After getting through two chapters of the story and getting into a debate with a guest using the name Haruhi Haters I stopped writing the story for a while because of lack of motivation. When looking back at the story I realized how ridiculous it was(it was embarrassing to look at), so I decided to re-write it. I will be starting my re-write within the next few months, but first I will give a summary of what will be the same and what I will be changing.

The basic story is like this: Kyon is getting annoyed by Haruhi always forcing him to do things, and is looking forward to the upcoming summer break from school when he will have a little more time to himself. Haruhi decides, without asking him(like always) that she will spend summer break staying at his house. Kyon feels like she is invading his privacy and looses his temper, saying some very hurtful things to her. Haruhi feels like her life is pointless and attempts to kill herself. The suicide attempt fails and Haruhi is hospitalized. Kyon has to deal with a physically and mentally damaged Haruhi and get back the girl he didn't even realize he loved.

There were a few things that need to be changed because of how ridiculous it was. One is the location of Haruhi's attempted suicide. In the original story Kyon yelled at her a the school and she went home before trying to kill herself. I realized that since she is extremely depressed she would not have gone home, so instead her attempted suicide is at the school. How she survives was so ridiculous I won't even mention it here, and I won't spoil it, but I will tell you that it will be much more logical. There are a few others but those are the ones worth mentioning.

Extra Note - I am not very familiar with the Japanese culture so I will probably make mistakes.