Black Flame here, bringing you the next exciting installment of Naruto D. Newgate the Storm. Now this chapter is a bit short and takes place in the middle of the Marinford war. Now as I've mentioned Ace and Whitebeard will be surviving in this chapter, and Luffy finally gets to meet one of his heroes. I'm not going to ruin the chapter by telling you everything about it up here. I hope you all enjoy it so without further ado, Here is chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: Battle of The Best! Naruto Saves the Day!


New World

22nd Year of GPA

Marineford, the base of operations for the World Navy is in turmoil right now, the reason for this is that the Marines and Shichibukai are at war with the Whitebeard Pirates and their Allies. The reason for this war being the capture and attempted execution of the 2nd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Portgas D. Ace, revealed to actually be named Gol D. Ace the son of the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

The Island looks as though it has been turned on its end, as Whitebeard used his powers to cause Tsunamis and Sea Quakes which caused a lot of damage. In middle of all this fighting is a young man who stands 5 feet and 7 inches, with black hair which is covered by a straw-hat, wearing a yellow buttoned up vest, red pants rolled up to his knees, and straw-sandals. This 17 year old is named Monkey D. Luffy, he is the son of the most wanted man in the world Monkey D. Dragon, grandson of the Hero of the Marines Monkey D. Garp, and a young Pirate with a bounty of over 300 Million Beli, with the power of the Paramecia type Gum-Gum fruit making him a rubber man.

More importantly though is that the young man is the sworn younger brother of Ace, and is currently in danger of dying, as Admiral Akainu one of the 3 Admirals of the Marines and a Logia User with power over Magma is aiming at him with a fist made of molten rock. What no one but Whitebeard himself and the Fleet Admiral of the Marines Sengoku notices is thick storm clouds rolling in.

As the thunder claps, and the lighting arcs through the air, Akainu nears Luffy, however Ace appears standing above his little brother in an effort to protect him. The red wearing Admiral smirks at this as he yells out, "DIE!" He brings his magma coated fist forward, however right at that moment a bolt of lightning strikes down in front of him and he finds his punch blocked. Soon the Lightning starts to take the shape of a human being, as the part holding his fist becomes a hand which is attached to an arm, and as the lightning finishes taking shape and begins to fade away it reveals the towering figure of Naruto D. Newgate.

Luffy and Ace both are shocked by this turn of events, as Akainu glares and says, "Naruto D. Newgate! Perfect! I'll kill Whitebeard's one true son!" The blonde scoffs at this and responds, "Why don't you chill out for a bit Sakazuki?" With that he unleashes a Haki enhanced kick to the man's side which sends him flying over a 1000 feet, crashing into the main building. Ace seeing this whistles and says, "Damn. As impressive as ever Aniki." However he finds his face planted into the ground by the blonde as said man says, "Do you want to die moron?! It doesn't matter if your made of fire, Sakazuki's Magma-Magma Fruit is of a higher magnitude of heat then yours and would have killed you regardless. Think before you act fool."

Ace stands up, rubbing his face as he says, "Your always so mean Naruto. I was trying to protect my Little brother." The blonde shakes his head before he takes his Halberd off his back and blocks a massive Bisento, causing a massive shock wave. The wielder of the Bisento is his father Edward Newgate, who smiles at his boy and says, "Good reflexes son. What are you doing here?" The two separate and the younger man responds, "You really think I was going to sit around and allow The Marines to kill my father? Hell no. Neither is my fleet." With this he snaps his fingers and a moment later a swirling vortex appears over the water, and suddenly over 100 more pirate ships appear, including his Flagship Fenrir the Second.

Standing on the figure head is the other 9 original members of the Storm Pirates, as well as the 6 members who make up the Bijuu corps. The first is a young boy with fair skin and short, spiky, auburn hair, pale blue-green eyes, and two distinct traits, the first is black lines around his eyes which make him look kind of like a raccoon, and the second is the Kanji for love tattooed on his forehead over his left eye. He is only 12 years old, stands at 4 feet and 7 inches tall, he wears a black full body suit with t-shirt-like sleeves, ¾-length legs, and an open neck. With this, he wears a white cloth over his right shoulder and the left side of his hips, and a wide leather band system over the left shoulder and right side of his hips, with this leather band, he carries around a gourd that contains sand.

This is Sabaku Gaara, the user of the the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 1-Tails, which allows him to transform himself into a giant Raccoon made completely of sand, which also allows him to control said element. He is also able to take on hybrid from which turns him into a miniature version of the beast, except he retains his eye color, and his human legs and feet.

The next one is a 27 year old woman, she has long, straight, blonde, hair bound with taut bandages and dark eyes. She wears a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and black pants, both of which have a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of blue beads wound around her left hand, She also wears bandages around her arms and legs as well as a red belt around her waist and heeled sandals, She has a high C-Cup bust size as well. Her name is Yugito Nii, and she is the user of the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 2-Tails.

Her fruit allows her to transform into a giant 2-tailed cat made of blue flames, with two different colored eyes, and can shoot fireballs. She can also take a sort of Ware-cat hybrid form, and can control the blue flames at will rather she's in her hybrid, full, or regular form. She is one of currently the only two female members of the Bijuu Corps.

The next member is an older man, around 35 years old, he has red hair, moustache and beard which tappers off to a point, he wears a large headpiece consisting of a three pointed crown-like ridge, bearing a ring, and a prominent black piece of armour running across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. He wears a long-sleeved light-red shirt and grey pants, with a fishnet shirt and fitted black suit underneath, along with calf-length boots, around his waist he wears a brown sash.

He stands at 5 feet tall, his name is Roshi, and he is the wielder of the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 4-Tails. His fruit allows him to transform himself into a giant red-furred and green-skinned monkey, with a body-build of a gorilla and four-tails. It has eyes with yellow irises and white pupils, spike-like protrusions along the length of its tails, elongated blunt fangs, and two long horns curving upwards on its forehead like a crown. He to can take a hybrid form which transforms him into a 7 foot ware-gorilla, also the 4-tails gives him the ability to control Lava.

Next is another man, this one larger then the rest, standing at 7 foot 5 inches tall. He has light brown eyes, and wears red armor which is called "Steam Armor" and has furnace on the back that emits steam and extends all the way to the bottom half of his face, covering it up. Underneath the armour covering the bottom half of his face, he wears a white cloth which also covers both sides of his face and the top of his head, aside from his red armour, he also wears a red conical straw hat over the white cloth and it seems to be composed of the same material of his armour and furnace. He wears over his armour a black gi, with the sleeves seemingly torn off and black gloves. He also wears what seems to be a bronze-coloured ring around his neck which he wears over his red armour. Also, the armour covering his arms and torso is plated.

This man's name is Han and he is the wielder of the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 5-Tails, which allows him to transform into what primarily resembles a white horse, but with a dolphin's head. It has two pointed long horns and three shorter horns in front, and five long tails. He also has a Hybrid form which has him standing on two legs, and growing to be around 10 feet in height. The greatest power of the 5-tail is its ability to control steam, which is something Han retains in all forms.

The next member is 26 years old and is a 5 foot 10 inch tall, thin young man with pale golden eyes and brown hair that reaches to his shoulders, his side parting let a large portion of his bangs cover the left side of his face. He wears a long, light blue kimono adorned with a small emblem of three bubbles on the back, and a pair of grey pants underneath, with an orange sash. The kimono hangs loose, exposing his chest, in it, he carries a bamboo jug filled with a soap solution, and a pipe.

This man's name is Utakata and he is the wielder of the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 6-Tails. The fruit allows him to transform into a giant 6-tailed white with a slight light blueish tint, bipedal slug with stubby arms and feet. It has two prominent optical tentacles and hole-like openings as a mouth, its entire body is covered in a slimy substance. It also gives the power to emit corrosive substances that can instantly disintegrate a target on contact in the form of liquid or gas and can also expel a sticky, slime-like substance to trap a target.

The last member of the Bijuu Corps is the 2nd woman, and probably the strongest member. She stands at 5 foot 4 inches tall, is 28 years old, and has a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, fiery red hair (a common trait among the members of the Uzumaki Family) that falls down to her ankles with strands that frame both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left, keeping it out of her eyes. She wears a black short-sleeved shirt and grey form-fitting pants that reach her calves, with a red vest on over her shirt which strains against her D-cup bust.

This woman's name is Kushina Uzumaki, and she is the wielder of the most powerful fruit in the Bijuu-Bijuu series. She holds the power of the Bijuu-Bijuu Fruit: Model 9-Tails, which allows her to transform into a giant 9-tailed Fox, with red-orange fur and red eyes. It also gives her many abilities, first she is able to control fire and wind to an extent, creating twisters of wind, and breathing flames, in her full and hybrid forms she is able to create destructive shock waves capable of destroying dozens of ships at one time. It also allows her to create chains made of golden energy that she can control even in her Human form, and can use to capture or kill multiple people at once.

Naruto smirks at his father and says, "I brought back up. Figured you could use the help old man." Edward gains a tick mark at his son's cheek, as the younger man turns to the Fenrir the second and calls out, "Bijuu Corps your Up! Roshi Take Akainu! Han You've got Admiral Kizaru! Yugito your on Aokiji! Bee and Kushina take the Giants! Gaara and Utakata you two have Moria and Kuma! GO!" all 7 of the Bijuu corps do as instructed and jump off the Fenrir heading at their targets, Kushina, Bee, Utakata, and Gaara Transforming to their full forms, while the other 3 take on their hybrid forms.

The blonde then looks at the rest of his originals, "Obito you take Doflamingo! Zabuza you have Mihawk! The rest of you take whoever you please! Go Wild!" Then he turns to all the others under his command, "Show These Marines Your Power! Attack At Will!" That gets a loud chorus of yes and yells of excitement as the Storm Pirates and their Allies enter the fray against the Marines, turning the tides. As Whitebeard and his son the Storm King begin to fight side by side, utilizing their natural monstrous strength, and their powers to decimate all who come before them.

Sengoku looks at all the destruction that is happening around him, As his Admirals do battle with Demonic Zoans, killing pirates and fellow Marines without pause. His Still loyal Shichibukai fighting against a Fishman, the First Mate of the Storm Pirates, and Giant monsters. His Giant Corps being decimated by an 8-Tailed Ox-Octopus and a 9-tailed Fox who are tearing them apart, and on top of it all, Jinbei and Hancock have betrayed him and are working for the Newgates now. However things go from bad to worse as just then The Blackbeard Pirates show up, with the former Shichibukai himself leading them.

Marshall D. Teach, the man known as Blackbeard, is a middle-aged looking man with a massive build, his body is round with relatively thin limbs, a big mouth with several broken or missing teeth, a pronounced crooked nose and a very large and hairy chest and torso. Long, thick, curly black hair falls down the back of his neck, underneath a black bandanna, and a small scruffy black beard, which is the source of his epithet, grows around his jawline. He is extremely tall, being 2 inches taller then Naruto, meaning he stands at 11 feet and 2 inches tall, and hes 38 years old.

His attire consists of a large black and gold captain's coat under which he wears a long sleeved red shirt which is left open, showing of the 2 beaded necklaces he wears around his neck. He has on dark green trousers with a yellow sash tied around his waist in which he keeps 3 pistols on his left side and a bottle of rum on the right. Around each wrist he has beaded bracelets and finishes it off with brown boots.

The man used to be a Member of the Whitebeard Pirates, part of the 2nd division under Ace, however he killed the 4th division commander Thatch in order to obtain a very hard to find Logia Devil Fruit called the Dark-Dark Fruit, which gives him power to create and control darkness and its unique property of Gravity at will, as well as to negate the powers of other Devil Fruit Users just as long as he is touching them. However the downside is that he can not become his element and is damaged far more then normal by attacks. After obtaining this fruit he ran away from the crew and started his own pirate crew, and has been very busy, infact he is the one who captured Ace and gave him to the Marines in order to become a Shichibukai so that he'd have access to the greatest prison, Impel Down.

The traitor pirate laughs as he sees all the destruction and battles going on and says, "Looks like I arrived right on time. On time to finish off old man Whitebeard! Zehahahahaha!" However when he looks around for the old man he finds that he is still very much alright, not at all weakened, and Fighting right along side of him is Naruto D. Newgate. Seeing this and connecting the dots he becomes angry, "Dammit! Naruto D. Newgate just had to ruin my plans. Why can't that brat mind his own damn business?" As he begins to rant and rave.

But then he has a brilliant Idea, "We'll just adjust our plans a bit. Whitebeard will still die, but so will his son, and I think I'll take Naruto's Storm-Storm powers instead of the old man's Quake-Quake powers for myself! Lets go boys, we got two Newgates to kill!" His crew agrees, however soon they are all brought to their knees by an unseen force, the only one still standing being Teach himself. When the man looks to the source he finds Naruto standing infront of him, unleashing his Conquerors Haki, with a look of pure rage on his face.

The blonde looks at the betrayer of his father and says, "You want to kill my father and I do you? Want to take our fruit powers for yourself do you? That's not going to happen! Today Marshall D. Teach, you Die! Today you learn why you never betray a Newgate!" With this he hits him in the face with a Armament Enhanced punch, sending him flying back, bowling over his crew, and crashing into one of the broken Marine ships. He then begins to walk towards the Blackbeard Pirates and says, "Stay out of my way. If any of you even move to get involved you will die."

With that he uses Shave to vanish and reappear hovering above where Teach is, however a moment later he feels himself being pulled down as he hears the man say, "Black Spiral!" Blackbeard laughs as Naruto reaches within arms length and launches his fist at him, attempting to hit him in the face, however Naruto hardens his head with Armament Haki and the older man feels like he's just hit iron and shakes his fist. The blonde takes advantage and nails him in the gut with powerful kick, which sends him flying again, this time out the other end of the broken ship and down onto the iced over water.

Naruto then appears behind the still skidding man and covers his fist in haki and punches him in face again, this time causing him to be planted into the ice and cratering it. He begins to unleash a barrage of Haki enhanced blows upon the traitorous man, each one breaking bone, splattering blood, and knocking out more teeth. As he goes to hit him for the 30th time, Teach catches his fist and begins to laugh, "Zehahahahaha! I've got you now brat! As long as I'm touching you, your Devil Fruit powers are useless!"

Naruto scoffs at this as he grabs him by his coat his hefts him into the air and says, "Who says I need my Devil Fruit powers to Beat you? I haven't used them since this fight began. All I've been doing is whooping your punk ass with pure strength, speed, and Haki!" With that he lets him go and uses his now free hand to punch him in the gut so hard it bends around his arm before he's shot off like a rocket again, crashing into the execution stand. As he makes his way towards the severely beat up man, he senses an incoming attack and moves his head to the left, avoiding a gunshot that goes on to hit the ground.

Then he senses another one from above and blocks a sword strike with his Halberd before throwing the assailant back and turning in time to land an elbow to the face of a large man in a wrestling mask sending him flying. Then he blocks two pistol shots with a wall of wind, sending them back at the shooter and destroying his pistols, before turning with his Halberd and blocking a spear strike from the only woman on Blackbeard's crew, spinning his weapon to knock her off balance and back hands her away.

He then turns and slices the next members pistols before kicking him in the face and sending him flying back into the woman who just got up. Finally he turns at meets fists with the giant of the Blackbeard pirates which causes a shock wave, however the giant gets the worst end of it, as Naruto encased his fist in lightning and sent it coursing up the Giant's body, electrocuting him. As all the Blackbeard Pirates, including the man himself recover and surround him, he laughs, "Stohahahahahaha! So you think ganging up on me will work do you? I'm afraid to say that if I was my Tou-san and severely weakened from battle, which he nor I am, It Might work. However I'm 29 years old, in the prime of my life. I wont be beaten by the likes of you, Let me show you the difference between us."

With this he hardens his entire body, as well as his Halberd with Armament Haki and then vanishes. The first of the Blackbeard Pirates to be taken out is the sickly Doc Q and his over large horse Stronger, as immediately after the blonde vanishes the 2 of them spurt blood from multiple wounds, and fall to the ground out cold. Next the blonde goes after the Sharpshooter Van Auger, who is hidden away, the man doesn't even have time to blink before he's punched in the temple and KOed. Then he decides to go after the fighter Jesus Burgess, appearing behind him and grabbing him around the waist even as the swordsman of the crew says, "Jesus behind you!"

But it's to late as he lifts the man from his feet, and Suplexes him head first into the ground and then freezes him solid in ice. Then he vanishes again, going for the the effeminate looking man Laffitte, however the man can see through his speed technique and attacks him with his cane, which Naruto catches and uses to pull him in close and nail him with wind dagger to the kidney, putting him down. After that he decides to take out the swordsman and former head jailer of Impel Down, Shiryu of the Rain, he appears to the side of the man swinging his Halberd to cut him in half, however Shiryu easily blocks this strike and proceeds to engage him in a fast and furious exchange of weapons.

After a few minutes the two lock weapons again, however Naruto smirks as he takes one hand from the Polearm of his weapon, raises it in the air and then brings it down, causing an enormous bolt of lightning to crash down onto the two of them. When the light from the attack fades away it shows Shiryu laying on the ground unconscious and smoking, while the blonde's haki is gone from his body but he's fine. Next he sets his sights on the Giant Sanjuan Wolf, however before he can move he hears Teach say, "Black Hole!" As he spreads his darkness around the area and begins to draw the blonde closer before slamming his hand on the ground and causing him to be subjected to crushing gravity as he's being sucked down.

Naruto is barely affected by the gravity weighing down on him and sighs in annoyance, so he decides to finish this once and for all. He turns himself into wind and disperses to escape the black hole, then as the remaining members of the Blackbeard pirates are looking around for him, his upper body re-materializes above Teach as he swings his halberd at the man's neck. The only female member Catarina Devon screams out a warning to her new captain, but its to late, Blackbeard turns just in time to see the face of his killer as the halberd cuts clean through his neck and severs his head from his body.

The man's head rolls forward several feet with a look of shock upon it, as his neck spurts alot of blood, and his body falls first to its knees and then forward onto it's front on the ground, and with this Marshall D. Teach is officially dead. All the still awake former prisoners, as well as Whitebeard, Ace, and even the Marines are shocked and impressed by the utter domination shown by Naruto D. Newgate The Storm King. However the most shocked by the man's actions is Monkey D. Luffy, the boy looks on with his mouth open and eyes widened as he say, "You killed him... Why?... Why couldn't ya just kick his ass in the dirt and let him live?"

The blonde turns at this question and looks at the young man, "Monkey D. Luffy, known as Straw-Hat Luffy, a rookie who has only been a pirate for around 9 months and already has a bounty of 300 Million Beli. I've been following your rise very carefully kid, and you've impressed me with your strength and sheer fighting genius, also your crew is much like mine, you defend the innocent from others. However where your crew and mine differ boy is in how we deal with our enemies, you let yours live which gives them the chance to come back for revenge later, and thats if they escape from the custody of the Marines. I kill all my enemies so they wont come back for revenge, I don't leave live bodies for the Marines to collect."

Luffy begins to shake at this, "I idolized you... I always wanted to be like you and Shanks... To defend innocent people instead of attacking them like you... To be someone who doesn't resort to killing just like Shanks..." At this Naruto laughs, "Hahahahaha! That's rich, not resort to killing like Red-hair? Let me let you in on a secret kid, All the Emperors of the seas have killed and will kill if the situation demands it, that includes your hero Shanks. That man has even more blood on his hands then I do." Luffy glares at him for this remark, but before he can continue to speak, Ace places his hand on his shoulder and says, "Let it go Luffy... All pirates have killed at one point or another. Even I've killed people with my powers. Remember in Alabasta when I destroyed all those Baroque Works Ships with a single attack? You think the men and women on those ships survived? Because I know they didn't."

Naruto shakes his head as he turns to the former Blackbeard Pirates, "Listen up you bastards! Your captain is dead, however I am a jovial guy, so I'll give you one chance, Join my crew and follow my rules and you can all retain your freedom. Refuse and the Marines can have you all to do with as they please, most likely you'll all be thrown back into level 6 of Impel Down or executed." Every one of them weighs their options, and Sanjuan and Jesus are the only ones who decide to join up with him, the rest turn their backs and decide to try and escape. The fighting continues for another hour, with Kushina and Bee defeating all the Giants of the Marines, Gaara and Utakata defeating Moria and stalemating Kuma.

Zabuza and Mihawk end up in a draw as both of them are incredible swordsman with really big swords, and are unable to get the upper-hand. Obito and Doflamingo are a draw as well, as the dark haired man's mastery of Armament Haki allows him to perfectly counter every single Armament Haki enhanced string the blonde sends at him. While Roshi is at his limits with Akainu who has turned his sights on a young pink-haired marine who is clutching at his head and screaming for all the fighting to stop. Yugito and Aokiji are just standing there breathing heavy from their fighting, and the Ice-Human is actually attempting to flirt with the beautiful blonde who isn't taking to it.

Han and Kizaru are still going at it, however now Han has the help of the 1st Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco The Phoenix, who is another Mythical Zoan User, able to take on and use the abilities of the mythical Phoenix. At that moment Akainu gets tired of the young man's screaming and rushes at him, his fist made of Magma, however when he goes to strike the pink-haired teen, he is blocked by someone unexpected.

The person in question is a man who wears a white shirt which is only buttoned halfway, leaving his chest exposed. Around his waist is a large red sash, which also holds his sabre sheath on the right side, with dark trousers and sandals. The most striking things about him are the color of his red-hair, the three scars across his left eye, and his missing right arm, this man is the 37 year old Emperor of the Sea, Red-Hair Shanks. Right now he is blocking Admiral Akainu's Magma fist with his sabre. Akainu seeing him seethes in rage, "Red-hair! What are you doing here?!" Instead of answering him, Shanks coats his right foot in Armament Haki and kicks him in the face sending him flying, only then does he respond, "This war has gone on for long enough."

Seeing a second Emperor of the Sea and his crew everyone stops fighting, as the red-haired man turns towards Sengoku and says, "What do you say we stop this war here Sengoku-san? I think there has been enough death and destruction for one day." The Afro-ed man nods his head and answers, "I Agree! Listen up all Marines! The War is over! Collect the Dead and Injured and The Pirates can do the same!" At this the Marines have varying reactions, from grumbles of annoyance, to cheers of happiness, and shouts of rage most of which come from Akainu and those like him.

Shanks turns to the two Newgate men, "You two good with this outcome? Because if not then I'll fight you both here and now." At this father and son both laugh heartily, as Edward stops and says, "No need for that youngster, not that you could take my son and I at the same time even if you and your whole crew ganged up on us. We're fine with this." Naruto nod's along to his fathers words before he turns and calls out, "All right all you Scurvy dogs! You heard Sengoku! Collect the Dead and injured and prepare to Weigh Anchor! This war is our victory!" At this all the Whitebeard and Storm Pirates, as well as all their allies cheer loudly as they go about their tasks of collecting the dead and injured.

While this is going on Boa Hancock takes Naruto aside and asks if he would consent to allowing she and the Kuja Pirates be a subordinate crew under the Storm Pirates. Naruto agrees and even offers to take Amazon Lily under his protection so that there will be no repercussions on her when she quits the Shichibukai, for this he receives a kiss on the cheek. Hancock does indeed tender her resignation to Sengoku and informs him that she and the Kuja Pirates, as well as their home of Amazon Lily will from now on be under the protection of Naruto D. Newgate, something he is reluctant to allow but does.

A day later finds all of the divisions of the Whitebeard Pirates, the Allies to Whitebeard, as well as all of the Divisions of the Storm Pirates and their Allies, and the Red-hair pirates all anchored around a medium sized island which is considered to be neutral territory. They are at this island to bury all the pirates who died during what is now being called the War of the Best, and Edward Whitebeard Negate has decided to make an announcement to the gathered crews. The large old man stands towering over most, with the exceptions of Little Oars Jr and Sanjuan Wolf, and speaks, "It's good that everyone who should be gathered here are. I have an announcement to make! This last war with the Marines has shown me something that up until now I had been trying to deny!"

At this everyone begins to wonder what he means, but he continues, "It has shown me that I have grown old and weak! Now I know you might all say that I am still the strongest man in the world, however that is only because the one man capable of taking that title from me has no wish to fight me! That man stands behind me right now, and it is infact my flesh and blood son Naruto D. Newgate!" At this everyone looks at the 29 year old in slight awe and shock, Naruto himself narrows his eyes at his father, wondering what the old man is planning.

Edward smirks at his boy as he turns back to the crowd and continues, "This has become a young man's game, and there is no place in this new Pirate Age for relics like myself! So it is with a heavy heart that I have come to a decision! As of right this moment I am Officially Retired from the life of Piracy!" At this all his divisions go into an uproar, begging him to reconsider and asking who will lead them in his absence and many other questions like that, some even suggesting Marco or Ace, neither of which seem to agree.

The old man releases a bit of his Conqueror's Haki to silence all his people as he says, "Silence! Don't fret because I've already chosen my successor as not only Strongest Man in the World, but also as Emperor of the Sea and Head of the Whitebeard Pirates! My successor to all that I have is in fact my boy, Naruto D. Newgate!" At this all the division commanders smirk, knowing that their Captain has finally achieved what he wanted years ago, to have his son succeed him, while Naruto's eyes widen and his face morphs into first shock, and then annoyance, and his crew are all laughing.

The blonde-haired 29 year old scowls at his father, "Really Tou-san? I refused to take over for you years ago and you think I'll do it now? Give me one good reason why I should take over from you." The larger and older man smirks, "Because son there is no one in all the seas that is as strong as you are. Lets face it, you've gone to war with 2 of the Emperors and managed to win, gaining a large territory out of the deal, giving you the same kind of autonomy from the Government as all of we Emperors."

Naruto nods his head at this point as the man continues on, "You have defeated at some point or another each of the Shichibukai, with the exception of Boa Hancock, though you've got her affections, and you've even gone toe to toe with each of the three Admirals and come out virtually unscathed, sure you have some scars to show from it but we all have scars. Face it Naruto, rather you know it or not you have surpassed me, you may not think you have, but I know it, as do my crew, I admitted it last year. You are the only viable candidate to take my place as Strongest Man in the World as well as Emperor of the Seas."

The younger Newgate is forced to agree with his father on every single point he's made, as he lowers his head and slumps his shoulder in defeat, "Fine... I'll do it... I'll take over the reigns of the Whitebeard Pirates as well as titles of Strongest Man in The World And Emperor of the Seas from you old man. But just so we're clear I'm not taking your place, I've never wanted to replace you as there is no one who can do that. You Tou-san are Edward 'Whitebeard" Newgate! You are one of the original Pirate greats, the oldest and strongest, and no one can or will ever take that from you. But more importantly to me, your my Father. I will always love you and respect you Tou-san and I can only hope to be Half the Captain you are."

Edward smiles proudly at his flesh and blood as he rubs his head and nods in thanks. He then clears his throat, "It's official, Naruto is my relief as Captain! Now in order to make the transition easier for everyone, I will be staying on as his adviser for a while, as well as rounding out the edges in his skills as not only a Captain but a fighter. In a years time I will be leaving the Fenrir the second and retiring to the very Island Naruto was born on, where I will spend the rest of my days being a normal old man and spending some time with the only woman I have ever truly loved."

Everyone of the Whitebeard Pirates cheer at this, as Ace steps to the front of the crowd to lead them in a chorus of "He's A Jolly Good Fellow" for their retiring Captain/Father. When that's done he then leads not only the Whitebeard Pirates but the Storm Pirates and all their combined allies in a chorus of "Hoist the Colors"(Song from Pirates of the Caribbean) in honor of their soon to be new Captain/Older Brother, which makes the 29 year old smile as he joins in with them.

A few days later the world is shocked once again when there is a picture in the paper of Monkey D. Luffy standing in the middle of the battlefield at Marineford with his head bowed and his hat held to his chest. The headline reads that he rung the Ox Bell several times in remembrance of all those who died in the War of the Best, and that The World Government has risen his bounty to 400 Million Beli. However any with a brain can see that the picture is a message, which includes Naruto who mention's such to his father and Ace, "Obviously he's attempting to send a message to his scattered crew. Though I can't tell what it is, that tattoo on his arm is odd... with the 3 D crossed out."

He takes a thinking pose as Ace smiles at his little brother in the paper and answers the question about the first part, "3D means 3 Days, from when he and his crew agreed to meet back up again at their ship in Sabaody, because thats how long it was going to take to have it coated in the special resin needed to get to Fishman Island." The blonde nods at this as he looks at how its crossed out and 2Y is under it, before he gets it, "Ah ha! If 3D means 3 days to meet up and it's crossed out then the 2Y must mean that he's telling his crew to meet up in Sabaody in 2 years instead. That's actually pretty smart, it'll give all of them time to train up and get stronger to face the threats they'll meet in the new world."

Edward nod's at his son's words as he gives his wisdom, "In many ways that boy reminds me of Roger. In the short time I met him and talked with him, the way he talked, the way he acted, his spirit, and even his smile was eerily similar to the Pirate King. That boy will be one to watch for in the future son, and if he and his crew are going to train and get stronger then might I suggest that you and the Storm Pirates train as well? You can never have to much strength." The younger Newgate nods at his father's words and responds, "That's a great idea Tou-san. Let's work on a training regime for everyone in the much larger Storm Pirates. We'll have to have 2 different training regimes for those with and without devil fruits..."

With that the two Newgates, as well as all their division commanders and the original Storm Pirates begin discussing the training that they will be undergoing for the next 2 years. With the Navy and Marines changes are being made as well, after the Marineford war was over Fleet Admiral Sengoku decided to retire and hand the reigns down, however he has the problem of having 2 Admirals who are perfect for the position. His indecision on the matter has unknowingly set up a soon to come clash between the Magma-Human Akainu and the Ice-Human Aokiji. Now that the War of the Best has past, all the major players in the world are changing, and only fate knows what she has in store for the world in the next 2 years.

Annnd Cut! Well there you have it Chapter 3 of Naruto D. Newgate. Now next chapter will take place a year before the strawhats re-unite on Sabaody and show the training that the now much larger Storm Pirates are going through, as well as Naruto and Whitebeard meeting with Neptune and Queen Otohime on Fishman Island to discuss the younger man taking over as the Islands protector. then the chapter after that will be the return to the Canon timeline, though it'll focus on Naruto and his crew with little snippits of what the Straw-hats are doing. As Always Please Read and Review. Until Next time.