Chapter 5: Hoss versus the Bears

Hoss ended up bursting in to save Pud'in's wolf pack as they were trying to take on the wolf bear.

"What the heck?!" cried Hoss as he couldn't believe the sort of bear he was facing.

The bear drew out its claws and charged at Hoss, Hoss ended up firing some grenades from his mechanical hand at the bear, and ended up slicing the bear in half with his chainsaw as it came right out of his mechanical hand.

"Wow, that was great!" laughed Grim as he saw the carnage.

"We better find the other bears" said Grim.

The SCP Foundation soldiers ended up coming into the area to get the parts of the bear that Hoss tore apart. For a certain Eris, she wasn't pleased as the Chaos Insurgent confronted her with the news about Hoss Delgado's arrival.

"Bah, I knew this would not work out with him in the picture!" cried Eris.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but he just came out of nowhere, that Grim Reaper, he must be responsible for summoning him" continued the Chaos Insurgent.

"I know that you fool" continued Eris, "but I say, why not have my old bear, SCP-1048 create a few more bears?"

"And who might be his target?" asked the Chaos Insurgent.

Indeed, the scene switched to where SCP-1048 was at Irwin's house, Irwin's father was busy doing various chores around the house. His mummy mother was sleeping inside her coffin. That gave a chance for SCP-1048 to creep over to her Egyptian coffin and take her wrappers away. As Irwin's father came down stairs to clean up the basement, Irwin's mother arose from the coffin without most of her wrappings covering her.

"What on Earth happen to your wrappings?!" cried Irwin's father as he stood back.

"How should I know?!" cried Irwin's mother in her mummy-like voice.

Irwin's father had to give her towels to put on, meanwhile as Irwin arrived home from school, he ended up putting his backpack on the shelf and noticed an odd bear sitting on his bed.

"Hey, I never remember this guy sitting here yo" said Irwin.

Irwin was about to pick up the bear, when the bear moved toward him. It then glared at Irwin with red glowing eyes and ended up using its mummy-like powers to tie up Irwin.

"Arrgghh, the bear is alive!" cried Irwin as he tried to escape.

Both Irwin's parents came running up the stairs, Irwin's mummy mother realized the bear was made out of her wrappings.

"Thief!" roared Irwin's mummy mother.

The mummy-like bear than leaped right out of the window and landed with the other bears and SCP-1048 waiting for them.

"So, you think you can out smart Hoss Delgado?" asked Hoss as he arrived on the scene with Grim, Billy and Mandy.

"Hey, my nose, it's a bear!" cried Billy which Mandy couldn't believe how dumb he was.

"My God you're stupid" sighed Mandy.

Hoss charged at the bears, the bear that was created that mocked Mindy began to mock Hoss by calling him a loser in Mindy's voice.

"Hey loser, you have poor aim!" cried the bear.

Hoss ended up responding with the right sort of aim by firing a grenade at it causing Mindy's own diary pages to explode into pieces.

"Hmm, looks like this bear was made out of Mindy's dairy, oh well" said Mandy.

SCP-1048-C attempted to leap through Hoss trying to kill him, yet Hoss ended up dodging and used a flamethrower that he attached to his mechanical arm instead and melted the bear. He ended up doing the same with SCP-1048-B along with the other bears except for SCP-1048. Eris along with the Chaos Insurgent had arrived just in time to defend SCP-1048.

"You're not going to harm my own teddy bear!" roared Eris.

"Wait, this is your bear?" asked Hoss.

"Makes sense to me I guess" said Grim.

"Yea, pretty much" said Mandy.

"Hey, I don't want a burnt nose!" cried Billy as he realized his nose was badly burned thanks to Hoss.

"Well it doesn't matter, because I am going to win here, SCP-1048, I order you to create a bear out of Hoss' mechanical arm!" roared Eris.

"Wait, not my arm!" cried Hoss.

SCP-1048 charged at Hoss and began to try to take off the mechanical arm, Grim, Mandy and Billy were on the other side trying to pull Hoss to safety, while Eris and the Chaos Insurgent were trying to help out SCP-1048. But as SCP-1048 was trying to pull out the mechanical arm, a SCP Foundation sniper soldier spotted the bear.

"Ha, spotted the subject, preparing to neutralize it!" laughed the sniper soldier.

With one shot, the bear fell right down releasing Hoss and the others.

"My mechanical arm!" laughed Hoss as he began to kiss it.

"No!" cried Eris.

"Subject has been neutralized!" cried an SCP soldier as he and his other comrades came.

"Nah, the bear is still moving" said Grim as he noticed it.

Soon SCP-1048 found itself in a special cage that it couldn't break out, the Chaos Insurgent and Eris were both arrested by SCP Foundation forces.

"I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and the Grim Reaper" said Eris as she was copying a line from another show.

The SCP Foundation forces gathered up all of the remains of the other bears for further testing, except for Billy's nose which Grim ended up using his scythe to turn it back to normal.

"Gee, thanks for getting my nose back Grim" said Billy, "what's going to happen to the victims of SCP-1048?"

"Oh don't worry, I am sure they'll be released within a few weeks" said Grim.

"Uh, make that months" said an SCP soldier to Grim.

"I guess that means no more school!" laughed Billy.