This is Black Flame of Destruction here bringing you this new Naruto/One Piece crossover. Now this is an idea i've been kicking around in my head for a long time and decided to put it down and give it a try. In this story Naruto and the others from his universe are born and live in the Onepiece Universe. Naruto himself is part of Kakashi's generation and is the Son of Tsunade and Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate. Other then that I'll let you read. I hope you enjoy it, if not then I'll scrap it and never try a Naruto/One Piece Crossover again.

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Chapter 1: Prologue: Whitebeard's Son!

Island in the West Blue

9 Years before the death of Gol D. Roger

A large ship can be seen making its way towards a large island in the West Blue. This ship is a large battleship, the figurehead in the shape of a giant Blue Whale and is white in color. If one looks closely they could see at the top of every mast of this great ship, flapping in the wind are black flags, pirate flags, the symbol upon these flags is a smiling skull with a large white crescent-moon shaped mustache over a set of bones set in a cross. This ship and flag belong to one of the most fearsome pirates on the seas, a man said to be equal in strength to the Pirate King Gold Roger, that man's name is Whitebeard(Shirohige).

The man bearing the name Whitebeard can be seen standing on the bow of his ship. That man in question is enormous, standing at around 23 feet tall, he has large muscles that can be seen through his open coat as he wears no shirt. He has long blonde hair topped with a white Captain's hat that has his symbol on the front center, with golden-yellow eyes, on his face is the object that got him his name, his large white, crescent-moon shaped mustache.

His attire consists of a large and long white captains jacket with a red inside, warn draped over his shoulders. He wears long grey pants, which are tucked into his black combat boots and he has a burnt-orange sash tied around his waist. To complete his fearsome look he holds in his right hand a large Bisento, which is a heavy halberd, its large size fitting its wielder, the pole of the weapon being done in red and yellow stripes ending in a spherical end. The large curved blade being attached to the pole by a golden part and being decorated in what appears to be a sea snake with part of it protruding from the blade itself.

Now many people would wonder why such a dangerous man was making his way to this unassuming Island, and why he was doing so with a nervous look upon his face. The reason for his coming and his nervousness is because upon this island is a woman who at this very moment is giving birth to a child, his child. Thats right Edward Newgate, the man known as Whitebeard is about to be a father for the first and only time in his life.

The Moby Dick sets anchor 2 miles out from the Island, as it's to large to pull into the port of the main town on the Island. The man's first mate makes his way over to him and informs him, "We've Arrived Cap'n and The dingy is ready for ya." The large man turns to the other man with a smile of gratitude, "Thank you old friend." He proceeds to walk off the head of his ship and head towards the dingy, and when he reaches it he climbs down into it and the men at the oars immediately begin to row towards the docks of the village.

The Village in question is called Leaf Village, because it is surrounded on 3 sides by forest, while the fourth side is the ocean. The architecture of the village is half traditional Japanese, and half modern western, the reason for this being that the village was founded by people from both Wano Country and the world government. The little boat reaches the docks to find a brown haired man waiting for them.

This man is around the same age as Whitebeard, meaning in his 40s, he stands at 5'6 and is built athletically. He has spiky brown hair, brown eyes with a few lines under them, and a brown goatee on his chin. He wears white robes that bear the Kanji for Kage on the back of it, but Edward knows that under those robes the man is wearing light-weight armor. This man's name is Hiruzen Sarutobi and he is the leader of the Leaf Village, also called the Kage or Shadow.

The brown haired man greets the giant-like Pirate Captain with a smile,"Welcome Newgate-san, I'm glad you could make it for the birth of your child." Whitebeard nods his head at the smaller man, and follows as the man begins to walk away. The larger of the two men decides to speak, "I wouldn't miss it for the world Sarutobi, Its not everyday you become a father as you well know. So how far along is your student into the birth?"

The smaller man chuckles at the Pirate's words but answers none the less, "By her own estimation she is dilated to 7 centimeters. I don't doubt her, after all Tsunade-chan is one of the best doctors in the world, despite being only 23 years old." The blond haired man nods at this, already knowing it is true as the woman in question treated a wound he suffered a bit over a year ago, and is what led to today's situation.

This leads him to thinking of the woman they are speaking of. In his minds eye he sees a beautiful woman with a creamy skin color, big beautiful honey colored eyes, and long blonde hair a shade or two lighter then his own which is kept tied up in a high pony-tail, however the feature he thinks of most is her large breasts. The woman in question is named Tsunade Senju, one of three students to Hiruzen Sarutobi, and one of the best young doctors in the world. Oh and did he forget to mention, soon to be mother of his child.

The two men eventually reach the only hospital in town and proceed up to the Maternity ward. When they get there they can hear girlish screams coming from the room, and thinking they're coming from Tsunade, Edward rushes into the room. But what he finds causes him to chuckle, as the screams are coming not from Tsunade, but from a man with long white-hair, dark eyes, and red lines going down his cheek, as the blonde woman is squeezing the heck out of his hand, the most defining characteristic of this man however is the long white Marine coat he wears.

Hiruzen upon seeing the other man smiles brightly and greets him, "Ah Jiraiya-kun! So glad to see you could make it for the birth of your godchild. I would have thought that your work as a spymaster for the Marines would have kept you away." The now named Jiraiya is the second of Sarutobi's students, he is a pretty large man, standing at 6 feet and 3 inches, and weighing 190 pounds. Under his coat he wears a dark green kimono top and matching pants, with a red haori vest over the kimono top, and on his feet are wooden sandals.

This man is Captain Jiraiya Gama, commander of the Marine's spy corps. The man give his sensei a hurt smile, but then he notices Edward and scowls, "What's he doing here old man?" Sarutobi gains a tick mark, but as he goes to answer the pirate cuts him off, "I'm here because its my kid she's having. As the father of the child I have more right then you to be here ya perverted Marine." The white haired man pries his hand from his friend and teammate's own hand and stands to his full height before making his way to stand directly infront of Whitebeard.

The two men enter into a staring contest, a battle of wills, with neither giving an inch. The blonde gets the urge to use his Conquerors Haki on the other man but fights it, as he knows that would just cause problems with the birth. Eventually however Sarutobi separates the two, "Enough of this nonsense. This day is not about Pirates and Marines. This day is about the birthing of a new life, so put your differences aside for now and lets all focus on Tsunade."

Both men nod in agreement to this, as the larger man heads over and takes the seat the other man just vacated. He takes the blonde woman's hand in his much bigger one and strokes it gently, "Its all going to alright Tsunade. Your the strongest woman I've ever met, and I've met alot of women. I'm sure that our child will have your same strength when it's born." The woman opens her eyes and looks at him before smirking and saying something that both shocks him and makes him extremely happy, "Our son you big oaf. I'm having a boy here, thats why it hurts so damn much!" As she has another contraction and squeezes his middle finger.

He doesn't even register any pain in his finger, as he smiles widely at the fact that he'll have a son in just a little while, "Have you decided on a name for the boy yet?" Tsunade nods her head and answers, "Yeah, I've chosen Naruto. Naruto D. Newgate." Another contraction rips through her, as the doctor takes a look to see how far along she is and says, "Ok Tsunade, Your at 10 centimeters, and I can already see the head. Now I'm going to need you to start pushing."

The woman nods her head, as she begins to push. After at least a dozen pushes and another hour the room is filled with the wails of the newborn. However the unexpected happens, as the boy starts to cry out an invisible wave of energy is launched from his little body, causing all the nurses and the doctor to pass out, meaning the boy gets dropped, luckily his father moves quickly enough and catches him. Everyone still awake is stunned, as they recognize the energy the boy let out with his cry as Haki.

Edward cradles his newborn son gently, rocking him and speaking softly, "Shh, hush now Naruto, everything is ok. Welcome to the world little man, I'm your father." The boy already has a full head of blonde hair, about the same color as his mothers, and when he opens his eyes they are the same golden-yellow as his fathers. Seeing the large man holding him, the baby calms and the Haki lets up, Sarutobi proceeds to wake the doctor, who cuts the umbilical cord, cleans the babe up, weighs and measures him, and hands him to his mother.

Tsunade smiles down at her son and asks the doctor, "How much does weigh?" The man yawns and replies, "He's above average, 10lbs, and measuring 25 inches already. I dare say he might be nearly as large as his father when he gets to adult-hood." The woman smiles lovingly at the newborn, as Edward comes over to her side and asks, "Why give him the D in his name Tsunade?" She looks up at him to respond, "Because all D's are powerful, and have unbreakable wills. Thats what I want for our son. My grandfather was a D. Hashirama D. Senju, the man who created the forests of this island with his Wood-Wood Fruit powers and defeated the Fleet Admiral of the Marines of his time with ease."

The Pirate sighs at this, but nods his head in acceptance of her reasons, "Alright I see your point. But for now lets call him Naruto D. Senju. If anyone finds out that he is my son they will try their hardest to kill him and I don't want that." The blonde woman nods her head before as she asks him, "Will you be around to help me raise him? After all a boy needs his father, also he's going to need help controlling that Conquerors Haki, and while Sarutobi-Sensei is proficient in the use of the other 2, he's not very good with the 3rd, only having a basic understanding of it."

The giant man chuckles at this but answers, "Yeah I'll be around, although I'll only be able to come around once a year, any more then that and the Marines will become suspicious. So I'll come on this day every year, his birthday." Tsunade agrees to this, and the rest of the night is spent making arrangements for his yearly visits, and Jiraiya promising to keep his identity as the boy's father secret. The next day Whitebeard leaves the Island, having no idea that in the years to come his son would grow up with dreams of sailing the seas free like himself and becoming a greater pirate then himself.

Leaf Village

2 Months before Roger's Death

Naruto Age 8

Its been 8 years since the birth of Naruto D. Newgate, otherwise known as Naruto D. Senju. In that time the child has grown up exceptionally well, loved by his mother, trained by his father in how to control his Conquerors Haki, as well as the basics of the other two Haki when the man stops by once a year. Infact Edward Newgate should be showing up at the Leaf again in a little over 2 months, as that is when Naruto turns 9, and his father told him when he turned 9 he'd have 2 special presents for him.

Naruto is your normal 8 year old, full of energy and mischief, however he's also different from the other children his age. Naruto at nearly 9 already stands at 5 feet tall, almost a full foot above his peers. His blonde hair which used to be dark like his mothers is now brighter then his fathers, being a sun-kissed Blonde, it spikes up all around his head because thats how he style it, otherwise it lays on his head in waves like his fathers. His golden-yellow eyes are always full of happiness and mischievous thoughts, as well as dreams for the future. His skin color is the same as his mother, and he has her nose and delicate lips as well.

He wears a white T-shirt with his father's jolly roger on the front, dark orange pants with a forest green sash tied around his waist, and on his feet are boots. Right now the young Senju Heir can be found out in his back yard training hard, with his shirt off so it doesn't get wet with sweat. His mother Tsunade, who is now 31 but still as beautiful as she was at 21 if not more so, comes out to find her only child practicing with a wooden Polearm in the shape of a Halberd.

The blonde doctor seeing how hard he's working smiles to herself, So much like his father, and yet so different at the same time. He wants to wield a Polearm like Edward but not a Bisento, he is such a stubborn child. She comes out of her thoughts as she calls out, "Naru-chan its time for lunch! Put down that practice Halberd and come in and get cleaned up then eat." The younger blonde stops what he's doing as he turns to his mother with a smiles on his face and replies, "Ok Kaa-chan, I'll be there in a minute!" The woman smiles and walks back inside, as the boy grabs a nearby towel and begins to dry off the sweat.

After he's dry he places his shirt back on and heads in side to get washed up a little, heading for the bathroom. He washes his hands, and splashes water on his face and in his hair before using the nearby towel on the towel rack to dry his face and hands and heading for the dinning room. When he enters he sees his mother has laid out a feast for lunch and is already sitting at the table, along with her new student and his older sister figure Shizune. He smiles at them both as he takes his seat and says, "It looks great Kaa-chan. Can I dig in now?"

Tsunade chuckles and responds, "Ofcourse you can. But first you have to tell me what happened between you and that Hyuga kid." The little blonde pales slightly at this and starts to fumble with his fingers as he looks down at his lap and answers, "He was talking trash about us... He said you were a Whore for giving yourself to a Pirate, and that I'm the bastard son of Pirate Scum. So I socked him in his jaw and told him never to talk about you or Tou-san like that again."

The blonde doctor shakes her head sadly at her son's answer, before she narrows her eyes and says, "Be that as it may, that was no reason to infuse your punch with Haki. His parents brought him to me and his entire lower jaw was broken, I had to replace it with a metal jaw piece. You need to learn not to let the petty words of other children get to you Naruto, you are the Senju Heir, as well as the son of the soon to be strongest man in the world. Your grounded for a week." The blonde sulks at this but replies, "Yes Kaa-chan... I'm sorry if I disappointed you. But I swear that I didn't try to put Haki behind my punch."

Tsunade stands up and walks over to her son, as she kneels down next to him and embraces him. "Its ok Naru-chan, I'm not really mad at you. If I were in your situation and heard his parents saying crap like that I would have pounded them into the dirt, that's how I know your my kid. Remember this Naruto I love you no matter what you do, even when you become an Adult and sail away on your own journey and become a famous pirate like your father. You will always to me be my baby boy." With that she kisses him on the cheek and returns to her seat and they all eat.

3 hours later Naruto is once again out back training, only this time he's working on the Senju Style Martial Arts with the supervision of Hiruzen Sarutobi, as Tsunade was called away to the hospital to check on patients. In the middle of a kick Naruto and Hiruzen can hear a commotion coming from town, as the blonde boy says, "Hey Jiji what do you think is going on in town?" The 50 year old Village leader looks towards town and answers, "I don't know Naruto-kun, there is no reason for the the village to act in such a manner. It actually sounds similar to whenever your father stops by, but that can't be the case now as he isn't scheduled to be here for another 2 months."

Naruto nods in agreement with this, however a few minuets later one of The Hokage's personal Guards comes walking into the yard, and following close behind is a familiar, very large, mustached man. Seeing the man behind the guard, Naruto smiles widely and yells out, "TOU-SAN!" As he rushes his father, who bends down onto his knees and catches his only son, giving him a big hug, "My Son! I'm happy to see you to Naruto, let me get a good look at you now boy." He lets the younger blonde go and moves him back some with his arms and looks him over for a few moments before smiling and nodding his head.

After he nods he says, "You've grown again since last I saw you son. Keep it up and you'll get to be as big as your old man in no time flat." Naruto smiles at this but then gets confused and asks, "Why are you here now Tou-san? Not that I'm not happy to see ya, but you normally only come on my birthdays, and thats 2 months away still." At this Hiruzen stands up and says, "I to am wondering why you're visiting early Edward, and what happens to be in the two items you dropped to hug your son."

The over-large man stands back to his full height and looks at his old friend as he replies to their questions, "I'm here now because I wont be able to get here in October. As you know Roger was caught by the Marines, Monkey D. Garp no less. However thats not entirely true, Roger turned himself in because he's already dying of disease, so we had one last meeting and he officially named me the Strongest." The two nod at this, having read the newspapers and heard about it.

Whitebeard continues on, "Well because of that, the Marines are going to be watching my every move even more carefully from no on, so I have to stop visiting every October. From this point on I'll be coming by a different month every year which wont raise suspicion as I've already claimed the Islands and sea around here as my territory. Therefore I've brought you your birthday gifts early Naruto." At this he turns around and picks up the treasure chest as well as the long case he dropped before and places them infront of his son.

Naruto eyes them with stars in his eyes and says, "Whats in the treasure chest Tou-san? Is it gold and jewels? Or Beli? Or maybe its Diamonds!" Edward laughs loudly at this and answers, "No Naruto nothing like that, but something far more valuable then any of those things. But why don't we wait for your mother to get back to open that one? In the meantime open the case and look at whats inside of it, I think you'll love it." The younger blonde nods energetically at this and grabs the long, polished case and opens it to reveal a large and beautifully crafted Halberd.

He looks at his father in surprise and runs his hands over the Polearm and well as the flat of the blade, then smiles and says, "Thank you Tou-san its perfect! But why is it so big?" The man smiles softly at his boy and answers back, "Your welcome Son. The reason for it being so big is that it is not to be wielded until the year before you leave on your Journey across the seas. Its made of the finest Steel, and fitted to your adult body. Ofcourse depending on how big you get you can have it made bigger or smaller."

The boy nods at this and the three spend the next couple of hours just catching up, with the Pirate telling his son about all the adventures he's had recently, including his final fight with the Pirate King which ended in a draw. Around 5pm Tsunade arrives home, looking a bit tired, and when she enters the kitchen to start on dinner for her and her son she notices that her Sensei is gone and Edward is sitting there with their son, and in the middle of the table is a small chest.

She sighs as she moves to the pantry and fridge and begins to take out ingredients to cook and says, "Ed, I take it you were the reason for all the commotion in the village earlier." The man nods as she continues, "What are you doing here 2 months early? On second thought don't tell me. Just tell me what the hell is in the chest on my table." The man crosses his arms and answers, "Naruto's second birthday present. We were waiting on you to get home before allowing him to open it. As his mother you have a choice in what rather or not he gets to have this gift or not."

The busty blonde sighs as she responds, "Fine but let me get started on dinner first and then he can open it and we can discuss whatever it is." With that she goes about beginning the meal they'll eat tonight, and as soon as she has everything started she takes her seat at the table, which is directly across from her former lover, with Naruto sitting to her right and says, "Alright Naru-chan open the chest and lets see whats inside." The littlest blonde does as his mother says and opens the chest, only to reveal an odd look fruit, it's bluish-green in color, shaped like an Orange only with little swirls and lightning bolt looking things on it.

Naruto looking at it is confused why his father would give him a fruit for his birthday, while Tsunade looks at it in shock and anger, and immediately glares at the larger man, "What the Hell are you thinking Edward?! Giving our Son one of those Fruits?" The Pirate looks back her with a neutral look and answers, "Its to help make him stronger for the future Tsunade. That fruit is special like my Tremor-Tremor fruit, its a rare one that has never been consumed before and it took me years to find it."

As the woman looks ready to retort her son interrupts by asking, "I don't get it. What's so special about a fruit?" The Senju woman sighs before looking at her son and answers, "Naru-chan that fruit there is a Devil Fruit. Devil Fruits give those that eat them incredible powers, but at a cost, anyone who eats a Devil Fruit is forever rejected by the Sea, meaning they will never be able to swim, and if they fall into the water they could die. Your Father here is a Devil Fruit user."

The boy's eyes widen at this as he looks at his father and asks, "Really Tou-san?" The large man nods his head as his son asks a second question, "What kind of power do you have Tou-san?" He chuckles at this, which sounds like a rumble because of how big he is, as he answers back, "I ate the Tremor-Tremor Fruit son, Making me a Tremor-Human. It allows me to create massive vibrations or shock waves through any medium I choose. I can use it to create massive Tidal Waves, break apart and flip large tracts of land, and many other things. Infact I destroyed an entire Island with it once, sunk it straight down to the bottom of the sea."

The almost 9 year old's eyes widen even further at this, but also shine with admiration for the power of his father as he says, "So cool! You must have the strongest Devil Fruit ever!" Edward shakes his head at this and responds, "Not really, there are stronger Fruit Powers out there. Let me explain something to you son, Devil fruits they come in 4 tiers. The First and Lowest Tier is the Parmecia Type fruit. These are considered to be the weakest type because they are the most common and those the eat them only gain some sort of superhuman physical ability or trait. Infact my Tremor-Tremor Fruit is a Parmecia type, even thought its perhaps the strongest."

Naruto becomes excited at the news that there are 4 different types of Devil Fruits, but then deflates when he hears his father's powers are in the lowest class, as the man continues to talk, "The Second Tier are called Zoan Type Devil Fruits. Those who eat this type of Fruit gain the ability to transform into an animal, acquiring every single trait associated with said animal. They're also able to take on Human-Animal Hybrid forms." The youngest blonde thinks this second one sounds kind of cool, and wonders what it would be like to transform into a fox, as he loves foxes for an unknown reason.

Seeing that his son is still playing close attention, and Tsunade is back to the stove checking on the food, he continues, "Next is the 3rd Tier which actually is a sub-sect of the second. The Legendary Zoan Type. These fruits allow the users to transform themselves into creatures of legend, such as dragons and phoenixes. Lastly is what is considered the most powerful type, The Logia Type Devil Fruit. Logia Users gain the ability to transform themselves into an element such as fire, ice, lightning, etc... Not only can they turn into these elements they can create and control them as well."

The boy gets excited by this, hoping that the fruit in the chest is the last kind, however his mother spoils it and asks, "So what kind of fruit is the one your trying to give him?" Edward smirks and answers, "Its an extra special fruit, one that many have only thought was a legend. Its a hybrid Parmecia/Logia type Fruit. The fruit in that chest is the Storm-Storm Fruit. Now I don't know much about it other then what's said in legend. According to Legend the Storm-Storm Fruit gives the one who uses it the power to command and bring on storms of all kinds, that's the Parmecia aspect of it."

The Mother and son both have their eyes widened at this, as Naruto imagines creating all kinds of storms to take out his enemies. The giant man continues speaking, "The Logia side of it is the ability to become, create, and control all the individual elements of the storms. It's probably the most powerful Devil Fruit in existence, which is why very few people have ever believed it to be real. I lost many good men and 2 ships finding and acquiring that fruit, but it was all well worth it because my boy deserves only the best Devil Fruit."

Tsunade pinches the bridge of her nose at this, as she weighs the pros and cons of it, and then comes to a decision. She sighs as she says, "Alright I've decided...Naruto you can eat the fruit and become a Storm-Human, BUT you will be training very hard to control those powers, and under No circumstances are you to bring destructive storms to the Island. Am I understood young man?" Naruto nods his head furiously as he reaches into the chest and takes out the Storm-Storm fruit with reverence and proceeds to take a huge bite out of it, chewing and then swallowing it.

After he does he makes a sick face and sticks his tongue out and says, "Blah... It tastes like poop. Why didn't you tell me it would be nasty Tou-san?" The large man laughs and says, "Wanted you to find that out for yourself. All Devil Fruits are nasty as heck, but for the powers they give you they don't have to taste good. Well I'll teach you the basics of using your new powers before I leave, after that it'll be all up to yourself to learn your powers son." Naruto nods happily at this, as Tsunade goes to finish the food, and the three eat a great meal before tucking Naruto in for the night.

The next morning everyone is up bright and early, after cooking and eating breakfast Tsunade heads off to the hospital to do her rounds and see patients. Naruto and Edward head out back to the boy's little Training Area to work out, first the large man reviews with his son what the boy knows about Haki, being impressed and teaching him a little more. Then they work on their bodies, doing push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, running laps, and even lifting some weights and doing some laps around the house. Then after lunch they get into Naruto's Devil Fruit Powers, and by the time the large man leaves that night the boy is able to summon a small drizzle of rain.

Leaf Village Docks

10 years A.R.D(After Roger's Death)

Its been 10 years since the death of the Pirate King Gold Roger, 10 years since Whitebeard became the Strongest Man in the World, and 10 years since Naruto D. Senju received his Storm-Storm Fruit powers. In the 10 years that have passed Naruto has grown taller, stronger, and more powerful, He now stands at 11 feet tall, much taller then most of his comrades and friends, his body is filled out nicely, possessing a swimmers figure with ripcord muscles meant for speed and strength both, his blonde hair is now cut very short, but still spikey.

His attire has changed as well, now wearing dark blue khaki pants with multiple pockets, a short-sleeved grey button up shirt which is left open exposing his muscled torso, Black combat boots, tied around his waist is a dark orange sash, and to finish the look off is a long red Captains Jacket. Over the years Naruto has come to master many of his abilities, with help from the now retired Sarutobi as well his Godfather who visits when he can, he's mastered Armament and Observation Haki. Also he's learned from Jiraiya how to use 3 of the 6 Powers of the Marines, those being Shave, Finger Gun, and his favorite Storm Leg.

As for his Conqueror's Haki, he's gotten pretty good control of it to the point that when he actively uses it he can put around 10,000 weak people into either unconsciousness, or make them babbling messes. When it comes to his Storm-Storm Fruit powers, he has yet to completely master them, he can now create storms that can affect 3 islands at the same time, but not big enough to affect an entire sea yet. When it comes to the Logia aspects he has great control over Lightning, Wind, and Snow elements, and only mild control over Water, Sand, and Ice.

Right now he can be found standing on the docks next to a Brig-Sloop Ship made of a dark wood cut from the forests around the village, it has 2 masts, both with crows nests, its length is 115 feet, and the figure head is in the shape of a large Wolf's head. However Naruto isnt alone in standing next to the ship, standing on either side of him is several people, his first crew members and best friends. Over the years The blonde has made many friends with those of his generation, and the ones he is closest to make up his currently little crew.

The first person to his left is another young man of 18 years old, he has short spikey black hair, some light stubble on his face, an brown eyes. He stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 180lbs, with a sort of stocky build but all muscle. He wears a grey long-sleeved shirt that has bandages wrapped around the arms from the biceps to the crook of the elbows, over that he has on a simple brown hooded vest with fur around the hood and the collar.

His pants are black and the right leg has a large whole, on his feet are combat sandals which are grey, and to finish off his look he wears pair of black bangles around his wrists, and strapped to his hips are trench knives. This is Asuma Sarutobi, the youngest son of Hiruzen, and one of Naruto's two best friends in the world. The young man is very laid back but can be serious when he has to be, and when he is he's dangerous, he is a master of fighting with his trench knives, using the knuckle parts to do blunt damage, and the knife parts to leave shallow wounds that will bleed out. In the crew he is the Navigator as he's great with maps and directions.

The next person and the first to the blonde's right is another young man of 18, this one with shoulder length spikey black hair, and black eyes, he stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 155lbs, with a lean and athletic build. He wears a long blue Kimono top which is open partly to show his chest which has bandages wrapped around it, along with grey slacks all of which are tied together with a red sash. Strapped to each hip is a Katana, which he uses in his special 2-sword style swordsmanship. He also has the power of a Devil Fruit, his being a Parmecia with 2 special abilities, called the Kamui-Kamui Fruit.

This young man's name is Obito Uchiha, he is Naruto's other best friend and his designated first mate. Obito hails from the other founding family of the Leaf, the Uchiha Clan, and is a direct descendant of Madara Uchiha who was the best friend of Naruto's Great-Great Grandfather Hashirama D. Senju. The only problem with Obito is that he is chronically late for everything, and makes up terrible excuses to explain his lateness.

The next person to the left of Naruto and the left of Asuma, is a girl, she is only 14 years old. She has long black hair with a bluish tint to it, tied up in a spikey ponytail, and brown pupil-less eyes, which fits her heart-shaped face. She stands at 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at a small 80lbs Her attire consists of a sleeveless lavender shirt over a fishnet shirt which holds up her high B-cup bust nicely, dark shorts, and knee length black boots. Strapped to he back is a rifle, this is Anko Mitarashi, she's the crew's sharpshooter, as well as self proclaimed sexiest girl in the crew.

The next person to the right is another young lady, this one 18 years old, with long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes, on each of her cheeks are purple rectangular markings, she is considered to be very beautiful. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs around 110lbs, with a thin frame, and average sized breasts, C-cup. She wears a long-sleeved black top and a light purple apron-skirt, under which she wears black pants, she also wears a pair of red stockings that stop at her thighs, heeled sandals, and a small red bracelet on her left wrist, as well as carrying a doctors bag.

This is Rin Nohara, the girlfriend of Obito, as well as the ships doctor who was trained personally by Tsunade to be the doctor for her only son as she knows he'll get himself injured alot like his father. The final member of the crew who is already aboard the ship and looking down with mild annoyance is the Cook.

The person in question is another 18 year old girl, with fair skin and slender build, with long, untamed, black hair that reaches to her upper back, her eyes are very unique being a wine red color with an additional ring in them. Her attire consists mostly red, she wears a sleeveless red turtleneck, and long red pants, on her feet are high-heels, and over her shirt is a white vest. This young woman's name is Kurenai Yuhi, and she is the on again/off again, girlfriend of Asuma Sarutobi, and the 3rd Devil Fruit user in the crew.

The reason for her annoyance and the others still being on the docks is that most of the village is there to see them off. At the front of the group are Naruto's mother Tsunade, her senior student Shizune, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the current Kage Minato Namikaze. Minato Namikaze is a young man of 28 years, with spikey, golden-blonde hair with two jaw length bangs, and bright blue eyes. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, the same height as Obito. He wears an all blue outfit, complete with a long white coat with orange flames licking the bottom, with the Kanji for Kage on the back.

The man steps forward and looks up at his younger and yet taller counterpart and says, "Naruto D. Senju we wish you and your crew luck out there on the Seas. May you find the fame and fortunes you seek. However from this day forth we of the Leaf do not want to see you or your crew here again until such a time as you have either become a Shichibukai or one of the Emperors of the seas. We don;t want your crimes tied back to us you understand?"

Naruto just lets out a belly laugh and says in his now deep voice, "No problems Minato-san, we get it. Well Everyone we should be off, We have a name to make for ourselves, bounties to get, other pirates and Marines to fight, and people to plunder." At this everyone laughs as Tsunade steps forward and hugs her only son and says, "You stay safe out there Naru-chan. If things ever get to hairy out there you can always come home to me, no matter what Minato says, if he has a problem with it I'll pound him to paste."

The now dark blonde-haired young man chuckles at this, "Thank you Kaa-chan you have been the best mother a man could ask for. I'll miss you, but all boys leave home eventually, its just my time. Don't worry about me while I'm away, I'll have Obito and Asuma to watch my back, and Rin to patch me up. Take care of yourself you old drunk." At this the busty 42 year old punches him on the arm before kissing his cheek and letting him go. After some words exchanged between Asuma and his father, as well as Obito and his favorite cousin Mikoto, the Five rookie pirates board their ship with the 6th and set sail.

The last thing the People of the Leaf see of their wayward youth are their crew's pirate flag, that of a smiling skull with blonde hair, over a storm cloud, the very same symbol that they 6 had tattooed on various parts of their bodies the year before. This symbol will come to be known years later as the symbol of the Storm Pirates, and more over the symbol of Naruto D. Newgate.

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