Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Day One Part One

June's POV

Day 1 at last. I was wearing my regular attire with an additional sleeveless brown leather jacket and was waiting in the hall that leads to the arena. Whatever comes I'm sure well tackle it. "You ready for the games, Firefly?" Sting smirked. I smirk back, "You know I am."

Outside the hall I could hear someone speaking through a microphone, "Now the time has come to meet our competitors. First off, in 8th place, an old school bunch of wild wizards from Magnolia. They had luck in the Preliminary rounds and now they're raring to take back first place by force. It's Fairy Tail!" so they did make it into the games, I wouldn't expect less. Booing could be heard outside. But the booing was drowned by Master Makarov cheering.

"Next up, the team that came up 7th place in the Prelims, the rowdy army of hell hounds, Quatro Cerberus!" the announcer stated. The cheering resumed. "And coming in 6th is a guild filled to the brim with a fairer sex, the damsels of the great blue sea, Mermaid Heel!" the audience cheered louder. "In 5th place is with as your wings glimmer in the darkness, it's Blue Pegasus! Next in 4th place, the goddess of love and strike, the sacred destroyer, Lamia Scale!" he announced, I peeked into the arena unspotted to see if anything as happening, it seemed the teams were socializing but other than that, nothing interesting.

"Now to introduce our 3rd place contestants, what a shocker, swooping in from a midnight fury, this dark and gloomy bunch are making their day view in this year's games. Give it up for… Raven Tail," the announcer said while saying the last two words with a spooky voice. The team started to receive murmurs from the crowd. Wait, wasn't the leader of Raven Tail Makarov's son?

"Our first placer runner up is… Oh WOW! WHAT A SURPRISE! This year's completion just got a whole lot more interesting, folks!" curious, I turned my attention to the gate the 2nd place team was entering through. My eyes widen in surprise, "its Fairy Tail Team B," Everyone else seemed just as surprised.

"Fairy Tail got TWO TEAM IN," I gasped, "Who cares we'll beat their asses no matter how many teams they've got," Sting reassured, "Stings right, they won't be a problem to us," Rogue agreed. I believed them, but I still have my doubts.

"And last but certainly not least- is the team that came in 1st place in the Preliminaries." The crowd started to cheer, "That's right! You know 'em, you love 'em! Now get on your feet and scream for the most powerful guild in Fiore," We started to make our way to the arena, "THE ONE AND ONLY SABERTOOTH!"

We entered the arena at last. Sting had his hands in the air, Rogue remained his usual self, Orga had one fist in the air, and Rufus held the tip of his hat. "Can't wait to break them down," I heard Natsu say in a furious tone. "Why so serious, it's just a game," Sting smirked at Natsu. In another direction I heard Gajeel asking a somewhat rude question to our shadow dragon, which Rogue just brushed off, "At least we know who our biggest completion is," On the balcony I could hear Lector and Frosch cheering for the two dragon slayers. I moment after they started to cheer I could hear cheering from Fairy Tail's balcony. I noticed everyone was here, it felt so good to see my family again, no- Sabertooth is my family.

My eyes wandered to the far right side of the balcony, sitting on the edge was a small girl with long blonde hair and a cute white dress. I don't think I've seen her before in the guild. Was she a new member? Then it hit me like a brick. That's the first master of Fairy Tail, I remember being told of her when I was still in Fairy Tail. It seemed like only the Fairy Tail members noticed her. She must be a ghost, is it that only members of the guild can see her, why was that. I held onto the hand that bared my Fairy Tail emblem, thankful I had it bandaged to conceal it.

Suddenly she caught my gaze and started at me questionably; I quickly look away and bring my attention back to the games.

3rd Person POV

Mavis looked at the girl in the Sabertooth team, "That girl… in the Sabertooth's team, who is she?" she asked, "I think her name was June or something, but why does it matter?" Makarov responded, "Does she have any connections with the guild?" she asked again but not removing her gaze from the red-haired girl, "No connections at all, I've never seen her in my life," he answered again, "Are you positive?" she asked again, "Yes, I'm positive but I don't know why you're asking, it's not like she's important," he stated, "This girl… June, she can see me." She said rather calmly but in the process catching every member on the balcony 's attention, "But first, only members of Fairy Tail can see you," Macao stated, "I don't know, but I'm certain she saw me," Mavis said, "Do you think she may be connected to Zeref?" Makarov asked, "She might, but we don't know for sure,"

Natsu's POV

I was still in the arena when my ear caught an interesting conversation back at the balcony (A/N: Natsu has advanced hearing if you didn't know), my eyes widen after hearing Mavis's words. This Sabertooth chick can see Mavis?! "Natsu , is something wrong," I heard Erza ask, "Yeah that Saber girl, Mavis says she can see her," I told her, "What, that's ridiculous; only Fairy Tail members can see her," Gray butted in, "Yeah, that's what I thought too." I mumbled while I eyed the girl I met the other night.

"That's very peculiar, we'll have to investigate. Make sure to keep an eye on her throughout the games," Erza said, "They think she might have a connection with Zeref too," I added," Is that so, then I have to inform Jellal about this," She finished and walked away. I turned my attention back to the girl and started to wonder what she was hiding.

I decided to talk to her and see if anything was odd about her. As I started I was stopped by the not-so-great-white-dragon-slayer, "Where do you think you're going Natsu," He said obnoxiously, "Get out of the way I wanna talk to that girl," I said in a serious, "I don't think you're going anywhere near her, she'll tear you apart like a tiger. If she doesn't- I will," He said in a threatening voice while leaning in to make it seem more intimidating. I growl and stomp back to the team Wendy should have been here, but those Raven Tail jerks did something to her. Lisanna had to take her place since she was the only one there to.

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