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Why Oh Why Did I Choose Here!

SUMMARY: Once Buffy has returned from the dead, she has realized that the Hell-Mouth is eating away at her soul. She contacts the Council, and they finally do something right. Please read for more info. Rating is because of language and possible future scenes.

Chapter 1

'It has been only one week since I have even been back, and everyone thinks that I should be A -OK. Let's see how they would feel if they were dragged from their final rest and wake up in a coffin. I can not believe that I had to dig myself out of my own grave. I can not keep going like this.' Buffy was thinking to herself as she was sitting up in her mother's old room going through old paperwork, trying to get some rest from everyone's constant bickering.

'And they wonder why I am acting the way I do. I can't even get a moments peace. Hmm. Joyce Merryweather, Mystic Falls VA. Well this is new.' Buffy thought to herself again.

Buffy's mother never really talked about her past much before she met Hank, but anything new to Buffy anymore seems rather great at the moment.

"Merryweather Family is considered to be one of the most well respected of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls. Wow, look at this bank account. Family Plantations, cars, a Warehouse, and an Office Building." Buffy was talking to herself all the while listening in to the talks downstairs.

"Giles, she has been back for a week now, and there is no reason for her to be acting like this. I mean, she is my sister and my guardian. She needs to be taking care of me." Buffy heard Dawn say, as she was coming in the door after school.

'Seriously, there is no reason.' Buffy thought to herself again. 'I do not think that I can last here much longer. I would think that Giles would at least be on my side, but nooooo.' Buffy ended her mini rant in her head, before grabbing all of the paperwork and putting it in her bag before heading downstairs.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Buffy asked, as she entered the living room.

"Buffy, dear girl. We were just thinking that it may be a good idea to look into gaining some form of employment to start paying some of the back bills." Giles stated like it was the most obvious.

Not wanting to start a fight, Buffy quickly agreed. "You know what, you guys are right. I will go out now." Buffy said, as she grabbed Mr. Pointy and walked out of the door.

Buffy realized that she needed to change some things and change them quick.

First thing she needed to do was call her father about Dawn. It would be so much better for her growing up in a more stable home. From what Buffy had been told, was that her father had been trying his hardest to fix things with them for quite a while, but her friends didn't want to tell their dad that she had died, just because Dawn didn't want to go. 'Really' Buffy began to think along with things like 'They are sooooo going to hate me soon.'.

Buffy didn't want any traces of her activities, so she went into the closest Gas Station and purchased two calling cards. One to call her father and the other for International calls to the Council. 'I wonder what Quentin will say when I actually initiate a conversation. Oh, let's not forget about calling the Mayor of that Mystic Place.' Buffy finished her thoughts when she was next in line.

"What can I do for you today?" The clerk asked Buffy.

"Yeah, I need to get two calling cards, but one of them need to be for International calls and the other just for the USA." Buffy said.

"Not a problem. How much do you need on the International card?" The clerk asked.

"Not sure, but can you go ahead and put two hours on it just to be sure?" Buffy asked back.

"Alright. Now how much do you need for the USA one?" The clerk asked back again.

"Make it three hours just to be safe." Buffy said, as she got out her billfold to pay.

"Alright, that will be a total of $40.00. I went ahead and gave you the most time on each. They don't expire in case you need more." The clerk stated.

"Thank you very much. Here you go and keep the change." Buffy said, as she began to leave the store.

'Where can I find a payphone at now? Do they even still exist?' Buffy thought to herself again.

"I guess I could go to they library. If I get caught there, I could say that I am looking through newspaper articles to find a job. Yeah that will work." Buffy spoke aloud to herself as she began walking to Sunnydale Public Library.

After a ten minute walk, Buffy made it to the library.

As Buffy walked in, she couldn't help but laugh. 'Of all of the times we needed information in the past, why is it that no one ever thought to come here?' Buffy asked herself.

Buffy walked up to the main circulation desk to find a little old lady sitting behind it.

"Can I help you dear?" The lady asked Buffy.

"Do you happen to have any payphones?" Buffy asked full of hope.

"Of course. There are cubicles on the third floor next to the city archives room. I don't think that you will be bothered. Not many people use those anymore my dear. Just go on up." The lady said with a smile.

"Thank you very much." Buffy responded as she made her way to the stairs to start her calls.