Prologue - The Legend of Unity

Gather around me children, gather and hear my tale. A story I have to tell to you, of hurt and of change. The story of the great change to this world, is old, and one such a tale has never been shared before. Do not fear me children, I have travelled long to share the tale with you. Don't hold back; allow your curiosity to wander. Listen well to this story, for I shall only repeat it once.

The legend of Unity is told all around the multiverse to this day. The story of the golden dragon has been changed and lost throughout the years. Many people believe that it is a myth. But all legends are formed from truth. The very legend of which I speak, I shall now retell.

Before the Burning Legion came and wreaked Azeroth, and before the Well of Eternity, was a golden dragon. Before the Titans came, this golden dragon would raise her head and roar with happiness as she saw the sun. And before the Great Aspects, there were six siblings.

The siblings were, Alexstrasza the red, Malygos the blue, Nozdormu the bronze, Neltharion the black and Ysera the green. The last sibling was the gold dragon, but her name was forgotten over time.

The gold dragon was the youngest, but wasn't anywhere near as much of the childish hatchling her siblings were. She became mature very quickly, but was very aggressive.

When the Titans came to Azeroth she had become the only surviving gold dragon left. The Titans shaped her home around a large lake called Unity.

Around that time, Ysera had convinced her sisters to have some fun above this lake. They were doing flight tricks and such and such. Suddenly a wave of energy hit Ysera and she started to plummet towards the water. The gold dragon chased after her sister. Shoving Ysera away, screaming at her telling her to fly, the gold dragon crashed into the waters and drowned in its depths.

The Titans, greatly affected by the lost honoured the siblings by giving them power over the rest of their dragonflight. They left giving the promise that any gold or silver dragons they found would hold powers of unity. The lake of Unity, now the Well of Eternity, had become a pale gold colour with silver swirls rising from it.

The five remaining siblings had begun to be known as Aspects. Alexstrasza of the Life, Malygos of the Magic, Nozdormu of the Time, Neltharion of the Earth and Ysera of the Dream. All lived in unity, knowing that if their sister had lived; she might have been the dragon of Unity.

Then the Burning Legion came, causing desperate measures to be made. In which, the well was tainted. At the end of the war with the Burning Legion, the well and all trace of the gold dragon disappeared. Or so they thought.

Several years of conflict followed, as the world changed.

The Lich King had risen from the Scourge and a stirring came from Maelstrom, the great scar of the world.

That is all we have left of the legend. The whole story is known by only the Great Aspects of Azeroth, but they will not share it with anyone. Even the Nelthrion, who would become the traitor Deathwing, would deny you the answers you seek. But I believe that the answer lies somewhere within the history books. So go forth young'uns and find your unity...

"Alexia of the Well! It is time to reveal who you truly are to your friends!"

Deep in Maelstrom a gold dragon stirs, awakening for the first time in centuries.

"Awaken sister! Summon yourself here to Tempest Keep! The Aspects await!" The calling voice came from a red dragoness, mightier than the rest of dragonkin. Slowly the gold dragon spreads her wings and answers the summons, but ultimately failed to reach her goal as she was pulled away from the world. Elsewhere in the multiverse, the defences of a township fell to the dark forces of evil, and two young lives will be changed forever.

Hey everyone, so this is the reupload of the Ultimate FanFiction. I gave up on typing the Ultimate in caps. So this story is being written by myself and Defiance of Fate. In case you can't see any difference between this Prologue and the first one; I have only edited it a bit. It doesn't have many major changes. I just edited a few lines. Like promised, I uploaded this before the end of the Easter Holidays (AEST). Hope you all had a happy Easter.

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