Chapter Twenty Six: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

"So..." Naruto spoke up, causing Nadare to look up from his place sitting opposite him, "Other then the palace, you only really have two weak points that need protection."

Nadare raised a brow, "Two? No, our only weakness is the railroad that we use to supply the smaller villages." he said as he leaned forward, crossing his arms on the table between him and Naruto.

Naruto shook his head, "Then do you not consider this 'Hexagonal Shrine of Peace and Prosperity' important?"

Nadare frowned as he looked at the map in front of Naruto, "Well, it is sort of important, but moreso for the people of Snow then any actual… real meaning." Nadare said with a shrug.

Naruto hummed as he turned the map in front of him to face Nadare, "Right here, if someone took the area as their own they'd have a direct route through the mountains to get to your railroad AND your mines. That's all your finances locked down in a day or two at most."

Nadare's eyes followed Naruto's finger, frowning deeply as he noticed the flaw to their defence, "...You're right." Nadare mumbled before sighing, "So… we fortify the railroad? Make a defensible area on the mountain itself that overlooks both areas?"

Naruto shrugged, "Possible, but I'd have to have a look myself."

Nadare hummed in thought, "We'll have to clear it with Dotou-sama first but… sure, let's see what we can do."


"Halt!" Kakashi shouted as he landed in front of the troupe, "For us to move on from here we'll need to head up to that plateau and make our way to the mountains for the shots the Director wants."

"You heard him!" The Director shouted from his place on the front-most carriage of the formation, "Up the hills we go!"

Sasuke looked at Hinata as the troupe began to move forward. Sasuke put his smoke out in his palm and lay back on his place atop the client's personal carriage. He looked up at the sky and allowed his glasses to fall over his eyes, protecting them from the snow, 'Halfway through, only a few more location shots before we get to go home.' he thought as he stretched.

Hinata came to a stop next to Kakashi as the troupe moved past him, "Sensei, where are we going exactly? How do you know where these places are?"

Kakashi eye smiled, "Experience. And besides, this will leave no trail for our enemies to track our movements."

Hinata nodded as her eyes scanned the ridge, "Do you know that there are train tracks up there?"

Kakashi nodded, "Yes, but they're frozen over and covered in snow, I highly doubt they're in any sort of use." Kakashi said with an eye smile.

Hinata hummed, "Well… if you're sure."


"I'm going with Mizore for a mission to check these areas Naruto pointed out to us," Nadare announced to Tsunade and Dotou, "If all goes well we'll have visited each of the checkpoints tonight and be back by the morning."

Tsunade looked past Nadare, seeing Naruto standing proudly with two maps under one arm and a grin on his face, "I'd like Naruto to join you. Just in case you need a medic of some kind."

Nadare looked up at Dotou with a slight frown, one that Tsunade noticed and caused her to look at Naruto while crossing her fingers on her left hand.

Naruto's face went blank at her gesture, something that the snow Shinobi didn't notice as Dotou spoke up, "You heard her Nadare, Naruto can go with you but make sure he gets some of our armour for protection. The newest one from the labs should fit his smaller frame."

Nadare nodded, "Yes sir, I'll take him to get fitted."

"Dotou," Tsunade said seriously as she looked up at the ruler of Snow Kingdom, "Your ninja better make sure my boy is looked after.

"Come on Kaa-san," Naruto said with a smirk, "I'll be fine."

Nadare bowed to Dotou and Tsunade before turning to Naruto, "Let's get you suited up."


"This is… kinda tight."

Nadare and Mizore looked over at Naruto as he stepped out of the fitting room in a white body suit. Unlike Mizore's which only had one bulb on the shoulder and Nadare's which had a single large bulb on his chest holding their Chakra Armour in place, Naruto had two small ones on his stomach and the small of his back.

Mizore chuckled, "You look like a real Snow Shinobi now kid." he said with a thumbs up.

Naruto nodded and lifted his Weapon's scroll from the floor, "I think in this kind of weather my weapons would be a bit hefty."

"Then take only the most important to you," Nadare said as he stood from his place leaning agaisnt the wall, "We need to leave now."

Naruto nodded as he knelt and unrolled the scroll. Mizore crouched in front of Naruto and began to ask him about the small handful of weapons he was going to choose while Nadare snuck up behind Naruto and reached down, silently turning the bulb on Naruto's back.

Naruto felt a shudder go through him before turning to look at Nadare, "What did you do?"

Nadare shrugged, "Just activated this half of your armour, you want me to do the other half?" he offered kindly.

Naruto stood before looking down at the bulb, "Like this?" he asked as he twisted the bulb.

Nadare and Mizore nodded as they activated their own bulbs, "Yeah, now let's get going."

Mizore and Naruto began to head off as Nadare stepped back, catching a small device that was tossed to him from the fitting room. Nadare followed after the other two as he put the device in his pocket, 'This is going to be a great field test for the Converted Enemy Orb.'



Kakashi turned to Hinata as the girl landed in front of him, "What is it Hinata?"

"There's Chakra running through the tracks! it's melting the snow!" she exclaimed.

Kakashi frowned underneath his mask as he turned to look over the troupe, "Hinata, get them to pull off the main road and be ready to summon your mammoths. I'll go inform Sasuke." he said before forming a hand seal for the Body Flicker Technique.


Sasuke looked up from his place sitting atop the last carriage of the troupe, "Hey Sensei."

Kakashi nodded to Sasuke, "Be ready to utilise your fire and lightning techniques. Things might be kicking up soon."

Sasuke nodded as he put away the joint he was about to light up, "Alright then." he grunted as he stood, "Just so you don't worry I'm letting you know now, if I deem it necessary I will use my Curse Seal."

Kakashi hummed, "It might end up being a good idea, but Sasuke, I don't want you to learn to rely on that thing for strength. If it's ever taken away by an enemy more advanced in the sealing arts, then you'll need to be able to keep fighting.

Sasuke scowled up at Kakashi, "...Yeah, got it Sensei."

Kakashi turned around and looked back to see Hnata had begun to escort the carriages off of the snowed-over train tracks, 'Looks like we won't be able to escape this time, we'll have to just drive them off or kill them.'


"This is amazing!" Naruto shouted with a grin as he stood on the third last carriage of the Snow Train.

Mizore smirked at Naruto's shout, "Enjoy it while you can kid, soon we'll be to the tunnel stretching from the Northern mountains and from there we're going to start keeping an eye out."

Naruto nodded and faced ahead, his eyes swirling as they focussed towards the end of the tunnel, His grin faded slightly as he saw three brown Chakra signatures, 'Brown? I've never seen that before… looks like crap.'

"Mizore! Naruto!" Nadare shouted as he climbed atop the train from the carriage in front of them, "There's activity on the tracks ahead of us, I think you were right Naruto, the enemy IS trying to get into the mountains."

Naruto smirked, "I see three sources of Chakra, want one each?"

Mizore raised a brow, "You see them? And it's not anyone you recognise?" he asked as he glanced down at the armour on Naruto's back.

Naruto nodded, "Strangers to me, they each have an odd brown Chakra, for the life of me I can't think of ANY time I've seen Chakra of that colour." Naruto said seriously.

Nadare nodded, "I'll fight the leader, Naruto, take on the one that hurt Fubuki and keep them distracted, Mizore, fight off the one that's a wild card, observe and counter only. If you come up with a plan then share it alright? According to Naruto," he said with a slight smirk, "These enemies are different from the standard Shinobi."

Mizore smirked in return, knowing full well that the modified armour that they had put on Naruto was filtering the light coming through the Chakra Shell created by the Chakra Armour, making a Genjutsu which seemed as though it actually had no Chakra flowing through it. Meaning, Naruto saw an edited world around him that met the requirements of Nadare.

The requirements… being that non-armoured Shinobi appeared as some kind of dark, faceless enemy generated by actual light refraction around the Converted Enemy Orb similar to the Chakra reflection of the Chakra Armour itself.

Naruto took a deep breath as he began to walk with the others towards the front of the train, "Let's finish this then."


"Three spheres of Chakra in there!" Hinata exclaimed, "They seem to be wearing that Chakra Armour from before but the new third person is different, the sphere seems to be brown and letting out some kind of distortion."

Kakashi nodded, "Is your mammoth in place?"

Hinata smirked, "Yep."

Kakashi and Hinata raised their heads to Sasuke as he appeared in a Body Flicker next to them, "Kuro and Koru are escorting the others ahead as planned Sensei."

Kakashi nodded, "Good work you two. Now..." he said before lifting his head band, "Let's finish this fight!" The light from the front of the train began to shine through the tunnel as Kakashi formed hand seals, "Here we go, WATER STYLE: GREAT WATER WALL!"

Just as the train began to near the exit of the tunnel, the snow underneath and surrounding the track turned to water and burst up into the air, lifting the train carriage by carriage up off the tracks as it pushed through the Water Wall.

Kakashi looked to Hinata and nodded as the girl disappeared in a plume of smoke.

"It's almost time!" Sasuke shouted as the train began to scrape and slide across the ground towards their position.

"MAMMOTH STYLE!" the real Hinata shouted as her mammoth burst from the thick snow on the higher level of the mountain, "AVALANCHE!"

The Mammoth's tusks began to glow white as all of the snow from it's position downwards formed a wave of ice and stone on it's way down the hill, barrelling into the train and throwing it off the tracks just a few meters from Hinata's teamates.


Sasuke and Kakashi looked up as a tall rectangle of ice shot up halfway down the train's carriages, catching the back half of the train before the avalanche threw the first few carriages over the edge of the cliff they here on. Their eyes widened in recognition at the two people on the side facing them, Kakashi's Snow Ninja alternate, Nadare Ryouga and one of their own… Naruto Uzumaki.

Mizore leaped from the adjacent surface towards Hinata, his board allowing him to ride up the snowy mountain and launch a handful of kunai at her, "Go Nadare! Naruto!"

"I've got the one on the left!" Nadare shouted as he and Naruto leaped towards Kakashi and Sasuke, "The one on the right is the one who nearly killed Fubuki!"

Naruto's gaze hardened as he glared at Sasuke, who from his perspective appeared to be a black dressed ninja covering everything about him other then his hands and eyes with a Missing Ninja's slash through his Snow Headband resting atop his forehead, "You're coming with me!" Naruto exclaimed as he formed a one handed seal.

Sasuke's eyes widened, "Naru-"


Kakashi turned in surprise as Naruto used a high speed Body flicker to tackle Sasuke away from Kakashi, separating them from each other so that Nadare could fight unencumbered.

"ICE STYLE!" Nadare shouted, bringing Kakashi's attention to him, "ICE PUNCH!"

Kakashi flipped backwards as Nadara's frost-covered hand slammed into the ground a moment later, "Nadare! How did you get Naruto here?! What did you do to him?!"

Nadare grinned, "Hey he and his team offered to help. My Lord just thought it would be a good time to test out our new Converted Enemy Orb, now he sees you as his enemy and us as his team!" Nadare shouted before pulling out a kunai and charging at Kakashi.

Kakashi met the charge, blocking the kunai with the metal plate on the back of his gloved right hand, 'Dammit! Sasuke, don't hold back!' he thought angrily as he kicked Nadare's leg to the side and spun with a step back, landing a back-fist that would've sent Nadare sprawling if he didn't suddenly burst into a cloud of snow.

"Thank your girl for bringing all this snow down here!" the real Nadare said as he stood atop the mass of snow stuck against the back edge of the train, "ICE STYLE: SNOWMAN CLONES!"

Kakashi formed a series of hand seals as numerous pale copies of Nadare began to rise from the snow around him, "Damn," he mumbled before taking out a pair of kunai and allowing his Lightning Chakra to arc along their bladed surface, "I have to put this guy down, Naruto can heal from any damage Sasuke can do to him so theoretically, it's only a matter of time until Sasuke is worn down. And Hinata… she's the only one who hasn't fought this armour before, who knows how she'll manage..." he mumbled in concern before the first snowman clone charged, "Looks like it's time to get serious!"


"Naruto!" Sasuke yelled as he ducked Naruto's punch and attempted a sweep-kick, "Listen!" Sasuke shouted as he rolled away.

Having leaped over the sweep-kick, Naruto landed and punched the ground, causing Sasuke to be unable to get to his feet, 'I don't know what language that is, but he doesn't have anything to say to me that can change anything! He hurt a great Kunoichi of the Snow!' Naruto thought as he punched forward towards Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the burst of fire that leaped at him from Naruto, but he managed to bring his yellow gauntlet up in time and block the flames so that they split around him, "NARUTO!"

"MSTIYO!" Naruto heard his enemy shout as he parted the flames around his arm, 'He's pretty good, no wonder he hurt Fubuki.' Naruto thought before dashing at his enemy again.


Hinata leaped from her mammoth as it's trunk knocked the thrown Kunai aside, 'Analyse.' Hinata thought as her Byakugan flexed behind her headband.

Mizore drew back his mechanical fist as Chakra began to glow between the joints, "MECHA-PUNCH!" he shouted as he punched the Mammoth's trunk at the base.

The Mammoth was pushed onto it's back legs as it shouted in pain, causing it to stumble back awkwardly.

Hinata gritted her teeth, "How DARE you!" Hinata shouted as her right arm extended forward.

Mizore looked up at her with a grin as he shot off with another burst from his snowboard, putting the mammoth between Hinata and him again, 'Little girl, you're going down.' Mizore thought as he took out a smoke bomb from his pouch.

Hinata's other arm extended down and grabbed the mammoth's front right foot, pulling her down towards Mizore and quickly swinging around the mammoth at Mizore from behind.


Mizore grinned as his smoke bomb exploded the moment Hinata came around the mammoth, but the grin was knocked from his face as Hinata burst from the smoke and slammed her elbow into his jaw.

The mammoth began to get to it's feet and face the two as Hinata knocked him from his board. She continued the combination by wrapping her legs around his chest and landing a series of palm thrusts and punches to his face.

Mizore's blood began to burst from his nose and mouth until he managed to lifted his arm and grip her throat with his metal hand. His mechanical hand burst away from his wrist, attached by a metal cable. Mizore shouted in effort as he slammed Hinata against the snow in the distance.

Hinata gasped in pain as the metallic hand slammed her down, but as it tightened it left her wrenching for air while it dragged her back towards Mizore.

Mizore hopped back on his board and shot towards Hinata as the girl drew a handful of senbon from her sleeve. Hinata pushed out of the snow and allowed herself to be lifted into the air by the retracting hand, Mizore appearing on his board as he charged at her with a shout.

Hinata's empty hand reached out as her arm stretched, allowing her to grip the snow and adjust her course to dodge Mizore's attack and lift her senbon into position just before the wrist mechanism slammed back in place.

"Ah!" Mizore shouted in pain as the force from his own mechanical wrist pushed the senbon through his skin, circuitry and muscles to dig into the stump of his forearm.

Hinata pulled her neck from Mizore's grip and gasped for air as she turned to face him. Her Mammoth took a stance right behind her as Mizore glared at her and pulled a kunai into his one real hand, the blade extending with ice to form a larger sword as he ran it through the snow.

Hinata took a Gentle Fist Stance and lifted her back foot so that her mammoth's trunk could worm it's way underneath it and allow her to use her Chakra to attach to the trunk, "You ready for this?" Hinata said softly.

The Mammoth hummed deeply as it's tusks began to glow white again.

Mizore used his Ice Sword to cut the hand from his wrist and clear away the senbon. Mizore clicked his kunai handle into place on his mechanical wrist, leaving him with an ice-sword for one hand with his real hand free and ready to fight. His eyes hardened as he glared hatefully at Hinata, "Damn little girl, who'd have thought she'd be this troublesome."


"I'll kill you for what you've done!" Nadare shouted angrily as he formed a series of hand seals.

Kakashi stabbed through one snowman clone before he spun and threw his other kunai, landing it in the face of the last clone between him and Nadare, "Me? I'm literally just doing a mission, you've tried to enslave a whole land." Kakashi said as he charged at Nadare, picking up his thrown kunai on the way as both hands and weapons sparked with electricity.

Nadare raised his hands, forming two blades of ice from the snow that shot up and began to compact around his hand to nearly a meter away. He crossed his ice swords in front of him before charging at Kakashi in return, "Die Copy Ninja!"

Kakashi's Sharingan flashed as he moved to cut through the blade of ice, only for the Chakra Amour to form a shell around Nadare and deflect the Chakra conducting kunai to allow him to slash at Kakashi.

Kakashi dropped his kunai and leaped back, barely managing to gain a shallow cut across his chest instead of being bisected, "LIGHTNING BLADE!" Kakashi shouted as he gripped his right wrist and focussed electricity to his palm.

Nadare stabbed at Kakashi only for the man's technique to pierce the ice sword and shatter it, forcing Nadare to retreat and dodge Kakashi's palm thrusts while the Copy Ninja copied his dodges to avoid the stabs of Nadare's Ice Sword.

The two entered an intricate dance of thrust, parry and dodge that became less then a blur as the two circled eachother across the hillside in a dance of death.


"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted in panic as he ducked one of Naruto's right- straights, "Snap out of it!"

Naruto shouted in effort as he pulled his hand free from the stone above Sasuke and went to kick him, only for Sasuke to slide across the snow between his legs and come up in a crouch.

Sasuke threw his sunglasses away as his Sharingan span, locking eyes with the Uzugan as Sasuke tried to hit him with a Genjutsu release in case he was under some kind of Genjutsu.

Naruto looked up as a sphere of Chakra flashed around him to disrupt the Genjutsu before it could even hit, "This is pretty cool." he mumbled.

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted, bringing Naruto's attention back to him, "Don't you do this! There's no way both of us can come out of this unscathed!"

Naruto smirked and clapped his hand, sending a burst of flames at Sasuke, "No holding back against me! No running! you'll pay for what you did to Fubuki-san!"

Sasuke sighed as the eyes on his gauntlets began to glow, "Guess he really can't hear me…" Sasuke thought with a deep breath, "If I'm going to survive this… I have to win, you can outlast me, you can outrun me and I'm pretty sure you'll kill me..." Sasuke said as he took a taijutsu stance, "But you can also heal me! So whatever it takes I'll bring you back to our side Naruto! Bring it on!"

Naruto smirked as he placed a hand on his Weapon's Scroll.


Sasuke's confidence faltered as Naruto pulled out Kubikiri Bocho, "H-Hey..."

"Bring it ON!" Naruto shouted as he leaped forward at Sasuke.



Hinata gasped for air as Mizore flipped from his board, allowing it to slam into her stomach and throw her back against her mammoth's back. The large creature began to stand up again as it's trunk placed Hinata on her feet, "Ichi-kun, can you cover me?" Hinata asked hopefully as her eyes tried to find some weakness in Mizore's armour.

The mammoth nodded as it moved to send it's trunk towards Mizore, but at that moment the Snow Ninja formed a single handed Ox Seal, "ICE STYLE: ELEVATED SKATE PARK!"

From Mizore's board a burst of Chakra reached out around it before all the snow began to rise around Hinata's mammoth before it solidified into the shape of a skate park.

"Ichi-kun!" Hinata shouted in surprise as the mammoth used it's trunk to throw her up into the air above the rising ice and snow with it's last movement.

Mizore smirked as he leaped up onto the highest point of the tallest ramp, catching his board with his hand as his ice sword lengthened and solidified, "Time to die little girl." he said before leaping onto his board.

Hinata analysed what she could as she fell towards the park from above, 'I've got this.' she thought calmly as she spun, her cloak twirling around her as she sent Chakra through it and unsealed her naginata.

Her eyes widened as she noticed the Chakra spiking on the ice wherever Mizore boarded over, building up spheres of snow floating above over his path. As she was about to land safely, the first snowball shot towards her like a cannon, forcing her to dive out of the way in a dodge that she nearly messed up due to her underestimating how slippery the ice was.

Mizore smirked as he moved at Hinata blade first, slashing towards her as he boarded past and shot up into the air off a ramp. Hinata blocked the strike with her naginata before she was forced to dodge the follow-up snowball cannons.

Hinata panted heavily as she fell onto her knees and looked through the ice below her to her mammoth, 'I… how do I…' she began to panic as she looked up at Mizore, the man landing and moving towards her again, 'What do I do?'

"Take this!" Mizore shouted as he ducked, sending three smaller and slower snowballs at her from behind him.

Hinata formed a Shadow Clone which grabbed her arm and threw her up into the air once more, 'I have to do it,' Hinata thought as she closed her eyes for a moment.

Mizore slid sideways, running his hand across the ice and kicking up a cloud of frost as his snowballs slammed into her clone and destroyed it. He thought he'd be hidden, but Hinata's eyes allowed her to focus on him anyway, she smirked suddenly as she fell towards him from above, "Now!" Hinata shouted to herself as her Curse Seal activated.

"SNOW CANNON BARRAGE!" Mizore shouted as the frost formed just under one hundred mini snow-cannonballs that launched up towards Hinata.

Hinata's Curse Mark spread across the left side of her body, pulsing with dark energy that surged through Hinata as she tossed her naginata like a javelin before slamming her hands together in a Ram Seal, "HIDDEN MIST JUTSU!"

Just as the first snow-cannonball made contact with her it burst into mist before every other snow-cannonball followed suit, allowing her naginata to stab into the ice just in front of the blinded Mizore, before he ran into it.

Mizore shouted in surprise as he was thrown from his board, giving Hinata the time to land in the mist and form another Shadow Clone before they charged at Mizore in unison.

Mizore felt the dark Chakra coming from Hinata and shivered before reaching up to the Chakra Bulb on his shoulder and turning it up to maximum. The moment the two Hinatas came into his field of vision, the Chakra sphere around Mizore burst into full visibility, blocking her approach and allowing him to slash at both of her with his Ice Sword.

Hinata shouted in pain as his sword slashed her forearm and threw her back while destroying her clone in the same strike. Hinata retreated into the mist and took a kunai from her thigh holster, taking the wrapping from around the handle and using it to tie her wound closed.

"There you are!"

Hinata gasped as a bright flash of Chakra entered her vision, blinding her and forcing her to deactivate her byakugan and tear the headband from her eyes, only to see Mizore with her normal gaze, his ice-sword leading his charge inches from her face.

Hinata's heart raced as her Curse Mark pulsed, giving her the speed to barely lean back underneath the stab and grab Mizore's wrist.


Hinata was thrown back as Mizore's Chakra sphere burst back in full strength, slamming her into the ramp behind her. She looked up and wiped the blood from her lips as Mizore grabbed his board and began to blur towards her at full speed.

Hinata gritted her teeth as she stood, her Curse mark pulsing angrily while she formed a series of hand seals, "EIGHT TRIGRAMS: SKY PALM!"

Mizore's Chakra Sphere burst into visibility once more, but the sheer force of Hinata's strike blew him back off of his board again and into the cloud of mist in the center of the skate park.

Hinata activated her eyes once again as she noticed him scrape against her Naginata and rip it from the ice, but, what caught her attention was that he hit it shoulder-first, cracking the dial on his shoulder and causing the sphere to flicker for a moment.

Hinata smirked, 'That's it!' she thought as she used a Body Flicker to arrive next to her Naginata and tear it from the ice before taking an offensive stance, "Give us back Naruto!" she shouted angrily as her Byakugan activated with enough force to cause the mist around her to burst away.





Sasuke gasped for air as Naruto's punch basically folded him in half.


Only for him to Substitute with a log.

Sasuke began to sprint up the mountainside, glancing over his shoulder for any sign of Naruto only for the Medic to appear in front of him with a Body Flicker.

Sasuke dropped to his knees under the punch aimed at his face, allowing him to try and sweep Naruto's feet from underneath him. Naruto flipped over Sasuke's strike, throwing a kick at the back of his head.


Using the Hiding in Flames technique, Sasuke disappeared in a flash of fire that enveloped Naruto and blinded him.

Sasuke panted heavily as he looked at the flames and began to form hand seals, seeing Naruto sweep the flames from around him with a grand gesture before leaping at Sasuke in another Shunshin.

"UCHIHA FIRE STYLE: BLAZE KICK!" Sasuke shouted as he performed a roundhouse kick just as Naruto appeared from his technique, landing the burning attack right on his chest.

Naruto shot back with a pained expression, 'What the hell? Why didn't my armour block it?' Naruto thought as he looked down at the dial on his stomach while flying through the air.

Suddenly, Naruto found himself leaving the tree-heavy mountain and shooting off the side of it, over Mizore's skate park where he formed a series of hand seals and activated his Pegasus Art: Wind Rider to glide in a circle to see if he could spot his enemy again.


Naruto looked up at the garbled shouting above him, seeing his enemy diving at him fist-first with a handful of electricity arcing towards him, 'This guy has stolen Kakashi-Sensei's technique?' Naruto thought as his eyes widened.

Sasuke gritted his teeth angrily as his Curse Mark pulsed, 'He's been holding back on me in training!' Sasuke thought angrily as he dove at Naruto.

Naruto allowed himself to fall slightly as he brought back his arms, "Ha!" he shouted as he punched forward a burst of fire at Sasuke with one hand and Chakra began to swirl in his other hand.

Sasuke's technique cut through the flames while his yellow gauntlet began to glow and bring in the flames behind him, but as he burst from the flames, his eyes widened as what Naruto had to meet him clashed with his Chidori.

"FLAME RASENGAN!" Naruto shouted as his Rasengan swirled his fire that he fed it with his Firebending, allowing him to create the first elemental Rasengan that destroyed Sasuke's Chidori and began to grind into the palm of Sasuke's gauntlet.

Sasuke brought around his flame-wielding yellow gauntlet and threw the flames at Naruto's technique, causing it to explode and separate and throw the two of them towards the ground.

Sasuke shouted as his Curse Mark spread across his skin, 'How long?!'

Naruto and Sasuke landed on opposite sides of Mizore's skate park as the skater duelled against Hinata between them on the lower level, sword against Naginata, 'How much has he been holding back?!' Sasuke thought angrily as his Curse Mark pulsed.

Naruto took his Wing Chun stance as his Uzugan began to swirl, causing Sasuke to grit his teeth, 'It's that eye… he's been pretending that we're close to eachother's level in strength to keep me close, but he's been lying!' Sasuke thought as he shouted and leaped towards Naruto.

Naruto smirked as he sent Chakra throughout his arms, 'I'm gonna take you down!' Naruto thought confidently as his enemy fell towards him.

It was at that moment Naruto noticed Mizore's enemy get the upperhand and literally lop his arm off just behind above his ice-sword, making the already damaged limb even shorter, "Mizore!"

Sasuke used the opportunity to swing at Naruto, only to suddenly have his momentum off-set by Naruto bursting past him to get to Mizore's fight, causing Sasuke to turn and stare with wide eyes, "Hinata!"


Hinata looked up at Sasuke's shout, causing her eyes to widen as she raised her naginata, barely blocking Naruto's punch that shattered the pole of her weapon and threw her back across the ice.

Naruto looked over at Mizore, "Run!"

Mizore leaped back and used his chakra to freeze his stump. He looked at Naruto and smirked, 'Looks like this was definitely a success. Now he'll either kill them or they'll be forced to kill him!' he thought before turning and running, "Cover me Naruto!"

Naruto turned to face Hinata and Sasuke as the Uchiha helped her to her feet, 'These two… who knew there'd be such great Shinobi out there?' Naruto thought rhetorically as he took a wide stance and closed his right eye as he prepared his Chakra.

Hinata held tears in her eyes as she glared at Naruto, her anger being brought to the surface by her pulsing Curse Mark, "Why?! Why are you doing this?!"

Sasuke gritted his teeth as his Curse Mark spread across his whole body, pulsing darkly as purple Chakra began to fall heavily out of his body as though it was gaining a physical weight, "No more holding back! BULLET PUNCH!"

Naruto's eye snapped open as the male enemy charged at him with a punch, activating the Body Flicker Technique just like he had against Lee in the Chunnin exams. He blurred at Sasuke in a slide tackle, taking out his feet before he blurred at Hinata with a high kick directed at her head.

Hinata barely leaned back underneath the kick, her left arm extending and allowing her to grip Naruto's foot, "EIGHT TRIGRAMS: GUILLOTINE!" Hinata shouted.

Naruto shouted in pain as Hinata's sharpened Chakra moved between her fingers, cutting all Chakra to Naruto's foot and making it impossible for him to use his super strength through the appendage. But Naruto used another Body Flicker to land on his other foot atop one of Mizore's ramps, swinging Hinata down onto the ground back-first only for Sasuke to appear behind him and sweep kick him.

Hinata let go of Naruto's leg and rolled away, sliding into a crouch before she shouted with anger and charged at Naruto once more.

Naruto slammed the ice beneath him as he fell, cracking the ice and launching him into the air over Sasuke's follow up attack. Naruto looked down as Hinata and Sasuke stopped next to one another and leapt up at him, "Bring it on!"

Sasuke disappeared in a Body Flicker as did Hinata, appearing on either side of Naruto and throwing matching punches at his chest and back.

Naruto thrust his elbow out, causing a burst of fire that propelled him into a spin so that he could duck under Hinata's punch and slash at Sasuke's with a Chakra Scalpel.

Sasuke barely managed to dodge thanks to his Sharingan, the eyes on his black gauntlet glowing as it sucked in air, "BULLET PUNCH!"

Since Naruto was too close to react, Sasuke's fist slammed into the Chakra Armour's Globe on his stomach, causing Naruto to cough up blood as it's outer layer and his ribs cracked and take Hinata's Eight Trigrams: Guillotine to his other leg on the thigh.

Naruto blurred away in another Body Flicker, appearing on the opposite side of the ice skate park and look down at the bulb on his stomach, 'Damn, looks like this part is broken, I wonder if the Chakra Shield will hold at all if I use it...' he thought before using a hand to feel the bulb on his lower back – the one that was maintaining the optical illusion and manipulating Naruto's view of his enemies – and nodded as it felt undamaged, "At least this is still working, I think it's the bit that enhances my own Chakra..." he mumbled to himself before facing Sasuke and Hinata and sending Chakra through his arms, 'If my legs are damaged, then I will use both arms!' he thought as he began to form hand seals.

Sasuke's eyes widened as his Sharingan copied the Ninjutsu, "Move!" He shouted as he pushed Hinata away and leaped in the opposite direction.

"FORBIDDEN JUTSU: MEDIC ART: WIND STYLE: CHAKRA SCALPEL STORM!" he shouted as both his hands began to glow green and he slashed through the air, causing invisible blades of Wind Chakra to carry a Chakra scalpel through the air towards his enemies with each slash.

Hinata dove out of the way once more and formed hand seals, focussing her Chakra into the ice below her feet, "SECRET JUTSU: WATER NEEDLES!" she shouted.

A large amount of ice melted ahead of her before forming frosty needles and launching at Naruto, forcing him to focus his Chakra Scalpel Storm on her attack and allowing her to slide into the hole leftover from the ice she used in the Ninjutsu. Sasuke smirked as he realised Naruto was distracted and formed hand seals of his own, "UCHIHA FIRE STYLE: FIRE BLAST!" Sasuke shouted as he spat out a star of white hot flames.

Naruto shouted as he focussed the used of a Body Flicker through his arms, allowing him to launch fifty Chakra Scalpels at each of the oncoming techniques and overpower them, forcing Sasuke to use a Substitution to dodge while Hinata was safe in her ice hole.

Naruto panted as his arms went numb for a few seconds, 'Damn, if just one of those had hit I'd've had the upperhand.' he thought as he began to form a slow series of one handed seals in concentration while his other hand reared back.

Sasuke shot from the debris cloud on all fours, his gauntlet's claws shining as he dashed at Naruto with his Sharingan blazing, "NARUTO!"

Naruto scowled as quickly punched forward his back fist and continued his one handed seals, launching a stream of fire at Sasuke that the boy dodged and flipped around before dashing at Naruto once more.

Hinata appeared in a Body Flicker behind Naruto as he finished his Jutsu, "PEGASUS ART: FORBIDDEN JUTSU: HURRICANE FORMATION!"

Hinata slammed her hands into Naruto's back, causing her chaka to pierce his lungs and knock him off his feet. But suddenly a large volume of Wind Chakra began to build around him, causing a slowly forming hurricane that forced Hinata to flee back to Sasuke's side with a secondary Body Flicker before the two began to run, "A Hurricane?!" Hinata shouted in surprise.

Sasuke glared over his shoulder at Naruto as the two of them leaped from Mizore's skate park, seeing the blonde being lifted up inside his maelstrom harmlessly before the technique became too strong and blocked Sasuke's view of Naruto, but in blocking all the physical view, Sasuke's Sharingan picked up on a small amount of Secondary Foreign Chakra inside the hurricane, 'What?'

Hinata and Sasuke landed on the ground with Hinata continuing to run away only to pause as she saw Sasuke had done so facing Naruto, "What are you doing? How can we stop THAT?!" she screamed.

Sasuke shook his head, his eyes analyzing everything he could see as he saw the hurricane take full formation atop the skate park… "I have an idea, dispel your summons!"

Hinata looked back towards the hurricane and nodded as she clapped her hands together, causing her mammoth to disappear and de-stabilise the ice formation. Large chunks of ice began to fly up into Naruto's Hurricane and tear apart into smaller chunks.

Sasuke began to form hand seals, "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!"

Hinata covered her face as Sasuke's Ninjutsu roared past her into the hurricane and set it alight for a brief moment, the wind being too strong to allow the flames to survive for long, but enough to melt the majority of the ice into water.

Hinata shook her head, "What are you doing?!" she shouted over the now near-deafening winds that were beginning to come towards them.

Sasuke turned to her as he began to form a series of hand seals, "Your largest water jutsu! Add it to his technique!"

Hinata nodded as she formed hand seals, feeling her Curse Seal pulse in resonance with Sasuke's, "WATER STYLE: EXPLOSIVE WATER SHOCKWAVE!" she shouted as she sent as much snow as she could up towards the Hurricane as the snow melted to become water.

Sasuke began to charge forward before leaping up into the air, allowing the strong winds to suck him towards the hurricane as it filled with water and began to look more like an airborne whirlpool then anything else. Sasuke gripped his wrist as he finished his hand seals, "CHIDORI!"

Naruto's eyes widened as he saw three things happen with his enemy's Chakra. Firstly: it dispelled something he hadn't spotted until it was gone; a mammoth. Secondly, his enemy was flooding him with a Water Ninjutsu that was large enough to effect his almost complete Hurricane. And thirdly, the male enemy just used a Jutsu he now knew was no copy, 'That's a real Chidori!' Naruto thought as his eyes widened in realisation.

Hinata's eyes widened as she saw Sasuke's plan take effect.

The electricity in Sasuke's fist arced throughout the water in the air, electrocuting Naruto and dispersing the hurricane in a burst of electricity while being slammed by what remained of Naruto's technique.

Hinata covered her head from the debris of the dispersed force of nature, or in this case Naruto. She focussed her Byakugan to see Naruto falling towards Sasuke inside the resulting cloud as Chakra began to swirl in his hand while Sasuke continued to plunge his Chidori ahead, his Curse Seal making the lightning turn black at the last moment before to two clashed, 'No! It's a trap Sasuke!' she thought as she focussed Chakra to her hands.

In the distance, Naruto's Rasengan slammed into Sasuke's Chidori the two grinding against eachother for a moment before one of the few remaining chunks of ice from below revealed itself to be a clone of Naruto's that leaped at Sasuke from behind with a green glowing hand.


The Shadow Clone was dispersed by Hinata's technique just before it made contact with Sasuke, causing Naruto to flinch and redouble his efforts with his spherical jutsu.

Sasuke's Sharingan flashed as he tried to hit Naruto with with an optical illusion to distract him, but his eyes widened as he saw Naruto's eyes transform, 'No way!'

Naruto's Mangekyou flashed, causing him to see his enemy's appearance blur and show the form of Sasuke for a moment, 'Huh?' Naruto thought as his eyes widened in realisation and he lost focus.


The Chidori and Rasengan exploded, throwing the two away from eachother in a blinding flash that caused both of them to be temporarily blinded.


Suddenly, Kakashi flashed through the air, tearing the globe from Naruto's back and catching Sasuke.

Naruto flipped backwards through the air, landing on wobbly feet as he raised his woozy head, 'Why do my eyes hurt? Was that really Sasuke?' he thought as he looked up with a blurry gaze.

He raised a brow at who he thought he saw in front of him as the female enemy blurred back to it's original form, "Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked.

Hinata's angry gaze hardened before she brought back her palm, "Asshole!"




Dotou and Tsunade looked up once more in surprise, seeing Mizore being carried in by a near-dead Nadare, both of them missing an arm and Mizore appearing to have a hole in his shoulder, "My god!" Tsunade gasped as she ran over to help.

"What happened?!" Dotou shouted as he helped lay the two down on their back, "Who did this?!"

Nadare shook his head, "Naruto held them off so we could escape and Mizore here took a lightning attack to the chest to save me. I had to retreat when Naruto appeared to summon a hurricane!" Nadare shouted in genuine disbelief, "What kind of kid can do that?! Who is he?"

"He's my son!" Tsunade growled as she healed Mizore's shoulder, "And I swear we're going to get him back."

Dotou smirked behind Tsunade as he saw her emotional state overwhelm her, "Then I shall commit my best armour to you and your team Tsunade-sama. Guard! Go get Tsunade's Team and fit them with the same armour we gave Naruto, I shall personally escort Tsunade to hers and then she will lead us to victory!"

Tsunade focussed on her task at hand as she thought over what could be happening to Naruto, 'Naruto-chan… I'll save you!' she thought as she continued working.


"So it's this thing," Kakashi mumbled to himself as he looked at the globe on the desk in front of him, "It tricked him with some kind of optical illusion and a sound filter..." he mumbled before sighing, 'What a troublesome situation.' he thought before turning and allowing his gaze to roll over the three behind him.

"Sorry!" Naruto exclaimed once again as he ignored his bandaged head and back in favour of healing the bedridden Sasuke and the heavily bruised Hinata, "I swear I'll heal this all as fast as I can and then we can go get Kaa-san and explain a-a-and I'll-"

"You'll SHUT UP Senju!" Sasuke shouted angrily, "I don't give a damn about this! Now I know that you've been holding back on me we're stepping up our training!"

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT IT!" Hinata shouted angrily from her place sitting near the window.

"H-Hai Hinata-chan..." Naruto mumbled sadly as he glanced over his shoulder at her, she seemed more angry at him then ever, something he was not considering when he was to run into her next, then again, he wasn't expecting to be fighting her either.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted as he glared at Naruto's, sad expression, "Idiot."


Chapter End.

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