Chapter 5: Fight to Escape

Danny along with his friends were heading down to Gate B, hoping to escape Site 19, only to run into Dr. Eggman and his robots and two Vlad clones.

"I was expecting that blue hedgehog, but you'll do just fine" said Dr. Eggman.

"Geeze, and I thought Skulker was bad news" said Tucker.

The robots charged at Danny and tried to deliver a few punches sending him flying up in the air, the Vlad clones then attacked him as well. For Sonic and the others, they were heading for Gate A, where they ran into Bowser and the Koopa troopers.

"Ah, my old foe Mario and his friend Sonic" laughed Bowser, "it's time to meet your Maker!"

The Kooper troopers then began to attack Mario, for Sonic he was able to dodge the oncoming attacks from them, along with Tails helping Luigi out.

"Looks like my brother needs some help" said Luigi as he was trying to come to Mario's defense.

Luigi ended up attacking a few of the Koopa troopers along with Mario, Sonic and Tails ended up attacking from the opposite side. Bowser then charged in along with the two Vlad clones. Vlad himself was watching everything from both ends.

"Bah, where is that Merc with the Mouth?!" cried Vlad as he was scanning the Site 19.

Yet Deadpool was busy trying to find a way to destroy SCP-173 for good, for SCP-173, it was moving slowly toward Gate A with Skulker and Technus right behind it.

"Ha, this is so easy!" laughed Skulker.

"Best part of it, it won't ever target us again because we're already dead!" laughed Technus.

As SCP-173 made its way to Gate A, Amy and Princess Peach stood back.

"We have company!" cried Amy as she noticed SCP-173.

"Ha, that's right!" laughed Skulker as he was right behind SCP-173, "We have managed to tame this sculpture to do our bidding!"

But as soon as Skulker and Technus were going to use SCP-173, Deadpool had just arrived back from a trip within the Fourth Wall.

"Where the heck have you been, I've been trying to scan the entire Site 19 for you" said Vlad as he came forward to Deadpool.

"I've been trying to find a way to destroy SCP-173 and I think I found the perfect weapon!" laughed Deadpool.

"Wait, I think I know what it's made out of!" cried Vlad as he was trying to stop Deadpool.

Deadpool planted a bomb right behind SCP-173.

"Now this is no ordinary bomb, it's a bomb made within the Fourth Wall that'd finally get rid of SCP-173 for good!" laughed Deadpool.

"You idiot, we were going to use it against our foes!" cried Skulker.

"Too late!" laughed Deadpool as he setoff the count down.

"Time to get out!" cried Bowser as he recognized the bomb.

As everyone was trying to make their way out, the rescue teams had arrived only to find the strange bomb on SCP-173.

"What is that?!" cried Wario.

Shadow had to use his Chaos Control to teleport every member of his rescue team out of the way from the bomb as it was going down to zero on SCP-173.

"I am certainly not liking where this is going" sighed Vlad.

The bomb ends going off and it destroys SCP-173 for good, yet the sort of disgusting stuff that SCP-173 was made out of ends up flyng everywhere within Gate A, covering Vlad, Skulker and Technus, while Deadpool stayed clean.

"Ew, you guys stink, take a bath!" laughed Deadpool as he left.

For Dr. Eggman, he could smell the horrible smell as far from Gate B which ended up disrupting the fighting.

"What is that smell?!" cried Danny.

"Yea, I am beginning to think this plan was a bad idea hiring the Merc with the Mouth" added Dr. Eggman as he had to part his way and leave.

As Danny met up with the rescue team along with the other former prisoners, they could still smell the ugly smell from quite a distance.

"That's so horrible!" cried Sticks.

"I don't even want to now where that smell is coming from" added Knuckles.

"Glad it's none of us" laughed Waluigi.

As the rescue team and the prisoners end up leaving for good from Site 19, poor Vlad is scene trying to take a shower trying to get rid of the smell from SCP-173 after Deadpool had destroyed it.

"Must get clean, must be clean!" cried Vlad as he was busy in the shower.

Poor Skulker and Technus in the Ghost Zone were doing the same as well.

"Remind me again never to team up with the Merc with the Mouth!" cried Skulker.

"I wish SCP-173 was made out of mud, sadly it wasn't!" cried Technus.

The scene then ends from there.