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WARNING: this chapter contains TONS of FLUFF. Be warned!

Rose was snuggled comfortably against the Doctor, her breath even although she wasn't sleeping. Instead, she was enjoying the quietness and tenderness of the situation: she had her back pressed to the Doctor's front, her head fitting perfectly in the crook between his head and shoulder (even though the Doctor probably wasn't half as comfortable with her hair on his face), their bodies pressed close together, every nerve ending high on alert and feeling the alien body warmth.

For claiming he didn't need to sleep he surely slept a lot, Rose thought to herself, slowly stroking his hands that had entwined over her stomach.

They had grown impossibly closer after the TARDIS had told them the truth: they hadn't properly explored the physical side of their relationship (they never got past some heavy making out), but mostly explored their emotional link, sharing things that affected deeply both and also getting the hang of their full telepathic link.

There had also been a time they had discussed the status of their relationship, but at the mention of the word boyfriend the Doctor's disgusted face had made her double in laughter and drop the subject: who cared for labels, anyway? Not her for sure, as long as they were going to stay cuddled on the couch, her head in his lap and his fingers stroking her hair. Well, to be honest, as long as they were together.

A shrill ringtone broke the quietness of the room and Rose, recognizing the sound, struggled to get to her phone. The Doctor, though, had other ideas for he pulled her back against him and tightened his hold, burying his nose in her hair.

"'n't answer.." he said huskily, not coherent enough to form a complete sentence.

"I have to! Who could possibly be? Most people that have my number are in another universe!" She said, a bit irritated from his sleepy and kind of childish behavior.

At this he seemed to be completely awake and sobered up, letting go of her with a tinge of regret in his eyes. Rose scrambled to her feet and finally got to her mobile, answering without even looking from who the incoming call was.

"Hello?" she asked quietly.

"Rose?" an uncertain voice came from the other side.

"Mum!" Rose exclaimed, her face lighting up and her smile brightening the room.

"Oh Rose! We finally made it! How are you?" Jackie asked, excited.

Rose slowly sat on the bed again.

"I'm fine, fantastic also! What about you? How have you managed this?"

She asked, turning towards the Doctor. When she looked at him she saw a guilty look (probably for having taken time from her precious call) and sighed. Same daft old alien as always.

"Well, work was a bit slower after you left, but the project was ready, so we just had to put it into motion," while her mom rattled on she laid down again, facing the Doctor this time, and put a hand on his cheek, stroking gently in reassurance, and nudged his nose with hers, gaining a small smile from him.

"And... Rose, are you still listening?" she caught her mum saying.

"Yes mum, sorry... got a bit distracted..."

"Is it that daft alien? Is he making you sad? Because I swear if he is-..." her mum ranted.

"No! No mum, quite the contrary... I'm really happy, even though I miss you," she whispered reverently, her voice tender and soft.

"Oh, all right... tell me what's up on that infernal machine of his, come on," Jackie whispered as if it was a secret.

"Mum! First it's not an infernal machine, she's a TARDIS. Second, nothing strange is happening here. I arrived, we ran some tests to see if I was alright and then spent time catching up. No big deal, really," both she and the Doctor had agreed in not telling Jackie about her physical changes. Both were sure Jackie would have wanted to know but also that she would have freaked out and spent the rest of her life worried (more than she already was, anyway).

"How are Tony and dad?" Rose asked instead, taking the focus from herself.

The Doctor watched her while she chatted with her mother. Her eyes were positively shining and her whole body reflected happiness. His personal angel, his star, the hope in his dark life, the one that changed him so much. He was so glad that they had found a way to communicate. Now they couldn't meet physically but at least she was going to keep talking to her mum.

He wished he could make Rose meet Martha and Donna, he was sure the latter would make be so very happy and would become fast friend with her, although the former would probably be jealous. Rose had been so understanding when he talked about them and seemed glad someone had taken care of him. And the empathic look she had when he told her about Martha's unrequited crush on him was definitely not what he expected. She was just the most surprising person he ever met in all his 900 years of life, and he never had to live without her. That was brilliant. Unbelievable even.

He focused back on the conversation going on between the two women. He could hear Jackie telling Rose about how Mickey was doing at Torchwood.

"But... are you and the Doctor at least together?" Jackie asked, hardly keeping the strong curiosity out of her voice.

Rose blushed. "Mom! We-" Rose was interrupted because the Doctor snatched the phone from her hand.

On an impulse, he decided to go on with the plan he had in mind.

"Jackie, hi. I wanted to ask an important question. Can I marry Rose?"

He dared to look over his shoulder at Rose's expression: shocked was a euphemism.

"WHAT? Did you ask her at least first?!"

He put a hand to the back of his head. "Well... not really"

"Then why are you asking? Is she PREGNANT?" she asked loudly.

Now it was the Doctor's turn to blush.

"No!" they said in unison.

"Then why are you asking?" Jackie asked again, more calmly this time.

The Doctor took a deep breath.

"Because...well, because she's amazing. Because now I have her I don't ever want to let her go. Because she makes me better. Because she still surprises me, because she is the only thing I believe in, because I love her, more and more every day."

Only stunned silence came from the other side, while Rose had teary eyes. He looked at her, worried if he had said something wrong. He caressed her cheek tenderly and she leaned into his touch, smiling lovingly up at him.

"Yes," came the croaked answer from the phone.

"Yes?" the alien asked hopefully.

"As long as she wants to marry you, yes, you can marry her. Even though it's completely her choice, mind you."

The Doctor turned to Rose, looking at her with wide, honest eyes.

"Will you marry me, love?" He asked trembling slightly.

"Y..." Rose tried to get out. She coughed.

"Yes, yes I'll marry you!" she answered, throwing her arms around his neck.

They hugged for a while, the Doctor inhaling her sweet scent and enjoying how she fit in his arms.

"You know, if we marry, the full telepathic link will be permanent and irreversible."

"And you say that like it's a bad thing?! It's amazing!" she squeaked and kissed him.

They both jumped apart at the sound of Jackie's voice, having forgotten that she was still listening.

"What's the full telepathic... thing?"

"Ehm... it's... uh... Doctor you go it's your thing!" stammered Rose.

The Doctor laughed at the cuteness of his girl and took the phone.

"Well Jackie, Time Lords have this thing in which they communicate with their minds only. When two people are married or just in love, this type of communication forms a deeper bond, that makes the two persons feel the other's emotion, every and any thought, they can talk to each other in their minds and can see even the memories of each other. This is called full telepathic link," he explained, using the easiest words he could find.

He heard a sharp intake of air from the other side.

"But... isn't this a Time Lord thing? Rose isn't one, is she?"

Rose and the Doctor exchanged a startled and guilty look. Damn, they hadn't thought about this!

"No, she's not. She's just a... more psychic human than average," he tried to sound convincing even with only his quick thinking.

When silence was the only thing coming from Jackie, Rose pressed on.

"Mum, I know this sounds so strange and... alien, but I promise you, it's nothing bad. It's something that makes us feel even closer, that makes our feelings undeniable, for the good and for the bad things, and it also makes it easier to understand the other and their reasons. I promise, I'm really happy about this."

"Yeah, I heard the celebration," she muttered sarcastically, then she sighed.

"I guess that if you're happy then I have to be too, sweetheart. Please, promise me you won't risk your life too much and you'll think of me, even though I can't... I can't reach you.."

"Oh mum..." whispered Rose, saddened by her mother's word.

"I promise I'll always think of you... and you can reach me! The phone, remember?" she reassured her.

"Yes," came a chocked sob, then stronger. "And you better always answer, miss. And Doctor, do me a favor, keep her safe, wouldn't you?"

The Doctor's face softened.

"Of course. Jackie. Always. For the rest of my life," and this sounded more of a promise to Rose than to Jackie.

"I love you so much mum, remember that..." she whispered to the phone.

"I love you too, sweetheart. Now I have to go... take care," Jackie said, sounding a little strangled, but Rose let it go.

"You too, mum. Say hi to dad, Tony and Mickey for me. Bye..."

Rose disconnected the call, suddenly overwhelmed by the physical loss of her family.

The Doctor nudged her and she turned in his arms, laying her head on his chest and putting her ear between his hearts, listening to his calming rhythm. Some tears descended on her cheeks, slowly, but the knot in her stomach loosened slightly when the Doctor stroked lightly her hair.

Suddenly Rose saw an image appear in the back of her mind: the Doctor, the old him, receiving the infamous Tyler slap from her mom. The TARDIS sent this with humming amusement.

Rose couldn't help herself, she giggled. And then get giggles became full on laughter.

The Doctor instead looked offended. Then he looked down at Rose, her eyes were still glistening from her unshod tears and she looked so happy, laughing along the TARDIS.

As he joined in the laughter he had only one thought, his two girls, his two precious girls. Forever.

This time the universe had decided he deserved something good.

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