Billy versus SCP-1048

Chapter 1: Waking Up Without a Nose

Billy went to bed for the night hoping the next morning would be just as good. However, there seemed to be the shadow of a Teddy bear hovering over him along with three other Teddy bears. During the night there were reports that SCP-1048 had escaped from Site 24 and had made its way all the way to Endsville. Sadly Billy was the first one it approached, and ended up removing Billy's own nose. When Billy woke up the next morning he headed toward the mirror in the bathroom thinking everything was normal until he realized something was different.

"Say, something about me is kind of different, maybe I'm hitting puberty because my voice has changed or was mom practicing cutting my hair while I was sleeping, oh well time to go downstairs for breakfast" said Billy.

Billy headed downstairs his father Harold was reading the newspaper not noticing a title on the first page though purposely not showing any pictures in exposing the SCP Foundation about the warning of SCP-1048.

"Hey Billy, something is different about you, but I cannot put it on the top of my head" said Harold as he was scratching his head for a moment, "ah ha, mom was practicing cutting your hair while you were asleep."

"Hey, how did you know papa?" asked Billy.

"Great minds think alike" laughed Harold.

But Gladys wasn't the one who did it, as she came in putting down the orange juice and cereal she ended up screaming.

"Billy, what happened to your nose?!" cried Gladys.

"What ever do you mean, because maybe it must be about you needing more practice in cutting my hair while I was sleeping" continued Billy.

"Billy, I was asleep with your father the entire night" continued Gladys

"Oh well, you need more practice, time to head off to school" said Billy as he walked his merry way.

Billy soon came to the bus stop where Mandy was waiting.

"Your nose it's missing" said Mandy.

"Nah, it's my mother trying to practice cutting my hair at night" continued Billy, "she needs to practice more."

"Whatever" said Mandy, "I am sure you'll figure it out soon enough."

As the bus arrived, the bus driver and the others on the bus were shocked to see Billy without his notable big nose.

"Say when did the artists decide to draw you like Mandy?" asked Sperg, "Hey maybe you two will get married because you both don't have noses!"

Sperg was then promptly punched by Mandy for that comment.

"Hey Billy, you're an even bigger loser without your nose!" laughed Mindy as she noticed Billy.

"I cannot believe you cannot live without one" said Pud'in, "my family of wolves have a higher sense of smell with their noses than we humans would."

"You are all just jealous because my mother cut my hair while I was sleeping" said Billy.

As the day went on, Harold decided to go up to Billy's room and noticed an odd style of a Teddy bear was just sitting there. It was obvious, the escaped SCP-1048 had turned Billy's nose into a Teddy bear.

"Say what's this strange little guy doing on Billy's bed, I don't remember doing anything in buying him any strange gift unless if he got it from Grim's trunk" said Harold.

But as Harold stepped closer, the Teddy bear let out an unnatural scream and started to splatter boggers at poor Harold which got him stuck to the floor. The Teddy bear then got up and headed for the window and leaped right out where the other four Teddy bears were waiting. Poor Harold, the bogger goo began to harden keeping him there. For Grim, his Grim Reaping sense was tengling.

"My Grim Reaper sense is tengling" said Grim.

"You have powers like Spiderman?" asked Clarie as Grim was at Mandy's house.

"Something tells me that Teddy bear that escaped from Site 24 is up to something, I better head over to Billy's house" said Grim.

Grim raced over to Billy's house to find Harold covered in some green goo that was hardening quite fast.

"Uh, Grim could you please help me a bit" said Harold.

"No, no, no I am sorry, but my powers are useless against this, this was the creation of SPC-1048, that notorious Teddy bear from Site 24 is on the prowl" continued Grim.

"SCP Foundation, what the heck are those guys?" asked Harold.

"They are to ensure these kind of creatures stay behind closed doors for good even more powers than what I am capable of, they should be arriving in Endsville pretty soon" continued Grim.

Soon a van from Site 24 was indeed heading toward Endsville, the soldiers in the van were armed and ready to contain SCP-1048 and destroy its creations. However a member of the Chaos Insurgency was the one in the shotgun seat in the van receiving special communications from another source.

"We're here ma'am" said the Chaos Insurgent to the mysterious figure on the other line.

"Good" laughed the mysterious woman.