago." he waved his air dismissively.

"Toki Priii~!" Togepi chirped and waved her arms happily, gaining the attention of the small group.

Chuckling Harry tickled his baby girl earning light squeals "And lets not forget this little one. This is Togepi."

"Aww!" Dawn cooed as she came closer to tickle the baby pokemon earning chirps and giggles from her. "How cute! Where did you get her?"

"An old daycare couple gave me an egg a month ago and Togepi hatched earlier this week, so she's pretty young still" Harry explained smiling when he saw Dawn happily play with his pokemon.

Turning his gaze to his sister and seeing her interest in his newly hatch pokemon he smiled and gently handed Togepi to her.

"Why don't we all go and get you're pokemon healed. Then we can head to my home and Harry here can cook us his special stew" Caroline spoke up earning the trainers attention and nods of agreements except for Harry who let out a loud protest of "why do I have to cook!" which then earned a smack on the back of his head from his grandmother and a reply of "because there are guests coming over and they deserve a special reward for becoming champions"

"I didn't ask this before" Hadrian spoke up from the kitchen in front of the bubbling pot of stew on the stove. Togepi playing in the living room with Dawn and Dylan as her babysitters. Caroline out in the back yard with the Hoenn champ talking about something other. Cynthia sitting by the kitchen counter watching her younger brother work his 'magic' as she listened and hummed for him to continue. "But why is Steven here? And why was he being the referee for your match? When did you two meet up? Are you two planning something again? It better not be Thia or I swear to Arceus-" He was promptly cut off by his sister laugh.

Huffing in annoyance he turned to his sister and glared, but it only earned even more laughter. Pouting and crossing his arms in disgruntlement at being laughed at. He picked up an oran berry from the bowl that was conveniently there and threw it at the blond to shut her up. "Don't laugh! I battled him two months ago and lost a bet and he still hasn't called it in nor did he mention his reward for winning said bet!"

A thin brow quirked towards his direction and a steady stare made Harry blush lightly and grumble at the knowing gaze "And why did you make a bet with him when you know clearly know his rewards make you complain after he claims them?"

Harry turned his head away and mumbled.

"What was that dear brother?" Cynthia asked calmly even though she was greatly entertained at her brother's actions

"I... didn't have enough money to pay for my lunch"







Harry flushed and grumbled loudly turning back to his cooking even though his ears burned pink with embarrassment.

"I was hungry and the only place near to eat was a high class restaurant which I couldn't even afford!"

A deadpanned look "So instead of lookinf for other trainers you challenged Steven to a battle-"

"I ran into him and I knew he had the most cash on him!" Harry interrupted

"You challenged him to a battle" Cynthia continued as if Harry didn't speak up "but already knowing Steven, he only accepted a battle from you if you took on a bet with him. Earning a reward from you when he won..."

Cynthia smirked amused when the raven haired trainer growled in annoyance "He said he would pay me double if I won"

Letting out a laugh, Cynthia found her brothers dilemma hilarious. Not many knew, but Cynthia, Steven, and Hadrian were close friends when they were teens. Cynthia introducing Steven to Hadrian when the young wizard was adopted into the Silverstar family a week prior. For some reason though; even though Steven was kind and polite by nature he had always teased and taunted Hadrian till the younger grew pissed and attacked in retaliation(though unsuccessfully hitting the Hoenn trainer thus amusing said trainer even more). Because of such nature many people suspect a strange close relationship between two males. Which Harry denies every singe time mentioned and Steven just smirking in silence. Cynthia knew the truth on what has been going on between them since they had been younger. But the revealing of said truth is another chapter to be told.****

So. Turning back to the main questions that were asked by her brother the blond answered "I met up with him in Veilstone city two days ago and asked him if he wanted to join me on my way back home since it was obvious he was free for a while." She picked up the oran berry that was now on the counter and took a bite of it. Chewing and swallowing the fruit she hummed "It was a coincidence that he was with me when Dawn and Dylan asked for a challenge. So no dear brother" plump lips turned up to the signature smirk that Harry was familiar with "We were and are not planning on anything devious."

"Who's planning something devious?" asked Caroline as she walked in the kitchen brow quirked with question on her two grandchildren.

"No one!" Harry quickly said with a stiff back while turning off the stove.

Steven, who came in with Caroline smirked "Hiding something Hadrian? Won't you tell us what that is?" he purred as he stared at the emerald colored eyed trainer with a teasing tone.

Harry, being predicable and reacting just how the Hoenn trainer wanted, growled in annoyance and glared at the champion. "I'm not hiding anything, and if I was I wouldn't tell you!"

A shake from the eldest woman in the room she hushed the two of them "Don't go and start fighting in here Hadrian, Steven." she chided earning a grumble and pout from her grandson and a polite smile and nod from the silver head.

Serving the stew in a large bowl Hadrian placed it in the middle of the dinning table. Cynthia set the table while calling out to the two youngest trainers for dinner. When Dawn and Dylan entered their mouths watered and stomachs growled in hunger for the delicious smell of stew.

"Wow, the food smell amazing Harry!" Dylan said as he carried Togepi in his arms and handing the little pokemon back to her trainer. For being such a small thing the baby pokemon was energetic and so cheerful. You couldn't help but smile at how adorable the Togepi was.

The raven haired trainer smiled and took back Togepi "Thank you." They all gathered and sat beside the table grabbing their own portions of food. When the twins took their first bite they froze in synchronization. Staring down at their food in shock before they melted and moaned at the taste of the stew, earning chuckles from the four adults.

"That good?" Harry asked with a smirk towards the twins. Not even looking down as he handed a small piece of pokemon food to Togepi whom was on the table happily oblivious to the amusement.

Earning two eager nods of agreement from the younger trainers Harry smiled happily with pride. Cynthia who was already eating copied Harry's smile. Proud that her brother is still the best at making the perfect stewstew in Sinnoh(well the best stew she knows since no one had beaten its taste yet, in her opinion) "I think you showed them a piece of Heaven Harry" The blond chuckled seeing glazed eyes of pleasure from the twins when they took their third bite, still earning the same reaction from their first.

"I think I killed them" Harry laughed as he started to eat. He always enjoyed cooking for others who appreciated it, unlike those bastards the Dursleys. He still remembered the day his grandmother snapped and raged like an angry Gyrarados ready to kill, when she had accidentally saw the old scars on his body. Even more so when harry reluctantly told her where he got them and not all of them were from the war.

Shaking his head lightly from old thoughts he smiled softly seeing Dawn and Dylan enjoy his cooking. "Are you two busy this month?" asked the wizard as he fed more food to Togepi.

Dawn shook her head in negative. "No. Not really. Me and Dylan were planning on going around the region again after coming back from the champion league."

"We already went home to see our mom for a week but we left soon after to continue our adventure." Dylan continued when his sister took a bite

"We're battling previous trainers we came across before and so far its been fun." The younger of the twins said earning amused smirks fro the adults at the synchronized conversation.

"But we want to relax a bit. We cant decide on where to stay for a while but at the same time battle strong trainers"

"We might head over to the next island where we heard about the survival and fight area."

Cynthia perked and spoke up "Oh? You're talking about old tale island?" When she earned surprised looks from the twins she smiled "Me and Harry take a ship there a when we come home every year for a few weeks." She explained earning an unseen nod of agreement from her brother before continuing "On the last week of having time with family Grandmother here shoo's us out of the house and telling us to go to Old tale island"

Caroline humphs and nods firmly, not denying it. "These two are like many strong trainers. Every year on the last week of coming home they have a battle with each other to see who's stronger. They get restless and jittery when not on the battle arena feeling the adrenaline of a pokemon battle coursing in their body. Or out on an adventure seeing new pokemon and trainers."

Steven smile and nods confirming it when two sets of eyes looked at him. "Its true. They go at it everyday for seven days till they come out with the one on top." He chuckled seeing the twins surprised looks.

Hadrian cuts in with a sigh and a irked noise came from his throat "Last year I lost 3-4 to Thia. Her Garchomp surprised me when it used Earthquake then Giga impact on my Lapras." He pouted and gently wiped Togepi's little mouth with a napkin earning a happy chirp. "I was so close too..." The group laughed, finding it funny that Harry was grumbling like a child.

"I'm sure you'll win this year Harry" Dawn encouraged with an excited grin, thinking of the two strong trainers going at it in a fierce pokemon battle.

Hadrian smiled thankfully at the young girl "Thanks Dawn... Oh you know what?" He paused earning curious looks from all eyes "Why don't you two stay here for a a few weeks?" he suggested after a short moment of thought, earning a surprised "Eh?" from the twins. "You two wanted to relax for a while right?" They nodded slowly "Why don't you stay here with us. Spend three weeks here hanging and then on the third week you can watch and/or join me and Cynthia here in our usual week battle?"

Three brows on the adults lifted in surprise at the idea that had come from the wizard. Twins eyes widen in short surprise then excitement and eagerness shone withing them. "Can we?!" the two young trainers asked at the same time making the emerald eye trainer chuckle. Turning to look at his grandmother he smiled "Well grams? How bout it?" he asked

Old grey eyes studied her grandson intently, only to see an excited gleam shine in his bright eyes. Sighing slightly before turning to look at the young trainers she smiled and nodded "Why not?" She huffed not at all put out with the suggestion "There's two free guest rooms and I wouldn't mind more guests in this house." Caroline smiled in amusement as she received two identical cheers of success.

"After the third week we can head over to Old Tale island together and see fresh strong trainers to challenge" Cynthia spoke up earning an even more exited look from the twins.

"You would really do that with us?" Dylan asked his voice still brimming with excitement on traveling with the strongest trainer in Sinnoh Earning three nods from the Silverstar family he grinned. Hadrian smiled softly looking at the two before saying "Its family tradition" in a warm voice, that for some reason had the twins feel like being welcomed home by an elder brother.

Seeing happy smiles being returned to the wizard. The Hoenn champion had to smile softly when Harry showed his kind and gentle nature to the twins. Looking to his left to catch Cynthia's knowing eyes he looked back to the Harry telling the two trainers his adventures in the Kanto region. When Hadrian was first introduced to he silver head trainer he was not as open or welcomed. Receiving a cold shoulder and just being outright ignored by Cynthia's brother had Steven work hard for his friendship and even more so for his trust. When he had learned the truth of Hadrian's past, something protective and fierce awoke inside of him. When he finally received a pure genuine smile from Harry he knew he would do anything in his power to protect it just as the two Silverstar women had vowed to do. Now Harry had grown and changed with both Steven and Cynthia he accepted and welcomed anyone who had so much potential. These two trainers had that potential.

The Silverstar women shared a secret smile between themselves when the saw how bright Hadrian's eyes shone with warmth. They had missed him and knowing the raven haired trainer they knew he had missed them as well. It was good to have his home. Old friends, new friends and finally a complete family once again. Yes... It was good to be home.





The End... NOT!

Cynthia let out a silent sigh of pleasure as she sat outside on the front porch. Sipping from her can of berry juice, watching the clear moonlit sky. Hearing the front door softly shut behind her she turned and smiled when she saw her adopted brother holding his own bottle of moo moo milk walking forward and sitting beside her. Hearing an identical sigh of pleasure when Hadrian took a sip of his drink, Cynthia couldn't help but let her smile grow wider at how similar they were. Growing up together for seven years had them picking up similar habits and ticks from each other. Making many who saw them act together question if they were blood siblings instead of adopted siblings. Those question made both siblings smile in happiness at how close they had become.

Leaning back on his arm Hadrian took another sip of his milk. Looking to his side to see his sister wearing a long oversize shirt and a pink sweat shorts he had gifted her for Christmas as her nightwear he smiled. "How's your adventure so far Thia?" he asked, breaking the silence between them.

A hum of response was given "Fun... Exciting..." A wide smile stretched her lips making Harry quirk his brow in question. "Those trainers, Dawn and Dylan... They're amazing trainers that I know will grow stronger and do amazing things in the future."

"Oh?" a question was asked with that single word earned a positive nod from the female. "Well then. I'm looking forward on battling them then" He said with an excited grin earning the same reflecting grin from his sister..

Silence descended down on the brother and sister as they enjoyed the cool breeze brushed by. Both appreciating the comfortable air between them, before the eldest spoke up and asked the same question she received from her younger brother "What about you're Adventure Harry?"

The wizard paused when he was about to take a sip of his milk and smirked playfully at his sister "Exciting and Fun" he said laughing when he earned a light slap to his arm at his smart ass answer. "Nah. Kidding." he placated his sister before answering truthfully "Its been Fun. Finding ancient secrets. New pokemon. Battling stronger and tougher trainers." smiling Harry sipped his drink "Its like the first time I went out my journey Thia. I can never get tired of it. The thrill, the adrenaline, the intensity of the battle. Not knowing what will happen in the next few minutes or even the next day"

The wizard smiled with life shining in his eyes as he spoke "It was fun to explore the regions. Even after seven years I feel like there is so much more I have to discover. I can't wait till I find it all" he declared with passion that wasn't there years ago.

Cynthia, who's smile grew soft but still glowed with happiness, leaned over and rested her head on her brother's shoulder letting out a content sigh. Harry feeling his sister rest against him, laid his head against hers and releasing the same sigh as they snuggled close. Both looking up to the clear bright starry sky Cynthia spoke once more after a long moment of silence earning a loving smile from her brother.

"Welcome home Hadrian."


*Silverstar- I didn't know what Cynthia's last name was(Like anyone knows it) so I came up with Silverstar

**Dylan- It was what i named Diamond when I played Pokemon Diamond

***Gemini- Fitting Ne? Diamond, Pearl? Didn't want to put Platinum as their last name cuz that would be predictable and lame.

****Hmm~ a Suspicious relationship between Harry and Steven. Is it just friendship or is it something more? you'll have to find out!

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