Shot #2 A Perfect Day to Play

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Summary: What do you do when the sun is shining, the sky is clear and the wind is blowing in as a cool breeze to take away most of the heat? You go outside and play of course! Pokemon, Family, Friends? Just the perfect combination on the perfect day!

Warnings: OCCness, Shounen Ai, Un-beta

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Early in the morning the sun shined bright in the clear blue sky. Starly's and Staravia's flying the sky of rest in the shade of large trees, chirping out their delight the amazing weather and greeting each other in the early morning. Children running by, energetic and full of energy as they ran together with their Pokemon. Parents inside still enjoying their breakfast and elders outside watching the young ones as they enjoyed the early sun. All in all, many were starting their day, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that seem to have surround all of Celestic town. Even though many were awake there was one who was missing out the beautiful morning as he was buried under the cover of multiple blankets sleeping peacefully. Gladly lost in dreamland.

... Well that was until those blankets were rudely ripped off the male, making him yelp and fall flat onto the floor face down, then releasing out a groan of pain.

"Gooooood Morning dear big brother!" Dawn greeted cheerfully as she grinned down her rumpled and disgruntled twin brother. Grinning widely Dawn found great joy in waking her brother when Caroline had told her to wake him up fro breakfast.

A twitch and then another groan Dylan Gemini slowly turned onto his back to glare in annoyance at his sister. "I hate you" he said darkly while giving his sister his death glare. But being so use to said death glare Dawn smiled even more brightly down at her brother.

"And I love you too" She chirped. Nudging Dylan's body with her foot and dodging a swat. She plucked and folded the now abandoned blankets that were on the floor "Come on Dylan. Stop being a Slakoth and get up. Its time for breakfast"

Grumbling darkly due to waking up so early, he sat up and yawned loudly before reaching over to the side desk to grab his red cap and putting it on. "What time is it?" he asked as he got up and went over to freshen up receiving the answer of "8:37" from his sister.

Walking passed to the bathroom to freshened up he questioned through the crack of the door "Plans today?"

A quiet hum in thought from Dawn "Harry said that there's a lake out back and the weather looks really good right now"

"So a day out in the sun?"

"Sounds like fun" The female trainer smiled when her brother came out of the bathroom mirroring the same smile of excitement.

As she placed the last serving of food on the dining room table, Caroline Silverstar let out a small smile of happiness on thinking about all the children that were temporarily in her home. Well teenagers and young adults respectively but children all the same to her. Thanking Arceus inwardly in another year of bringing her family back home to her. As well as welcoming the three extra residents to her home keep her old heart warm and happy for some company. She took great joy in caring for others even though her strict and firm personality may say otherwise in another's eyes.

The first time she held her son in her arms she felt the spark of motherhood start inside of her. Bringing protectiveness and guidance out to teach her son and watch him grow into the man she was proud to call him her own. But when he had passed in a harsh storm she had lost her spark. Her fire. Her will to move on. Though not even a few week after, in her arms she was handed her beautiful precious granddaughter. And when those bright grey eyes looked up at her in childish curiosity the flame in her soul had sparked and burned even more fiercer than ever before. Feeling the empty part of her heart fill with love at the sight. Even though the void of sadness was still lingering she was happy that the precious bundle filled most of it. In that very moment Caroline had vowed with all her heart and soul that she would raise this child into the woman she knew she would be proud of. Cynthia had never proved her grandmother wrong even as she finally reached adulthood.

When seeing Hadrian for the first time laying unconscious on the forest floor she felt an familiar emotion stir inside her heart and soul. She and Cynthia had taken him in to their home and awaited for him to wake and when he did she was shocked to see such tired and weary eyes looking at them. After introducing themselves they were even more surprised when they had received the young male's story. His cruel childhood, his unsafe school years, his inescapable battle in the war, his hurtful betrayal from those he trusted, and finally his soul's wish on being granted by mother magic.
Though many and most people would just chuck this strange crazy teen out of their home, not believing anything that had come through those lips. Caroline Sliverstar was not many and most. Instead of finding the teen a complete psycho for calling himself a wizard she had found a tired, broken down teen just wanting what he had wanted for a long time. A family.

Cynthia had probably read her thoughts because right at that moment she had hugged a stunned and confused boy tightly in her arms. Seeing those lightly lit emerald colored eyes looking at her she couldn't help but smile warmly at them saying that he was no longer alone now, now that he's with his family. Chuckling inwardly at his poor excuses of the possibilities of lying to them. She had shut him up with the truth of easily spotting them, making his adorably sputter in embarrassment. Even when Cynthia had spoken five little words to the wizard that had frozen him, Caroline knew that her heart was finally complete. That her family was finally complete as the newly named Hadrian James Silverstar hugged his new found sister tightly thanking them over and over.

Now, after seven years her heart still warms up at the sight of seeing her grandchildren all grown up. Having two young trainers in her home brings back nostalgia on how Harry and Cynthia use to be when coming home. Hearing the sound of feet padding down the stairs she turned her gaze to the entrance of the dining room to smile in welcome towards the twins. "Good morning Dylan."

With a smile Dylan greeted Caroline with a "Good morning" before taking his seat beside his sister by the table already gathering food to his own plate. Dawn complimented the food and served herself some eggs and fruit before looking to the elder Silverstar that was sitting at the end of the table.

"Excuse me Caroline?" She received a hum in question before continuing "But where is Cynthia and Harry?"

Dylan was a bit surprised when he realized that the two weren't at the table, he remembered that he had passed their rooms seeing that they were empty thinking that they would be eating breakfast already but looking now he realized that they weren't present.

"Oh." Caroline started gaining the twins attention "The two of them went to the market with Steven to buy some supplies for the picnic today."


"The elder woman smiled at the excited looks in the teens had in their eyes before sipping her tea and nodding "Yes. The weather report on the news said that today will be sunny all day, so Cynthia planned a picnic by the lake all day."

The twins paused and looked at each other for a silent moment of communication before nodding at each other in agreement and looking back at the grandmother. "So today will be clear skies and sunny weather?" Dylan asked for final confirmation and when gaining a nod from the woman he grinned widely and quickly stuffed his mouth full with the rest of his food before shouting "thank you for the food" and quickly dashing upstairs ignoring the reprimanding of his name by his sister. A sigh of exasperation at her brothers actions she looked up when she heard an amused chuckle coming from the woman in front of her.

Seeing the questioned look from the girl Caroline shook her head fondly and smiled, her eyes filled with mirth "Hadrian does the same thing your brother just did when finding out that days like these are perfect for releasing all his pokemon out to enjoy it with him."

Dawn sighed and smiled shaking her head and mumbling out "Boys..." earning a laugh from the elder lady


Cynthia looked up slightly surprised and concerned when Harry sneezed beside her. "You alright there Harry?"

Hadrian Silverstar looked to her sister and smiled nodding "Yeah. The sneeze came out of no where" He rubbed his nose and looked down when he heard a soft "Toki?" from his baby Togepi. "Don't worry. I doubt its anything" He smiled reassuringly at his sister and to his pokemon. Turning his gaze to see the filled up cart full of food and supplies that would last for the day's picnic he hummed in thought. Scanning the things they had missed he found that they had everything.

"You two done over here?" A male voice called out from down the isle gaining the two siblings attention.

"Yeah. I think we have everything" Harry said double checking the cart before nodding and looking back up to see that Steven had his own small basket full of stuff. Quirking a brow in question he received a sly smirk from the Silver haired trainer. "Its for tonight after the bonfire." was the answer. Making the wizard trainer frown and lightly glare suspiciously at the Hoenn champion.

Rolling her eyes at the usual antics of the two he poked Harry on the cheek to gain his attention again. "Come on. We'll pay for all of this and head back okay?" Not bothering on hearing a response, Cynthia pushed the cart to the cashier and waited for the items to be scanned and payed. Hearing her brother come up from behind her she looked back and huffed out an amused laugh on seeing the pout he had.

"Not my fault you always fall for Steven's teasing, dear brother" She said at the silent glare-that-looked-more-like-a-pout that was aimed at her. Feeling a poke on her cheek she rolled her eyes again at the quiet irritation that was coming from her brother. Feeling like teasing her brother more than he already was, she smirked "You know that the store isn't the appropriate place flirting in Harry" Hiding a grin when she saw that Harry flushed pink in the corner of her eyes she continued "So its my duty as the responsible adult here to stop things before it escalates into something more"

Ears burning hot and cheeks red Harry glared harshly at her cruel teasing sister "Nothing was going to escalate!"

"So you admit you were flirting though?" Cynthia continued, trying her best to hold in her laughter at how her brother sputtered in outrage.

"N-No we weren't!" He denied and when he finally saw that his sister was silently laughing at him he growled and lightly slapped her shoulder with a shout of "Cynthia!"

No longer being able to hold back the Sinnoh champion let out the laugh that she was holding in. Seeing her brother grumble even while placing the groceries back in the cart she chuckled with amusement. "You know I'm teasing Harry."

Knowing that she was. Harry couldn't help but lightly glare at his sister, even though Cynthia found it to be more of a pout than a glare. Walking out of the store side by side the siblings found that Steven was already in the drivers seat of Cynthia's jeep waiting for them. Helping her brother load the groceries into the trunk the two hopped into the car and drove back home.

Hearing a car pull up Dawn turned her head from washing dishes to see the three adults coming out of a jeep and started to unload the things they bought from the store.

"They're back!" She called out to let Caroline know that they were back. Hearing the door open and a call of "We're back" Dawn saw Harry, then Steven and then followed by Cynthia walk in with bags of supplies and food they bought in their arms.

"Good Morning you guys and welcome back" Dawn greeted as she finished putting away the last clean dish on the rack.

"Morning Dawn" Harry greeted back as he placed the groceries on the kitchen counter. "Where's Grams and Dylan?" he asked as he started to take out the things they needed for the picnic.

"Outside in the back." wiping her hands dry she smiled at the sight of marshmallows, chocolate, and gram-crackers "Dylan was eager to see how big the lake was. So he went to see right after breakfast."

Cynthia laughed softly "And Grandmother?" She asked when she went to make food for the picnic.

"We heard a loud shout of surprise and when we went out to see what had happened Dylan was in the water soaked with his Buizel in his lap." Dawn giggled in amusement when thinking of the mischievous water Pokemon that always loved to pop out of its poke ball at random times. "Caroline stayed outside with Dylan to set up the blankets and umbrellas for the picnic."

"Sweet." Harry grinned filling up a large pitcher of water, ice, lemons, and sugar. "Why don't you change and head outside Dawn. We'll be out in a bit after we're done preparing the food." Cynthia said with a smile while making more sandwiches.

"Okay. Thanks" Dawn smiled and went upstairs to change.

Laughter and shouts of joy surrounded the lake as children ran across the grass with their pokemon. Some enjoying the water by swimming in the shallow part of the lake. Parents and adults enjoying the morning shade as they watched their children enjoy the cool water of the lake or running around playing games. Dylan who was now dry but only had his swim trunks on sitting by the edge of the lake with only his legs in the water. Lips stretched wide and eyes lit with laughter while watching his water pokemon splash and play with a few children around him. Letting out a shout of surprised he looked to see the playful eyes of both little kids and his pokemon. Grinning and then letting out a war cry he stood up and jumped into the water creating a medium splash that resulted into delighted squeals and cries in return. A splash war had started.

Caroline who was watching the scene from under a large tree sitting on a bench, chuckled with a few adults that saw the scene. Turning her head when she noticed Dawn approaching with shorts and a large shirt on, though her swimming suit could be seen underneath, she smile.

"Looks like they're having fun" She laughed when her brother was tackled by the children into the water. Sitting down next to the elder woman with a smile she placed two extra towel down beside her, one for herself and one for her brother.

"Are you going to join them?" Caroline asked when she saw Dawn pulling out four pokeballs out from her pockets.

"Yup. Hold on." the trainer said with a smile "Alright guys! Come on out!" throwing the poke balls into the air, releasing the pokemon that was in them. An Empoleon, Toxicroak, Altaria and Munchlax all stretched and looked around to see where they were before spotting their trainer. Grinning as she caught the normal type Pokemon in her arms when the Munchlax jumped toward her. Dawn looked at her four pokemon and spoke "Alright guys today is all about fun and relaxation. So go ahead and have fun!" She told them while pointing at the lake that was behind them.

Munchlax jumped out of her arms and followed Empoleon to the lake as the Emperor Pokemon went to join Dylan in the water. Toxicroak walked over to a smaller tree and laid down under the shade and closed its eyes to take a nap. Alteria flying high up in the sky with a few other flying Pokemon before resting on the branch of Toxicroaks tree to observe the area.
Dawn smiled at the view of Pokemon and people enjoying the outdoors with one another. She let out a soft giggle when seeing her Munchlax stare curiously at the water looking as if debating on whether it was safe or not to go in. Smilng fondly and deciding to join in on the fun in the water she took off her shirt and tossed it right next to the towels. But before she could tell Caroline that she was going to swim. She spotted a Luxray walking towards them gracefully.

Curious, Dawn stared at the fierce Pokemon as it stared right back with its golden eyes intensely. Feeling like she was being examined from her point of view Dawn felt a shiver of fear towards the powerful pokemon, until she was brought out by a happy and cheerful chirp of Togepi that was waving her hands in excitement of her ride on top of the Luxray.

"Toki Toki Toki priiiii~!"

Eyes wide at how carefree the baby Pokemon was Dawn looked at the Luxray that stood in front of her. Surprised, Dawn saw that its gaze was turned back at the fairy type to see that if she wasn't going to fall off of him. "Lux" It growled out making the female trainer worried that it might hurt the little one, but in relief and shock the baby Togepi let out a nod, a chirp, and a hug on the blue mane of the Electric type pokemon. Hearing a chuckle the teen looked up to see Harry smiling at her with amusement while he held a few towels in his left hand with five pokeballs on top and a large pitcher of lemonade in his right.

"I see you've met my Luxray" He spoke as he went over and set the pitcher on the table, passing his two pokemon. Hearing its name Luxray looked up at his trainer in question, though many would just see a fierce stare. Dawn nodded slightly when the Electric pokemon padded over to its trainer and rumbled out a growl of pleasure when Harry rubbed the top of his head. "He can't be pretty intimidating right?" Harry smirked amused when Dawn flushed lightly at being found out "Don't worry though, he'll be like an oversized shinx with just a scratch behind the ear and rub on the right areas" he laughed as he showed the teen what he meant when Luxray purred and pressed his head up against his trainers when Harry scratched behind his ear.

A bit hesitant Dawn looked at Hadrian and saw him nod in encouragement before reaching out and slowly started to scratch the electric type Pokemon behind the ear. Smiling when she had the same reaction Harry had the small fear she had for the intimidating Pokemon vanished. Gaining more courage to pet him.

Plucking Togepi from her spot on top of the now purring Luxray, Harry gently placed her on top of his towels that laid on the table. He tickled the fairy Pokemon to hear her cute giggles before looking up to see Steven and Cynthia approaching with two large picnic baskets. Lucario following behind with his own basket.

"Looks like Lux found a new friend" Cynthia chuckled as she placed the basket of food on the table with Steven and her Pokemon.

"Seems like it" Harry said as he reached over to dig into the bag Lucario had carried and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. "Are you going to swim Dawn?" He asked, gaining the attention of the younger trainer.

"Oh!" yeah" She nods and scratches Luxray's ear once more before getting up. The Electric Pokemon raised his head for more ear scratching but grumbled out a growl when he knew he won't time get anymore anytime soon, so he just layed his head back down to take a nap.

"Need this?" Harry questions as he waved the bottle of sunscreen in his hand only to receive a negative shake of her head.

"No thank you " Dawn declined politely "I put some on before I came outside, so I'm good"

Nodding in acceptance Harry smiled as Dawn excitedly jogged over to the lake to join in the water fun. Turning his attention back at Togepi he grinned in amusement in seeing that his pokemon as amusing herself with his towels. The baby pokemon managed get herself under the towels and seeming to enjoy herself in her new found tent. "Come on sweetness" Harry cooed as he gently removed the towel off of of his fairy pokemon. In turn earning the attention of said Pokemon and a cute questioning "Toki?" from the baby.

"Lets get some of this Sunscreen on you little one" He spoke as he squeezed the right amount of sunscreen onto his fingers and gently rubbed the fairy Pokemon's cheeks earning a happy trill prompting a chuckle from the trainer. "There you go." He smiled picking up the little one to peck her crown then placing her back on the table to pull off his shirt to rub some of the sunscreen on himself.

"Alright guys come on out!"

Turning his gaze he smiled as Cynthia threw three pokeballs into the air. Red beams shooting out and releasing three Pokemon into the area. The wizard snorted in amusement when a few children came up in awe and wonder when Garchomp came out and seeing its attention seemed to subtly puff out its chest in pride. Many know that in battle the dragon type Pokemon is fierce and intimidating Pokemon, with strong determination and unwavering strength like its trainer and partner Cynthia. But what many don't know is that out of battle Garchomp just loved getting its ego stroked. Preening under attention of many, the dragon acted like an over confident noble. Harry found amusement in how many don't see it but he guessed the ego is earned when its proven therefore overlooked. Roserade had joined Toxicroak near the tree to relax but instead of napping under the tree it was meditating under the early sun, soaking up the solar energy. The grass Pokemon was the calmest of all of Cynthia's group. though strong on its own, paired with Lucario, both Pokemon are unstoppable. Finally the last Pokemon that Harry's sister released was his traded evolved form of Feebas, Milotic. Smiling widely he stood up and walked over to Cynthia and her Pokemon gaining both females attention.

"Well don't you look beautiful girl" He cooed when he approached and reached out to rub the top of Milotic's head, earning a happy churn from the water Pokemon.

"She has been getting stronger since the last time we battled." Cynthia informed as she went up to rub the side of her Pokemon's neck earning more purrs of pleasure, much to the siblings amusement.

"Well I can say the same for her sister" Harry said with a smirk when he earned Milotic's full attention and a questioning, but excited churn. "Alright alright beautiful" He chuckled when the water Pokemon urged him towards the table that had his Pokeballs laying next to Togepi, who was once again enjoying her towel tent. Going over to the table and picking up the Pokeball that had a blue crystal droplet sticker on the front of it. Grinning Harry tossed the Pokeball high in the air. "Come on out! Milotic!"

A red beam shot out releasing a Milotic that was similar to Cynthia's own and before the released water Pokemon could look at her surroundings it was tackled by her sister. The Silverstar siblings laughed when the two sister Pokemon happily greeted each other. Twisting and twirling around each other now that they were reunited.


Two heads turned to the awed voice to see Dylan's eye wide open watching the rare water Pokemon play around. "You Have a Milotic too Harry?" The young teen asked when he looked at the older male. Eyes wide with curiosity.

Harry grinned at the child like awe in the trainer and nodded. "Yeah. She was my first Pokemon." When seeing the surprise and question in the blue eyes the raven head explained. "When I first started Cynthia took me to Mt. Cornet to capture a Pokemon. I wanted a Pokemon that would benefit me in the future and would be my partner." He waved his hand towards the mountain and continued "So, Being the stubborn person I am and deciding on taking the hard route, I set my determination to capture a Feebas." Harry trailed off.

"After a few days of endless fishing he was about to give up until he finally got a tug" Cynthia continued on with a smile when she thought back on the old memory. "When he pulled to our great surprise and excitement Harry managed to pull up not one Feebas"

"But two" Harry grinned at the shock expression on Dylan's face. "Not wanting to miss the chance both me and Cynthia had battle and captured a Feebas of our own. After we captured our Feebas' me and Thia here trained long and hard before deciding on trading with each other and evolving our Pokemon."

"I had given them both a prism scales so that they can decide on when they would head out and start their journey" Caroline added in when she listened to the story of Harry starting his adventure.

"And after we knew our water Pokemon were ready we traded each other and managed to evolve our Pokemon into Milotic" The wizard finished the explanation while watching said water Pokemon that were now entertaining Togepi by waving their tails in front of her earning cute giggles and chirps.

"Want to see the rest of my crew?" Harry asked and when seeing the eager nod he picked up the three remaining Pokeballs that were on the table and tossed them into the air. "Come on out guys!"

Three red lights beamed out releasing the Pokemon that was inside revealing a Charizard, a Galade and a Leafeon. Dylan was in awe as he saw Hadrian's large fire Pokemon let out a lazy roar as it yawned. The Charizard's wings stretched wide and high before it shook and relaxed back to its back. Galade, the psychic fighting pokemon quickly looked around as if scanning the area for any threats right as he was released from its Pokeball, before nodding to himself. Then went to ignoring Dylan and the two amused Silverstar siblings to sit near the tree to relax with the napping Luxray. Leafeon, Harry's last Pokemon quickly spotted her trainer and jumped up high onto his shoulder. Prompting a delighted laugh from the trainer when the grass Pokemon nuzzled his neck.

"Meet my team Dylan." Harry grinned as he scratched the chin of Leafeon, gaining an amusing purr in return.

'Whoa..." Dylan was once again struck with awe the third time today on seeing the Pokemon in front of him. Harry grinned proudly st Dylan's wonder towards his pokemon and walked up to his Charizard, that stood a foot taller than him and roughly, but affectionately patted the fire pokemon's chest, earning a growl of approval and a nuzzle on his hair.

"Charizard here joined me right when I arrived to the Johto region."The wizard started to explain his story "A storm had struck when I was on a route, not even three hours after I left the nearest town. Unfortunately there wasn't any houses near and I didn't want my flying Pokemon to ride out in such a horrible weather. So i searched for a suitable temporary shelter and fortunately came up to a cave that was hidden behind a few trees and a large bolder. Glad to find some shelter from the rain I took it without any hesitation, but come to find out it was the home of a wounded Charizard and four Charmanders. Obviously the little ones thought I was an instant threat to their mother when i stepped closer to them. I knew without any treatment soon the Charizard would die leaving her children defenseless and vulnerable to the outside world, when it was clear to see that they weren't ready." Harry paused and frowned softly at the memory of seeing the wounded Pokemon.

Dylan looked at the older trainer in worry at the troubled expression that briefly appeared on his face. But soon smiled when Harry's own Charizard snuffed his trainers hair to remind him that it was alright. Cynthia smiled when her brother regained his smile and continued his story. She knew what her brother's thoughts and feelings were about parents dying when their children were only all he could relate in to his own parents.

Harry looked up to his fire Pokemon and grinned and rubbed the top of his head, earning satisfied rumbled, continuing his story. "Thinking quickly i got onto all fours and slowly approached the wounded mother and four Charmanders, trying my best to soothe the aggravated babies with soft words and reassurances. When I finally reached the Charizard i quickly pulled out my first aid med kit and got to work." Harry then grinned up to Charizard wide amusement and then looked at Dylan with humor shining his eyes. "When this one here," Harry patted his Charizard's chest to indicate the pokemon "The smallest of the four, heard his mother whine in pain as I applied a Hyper potion he instantly attacked my arm"

Dylan looked in confusion on wanting to know how that was funny when he saw the disgruntled look on the large dragon Pokemon. Harry laughed when he explained "He lunged and bit my arm in anger for hurting his mom, but it wasn't very effective"


Harry grinned "It wasn't effective because Charizard here didn't even have his baby fangs yet" he wizard laughed when his head was nudged roughly by his pokemon "So it was all gums that attached to my arm and it didn't really stop me from my work."

Dylan laughed with the rest of the group. Charizard growled out what was a grumble before flapping his wings to take air and escape his embarrassment. Cynthia and Steve chuckled when Harry tried to call back his Charizard apologizing about his teasing.

"So what happened after that?" Dylan asked when they had calmed down slightly.

"Well" Harry tilted his head to the side to think back "The Charizard Mother didn't wake up till the next day even though I cleaned up the wound and healed it. While four Charmanders sensed that their mother was going to be okay I grabbed some berries that was inside my bag and laid them out for the little ones in case they don't get hungry." Reaching up to lift his Leafeon off his shoulders and placiong her on the ground so she could play, he continued "I moved to the entrance of the cave and tried to stay up to wait for the weather to clear. But like an idiot I fell asleep and letting my guard down. Letting the possibility of being attacked by a mother Charizard." Harry smiled sheepishly when his grandmother shook her head in exasperation at his actions. "When I woke up I was surprised to see that in my lap there was the Charmander that had 'attacked' me in my lap and the three other Charmanders were all sleeping beside me keeping me warm. Feeling a huge breath breath down my neck I turned my head to find the piercing gaze of the Charizard that I had healed." Looking to see amazing question in Dylan's eyes Harry smiled "It was like the Pokemon was examining my soul and after a long moment that had felt like forever she huffed in approval and nodded to me before laying her head and going to sleep. Later that day when I got up to leave, the smallest Charmander started to follow me" Here the emerald eyed trainer looked to the sky to see his Charizard soar. "At first I was confused on why he would follow me, but when I looked into the eyes of the little fire pokemon I saw strong determination and fire that I knew would burn brighter than any other Charizard would in the future. So looking to his mother I was trapped in those eyes that shown approval on what her child had chosen. So asking the small Charmander if he wanted to join me in my journey I received a happy excited nod and had gotten a new partner in my team." He finally concluded the story with a smile which was returned by Dylan.

"So cool" The young teen said in slight amaze on the story looking up to see Harry's pokemon fly high in the sky.

"Alright" Steven spoke up before Dylan could ask more about Harry's other Pokemon. He had caught eager gleam that shined in a young trainers eyes and knows a that it meant that he would want to know more exciting stories. Clapping his hands to gain the attention of the group the Hoenn trainer grinned "Enough stories for now. How about we enjoy the day playing in the lake now that everyone's out." He suggested earning nods from Cynthia and Dylan.

Right then hearing his name Dylan turned to see his sister waving him to join her in the lake. Grinning he briefly nodded top the adults to inform them that he was going, and dashed towards to the lake to join the fun. Cynthia removed her shirt and shorts to reveal her favorite black two piece bikini and moved to a sunny area near the lake to lay a towel down and rested herself on it to get a tan. Caroline who was watching over Togepi seemed to have turned her job into a chaperon/teacher for the little children who had gathered and were fascinated with Cynthia's and Harry's Milotics. Hesitant and shy on seeing a pokemon that is super rare. They all squealed in delight when both water pokemon took the initiative to approach the little ones then playfully spraying water at them. Harry laughed softly on seeing the children scatter and being chased by the water pokemon. His heart filling with warmth when he looked around to see joy and laughter. Seeing people of all ages enjoying the day the wizard felt complete contentment. When he felt arms circle around to wrapped his waist and pulling him back to a naked firm chest hiding under a darker shade.

"You look content there Emerald" Steve whispered into Harry's ear as he shifted the two of them closer to the tree, managing to hide from from wondering eyes.

Harry tensed and looked around to see if anyone saw them, but slowly relaxed when no one saw them. He halfheartedly slapped the arm that was wrapped around him and huffed. "Why wouldn't I be? Today is a perfect day and everyone is having fun." The wizard was happy to be able to see so many smiled surround him. Feeling the arms that were wrapped around him tightened slightly he turned to look at the piercing blue gaze that held a warm light within them.

"What?" Harry question with a confused tilt of his head making Steve smirk at the cute movement and just leaned in to nuzzled the smaller males neck earning a shiver from the wizard.

"I"m glad you're Happy Harry." Steve mumbled softly with a sigh. Soaking up the cool warm energy that the older trainer knew was Hadrian's magic brimming under his skin.

"?... Of course I am Steven." The raven haired male rolled his eyes with a fond smile. "I missed being home and seeing so many smiles would easily make me happy. Especially when surrounded by people I love."

The League Champ smirked and knowing what would happen after what he was about to say he couldn't help himself as he teased the wizard "Love, Harry?"

Emerald colored eyes widened in shock at what he said, and in the arms of a hidden pervert of all people. His cheeks flushed red and he spluttered in denial at what he said but Steve continued his teasing by tightening his grip on the adorable male in his arms "I didn't know you felt that way for me Emerald." Leaning even closer he nuzzled the wizards ear even though Harry tried to escape the firm grip. He grinned in amusement an purred into his captured victim's ear smirking at the shiver he received "I love you too Hadrian"

Harry completely froze in shock at the confession for a moment, before his eyes narrowed in irritation on feeling the teasing smirk pressed against his neck. Growling in annoyance Harry jabbed his elbow back to the bare stomach and stomped on the foot behind him earning a pained yelp and then groan. Arms easily loosened and had freed him. Harry huffed in anger and turned to glare at Steve who held his side in pain but still had his smirk in place.

"Pervert" Harry growled out before walking back to the picnic table to pick up Togepi and heading to the lake to join Dawn and Dylan in the water.

Steve chuckled at the angered attitude of the wizard and sat on the bench of the picnic table next to Caroline who just shook her head fondly and exasperatedly. Really, Steve can't control himself when it comes to teasing her grandson. Of course when confronted with such teasing Harry would retaliate in anger. Which in turns continuously spurn the Hoenn Champion to tease the wizard even more. Caroline sighed in resignation when it comes to that type of endless cycle. Though it would be interesting for Caroline see the Gemini twins' reactions when they realize the unique relationship between Hadrian Silverstar and Steven Stone. But for now Caroline would just enjoy the the perfect day Arceus had granted her with her loved ones.

The rest of the perfect sunny day Children ran and played in the water. Pokemon and trainers of all types and ages enjoyed the cool breeze and sunny clear skies. Laughter lasted even as the sun slowly rose high in the sky and slowly began to set to the horizon. Smiles wide and joy spread it was confirmed in Hadrian's eyes and mind that his second day back home was the best day he had in a while. Looking down to see his exhausted Togepi sleeping in his arms he let a small smile stretch his lips as he sat on the edge of the lake next to his sister and Dawn as they watched the sun set. The day was perfect in every way and Harry treasure it for the world.


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