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The Doctor is in his bed, alone in his room, alone in his TARDIS.
He's never felt this alone in his loyal ship. Well, maybe when he realized he was now the last and only Time Lord.
No, scratch that! Now was the loneliest he has ever felt: he had found another Time Lord and lost him, Jack has left his ship, Martha too, after practically telling him he was still thinking and seeing only Rose.
Well, for God's sake! She was the only one, the perfect travel companionship, his Bad Wolf, his everything and now she was in another Universe, one that he couldn't reach for everything he was worth. Of course he was always thinking about her.
maybe he should really just travel alone.
Yeah, from now on he'll be a lone time traveler. And it was final.

After he had taken this decision, the Doctor fell in a restless sleep.

"Doctor... Doctor..."

A whispered voice wakes the Doctor from his slumber.
"Oh Rose...I miss so much that I imagine your voice..."
"You're not imagining it, Doctor, it's me."

The Doctor sits up in bed, suddenly wide awake. He pinches his arm.

"Rose?" he asks slowly, as if scared of realizing he had been dreaming.
"Yes, Doctor, it's me." the ghost-like voice speaks again.

This time the Doctor is sure that he's heard it.

"'s.. It's impossible! You're in the other universe!"

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