Lucifer got called into the throne room, only to find his mission partner, Anakin, in front of Lord Satan's throne. He sighed, knowing that this next mission was going to be a long on. "Lucifer, I have called you here today with Anakin to protect and train a boy who has survived death, and may become a great asset to our war. You will be sent to Alnwick Castle, also known as Hogwarts, in Scotland." Lucifer went to protest.

"No, I have made my mind. You will be going with Anakin." His eyes looked to the Demon Lord's Bride, a beautiful slim girl with short white hair and strange markings on her face. "Well, Luci, it looks like we better get going!" Cheered the dog demon, as she took his arm, then teleported them into the Leaky Cauldron. "Who are you little kids?" A voice asked, as Lucifer was looking in horror at his hands, reduced to the mere size of a child. "Hello Mr. Tom, can you please show us how to get to Diagon Ally?" A short-haired light blonde asked, as Lucifer knew from her eyes that it was Anakin.

"What pretty eyes you have, and yes I can." The bartender, Tom, said as he lead them into the back. The purple eyed kid looked tot he tall white haired girl, then said, "No fair! You get to be older." and went to pout. "Sorry Old Man, but I need to watch over them if you don't." The amber eyed girl responded, as she walked up to the half-giant with Tom.

"Hagrid! Can you take these first and second year kids to Diagon Ally? I would, but I have a bar to run!" The half-giant, Hagrid, nodded, as he walked up to a wall and tapped the bricks. Anakin could tell that Lucifer was going to need to ask the half-giant why he wasn't at Lord Satan's side. She walked up to the black haired boy who had hair just like her Lord's. "Hello there, I'm Anakin Maerae. What should I call you?"

The scruffy boy looked up and responded, "Harry Potter." Anakin smiled, as they walked into the bank. The Goblins knew the Lord Satan's Wife's child appearance almost as well as her normal. The main banker went up to her, as she told Hagrid, "I'm going to my vault to get some money. Please take Lucifer with you, and then go to vault number Five thousand, two hundred fifty three!"

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