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"Ruth?" Jo asked in a quiet voice. She hoped Ruth wouldn't be too mad when she discovered Jo in the bedroom. There was no answer and Jo noticed she wasn't hearing any noise from the bathroom either. As Jo moved towards the door, she glanced back at the bed. A dark spot on the pale linens caught her attention. Jo moved closer to look and realized it was blood. She looked from the bed to the bathroom door and realized there was a trail of blood on the floor as well, something she'd not noticed due to the dark wood. Jo began to panic and pushed open the bathroom door.

"Oh my god. Zaf!" Jo shouted, before adding in a quieter voice, "Ruth!"

Chapter Two

Jo rushed to her friend's side and rolled her onto her back, looking for the injury. A moment later she heard Zaf's heavy footsteps entering the room.

"Call 999! She needs an ambulance."

Zaf dialed his phone but the sight of Ruth covered in blood momentarily struck him dumb.

Jo continued to check Ruth over as Zaf relayed the address and tried to answer the operator's questions. Ruth was roused to consciousness as Jo felt for and found a weak pulse on Ruth's neck.

"Ruth, its Jo. An ambulance is on its way. Do you know what happened? Did someone hurt you?"

"Harry," Ruth moaned in a barely-heard whisper. "Hurts so bad," she said as she tried to roll back to her side, curling up her body.

Jo stood and grabbed a dressing gown from the back of the door and draped it over Ruth, giving her some privacy.

Zaf poked his head around the corner. "I'm going downstairs to wait for the ambulance. I tried calling Harry but he didn't answer so I'll call Malcolm instead. Will you ride with Ruth to hospital?"

Jo nodded. "Yes."

Zaf dialed Malcolm's number as he quickly descended the stairs and headed out the front door just as Malcolm picked up the phone. "Malcolm, you need to call Harry. An ambulance is on its way to pick up Ruth."

"What? Zaf, what's wrong?" Malcolm asked.

"Don't know. Ruth was upstairs in a bathroom and there's a lot of blood. She wasn't conscious when we arrived but she woke up for a moment with Jo. I'll let you know where they are taking her but get a hold of Harry!" Zaf ended the call as he saw the ambulance make the turn onto Harry's street.

Jo heard the siren grow louder as it approached the house and less than a minute later the quick and heavy footfalls pounded the stairs.

"In here!" she yelled to the paramedics.

A man and a woman entered the bedroom, following Jo's voice, and introducing themselves as Gus and Hope. She moved out of the way to allow them access to Ruth and answered their questions as best she could but she still felt helpless. The paramedic's conversation was primarily medical jargon that Jo couldn't follow so their question to her caught Jo off guard.

"How far along was she?" Gus asked.

Jo blinked in confusion. "How far along was what?"

"We suspect Ruth is having a miscarriage with complications. Did you know she was pregnant? Do you know how far along she was?" he asked again in a patient and calm voice.

Jo shook her head. "I had no idea she was pregnant. I don't even know if she knew."

"Okay. We can't get the stretcher up the stairs so I'm going to carry her down. Are you coming with us?"

"Yes. I don't know how quickly the father can get here; he's out of town at the moment and I don't want to leave her alone."

Hope smiled at Jo as she picked up their equipment bags to head downstairs.

Jo followed her down the stairs. "Where are you taking her?" Jo asked. "My friend needs to call the father," she said.

Zaf overheard the statement but before he could say anything Hope replied, "We're taking her to St Thomas' Hospital. Do you know where that is?"

Jo and Zaf both nodded. "I'll be right out to ride with you," she said as Hope and Gus finished strapping Ruth to the stretcher just outside Harry's front door. "Zaf, they suspect Ruth is having a miscarriage with complications. Harry needs to come to the hospital now. Don't forget to let his dog in and call me once you know something," she said as she ran out the door to the waiting ambulance.

Harry checked his watch again and found that time was not moving nearly fast enough. Not for the first time he wondered why this discussion needed to held at a location two hours outside of London and over the course of two days. In his opinion, a couple of hours at Whitehall should have been sufficient.

He'd seen the missed call from Zaf but as there was no message, he assumed that whatever it was wasn't urgent or he had found an answer elsewhere. When the priority flash came through from Malcolm, he knew he it couldn't be ignored. Thankfully the session was just ending so Harry moved towards the door, dodging those who looked like they wanted to chat. Once in the corridor, Harry found a somewhat secluded nook that would give him some privacy. He dialed Malcolm's number and was caught off guard by Malcolm's lack of a greeting.

The next seconds passed in a blur for Harry. The words "Ruth," "blood," and "hospital" were on repeat in Harry's mind until he found his voice and asked Malcolm to send the information to his phone. He then called his driver and told him to prepare to leave immediately as Harry dashed up to his room on the first floor. He'd finished packing before breakfast and was able to grab his bag and his coat before racing down to the hotel entrance, exiting just as Mike pulled the car up to the door. Harry directed him to get back to London and to St Thomas' Hospital as soon as possible.

Jo and Adam sat in the surgical waiting room, even though the nurses wouldn't tell them anything other than Ruth had been taken in for surgery. Zaf had called Adam on his way back to the Grid and he'd decided that Jo could do with a little company while she waited for word on their friend and colleague since Zaf was needed back on the Grid. Before Adam arrived Harry had called and spoken to Jo about what happened. He'd peppered her with questions she didn't have answers for and then asked her to stay at the hospital until he arrived.

If Harry hadn't been stuck in the back of a car headed for London he'd have been pacing, and not in a good way. He'd called Jo to find out what happened and he could hear in her voice the sorrow that she didn't have more answers. Ruth's next of kin was her mother, whom the hospital hadn't been able to get a hold of so the medical staff was proceeding with standard procedures. Harry's mind had raced with scenarios to explain Ruth's situation but a miscarriage was not one of his variables in the equation.

Their relationship turned sexual after a couple of months and they were delighted to find themselves quite compatible. They enjoyed learning about each other's preferences and the experience helped them to learn to communicate better with one another. One thing they definitely discussed and used was protection, though they also both knew that nothing was 100%. They hadn't reached a point in their relationship where discussions about long-term plans like marriage and children had taken place, so he didn't know whether she even wanted to have kids. Long ago he'd adopted the 'been there, done that' attitude towards having more children, given what a mess he'd made of Catherine and Graham's lives.

He thought back over the past few weeks, looking for any signs he may have missed that Ruth was pregnant. She'd not been sick, at least that he was aware of, but she'd been tired, something he'd written off to their busy schedule. He began to wonder if she knew she was pregnant and if so, why she hadn't told him, though none of that now mattered. He only hoped that Ruth would be fine and that whatever happened wasn't going to take the decision about future children completely out of their hands.

After what seemed like the longest 100 minutes of his life (he made a mental note to reward Mike with a bonus for shaving at least 20 minutes off the travel time) the car pulled up in front of St Thomas' hospital and Harry wasted no time in getting out and once inside, asking for directions to the surgical waiting room. He meandered through a maze of corridors before spotting Jo and Adam, who both stood when they saw him approach.

"Any news?" he asked bluntly.

"A nurse stopped by a few minutes ago to say the procedure went well and they would be wheeling her to recovery shortly. I told her that the baby's father would be arriving soon and would want an update, so she was going to tell the consultant," Jo said before she bit her lower lip. "I hope I didn't overstep by saying that."

Harry shook his head. "No, Jo, you didn't." He reached up and patted her lightly on the shoulder. "Thank you for finding her and staying here with her. This has all been a rather… big surprise for me as well," he added.

Adam opened his mouth to ask a question but was interrupted by a scrubs-clad woman stepping into the room.

"Are you here for Ruth Evershed?" she asked.

Harry turned quickly. "Yes, I'm Harry Pearce, her partner and the baby's father. Can you tell me what's happened?"

The woman nodded and stuck out her hand. "I'm Ms O'Neil and I operated on Ms Evershed." Harry reached out and shook her hand. "Please come with me next door and I'll fill you in on what happened."

Harry nodded and turned to Jo and Adam.

"We'll wait for you, Harry," Adam said, giving his boss and friend an encouraging smile.

Harry followed Ms O'Neil to a consultation room nearby. Once they were both seated at a small table, she began her explanation.

"Mr Pearce, how much have you been told about Ms Evershed's condition?"

"Just that she was found unconscious at my home this morning, there was a lot of blood, and that the paramedics suspect she was having a miscarriage," he said.

Ms O'Neil nodded. "Ms Evershed was pregnant, though she suffered a miscarriage."

Harry simply nodded in response.

"Mr Pearce, can you tell me how far along your partner was?"

Harry gently shook his head. "I didn't even know she was pregnant."