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Why Oh Why Did I Choose Here!

SUMMARY: Once Buffy has returned from the dead, she has realized that the Hell-Mouth is eating away at her soul. She contacts the Council, and they finally do something right. Please read for more info. Rating is because of language and possible future scenes.

PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: "Is there something wrong with Miss. Summers?" Bonnie asked, just as soon as she joined the group as the final member of the rag tag team.

"I'm sorry Miss. Bennett, but it is most definitely not in our place to say. Let's just say that she has had a rough night." Kol stated as a response.

"Do you think that it would be a bad idea then to ask her if she could meet with my Aunt Jenna to let her in on the big town secret?" Elena's brother Jeremy asked from his spot across from his sister.

"That might be a good idea. It would give her something to block out some of her thoughts that she over thinks on sometimes." Kol stated, as he drew out his cell phone to give Elijah a call to get his thoughts on the idea.

"Are you not supposed to be in class Kol?" Elijah questioned, just as soon as he had answered the phone call from his younger brother.

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