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Why Oh Why Did I Choose Here!

SUMMARY: Once Buffy has returned from the dead, she has realized that the Hell-Mouth is eating away at her soul. She contacts the Council, and they finally do something right. Please read for more info. Rating is because of language and possible future scenes.

PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: "Can I help you dear?" The lady asked Buffy.

"Do you happen to have any payphones?" Buffy asked full of hope.

"Of course. There are cubicles on the third floor next to the city archives room. I don't think that you will be bothered. Not many people use those anymore my dear. Just go on up." The lady said with a smile.

"Thank you very much." Buffy responded as she made her way to the stairs to start her calls.

Chapter 2

Buffy made it to the third floor in no time.

'Wow, that lady was right! There is not a soul up here. Good for me.' Buffy thought to herself yet again, thinking, 'I really need to make some more friends, if I talk to myself this much...Ha Ha.'.

Once Buffy sat down, she gathered all of the things that she would be needing and dialed her father's number.

After just two rings, Hank answered. "Hank Summers. How can I help you?"

"Dad." Buffy said in a stronger voice than what she feels.

"Buffy, is that you?" Hank asked.

"Yeah dad, it is me. I need some help." Buffy said.

"Just tell me how much and I will write a check and bring it to you." Hank said instantly, causing Buffy's mouth to drop. 'This is not the same man who wouldn't even answer his phone when mom died.' Buffy thought to herself.

"No, not that but thank you. I have been really sick lately, I guess you could say." Buffy began, but was cut off by her father.

"I know. Every time I try to call, Dawn or someone else there says that you have been under the weather. I take it that you are feeling better?" Hank asked Buffy.

"I am not quite sure yet, but I think I may be soon. I was wondering if it would be possible for you take Dawnie for a while? I was planning on finding a Doctor in mom's old hometown, but I really think it may be better for me to do this alone. Plus dragging Dawn all the way across the Country may not be the best idea if I am not sure of how long it will take me to be back at 100%. I feel that she will have a more stable atmosphere if she is with you and not off gallivanting with me. I found some paperwork that mom had, and she left me her old Family Estate in a town in Virginia. I did some searches and they have a really good Doctor there. I just wanted to see if that sounded OK to you?" Buffy asked her father, feeling really nervous for his response.

"Yeah, that will be fine sweetie. Are you talking about Mystic Falls?" Hank asked Buffy.

"Yeah, that's the place. I am going to be calling the Mayor there next after I am done with you. I will be telling Dawn about this choice when I get home this evening. I just really need help dad. I don't know how much longer I can handle the care for the two of us, and I do not want to cheat Dawnie from a chance at a normal teenage existence." Buffy said somewhat truthfully.

"I understand. I also hold nothing against you at all. I understand that you didn't want to talk to me after your mom's funeral. I am so sorry that I was not there. I can never take that back. Just so you know, if you ever need anything when you get settled in Virginia, I am just a phone call away. When do you want me to come and get Dawn?" Hank asked.

"Will you be at this number for a bit? I need to call the Mayor in Mystic Falls to make sure that all of the paperwork is accurate, and I need to contact my old employers to see about getting a replacement sent out here. It may be an hour or two." Buffy asked her father.

"That is no problem. I will be waiting for your call. Are you sure that it is a good idea that we spring this on Dawn?" Hank asked real quick.

"Honestly, I really do. It will not give her any chances to runaway." Buffy replied seriously.

"OK, I will talk to you in a little while. I love you sweetie." Hank said, shocking Buffy yet again.

"I love you too dad." Buffy replied automatically before hanging up in tears.

Buffy took a couple of minutes to get herself in order before making the call to the Mayor of Mystic Falls.

Once Buffy was more composed, she grabbed all of the paperwork concerning the Merryweather name and dialed the number to Mayor Richard Lockwood.

Buffy was not really shocked that it took a little bit longer for these people to answer.

"Lockwood residence." A male voice answered.

"Yes, could I speak with a Mayor Richard Lockwood please?" Buffy asked.

"Just a moment please." The answerer replied.

'I hope I didn't call at a bad time. Oh God, I forgot about the time difference. It must be almost 9:00 there.' Buffy thought to herself.

After a couple more minutes of waiting another person picked up the phone. This time a woman.

"I am sorry, but this is Carol Lockwood. Richard has already past away. May I ask what this is concerning?" Carol asked.

"Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for your loss, and I am so sorry to have bothered you this late. I forgot about the time difference by the time that I had dialed. I was just looking for the Mayor, because I had recently inherited some property there. I was thinking about moving into it there, and wanted to make sure everything was in order before I arrived." Buffy stated in a Scooby Babble.

"That is alright dear. I actually took over the role as Mayor once my husband has past. I can try to help you as much as I can. What is your name, and the name of the property that you are inquiring about?" Carol asked.

"My name is Buffy Summers, and my mother is the one who left me the property. Her name was Joyce Summers, but her maiden name was Merryweather. I was wanting to make sure that everything was set before I head that way. I will be coming out in a day or two. I know that it is not much time, but" Buffy began, but was cut off by the Mayor.

"It is not a problem at all. I am sorry to hear about Joyce. I went to school with her. She was such a nice woman." Carol stated, before continuing. "We are actually in the middle of a Founders Meeting right now, but as long as you have the deeds to the properties and information for the bank vault for the Merryweather name, then it shouldn't be a problem. Just, once you get into town come and find me. Just ask for Carol Lockwood, and tell them who you are. I can not wait to meet you dear. It has been quite a while since the Merryweather name has been used here. Are you going to be using the old Warehouse or the Office Space here, or are you going to be selling?" Carol asked, feeling very curious about it.

"I am not sure yet, but I may want o use it. Find something to do to waste my time, so I do not get myself into trouble. You know the saying, 'Idle hands and all'." Buffy said jokingly.

"That I do, That I do. Well, as long as you have all the paperwork when you arrive, there will be no problems. Just have a safe trip. Goodbye." Carol stated.

"Goodbye Mrs. Lockwood, and thank you for everything. Also, again I am sorry about the lateness of my call. I am in California right now, and this was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Bye Bye." Buffy said just before she hung up the phone.

'Two down, One to go.' Buffy thought just before she dialed the number to the Watcher's Council's HQ.

"Thank you for calling the W.C.I. How can I help you today?" A unknown British woman stated.

"I would like to speak with Quentin Travers please." Buffy stated to the lady.

"I am sorry, but he is not taking any calls today. Would you like to leave a message?" The lady asked.

'That is so not happening.' Buffy thought.

"Could you at least tell him that Buffy Summers is on the phone for him, and let him make the choice? He knows who I am, and I know for a fact that he will want to speak with me."

"Just a moment please." The lady stated rather snobbishly.

'How they ever picked her for public service, is way beyond me.' Buffy thought.

"Just one moment while I transfer you to Mr. Travers." The lady stated, sounding like I just kicked her puppy.

"Wow, sour apples much." Buffy said, just as the phone was picked up.

"If I didn't believe Celeste when she told me that you were on the phone, I sure do believe it now. That is something that only you would come up with Miss. Summers." Quentin stated, sounding rather shocked, but still happy to hear from me.

'Weird.' Buffy thought before speaking aloud.

"I am sorry for insulting your receptionist. She was just rather rude when she told me to go away. If it wasn't rather important that I call, I wouldn't have bothered you Mr. Travers." Buffy said, sounding very sincere.

"It is no trouble at all. She is actually only here temporally. You are far more important. However, I am quite shocked that I am talking to you. I was led to believe that you had died in the fight against Glorificus. Yet, here you are. Could you please clear this up for me?" Quentin asked, again sounding pleased that Buffy was not dead.

'Probably happy at having an Active Slayer again.' Buffy thought to shake off her vibes.

"Well Sir. You were informed correctly. I have just recently came back. I would have thought that Giles would have told you the news. Anyways, I guess my friends and family couldn't live without me and handle all the action on the Hell-mouth, and brought me back. I am not sure as to what they actually did, but here I am. I have been back about a week Mr. Travers, and I am at my wits end. You must realize how bad it has to be if I am calling you." Buffy said, as she laughed at the end to let him know that she was somewhat joking.

"Yes, I can only imagine." Quentin replied in a joking manner as well.

"Who would have thought that you of all people would have a sense of humor. I just kidding Sir. The main reason I am calling is to inquire how Faith is doing with her rehabilitation?" Buffy asked.

"She is actually doing rather well. We have just recently removed her from the prison in California, and transferred her here to reestablish her training. She has expressed the want and need to return to the Hell-mouth to restart her duty. However, if you are there, we can always send her elsewhere." Quentin began, but Buffy interrupted him.

"NO! I mean, please can you send her here? I am in the process of transferring my sister into the care of my father, and I am in need of a vacation of sorts. I just recently found out that my mother had left me some property and stuff in her hometown, and I was calling to see if there was anyway of bringing Faith back in. I was not sure as to how she was doing. It had been a while. After waking up in my coffin, I just need to get away. It was one of my worst nightmares brought to life.." Buffy said, as she was Babbling and not even noticing until Quentin and Faith both cut in.

"WHAT!" Buffy heard both Quentin and Faith shout.

"Is Faith there Sir?" Buffy asked.

"Yo B. I am here. I want to say that I am sorry about everything and all. There is no excuses about what I did, but I am sorry. Did you really have to crawl out of your own grave?" Faith asked, sounding rather sad about how her sister Slayer has been treated.

"Yeah Faith, I did. I still have the marks on my hands from it. I am glad to hear that you are doing better. I am sorry to ask this of you guys, but Faith, do you think you are ready to be the Hell-mouth Slayer now? Could I have the time off Mr. Travers. I just really need a break." Buffy asked the two.

"I am 5x5 with that. I can be there tomorrow if you need it. I am surprised that you are even slaying right now. I would think that they would give you time to readjust from being in Hell. But I got to say B, you are sounding a lot more calm than I thought you would be coming out of a Hell-Dimension. Wait a minute...You were in Hell when they pulled you back, right?" Faith asked.

'Leave it to Faith to pick up on something like that.' Buffy thought.

"Miss. Summers. What is she talking about? They did do a check to see if you were suffering, right?" Quentin added.

All that was heard was Buffy's sobs coming from the other end.

'I can not believe that I am crying. I have not cried since I have been back.' Buffy thought, as she dried her face before answering.