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Detective Captain Bonanno couldn't believe the day he was having. He wished he could make a law to limit how many laws could be broken in one day. But alas, people were just that stupid. And why was there so much work with so little actual relevance? All of the cases he received were pale in comparison to his former problems. A phone ringing drew him from his thoughts and he lifted his head from his hands, rubbing his temples as if to erase the frustration he held. Glancing over at the phone on his desk, his brow furrowed as he noticed it wasn't that phone that was ringing. Looking down, he reached into his pocket to pull out his personal cell phone. An unknown number flashed on the screen, a strange feeling taking over him. He answered on the third ring.


"Listen carefully. I don't have time for questions. They are at the hospital. Take backup with you. Keep them alive. Don't let anyone in or out. They're coming for them. You need to hurry. I'll be there as soon as I..."

A loud crack and a scream cut of the voice. Gunshots blared through the line and the call disconnected.


Consciousness is such a fickle thing. Who needs it when the black abyss is so welcoming? Life is so much easier to live when behind the scenes, and even easier when oblivious to the fact you are in the dark in the first place. But then there's that nagging. A tiny little buzz that won't leave you alone. Something so small that can ultimately drive every little notion into your brain. It whispers and haunts and makes you consider what is out there in the world of light. It makes you question what you've been missing, or maybe, what you've already forgotten. That voice is what made Nate open his eyes to the hospital he knew he was in. However, it wasn't that voice that made him instantly check for his four familiar faces. The disorientation was thick, and Nate struggled to find any semblance of control over his scrambled brain. He had a hard time remembering anything, but he knew something was wrong. Urgently wrong. He started to move but stopped immediately when his body protested greatly, his shoulder practically screaming at him to never move again. Looking down, his whole left arm was in an orange fluorescent cast, also being supported by a sling. Brow furrowed, Nate laid his head back and let out a deep sigh, not prepared to try to work with only one arm for a while. But wait... What happened to his team? They were all there... What was missing? They did the con and everything was running smoothly until... Nate's stomach dropped. The car wreck. A loud and rapid beating surrounded Nate as he tried to breathe past his sudden panic. Where was his team? We're they even alive?

A nurse burst into the room, intervening and stating calm reassurances as she pulled out an oxygen mask to help with his quickened breath.

"Sir, I need you to calm down."

Nate swatted at the hands that held the mask and tried to voice his question.

"My... Family?"

In another time, he would've blamed his wording on the morphine they clearly had him on, but he could deny it no more than the others could. They were are family now. And Nate needed to know his family was okay.

The nurse cocked her head to the side with a knowing smile. "The other passengers? They are here also sir. Alive from current reports. I can keep you updated if you'd like?"

Nate nodded and leaned his head back in relief, grateful that his team was alive. But... Current reports?

"How... How are they?"

"Well it seems that we only actually have a name for you sir. You are Tom Baker are you not?"

Nate gave the affirmative with a nod, glad he was carrying his alias with him after the con.

"Your friends didn't seem to have any identification on them and we are having a hard time finding any medical records for them. If you could provide us with names that would help a great deal. So to start, we recovered four others from the wreckage with you, am I correct?"

Nate nodded.

"The first we removed, the driver, a Caucasian man with long brown hair..."


"Riker? Ok well we removed Riker first. He is in surgery now. There is not much more I know about his condition, but I'm sure he will be out soon."

Nate gave a small nod, worry churning in his gut.

"We then removed you as you both were on the same side of the vehicle. You have managed to crush nearly your whole left arm and collarbone."

"How about the others?"

"We then removed a dark haired woman from the inside of the vehicle. Her condition was not great at the scene and she was rushed here with you and into surgery. Her condition has yet to be updated as she is still in surgery."

"How bad?"

"She... Had internal bleeding from her liver."

Nate's world stopped. Internal bleeding? Sophie? His whole existence seemed to be in jeopardy of those few words. When looking back up at the nurse, Nate saw the concern in her dark brown eyes. Eyes just like Sophie's. Nate drew in a sudden breath, more of a gasp, and realized he hadn't been breathing before. Coughing from the reflexive action, he brought his eyes back to the nurse. Her light brown skin and dark hair coupled with her big brown eyes made her beautiful. Actually, something in her wide eyes reminded him of Parker... Oh Parker. Nate opened his mouth to speak.

"Sarah is her name. And the others?"

"Well we recovered another young man..."

"Thomas." Nate supplied.

"...with a broken nose and deep lacerations on his right side from the glass. He is also suffering from a mild concussion, which brings me to your last companion."

"Hagan." Now Nate knew he used former aliases, hoping Hardison could fix them up when he could.

"Yes well she suffered from an injury similar to yours, though hers is on her left leg. She also has a mild concussion... Is that all who was with you?"

Nate nodded.

"Ok well I will keep you updated on their condition Mr. Baker. In the meantime, you need to rest and get better yourself." At that, the nurse went to leave the room, but Nate suddenly realized he never got her name.

"Wait! Can I get your name so I know who to ask for?" Nate's words came out all at once.

The nurse smiled, and Nate couldn't help but smile back, reminded of a certain hacker that had a thousand-watt smile like that.

"Lucinda Grey, but everyone just calls me Luci or Grey. Now get some rest Mr. Baker."

Nate tried to take her advice, but he didn't think he would be resting anytime soon. Hardison and Parker seemed to not have serious injuries, and Nate was thankful for that, but they were still out of commission and hurting. This twisted something in his gut just thinking about the two youngest members of his team in pain. Then there was Sophie and Eliot. Sophie had internal bleeding and Eliot's condition was in the air. Nate's blood was like ice, each dagger piercing him from the inside out. He couldn't do this. He ran the risk of losing two of his team. Nate let his head fall back as the agony of the unknown rested upon his mind and heart. What he wouldn't give for a drink.