Escape from Site 19

Chapter 1: Victorious Villains?

It has been one month since the heroes Danny Phantom, Mario and Sonic all went missing along with their sidekicks: Tails, Tucker, Luigi, Sam, Princess Peach and Amy. They had been fighting the notorious Merc with the Mouth being Deadpool hired by their arch enemies: Dr. Eggman, Bowser and Vlad Masters. It was easy for Deadpool who aided Skulker and Technus in the fight.

"Man that was the bomb!" laughed Deadpool as he was walking through the prison cells in an unknown location with Skulker and Technus, "Last month's fight was well worth the money!"

"What the heck is someone like you going to do with that money?" asked Skulker.

"Well it'd get me babes and lots of chimichangas!" laughed Deadpool.

"Uh, kind of makes sense with his thing" said Technus.

The prisoners were waking up from their ordeal noticing that they were in prison cells.

"W-W-Where are we?" asked Tucker still in shock, "What is this place?"

"Greetings!" laughed Vlad as his voice echoed throughout the facility, "I recently bought this facility from the SCP Foundation!"

"Plasmius, I knew you were behind hiring that weird bounty hunter" said Danny.

"Of course I was Daniel, but the point is that we're finally going to be able to get rid of you all in one swoop!" laughed Vlad.

"Best part of it" said Bowser as it was his turn, "we don't have to lift a finger!"

"Yea, it was easy getting this facility under our control" added Dr. Eggman, "we found the perfect subject to help us get what we've always wanted!"

"Just what are you talking about Eggman?" asked Sonic.

"Oh, you Sonic, your ghost friend and also that plumber friend will be the first to meet our new ally!" laughed Dr. Eggman.

"Alright I just need you three to come with me" said a guard as he approached the cells that housed Danny, Sonic and Mario.

"Mario, be brave!" cried Princess Peach.

"Don't worry about me" said Mario, "save yourself."

The trio were being escorted by the guards to a secure location, a computer screen popped up showing Vlad, Bowser and Dr. Eggman on the screen.

"Lovely day to finally meet your end Sonic!" laughed Dr. Eggman.

"You know I'll escape and I'll foil your plans like usual Eggman" continued Sonic.

"Not this time you won't Sonic, you see our special ally has a special power" continued Dr. Eggman, "I won't spoil the fun but the best part is we're not in the facility and we're able to watch what happens there!"

"Oh it'd be so much fun getting out the popcorn" added Bowser.

"And when that special ally of ours is finished we'll bring in your sidekicks and then your girlfriends" continued Vlad, "and watch it all over again!"

"You're sick" continued Danny.

"There is no way you'll get away with it" said Mario.

"We'll see" laughed Bowser.

Suddenly an announcement rang throughout the room the trio were in, a large door could be seen. The large door opened, as the trio gazed in, what seemed to be some sort of a strange sculpture was just looking at the corner.

"This is what we have to be afraid of, oh my, such a scary sculpture, ha, ha!" laughed Sonic.

But as Sonic blinked the sculpture glared at Sonic.

"Ha, what the heck?!" cried Sonic.

"Ha, meet SCP-173, our special ally Sonic, the moment you blink it comes closer to you, and the closer it gets to you, well you'll meet your Maker!" laughed Dr. Eggman.

"This is too cruel even for Vlad's normal taste" said Danny.

"There has to got to be a way we can all keep an eye on it and be able to blink at the same time" continued Mario.

"Okay, time to close the doors" said the guard.

The guard at the control panel attempted to close the doors as the trio were in the room with SCP-173, however the doors began to jam and refused to close.

"Uh, there seems to be some trouble with the doors" continued the guard.

But then the power started to have issues and the SCP-173 vanished before the trio, the trio heard screams from the guards as they were trying to fight it.

"What the heck?!" cried Sonic.

"You three, we have to get out of here!" cried the guard.

"You idiots, stay!" roared Dr. Eggman.

"You three!" roared the guard to the three villains still on camera, "You're responsible for this facility now, and it's YOUR responsibility for the safety of the crew here! If you three don't come here, the SCP Foundation will find a way to apprehend you!"

"Boy, their plans really backfired on them" laughed Sonic.

"We got to rescue the others still in their cells" continued Danny.

"Uh, I really hate not following orders, but because of the emergency of the situation we have to have all Class D Personal leave" continued the guard.

"Cool, we got the guard with the cell keys on our side" laughed Sonic.

As the four headed out, the four could hear strange scratching noises throughout the vents as it was the notorious SCP-173 trying to find them, for the three bounty hunters they too were aware of the issues with the facility.

"Man this place is old, so down in the dumps" said Deadpool.

"Emergency broadcast, all personal please evacuate immediately from Site 19!" echoed an emergency voice, "I repeat this is not a drill!"

"Bah, something went wrong, the welts didn't get to meet their Maker, but that doesn't mean I can do it!" laughed Skulker who then took off.

"I guess I should go with him" continued Technus.

"Oh boy I want action!" laughed Deadpool.

But as the trio of bounty hunters were trying to head toward the prisoners, SCP-173 was making their way toward them first.