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*S. Snowflake

Sudden Changes

The crevice between their pushed-together twin beds widened a little as Audrey shifted in her sleep, but it soon fell right back into place. Seymour moved his hand to smooth the sheets between the beds with his fingers, but Audrey's hand gripped it before he could do anything.

"Seymour, it's happening again," she said, almost whispering.


She didn't explain further, but rather moved his hand over her body, placing it on her belly. He thought that maybe she was acting out some kind of dream and was about to try slipping his hand out from her grasp. That's when he felt it.

"Woah!" he said and almost jumped. His hand stayed where his wife had placed it, as he felt the little life within her move underneath it. It was so tiny, almost like a twitch or flutter, but it was very human too.

"Audrey…" he breathed, unable to find words. She giggled and placed her other hand over his. For a while, they simply lay there with their hands entwined, not saying a word as their future moved beneath them. Then the movement stopped and Seymour slowly moved his hand away.

He reached out for his glasses on the nightstand and put them on, finally getting a decent look at Audrey. Even in the dark he could see that she was laying on her side, grinning at him. Her eyes faintly sparkled from the moonlight falling on them. She looked just so… happy. He tenderly touched her cheek before his eyes drifted back to her tummy. He wanted to say something.

"Um… Hello, in there," he said softly. Audrey's gaze moved with his as she continued to grin. "I know ya can't hear me, but, well, I'm your dad. And, your ma and I–we really want to meet you. So… keep growin', I guess. Alright?"

Seymour felt sheepish. Even to an unborn child he couldn't talk right. Audrey, however, loved the words, no matter how broken they were. She moved closer and wrapped her arms around him.

"It can hear you," she whispered.


"Not right now. But in a couple months, the baby'll be able to hear you."

"Wow." He didn't know what else to say.

"You'd betta' start singing more," she said, giggling again. "I want our baby to know its daddy's voice."

"Aw, honey. You know my voice isn't so good. Not like yours."

She didn't answer with words, but rather began to hum the little tune he often caught her singing when he'd come home in the evenings or before breakfast in the mornings. Something about green things… He couldn't help but start to sing something back. Her voice was too hypnotic.

"Sudden changes surround me…"