The Black Mage. A horrid and vile creature who has ruined millions of lives in Maple World. A group of heroes have prepared themselves for the worse. But they didn't expect this to happen...

"You have not won, for this battle is something more than what meets the eye..." The Black Mage's voice rumbled throughout the whole temple as he spoke inside of the seal's dome. "Incidere crustulum sed dimensiones . Facere pro mea sententia. Dimensional Edit..."

Books. Books flew out everywhere, immense amounts of them circled the Black Mage. The heroes stood there, bracing for an impact that was never going to hit them. Pictures and scenes came out of the books, everyone of them were different. Sometimes they were different classes, sometimes they were on different sides of the battle. But each one of the endings always ended with the Black Mage sealed and the Black Wings attempt for his revival.

They started to connect with each other as the Black Mage commanded, different moments all came together from different dimensions and lined up. The heroes were in awe as they watched the Black Mage perform this forbidden art. "'s time for you to be trapped instead."

Then it all came together. Once they were sent off the Black Mage could do whatever he wanted, and in the man-made dimension they would have to face something fiercer then the Black Mage himself. They will die. They will be stuck. It's all over. No. He won't let it happen.

All of their eyes widened seeing the figure in white running towards the Black Mage. Yet their brains couldn't process what they should do.

The figure, Luminous, was seen using the last of his mana to defeat the Black Mage. The two collided with a flash and that's when it happened. The Black Mage's spell went haywire, everyone started to float up in the air. The line of memories break up and get replaced with others. Some merged and some were just left out of the group. Everything now was a big mess, something that can't be fixed now that it's passed the point of editing.

"No! What have you done!" The Black Mage echoed through the corridor as he looked at the mess in the room. "You..." he pointed towards Luminous who was floating in the air, " shall suffer..." The Black Mage started to break free of his bindings with sheer force.

"He's...trying to break the seal!" Luminous thought in his mind as he gathered his last remaining bits of mana in his fist. "I won't let that happen!" Luminous forced the Black Mage back into the seal.

He felt it. He felt the dark sensation going up his arm. He felt his left eye burn. He saw light. He saw dark. And...

"Yo captain! He's waking up!"