Chapter Two: Welcome to the Academy


The fight began with Sasuke charging towards Naruto in the second stance of the Intercepting Fist style taught to all Uchiha, he swung a testing punch at Naruto.

The blonde was taking the spar seriously since he had no idea of his opponent's skill level, so he did the first manoeuvre that was part of his secondary fighting style, taught to him by Shizune.

Naruto ducked the first fist before stepping to the side of the other, his Sharingan making it extremely easy to avoid Sasuke's attack. Naruto kept dodging until Sasuke kicked at Naruto's chest.

The blonde crafted his chakra like Shizune taught him, forming an invisible chakra scalpel around his hand as he leant back, dodging the kick as he barely tapped the back of Sasuke's knee.

Naruto rolled backwards, coming up in a defensive stance as he assumed Sasuke would have dodged the attack…

"AAAHHHH!" Sasuke shouted in pain as the back of his knee opened up, causing him to fall to the ground shouting in pain.

Many of the students of the class began screaming in shock or fear as Naruto's eyes widened, 'What the hell?! Why didn't he dodge it?!' Naruto thought as Iruka turned to run inside and get the academy medic.

As the people crowded around Sasuke's screaming form, Naruto could only stare in shock as Shino came up behind him, "I am curious as to why you do not heal him. At this moment it would be the wisest thing to do for the sake of your peace of mind." Shino said.

Naruto nodded, shaken from his shock thanks to Shino, "You're right, I got this." Naruto said before running into the group of people, pushing them out of the way until he came to a stop by Sasuke's side.

Though Naruto had read all the books and been taught all the techniques, this was still only the second person (other than himself) that he had worked on and as such, took a few seconds more than may have been necessary to form the hand seals, "NINJA ART: MYSTICAL PALM HEALING JUTSU!" Naruto shouted.

The class went quiet and the screaming stopped as Naruto's green chakra wrapped around Sasuke's leg and began to stitch it all up. Not even a minute later, the wound was fully healed.

Everyone, including Sasuke, stared in awe at the lack of wound as Naruto casually wiped the blood away with the back of his hand. Iruka and the medic ran out just as Naruto nodded to himself, "There ya go, not even a scar. Sorry I took you seriously, I really thought you would've dodged it like a normal ninja." Naruto said with an apologetic shrug, not meaning anything rude by what he said even though he'd mistakenly sounded like that.

The fan girls were too stunned to defend Sasuke as their supposed knight in shining armour was just thoroughly beaten and with healed with only one hand.

The academy medic jogged the last few steps before dropping to Sasuke's side, running his slightly green glowing hand along Sasuke's leg, "What? It's almost as if he never had the injury at all!" the medic exclaimed.

Naruto frowned, "Yeah I know, sorry I couldn't just replace the muscles. I'm not as good as mom yet. But at least I put all of his muscles and tendons back together." Naruto said with a shrug, thinking that the medic was saying his medical jutsu wasn't up to par.

In the mean time, Sasuke was glaring at Naruto with confusion, trying to be angry but too intrigued by the blonde's power to do so. So the moment the medic pulled away, Sasuke tried to stand and found that he could with no problem, "Senju! What was that!" Sasuke demanded.

Naruto chuckled at Sasuke, thinking that he was being overly dramatic, "It was nothing, just formed a single chakra scalpel around my hand, y'know, the kind that all medics use." Naruto explained.

The academy medic just stared at Naruto, "T-the chakra scalpel?! But that's only taught to Jonin medics! I don't even know it yet!" the medic shouted in shock, causing the whole class to gasp at Naruto's abilities.

Naruto nodded, "Really? I had no idea…" Naruto mumbled as he looked off in thought, wondering why Shizune had taught him the technique.

Iruka cleared his throat, getting the attention of the class before he began speaking, "Well, considering Sasuke was on the ground screaming for nearly a minute and then his opponent was the one to heal him, I'd say that Naruto was the winner of the first round." Iruka said, grabbing Naruto's arm and holding it up in victory.

The class was mostly quiet until one Sasuke-fan-girl broke the silence, "That's okay Sasuke-kun! Go make an awesome comeback!" she shouted, spurring the other fan girls to start cheering again as Iruka led Naruto and Sasuke back to their starting positions.

Sasuke took a deep breath before focussing on the match at hand, 'This time, I'm going all out from the beginning.' He thought, moving into the fourth stance of the Intercepting Fist.

Naruto frowned slightly as Iruka signalled to get ready, 'Note to self, no more jutsu against supposed comrades.' He thought as he decided to instead live up to his mother's reputation.

As Iruka dropped his hand – signalling for the fight to begin – Naruto slid into a wide stance, the near opposite of the stance he was in previously.

"BEGIN!" Iruka announced.

This time, Sasuke and Naruto ran at each other from the start. Sasuke feigned a low kick before kicking up at Naruto's chin the moment they got close.

Naruto block the feint before taking the second kick to his guard, knocking him back a step as he channelled his chakra down his arm. Naruto dropped under Sasuke's next punch and threw one in return, only for Sasuke to dodge it by rolling inside Naruto's guard, throwing another kick at Naruto's chest.

The blonde lifted his own knee, blocking the kick before he kicked out, separating the two of them with the reflective manoeuvre. Sasuke immediately ran in again as Naruto closed his right eye, using his hidden Sharingan to perfectly time his movements, 'Okay…' Naruto thought as he sent his chakra down to his middle finger.

Sasuke threw a punch.

'One,' Naruto thought as he stepped back with the punch, guiding it past him and throwing Sasuke off balance.

'Two,' Naruto pulled Sasuke's outstretched arm, moving Sasuke past him and forcing the Uchiha to focus purely on stopping his momentum so that he didn't leave the ring.

'Aaaannnd,' Naruto thought as Sasuke finally gained his bearings and began to turn around just in time to see Naruto's finger ready to flick his forehead, 'Three!'


The simple flick launched Sasuke out of the ring and into the teacher from another class, who stood nearly a hundred meters away at the target practice range.

Naruto grinned as he leant over, dusting the dirt from his knee while he spoke, "Hehehe, I win Iruka sensei!" Naruto exclaimed as he turned back to the class.

Iruka sighed as the class went into another uproar, "Alright that's enough! If any of you get out of control once more then no more sparring today! Got it?!" Iruka said.

The class went mostly quiet until a pink haired girl shouted out, "But Iruka-sensei! That Naruto guy is cheating somehow! There's no way he could beat Sasuke-kun!" she shrieked, making some of the students closest to her cover their ears, though soon after most of the girls were shouting that Naruto was cheating.

Iruka's brow twitched before he exploded, his Intimidating Big Head technique kicking into gear as he towered over the whole class, "THAT'S IT! EVERYONE BUT NARUTO INSIDE RIGHT THIS SECOND OR I'LL CANCEL THE EXAMS THIS YEAR!" Iruka shouted while pointing towards the main building.

In less than a minute, the class had ran inside while the academy medic finished up with looking over Sasuke and taking him inside, proclaiming the boy to be fine after a quick medical jutsu to get rid of the big red mark on his forehead.

Feeling Sasuke's glare on the back of his head, Naruto sighed as he looked off towards the other class of students, 'Oh man, I feel like I just broke some unspoken rule. Maybe it was a bad idea to spar with Sasuke.' Naruto thought as Iruka came up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Naruto turned and looked up at Iruka, "Yeah sensei?" Naruto asked.

Iruka smiled down at Naruto, "Firstly, congratulations on beating the top of the class. Secondly, you are obviously coming here purely for the qualification right?" Iruka asked with a slight smirk.

Naruto grinned up at Iruka, "Umm, yeah sure." Naruto agreed even though he honestly didn't know what Iruka meant.

Iruka nodded, "Thought so, can you do me a favour Naruto?" Iruka asked.

Naruto nodded, always happy to help someone in need, "Sure, no prob." He agreed.

Iruka smiled again at Naruto's positive attitude, "You see, Sasuke was hurt by someone close to him a while ago. The result of which caused everyone he cared about to be taken away from him forever." Iruka began, causing Naruto to lose his cheery look as he thought about the pain Sasuke must have been going through, "Because of that, Sasuke hasn't been interested in anything but power and getting stronger ever since so that he can get revenge. But today I saw something that I haven't seen since the incident." Iruka said, causing Naruto to tilt his head in interest as he thought over what the favour could possibly be.

After a few second of silence, Iruka knelt down to Naruto's eye level, "When you walked in the room I saw a spark of interest in his eye, and since you're literally the first person in the academy that has beaten him, you are most definitely on his radar now. The favour I want to ask of you Naruto," Iruka said, taking a deep breath as he thought over his words, "Could you try to… befriend Sasuke?" Iruka asked seriously.

Naruto nodded, outwardly appearing understanding and happy while on the inside… 'I wonder why Sensei is acting like the sun shines out of Sasuke's butt?' he thought as his curiosity to learn got the better of him, 'What's so special about him other then suffering through some pain when he was younger? Was it more pain then I can fathom? Does he just express it bad?' Naruto thought as he continued nodding, more intrigued in analysing Sasuke's potential medical problems.

Iruka smiled genuinely, "Thanks Naruto, let's go inside now." He said before ushering Naruto through the doors in front of them and leading him back to the classroom.


"Hey Sasuke!" Naruto said with a grin as he sat down opposite the Uchiha boy in the academy cafeteria.

Because of the earlier spar, Iruka thought it prudent to have the rest of the lesson on Ninjutsu and Genjutsu theory, it had lead towards an early lunch break since no one was paying enough attention to take in anything anyway. It was at this point that Naruto decided he had some time to kill before Tsunade got there to talk to Iruka with him.

Sasuke paused eating his apple and blinked in confusion as Naruto casually began to eat a sandwich his mom had made him, "What do you want?" Sasuke said with a glare.

Many a fan-girl watched on through the windows as most students went outside to eat. Though on days when Sasuke was moody, it was more than common to see at least five academy girls watching him through the windows.

Naruto opened his mouth before suddenly realising he had no idea what to say, so he just said whatever came out first, "I want… to train with you!" Naruto said, grinning as he finally thought of something.

Sasuke seemed to be sulking as he looked down, "Why? You're obviously stronger than me. What could I possibly bring to your training?" he asked.

Naruto sighed, "Hold on, I didn't say that right…why don't you come train with me?" Naruto reiterated before nodding to himself

Sasuke's brow furrowed, "Why?" he asked again.

Naruto's brow twitched before dropping the kindness and just being himself, "Look, I'm the last Senju, you're the last Uchiha. Between the two of us there will either be a rivalry which benefits no one or we become freakin awesome together and fulfil all our goals. I'm gonna do the second one with or without you but I'd much rather a comrade I can trust when I get to the top. Get me?" Naruto said, looking Sasuke dead in the eyes and trying to use the Subtle Suggestion of his Sharingan to influence Sasuke's decision.

Little did he know, but his words were exactly what Sasuke needed to kick into high gear.

Sasuke roughly placed his apple down as he stood, "So, you and me. The Senju and the Uchiha…" Sasuke said with a smirk as he imagined having the same power that Naruto had and maybe even recreating the most powerful tag-team in history, Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju.

Naruto grinned and nodded as he stood, "Yep, the leaders of this generation. That's what they'll call us!" Naruto said, holding his fist out to Sasuke.

The Uchiha's smirk stayed in place as he bumped fists with Naruto, "Sounds like a good start to me." Sasuke replied with a nod.


The Uchiha brow twitched and his smirk fell as Naruto glanced over Sasuke's shoulder, "Who's she?" Naruto asked.

The pinkette ran over and went to hug Sasuke from behind, but as if he knew it was coming, Sasuke hopped up onto the table before flipping over her in a seamless manoeuvre that caused her to run straight into the chair and fall face-first onto Sasuke's apple, crushing it with her large forehead.

Naruto blinked in shock as Sasuke landed calmly facing the door, "Trust me and ignore her Naruto." Sasuke said as he walked from the room.

Naruto blinked again in shock before moving to follow Sasuke, but it seemed the girl had found a new target, but not for love…

"DAMMIT NARUTO WHY DID YOU TRIP ME?!" the pinkette screeched.

Naruto jumped in shock, "Ugh, sorry but I didn't trip you…" he said, trailing off since he didn't know her name.

He raised a brow as the girl tried to physically attack him, tried meaning that she swung a punch and he sidestepped with such ease that it looked like she had missed on purpose.

The girl nearly growled at Naruto as she got angrier, while all he could do was watch curiously as she just stood there threateningly, 'Does she have something to say? Do I leave now?' he thought to himself before glancing at Sasuke for a hint of what to do.

"DON'T IGNORE ME!" the pinkette screamed the moment he looked away before she swung a punch at him once more.

Naruto stepped out of her way, bored of her weird attitude and not understanding that when she was like this most people would just stand there and let her hit them. So, he decided to end it.

She threw her next punch, 'One, Two, Three.' Naruto thought as he moved through the steps, aiming his middle finger at her forehead.


The girls at the window screamed as they jumped away from the glass, which only a second later, Sakura came flying through.

Naruto smirked to himself before hearing the oddest sound he had ever encountered. Naruto glanced over to Sasuke's retreated form to see the Uchiha boy was chuckling slightly, but he appeared shocked that he was doing so.

Naruto raised a brow as Sasuke suddenly stopped. 'Okaaaay, that's a little weird, who gets shocked at their own laughter?' Naruto thought as he watched Sasuke continue leaving the room.

Naruto blinked before shrugging and turning back to his sandwich, deciding that he should finish his food before heading out to find Iruka's office.


The Third Hokage sighed in annoyance, "Why won't you give me a straight answer with this Tsunade?" Hiruzen asked as he rubbed his temples.

Tsunade stood with a frown on her face as she leant against the wall, looking out the Hokage's window in the direction of the academy, "I'm being honest, I don't know his strength level. I just know that he hasn't been able to beat me or Shizune yet." She explained for the fifth time.

Hiruzen's frown stayed in place as he watched Tsunade, "You really didn't train him in combat at all?" he clarified.

Tsunade sighed as she stared out the window still, "I trained him in how to be a medic and my chakra strength, Shizune taught him the ninja requirements of the old system's gennin and the rest he taught himself under her supervision from our technique scrolls, which were mostly medical arts anyway. The only ninja experience he's had in training against us, so I don't know how he'd manage going all out." She said, truly believing that Naruto didn't have any fighting experience in a real world situation.

Hiruzen stroked his beard, "Well, I guess I'll talk to Iruka before I finally see Naruto again." the third mumbled to himself with a small smile before smiling at Tsunade, "I hope he still remembers his 'Jiji'." He said to her with a smile.

Tsunade smiled back, "He does Sensei, don't you worry about that." She said, smiling alongside the old man.

Sarutobi nodded before turning to some papers on his table, "Okay now, let's get down to business. I want you to join the Kage's guard, a Sannin's presence will-"

"Fuck no."

Hiruzen stared at Tsunade in shock since he had never heard her swear, "Tsunade!" he exclaimed.

Tsunade rolled her eyes, "You stated that Sannin status gives us the right to leave the village for business anytime I want and if you try to get me to do things that I don't think are important then I'm gonna use that right to leave." She said with a smirk.

The old man blinked in slight shock at Tsunade's sudden dominance, his brain slowly rebooting as he tried to fathom that this strong Tsunade was the same woman who he held as she cried enough to drown a fish over Dan. He took a deep breath as he shook his head, "Fine then, go do whatever you want. But I really wish you'd help the village while you're here." He said.

Tsunade raised a brow, "Did you think I'd just sit back and drink the whole time old man? I have plans to make this place better already." Tsunade said with a slight smirk.

Hiruzen looked at Tsunade expectantly, "Really? Please do tell." He said.

Tsunade chuckled as she walked over and took a seat in the chair facing Sarutobi's desk, "I'm taking the first open position at the hospital and I'm gonna work my way up through the hierarchy to become head medic again and Shizune is going to join the medic corps of ANBU to bring them back up to tip top shape." Tsunade explained, resting back into the chair.

Hiruzen started tapping at the smoking pipe resting on his desk, contemplating the likelihood of either of Tsunade's events succeeding, 'Who am I kidding? Shizune is above Jonin level in medic skills, and the ANBU will help her refine her other ninja skills. Not to mention that Tsunade is literally the best medic alive, with the presence of one of the Sannin permanently rooted in the village others are less likely to attack as well...' He thought, his face slowly turning to a smile.

He nodded as he looked at Tsunade once more, "Sounds fine, but do me a favour?" he asked.

Since he had just given her the go ahead, she agreed with a smile, "Sure thing, what do you need sensei?" she asked.

"Just make it seem like I ordered everything that you do. It'll strengthen my grasp of control by making it look like I have you under my thumb as well as take all the pressure off of you and onto me." He said as he opened his draw to get what he needed to pack his pipe.

Tsunade frowned in thought for a moment before thinking of a reason that Hiruzen would need to look like he is in control of the village, coming to a few reasons of her own, "Hyuugas or ROOT?" she asked, pretty certain that one of those groups was the reason Hiruzen's control was slipping.

Hiruzen chuckled, "Actually, the moment I announced you were returning the Hyuuga Clan backed down. I do believe Hiashi still has a soft spot for you Tsunade." He said as he lifted his pipe to his lips, the contents a distinguishing green and brown.

Tsunade sighed, "I still don't get why. I'm a decade older than him and I've proven that I can stop his advances with force if need be." She said before directing a frown towards the old man's pipe, "I thought you were planning to cut down smoking while working?" she asked pointedly since she was the one who told him to slow down.

Hiruzen pointed at the wall, giving Tsunade a few seconds to look over to the clock just before it struck thirteen-hundred hours, "I'm on my lunch break." Hiruzen said before lighting his pipe and leaning back in his chair to relax.

Tsunade rolled her eyes, "Fine, is there anything else sensei? I'm meant to be meeting Naruto for his lunch break at the academy as of twenty seconds ago." She said as she folded her arms, showing that she really wanted to leave.

Hiruzen waved her off, "That's all Tsunade, go have fun with your 'son'." He said, making air quotation marks with his fingers before taking a drag of his pipe.

Tsunade stopped all movement as the air turned cold, she couldn't help the anger she felt when people, no matter who they were, questioned or poked at her relationship with the boy she truly cared for as a son, "Sarutobi, you better not ruin what the three of us have." She said, unfolding her arms and placing one on the man's desk.

The old man, who had to hold in a smokers cough, blew out some smoke before looking up at Tsunade's overly threatening stance, 'I never expected Tsunade to open up this much again. I guess Naruto's charm still hasn't left him.' He thought with a slight smile.

Hiruzen nodded to himself, ignoring Tsunade's threatening pressure completely as he leant forward, looking up at her again, "You, Shizune and Naruto are now the last remnants of three major clans, the Senju, Namikaze and Uzumaki. The safest option for all of you is to remain hidden together," the old man said, his own pressure beginning to drown hers out with seemingly little effort on his part. His soft gaze suddenly turned to a promising glare, "There is absolutely no way I would do anything to threaten him. Not after all this." He said.

Tsunade felt his words as if the promise was a physical force pressing down on her. She smiled, knowing her sensei would do everything to make sure they were okay, "Dinner at my place, eight o'clock. You coming?" she asked as she walked over to the old man's windowpane.

Sarutobi chuckled as he brought his pipe to his lips once more, "Wouldn't miss it Tsunade-chan." He said before lighting up.

Tsunade nodded with a smirk before she leapt out into the air, forming a one handed ram seal before she disappeared in a standard Leaf Shunshin.


Iruka was staring down at his paperwork, his mind still stuck on Naruto and Sasuke's fight, 'Though Naruto was obviously the stronger of the two, there was a definite difference in the way they fought. Naruto's steps were like a well practised dance, he was in control the entire time, yet Sasuke's moves were perfected, each attack aimed at a vital point, he just wasn't even close to being fast enough. Naruto seemed to move like he was used to a far stronger opponent.' Iruka thought before leaning back in his chair.

He had enough time to go to his office and get a fresh coffee twice over during the first half of the lunch break, but he thought it better that he spend more time focussing on his student's paperwork and how best to help them pass their gennin exams.


Iruka glanced over at the doorway to see Naruto waving to him, "Come on in Naruto, how are ya finding your first day?" Iruka asked as he waved the boy over.

Naruto smiled as he entered, "It's okay I guess, has my mom come by?" Naruto asked.

Iruka raised a brow, "Tsunade Senju? Here? I don't see why…she…" Iruka began before trailing off as he glanced over Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto turned to see his mother confidently stride into the room, "Kaa-san!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin.

Tsunade ruffled Naruto's hair as she walked past before taking a seat opposite Iruka, leaning against the first row of desks, "Hey Naru-chan," she said before looking Iruka up and down, "Hmm, I don't know if you're qualified to teach my son." Tsunade commented, earning a scowl from Iruka.

'Oh great, she's just like those other selfish clansmen. I thought she'd know that you don't have to be from a Noble Clan to be a good ninja.' Iruka thought in frustration, thinking that Tsunade was being clan discriminate.

Iruka stood up, "Excuse me Tsunade-sama, but how would you know what my teaching abilities are without ever attending my classes?" he asked calmly.

Tsunade smirked at Iruka, "Ah good, he can stand up for himself." She said as she held out a friendly hand shake towards Iruka, "Just wanted to see if you'll treat us any differently because of our clan status, sorry if I offended you." she said with a grin.

Iruka faltered at Tsunade's explanation, "O-oh! No apologies necessary, really," he said, accepting Tsunade's offered hand, "I thought you were acting all high and mighty like the Hyuuga do, questioning a non-clansman's abilities to teach and all."

Tsunade sighed, "Hyuuga aye?" she muttered to herself before leaning back against the table, "Well my apologies then. Sorry but I am in a bit of a rush, what does Naruto need to know so that he can become a gennin?" she asked, placing a hand on her son's shoulder.

Iruka looked down at his desk and slid a few papers around, grabbing a few which he passed to Tsunade one at a time, "This is the practice test for the written portion. If he can cover these questions of basic ninja skills then he should be good for the actually exam, cause the questions are along the same lines," Iruka said before holding out the next sheet, "This is the qualifications necessary for physical prowess, stuff like accuracy with thrown weapons, personal speed, strength and chakra control," he continued before passing her the last sheet, "And this is a list of the academy approved Ninjutsu that he has to know all three core jutsu and gets extra credit for the other two." Iruka explained.

Tsunade was nodding along until she read the list of five techniques, "Wait, they only have to know these moves? Clones? Damn." She muttered before frowning towards Naruto, "Looks like we really will have to try to teach you a clone technique." She said as she showed the sheet to Naruto.

The blonde scowled before seeing the extra credit Ninjutsu, "Oh! But Nee-chan is teaching me this one!" Naruto said, pointing at the second technique.

Tsunade nodded while Iruka's eyes widened at seeing the one Naruto pointed to, 'The Storage Seal? No one but maybe Shino and Sakura has had the focus to learn that.' Iruka thought as Tsunade began talking.

"I know Naruto. Also Medical chakra is an 'Alternate' chakra type, so you have the other criteria for the extra credit, but you still have to learn the clone technique." She explained.

Naruto frowned, "Oh man." He groaned.

Iruka tilted his head in confusion, "But you can do the chakra scalpel, how do you not have the control to do a clone jutsu when you can do that?" he asked.

Naruto just grinned and stayed quiet, knowing that Tsunade would handle it, "Naru-chan has gained the ability from his Great-Grandmother, Mito Uzumaki. You heard of her?" Tsunade asked.

Iruka nodded as he held his chin in thought, "Yeah, Mito Uzumaki or Mito Senju after she married the Lord First. Her chakra was too thick for most basic jutsu, some people say that is the predecessor to what was beginning to spread as chakra based bloodlines in the Uzumaki clan." Iruka said, basically quoting a history book he had literally memorised.

Tsunade blinked at the information, "Huh? Grandma's super-chakra made bloodlines?" Tsunade asked, wondering if it was the presence of the Kyuubi inside her that had made these so called bloodlines.

Iruka raised a brow, "Like the Uzumaki clan's Chakra Chains, or their Chakra Armour, or their Chakra Field Sensory, or their Chakra Lock, or their Chakra Absorption…" Iruka began listing before he trailed off, realising that he was lecturing a Sannin.

Tsunade tilted her head in thought, 'Huh, well I guess I should check for any weird things in Naruto's chakra system later. Maybe he developed something that we haven't noticed yet?' she thought as she glanced down at the confused looking Naruto before turning to Iruka once again, "So Naruto can't do normal clones cause of his thick chakra, it just can't squeeze into a small simple form." She explained, using the lie to cover up the fox's existence.

Iruka nodded before looking at Naruto curiously, "So, how are you able to do the Transformation jutsu then?" Iruka asked.

Naruto grinned, already knowing how to answer this one, "Oh! It's cause I spend the excess chakra on even the most minuscule of details that aren't really needed, like stitching in clothes, the veins of a person's eyeballs yadda yadda." Naruto explained.

Iruka held his chin as he nodded, "Hm, very smart."


Tsunade frowned as the academy bell went, "Already? Damn." She said before focussing on Iruka, "So what can we do?" she asked.

Iruka smiled in a friendly manner, "He has to know a clone technique in accordance to the test. Doesn't specify what type." Iruka shared.

Naruto raised a brow in confusion while Tsunade nodded with a slight smirk, "Ah right!" she said before crouching to be at Naruto's eye level, "Okay Naru-chan, don't overestimate yourself here alright? Apparently there are more than one clan heirs in this class so they will probably be able to take you down without too much difficulty, but that's ok." she said while ruffling his hair.

Naruto grinned at Tsunade, "Okay mom! I'll be careful!" he exclaimed happily as she stood tall again.

Tsunade nodded to Iruka, "Thanks Iruka, I'll see you again some other time yeah?" she said dismissively as she began walking towards the door.

Iruka nodded, "Yes Tsunade-sama!" he agreed formally.

Tsunade smirked to herself as she left the room, 'Okay, well Shizune knows the Water Clone and I know the Earth and Shadow Clones. If we find out his elemental affinity then we may get lucky and end up giving him a little head start on his elemental training for Jonin…let's see what happens.' She thought as she turned a corner, narrowly avoiding a few of the members of Iruka's class.

Tsunade frowned, 'These kids… they don't really move like real ninja, well at least not all of them.' she thought in confusion before turning to leave once more.



The young Senju turned curiously before smiling, "Hey Shino, what's up?" Naruto asked.

As Shino came to a stop next to Naruto, he glanced around, checking the area was clear before he spoke softly, "I am aware you are under an extremely high level transformation technique or Genjutsu that seems to be hiding only your face. The reason you do this is what exactly?" Shino asked.

Naruto's eyes widened, "What!? Shino how do you know that?! You can't know that!" Naruto shouted, drawing the attention of many of the parents and children that were being picked up from the academy.

Shino raised an eyebrow, he was about to speak when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Naruto and Shino both looked over the bug user's shoulder to see a man who looked and dressed very much like Shino, "Father." Shino greeted.

Shibi Aburame nodded in return, "Son," he said before looking at Naruto, "I now understand our dinner invitation. Naruto-san, I shall see you at another time." Shibi said before he and his son were gone in a shunshin.

Naruto frowned, 'Oh man, how'd they know? Mom didn't say that anyone would be able to tell.' Naruto thought unhappily before turning towards the gate.

He grinned as he saw Shizune looking around, "Hey Nee-chan!" Naruto shouted as he waved.

Shizune turned and grinned as Naruto ran up to her, "Hey Naruto-kun, how was your first day?" she asked.

Naruto slid to a stop in front of her, "It was ok I guess, I think we have a problem with my identity being a secret and all though." He said quietly as he looked up with a slightly worried expression.

Shizune's eyebrows shot up, "Huh? Really?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "Mhmm." He hummed in agreement.

Shizune frowned before seeing another child looking over at her and Naruto, "Well, we should go see Tsunade-sama about that soon then." She said before seeing that the boy was still watching, "Umm, who's that boy watching us?" she asked her little brother figure.

Naruto turned with a curious look on his face before seeing Sasuke, watching with a hate-filled glare at the families that didn't notice him, his glare softened slightly as he saw Naruto waving him over, "That's Sasuke, I guess you could say he's a… friend?" Naruto said, not really sure of his own words.

Shizune smiled down at Naruto, 'He has a friend so soon? That's good,' she thought before looking at the lonely boy approaching them, 'Maybe it would be a good idea to invite him to the dinner party tonight?' she thought as Sasuke began to slow.

Sasuke nodded to Naruto, "Naruto." Sasuke mumbled before nodding to Shizune, not saying her name in welcome since he did not know it.

Naruto, being his curious self, looked around in confusion, "Who's come to pick you up?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke's eyes turned towards the ground as his glare came back full force, "No one." Sasuke said simply.

Shizune's eyes widened in recognition, 'He must be an orphan like Naruto-kun…' she thought sadly before looking at Sasuke with a kind smile, "Well if that's so Sasuke, would you like to come with us for a while? We've only got some training planned for the afternoon but Naruto needs a sparring partner." Shizune said.

Sasuke looked up at her, his glare gone as his expression seemed frozen in a mask of emotionless. He didn't say anything for a moment, but that was mainly because Naruto spoke quicker, "Oh yeah! Can you help Sasuke learn the storage seal so that he can get extra credit? That way we'll both be top of the class right?" Naruto shouted happily.

Shizune nodded as Sasuke looked at Naruto with widened eyes, 'He knows the extra credit material?' Sasuke thought to himself in disbelief.

Shizune raised a brow at Sasuke's expression, 'He thinks that's impressive? Geez, I thought they'd be trained better, aren't they about to graduate to gennin?' she thought to herself with a small frown.

"Well let's get going then!" Naruto exclaimed cheerily before running off.

Sasuke watched Naruto start running with confusion before Shizune poked his forehead, "Hey Sasuke-kun, pay attention and keep up yeah?" she said before sending chakra to her feet and jumping.

Sasuke stared with wide eyes, stunned that the seemingly normal woman just jumped all the way to land perfectly next to Naruto, turning to sprint along with him, "W-Wait!" Sasuke shouted, causing many people to stare in shock as he sprinted after the two at full speed.


Sasuke scowled from his place on his ass, "This is impossible!" he exclaimed angrily as he got to his feet shakily.

Naruto looked down from his place in the tree nearby Sasuke, sitting in front of blank sheets of paper with an ink brush in hand, "No it's not, I can't believe you don't know this basic trick." Naruto said with a roll of his eyes.

Sasuke scowled up at his new rival, "What does this have to do with writing seals anyway?" Sasuke asked angrily as he formed a ram seal to help focus his chakra.


Sasuke dropped his hands in pain as he scowled up at Shizune, who poked his nose, "Stop whining, I already explained that you need to be able to freely channel your chakra to focus it into the ink. No hand seals." Shizune explained.

Sasuke sighed as he sent the chakra to his feet once more, slowly walking towards the tree as he put one foot on the tree. He easily lifted himself up on one foot before waiting for a few seconds and slowly placing down his right.

After a few seconds of silence, Sasuke opened his eyes to see that he had stayed in contact with the tree. Instead of getting overexcited, Sasuke calmly breathed as he slowly began to walk up the tree.

With one final brush stroke, Naruto finished his seal and smiled, grabbing a kunai that he had stabbed into the wood next to him, he placed it over the seal. Placing one hand over the other, he held both palms over the kunai as he channelled his chakra, "SEAL!" Naruto said.


Naruto grinned as his weapon disappeared in a small cloud of smoke, he sat back and sighed in relaxation, "Mission accomplished." He thought to himself in satisfaction before looking over to Sasuke.

Naruto's eyes widened, 'Damn! He's getting it faster then I was.' Naruto thought as he watched Sasuke walk slowly up the tree.

"Sasuke stop!" Shizune shouted up at him.

Sasuke paused in his walk and opened his eyes. They widened considerably when he realised that he was about to step off the underside of the branch, "I… I did it!" Sasuke exclaimed in excitement as he relaxed the tiniest bit, his control good enough that he could stay easily enough.

Shizune smiled as she waved, "That was great Sasuke! In less than four hours too!" she exclaimed happily as Sasuke let his chakra disconnect.

Flipping through the air, Sasuke landed feet first with ease in front of Shizune, though he was caught off guard from her next actions.

Shizune picked Sasuke up in a hug just like she would Naruto, swinging him around by a tight grip on his head, "I'M SO PROUD OF YOOOOOOUUUUUU!" she shouted cheerily as she spun in circles.

Naruto laughed as he picked up his seal, turning to slide off the branch as Sasuke was finally let go. Sasuke gasped for air as he leant over to place his hands on his knees to rest.

Shizune paused and blinked at Sasuke in confusion, "Are you alright?" she asked, not realising she had been suffocating the academy student with her chest.

Sasuke nodded, not saying anything else on the matter until he saw another pair of feet arrive.

"Well, I'm guessing we got a new trainee?"

Sasuke looked up only for his eyes to widen, "Tsunade Senju?" he asked in quiet shock.

Tsunade smirked, "Yeah kid?" she asked, messing with him since she knew that her mere appearance usually sent people into shock.

Sasuke just stared in shock, "G-good evening ma'am." Sasuke said as he moved into a formal bow.

Tsunade nodded back to him, "Good evening little Uchiha." Tsunade said in a friendly manner as Naruto came to a stop at their side.

Sasuke nodded as Shizune's eyes widened, 'This is the last Uchiha? He's just a boy!' she thought in shock.

Naruto held up the seal, "Can you check my Seal Kaa-san?" he asked cheerily.

Tsunade ruffled the boy's hair with one hand as she took the seal, placing it in her hand as she sent her chakra through it.


Tsunade and Shizune smiled as the kunai appeared with no trouble, "Good work Naruto-chan!" Tsunade said as she ruffled her boy's hair.

Sasuke watched the family interaction with tightness in his brow, 'Family…' Sasuke thought sadly before looking off to the side.

"So Sasuke," Tsunade began, causing the boy to look up at her, "What are you doing for dinner tonight?" she asked as she walked over to the boy.

Naruto raised a brow questioningly towards his sister figure, "What's going on?" Naruto whispered.

Shizune knelt down next to Naruto, "I didn't realise this kid was the last Uchiha Naruto, why didn't you tell me?" she asked.

Naruto raised a brow, "Last?" he asked as he looked over to Sasuke, adding that piece of information to his mental file on Sasuke.

Shizune nodded, glancing over to Tsunade for a moment before kneeling in close to Naruto, "Hey listen, keep what I said just now quiet alright?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, confusion covering his face as he smiled up at his sister, "Okay Nee-chan, but can someone explain it to me later?" Naruto whispered back.

Shizune smiled and nodded as she stood tall again, "Yeah I promise." She said as she began to lead Naruto over to Tsunade and Sasuke.

Tsunade turned to Naruto with a smile, "Hey Naruto-chan, Sasuke here is gonna join us for dinner tonight along with a few other people, so I want you on your best behaviour, got it?" she said as Naruto came to a stop next to her.

He smiled to Sasuke before looking up at Tsunade once more, "Sounds fun mom!" Naruto exclaimed cheerily.


"This sucks." Naruto grumbled as he pulled on the belt of his uncomfortable formal-wear, trying to loosen it from it's stranglehold around his waist.

Sasuke chuckled, still in his academy clothes, though Tsunade had a plain white haori that he wore over his clothes, "Deal with it." Sasuke replied.

"Boys!" Tsunade called, waving for them to come inside the new Senju household.

Naruto and Sasuke approached the house as Naruto looked over it again with a grin on his face. The new Senju house was a two storey building connected to an indoor training area sitting under another apartment-like house. Naruto's room was in the private apartment section which had its own bathroom, bedroom and lounge room connected to a balcony over the entryway. The house was within a few minutes walking distance to the Konoha Arena and the clan houses of the Aburame and Hyuuga.

Naruto's grin faded to a happy smile as he hopped up the two steps onto the entryway. He and Sasuke kicked off their shoes to put on some house slippers, but other than that and their clothing there wasn't much else that seemed formal about the occasion.

Walking inside, Sasuke got Naruto's attention and nodded to Tsunade, telling him to go up to her, which he did as he smiled up at Tsunade, "Kaa-san, we were wondering, who are the people that are coming over tonight?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade raised a brow before glancing at Shizune, who was helping a maid set the table for everyone, "You didn't tell them?" Tsunade asked.

Shizune frowned at her sensei, "You haven't told me." She grumbled.

Tsunade blinked before scratching the back of her head sheepishly, "Oh, well tonight we're having a few guests as you seem to have guessed. To start off there's two classmates of yours, Hinata Hyuuga and Shino Aburame are attending along with their fathers, both of which are clan heads." Tsunade started as she led the boys over to the lounge room.

Sasuke nodded as Naruto replied, "Yeah mom, Shino's cool, but I'm not a hundred percent sure I know who Hinata is…" Naruto mumbled.

Tsunade chuckled as she glanced at the table, thinking about the others who were attending, "We also have the Hokage coming tonight and last but not least, my old teammate Jiraiya, though he will be late, that is, if he makes it back tonight in the first place." Tsunade said with a small smile.

Sasuke blinked owlishly, 'Two clan heads, two Sannin and the Hokage himself… I need to stay around all these people with power.' Sasuke thought as he did his best to blend with the shadows in the corner of the room.

*Knock Knock*

Tsunade glanced over at the door before grabbing a long brown robe that she threw around her shoulders, adjusting it so that the Senju clan symbol was shown across her back, though she sighed as she realised that her massive chest wouldn't let her close the robe over her front.

"Tsunade-sama?" the one maid they had asked, standing near the door already even though she had yet to receive the order.

Tsunade blinked, remembering that everything in the house ran only on her orders now, "Ugh, right. Let them in Tsubaki." Tsunade said before walking over to the lounge room, grabbing the shocked Sasuke and moving him to stand next to Naruto before she organised the two of them so that they were standing side by side in front of Shizune.

Naruto and Sasuke shared a glance of discomfort at being shoved so close together, but they straightened up as Tsunade smiled politely to the first arrivals, "Shibi, welcome!" Tsunade said, happy to see the man she knew as a child.

Shibi nodded to his old sensei, "Good evening Sensei," Shibi said simply before gesturing to his side, "My son, Shino." He introduced.

Tsunade smirked slightly, only now remembering how funny she found the Aburame's ways, and how she loved to mess with them.

Tsunade patted Shino on the head as the two Aburame walked through the entryway, causing him to twitch slightly, though he otherwise seemed to be ignoring that the action even occurred. Tsunade then pulled Shibi into a hug, though he surprised her by hugging back with one arm, "It is very good to see you again sensei." Shibi said, his quiet voice seeming slightly pained to her ears.

She stepped away with a frown, knowing instantly that Shibi's fear had come to fruition as it was the only thing that made him come out from his emotionless shell. She looked down at Shino once more, who was looking at Naruto and Sasuke blankly in his normal outfit.

Tsunade cleared her throat lightly, "Naruto-chan, take your classmates to your room yeah? Show them the hospitality you'd show anyone." Tsunade said with a smile as in the background, Tsubaki the maid went to close the door but someone outside caught her attention.

"Oh! Hiashi-sama!"

Naruto paused from leading the two boys from the room as everyone looked over to the doorway. Tsunade smiled polity at the man who nodded to the maid in recognition, "Good evening Tsunade-chan." Hiashi said in his usual blank expression.

Tsunade nodded to him, "Welcome Hiashi, and this is Hinata right?" Tsunade asked, kneeling down so that she was at Hinata's level.

Hinata glanced up at Tsunade timidly, causing Tsunade's expression to soften as she near instantly saw Hinata's softness, 'What's caused this girl to retreat so far into solidarity? It's best I treat her like I did Naruto when we first met.' Tsunade thought as she offered her hand in a friendly gesture.

Hinata looked at Tsunade's hand in shock before looking up at her father, "Accept all that she offers you Hinata." Hiashi ordered, his gaze blank as Hinata seemed to jolt from being addressed directly from her father.

"G-Good evening Ts-Tsunade-sama." Hinata stuttered out as she shook Tsunade's offered hand.

Tsunade smiled softly, holding Hinata's hand until the girl looked at her in the eyes, "It's wonderful to meet you Hinata-chan, tell me, how are you finding the academy?" Tsunade asked calmly in a soothing voice.

Naruto smirked, earning a look from Sasuke, "What?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke merely folded his arms in annoyance as Shino readjusted his glasses, "Sasuke-san is curious as to why you were smirking at their interaction, if I may inquire for the same answer, it would be appreciated." Shino said calmly to Naruto.

Sasuke merely nodded in agreement.

Naruto chuckled, "Kaa-san always says that the best way to get someone to open up with them is the three connections," Naruto said as he nodded to Tsunade and Hinata's entwined fingers, "Physical," the direct eye contact, "Visual," and the last one, "Emotional." Naruto finished, seeing Tsunade's somewhat personal question.

Hinata blinked as she held Tsunade's gaze, "I-it's umm, alright, I guess." Hinata replied.

Tsunade nodded and smiled, using her other hand to brush back Hinata's hair from covering her eyes, "I'm sure you could use more of a challenge, oh but I didn't notice how cute you are!" Tsunade said with a grin, before making sure that Hinata was staring right into her eyes, "You look as beautiful as your mother was."

Hinata's eyes widened, "M-mother?" she asked in shock.

"That's enough." Hiashi said sternly.

Tsunade knew she had done enough, so she stood as she put herself between Hiashi and Hinata, causing the man to blush slightly as her chest pressed against his arm, "Oh come on Hiashi," she said, using the moment of silence to move Hinata forwards lightly, glancing over at the boys near the hallway.

Naruto grinned at the glance that Tsunade sent him, "Hey Hinata! I wanna show you guys something, come on!" he said loudly.

Shibi and Hiashi merely watched as Hinata nearly jumped before moving over to the boys quickly. Though Shizune raised a brow as she took a look over everyone in the room, 'Tsunade-sama has very quickly separated the kids from the adults; I guess she won't need my help after all.' Shizune thought as she set the sixth place setting.

Naruto placed a friendly hand on the now blushing Hinata's shoulder, leading her down the hallway towards his little flat over the training room, "Are you guys hungry? Or thirsty?" Naruto asked as he opened the door, stepping to the side to allow the three of his classmates through.

Hinata looked around in appreciation as did Sasuke, though Shino had no reaction at the small flat as he replied to Naruto, "A drink would be very much appreciated." Shino said as he walked across the flat to what appeared to be a small balcony.

Naruto walked over to his little bar fridge in the small kitchenette area, lifting out a jug of cold water and placing it on a tray before moving over to the cupboards, "Sasuke? Hinata? What about you guys?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded, "Sure." He said simply before seeing what had Shino's attention and moving to stand by the bug user.

Hinata nodded, "Y-yes please Naruto-kun." She said softly.

Naruto turned from placing the cups on the tray with the jug of water and carried the tray over to Shino and Sasuke, talking to Hinata as he passed her, "Would you mind getting the door for me Hinata?" he asked with a smile.

Hinata nodded quickly and moved to grab the door, letting Naruto lead the way onto the small balcony and letting the other two boys go before her before she followed them out, looking up at the view for the first time, "Wow…" she whispered in awe.

Naruto smirked as his three guests looked up at the Hokage's mountain, "Yeah, pretty great view huh?" Naruto said before placing the tray down on a little coffee table, "Come take a seat guys." Naruto said as he sat on the left side of a two seater outdoor couch.

Sasuke and Shino quickly sat in the two single chairs before Hinata sat next to Naruto on the couch, "Naruto, if I may, for what reason were we brought to this dinner meeting considering we are of little significance at this current point in time?" Shino asked.

Naruto shared a humoured glance with Sasuke as he thought of an answer, "Well, if I'm being honest I don't really see it as too big of a deal considering some… stuff." Naruto started before lifting his glass.

The others copied him as Hinata decided to ask for more information, "Umm, Naruto-kun, you didn't r-really answer the question…" she said softly.

Naruto just chuckled once before nodding, "Alright then, Kaa-san asked me to tell only the people who need to know, and I guess all you guys classify as such." Naruto said before lifting his hands up into a standard ram seal.

Sasuke raised a brow as Naruto's chakra sparked, 'He's casting some kind of Genjutsu?' Sasuke thought as Naruto's voice rang out.



In a plume of smoke, Naruto sat in the same spot as before, though now his Genjutsu was gone as he kept his left eye shut.

Hinata and Sasuke stared at the new Naruto in confusion and shock as Shino merely nodded, "I see, you are an adopted son of Tsunade's. Why is it that you two have decided to keep your identity a secret?" Shino asked.

The newly unmasked Naruto smirked, 'I have to tell them about that and the Sharingan, but I think that's it…' Naruto thought before speaking, "It's for the matter of my own safety apparently, you see, Kaa-san saved my life a long time ago and gave me a special eye to replace the one that was…taken." Naruto explained.

Sasuke suddenly felt a foreboding feeling as he stared at Naruto's closed eye, "What makes the eye special?" Hinata asked quietly.

Naruto looked at Sasuke for a moment of silence, "It's the eye of an ex ANBU member who belonged to a now nearly extinct clan. He was known as Shisui of the Shunshin, but his actual name, was Shisui Uchiha." Naruto explained, opening his eye and letting the three in front of him see the crimson red orb.

Sasuke was frozen still as he stared at Naruto's Sharingan eye, 'No wonder Naruto is so strong, he has been blessed with the gift of my bloodline!' Sasuke thought before smirking, believing that it was only thanks to his clan that Naruto had any power, though he couldn't look at the eye, feeling a large amount of jealousy welling up inside when he did.

Hinata's eyes widened in shock at the revelation, "B-but wouldn't that be a massive drain on your body and chakra Naruto-kun?" she asked.

Naruto shrugged, "Yeah it was when I was younger, but I guess I've gotten used to it from over using it." Naruto said with a smile.

"Naruto, how is it that Shisui's eye came to you?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto blinked at Sasuke before looking up, "Ugh, I don't know, I never thought to ask." Naruto said honestly.

Sasuke looked down for a moment as he clenched his fist, "Shisui… he was my cousin, like another brother to me." Sasuke began, glaring at the ground intensely.

Shino placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder, shocking the young teen with the contact, "Sasuke-san. I believe that Naruto here may hold the secret to you unlocking the Sharingan." Shino said, causing everyone to look at him with wide eyes.

"Wh-what do you mean Sh-Shino-kun?" Hinata asked timidly.

Shino glanced at her as Sasuke looked at Naruto with an unreadable expression, "The core of the Uchiha Clan's skills is their ability to copy and memorise. I theorise along with many others that the potential for such a skill lies in you before the chakra takes form of the Sharingan eye, therefore I conclude that if Naruto and you were to have a physically draining spar while he stared at you with that eye it may produce your own Sharingan through copying the doujutsu itself." Shino explained.

Naruto blinked at that, 'Huh, I'm not even sure if I understood that...' He thought in confusion.

Sasuke nodded and stood, "Naruto..." Sasuke began, obviously not sure what to say.

Naruto just gave a thumbs up, "Well, umm, if Shino thinks it'll help you then yeah sure I'll do what I can..." Naruto started before an idea popped into his head, "I know! Why don't the four of us train together for this next week until we're assigned jobs as ninja? Sasuke is starting on the extra credit stuff so if I get you guys to do it too then we'll all be top of the class!" Naruto exclaimed.

Sasuke smirked, thinking that he was ahead of Hinata and Shino, who shared a blank look before Hinata spoke softly, "Ano, Shino-kun and I have learned Alternate Ch-Chakra types from a young age since we're from clans." She said barely above a whisper.

"And the storage seal?" Naruto asked.

Hinata looked down sadly as Shino took the cue to speak, "I am capable of writing the seal in under a five minutes and Hinata will be at the same level if not better by the end of this week." Shino said surely.

Hinata blushed, "Ano, I'm not s-sure about that..." She said nervously.

"I am." Shino said surely.

Before Hinata could say anything else, they heard a light knocking back inside. Naruto stuck his head in the open door as his Genjutsu shimmered into existence without a single hand seal, "Hey Tsubaki." Naruto said with a grin.

The maid let herself in and approached the balcony door, "Tsunade-sama's other guests have arrived and started dinner, would you like me to bring your portion of the feast here for you and your friends to enjoy?" She asked with a smile.

Naruto grinned as he stood up, "Yeah that sounds cool," he said before glancing at his new friends, all three of them staring curiously at Naruto's re-emerged Genjutsu facade, "You guys good with that?" he asked with a smile.


Chapter end.

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