Chapter 1 Uninvited Guest

Lucy's POV

"No! Please don't hurt me" Lucy squealed while on her knees with her hands around her neck to protect herself. "Why shouldn't I, imposter" said the frightening pink haired fire mage "I'm not an Imposter, please believe me Natsu" she managed to squeak out, "Lies" he said before stabbing her upper-back with the sharp kitchen knife.

"NO!" Lucy screamed quickly sitting up on her comfortable bed, breathing heavily. "Just a dream" she whispered to herself with a frown. She got out of her bed and debated on whether to go to the guild or not, they were her family after all, but after all those dreams, no, not dreams… nightmares she's been having she didn't know if it'd be safe. Getting dressed in her usual attire still too deep and thought to notice the knocking. The person behind the door knocked harder as if angry at Lucy. But why would anyone be angry at Lucy, she was nice, beautiful, and smart.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she finished getting dressed and went to get the door. She opened the door to reveal a white-haired girl with a smile that quickly turned to a frown as soon as she finished greeting Lucy. "Hi Lisanna, how are you" she said removing all thoughts of her nightmares from her mind and focused on Lisanna who invited herself in. Lucy didn't mind, she was used to having people just walk in to her apartment uninvited (A/N: *cough* Natsu *cough cough*). "Is something wrong?" Lucy asked the white-haired girl, "Actually… there is" she said looking a little sad. "Well what is it" Lucy asked eager to help her friend that came from the dead. "I want you to leave the guild!" she said staring into Lucy's eyes.

Lucy just stared at her with a look of disbelief "What?! Why?! Is this a joke because it's not funny" Lucy said somewhat stubbornly" No, Lucy I want you to leave the guild and never come back" Lisanna screamed as she her hands formed into fist and tears started rolling down her pale and delicate cheeks.

She punched her.

"What's gotten into you Lisanna! This isn't like you" Lucy said holding her now bruised cheek "SHUT UP!" Lisanna screamed in anger as she kneed Lucy in her stomach making her fall over clenching her waist. "Lisanna, don't do this" Lucy pleaded, she would fight back but Lucy couldn't hurt her nakama, especially when they were so innocent, at least, seemed to be.

"Leave Fairy Tail and NEVER come back" Lisanna shouted kicking Lucy who lied on the floor being kicked aggressively and repeatedly by whom she thought was her friend.

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