Hello Everyone! If you read my profile you would see that I mostly write for Dreamworks, but I've been playing Wizard101 for a couple years now and recently my sister has mentioned us both being there at the same time, kudos to her for giving me the inspiration of this story. This will follow the game storyline, but basically squared. This Story might be a little tricky to update, because of my life, and I can't play two wizards at once. The other chapters might also be a little shorter than this, just a fair warning. Now sit back, and enjoy my story, A Tale of two Saviors!

In a realm far away from ours, there is a city. In this city there are many things, and many sorts of people. There are the people who grew up there and there are people who are there for other reasons. People set up businesses and homes, and establish a peaceful life. These people range from ordinary people to anthropomorphic animals. The most memorable things about this city are the wizards there and the school that teaches them. The school is so well known in its classes that people come from all over the collection of worlds called the spiral to attend this school. In this school reside the trees from the ancient world, before it became the spiral, and the grandfather tree Bartleby. He is said to be truly wise, for he sees both past and future. The trees themselves each represent a branch of magic that can be learned: Storm, Ice, Fire, Myth, and Life. The Balance tree resides in the home of balance, Krokotopia, and no one knows what has happened to the Death tree for it has mysteriously disappeared along with the school of death magic. When wizards make it to Ravenwood, they usually specialize under one branch of magic and call that their school. The head of this school called Ravenwood, is the best wizard of all time. Not Dumbledore, Gandalf or Merlin: this wizard is called Merle Ambrose. He has a residence of his own, just outside the school grounds, where he resides with his pet owl, Gamma.

A powerful man has much responsibility. He has many people to look out for in his school and in his city, Wizard city. He may have been able to protect it in his days of youth, but he can't do it by himself. A darkness is rising in the spiral; it needs someone to protect it, if not, save it. Who will save Wizard city and the spiral? Who is the savior? Who will save the day?

What if I told you there wasn't one savior, but two.

On a particular day near the end of summer, very early in the morning, the headmaster, Merle Ambrose, could be found in the tower of his residence. This was where Gamma, his pet owl, presided.

"What is the meaning of being up so early, Merle," yawned Gamma who, unlike most owls, slept during the night.

"The reason I'm up Gamma, is because I may have found the spell to help us with our upcoming problem." Everyone was suspecting something dark and sinister rising ever since Malistere Drake, the old death school teacher, went and ripped the death school out of Ravenwood, and stole the eye of the past from the grandfather tree Bartleby. Ambrose knew that he wasn't the man he used to be…he couldn't defend everyone. Someone else would have to do it, the question is who?

"What spell have you found, Merle?" questioned Gamma.

"A spell that will point us to whom Wizard city can count on to save it in times of need; a spell to point us to a wizard with amazing potential, the one who might be able to defend wizard city from Malistere."

"If that's so, I'd like to see this amazing wizard in action," said Gamma interested.

"Now Gamma, you should know that this wizard will take some time to achieve greatness, they will have to be taught, for no one starts off great."

"I know Merle," said Gamma. "We have you as an example; with you starting off as a mere apprentice, then eventually creating Ravenwood."

"I just thought I would give you a fair warning not to put too much pressure on the new student, if they accept a place in Ravenwood. They might not want all the responsibility."

"If the spell does what you say, then we can count on them to come through in the end," assured Gamma. "Now try out the spell, and see if it works."

Merle approached the Crystal ball with staff in hand and muttered the words of power.

"Find the one whom we seek," Ambrose chanted. An image started to appear in the Crystal ball.

"Ah ha, Look Gamma, the spell seems to be working, finally we have found one."

"Who," Gamma hooted.

"A wizard with amazing potential, perhaps enough to save Wizard city."

"Oh really, where?"

"In a very distant realm…" Merle gasped, "Goodness, on a world that doesn't even believe in magic."

"This might be harder than we thought," said Gamma. How were they going to convince someone who didn't believe in magic to fight for a magical cause?

"Gamma, would you mind looking in the crystal ball and telling me what you see? My vision isn't the best at the moment."

"Sure thing, headmaster," said Gamma. Gamma flew closer to the crystal ball to have a better look at the image inside.

"Hmm, it's dark, probably early in the morning as well. Through what I can make out, I can see two beds."

"Anything else, Gamma," questioned the Headmaster.

"It's hard to tell what they look like in the dark Ambrose."

"Hmm," pondered Ambrose. "If the spell showed us the two beds, instead of focusing on one, it must mean that they are both targets of the spell. That is good news, for now we have two people to count on instead of one. Of course, with all good things, comes difficulty."

"Really," said Gamma. There was silence for a bit. "So I guess we'll be sending two invitations for Ravenwood?"

(1st person for Emily)

It was almost the end of summer, but I didn't want it to end. I feel like I didn't do enough, just lazy days lying in the house. I didn't even get to spend a lot of time with my twin sister, Genevieve (we just call her Gen though). I'm Emily by the way; right now I'm telling you about the day that changed me and my sister's life.

I expected the next school year to be at the one I've been going to for the last few years of my life. Like every end of summer I hoped that the New Year would be different, and at the same time I didn't want it to come because who likes going to school. Don't get me wrong, I love learning and the teachers, but the classmates I could live without. I wanted the kids to be nicer, and thought that might happen because I was going to a different level. I even knew that I would be getting a nice teacher; of course the classes might be harder, like they always are. Gen would not be in my class, but I figured I would be able to make it without her with me.

I was down in the basement when it all started. I saw a flash of light come from up the stairs. That peaked my curiosity. I saw another flash of light, and I figured I should go check it out. I made it upstairs, and I heard Mom heading to the top floor. I wondered where the flash came from, because there was nothing peculiar except two new blank sheets of paper on the table. I thought Mom probably knew where the flash came from.

I followed Mom upstairs to me and Gen's room. When I got there, I saw Mom wasn't happy with us.

"Why aren't you packed," she asked irritated.

"Packed for what exactly," asked Gen sarcastically.

"Your boarding school," she said like it was obvious.

"What," we both asked jaws agape.

"Since when are we going to a boarding school," asked Gen. "You don't hate us that much."

"Since the middle of the summer, don't you remember," said Mom with the same tone as before.

"We don't remember that," I said.

"So, you don't remember getting those acceptance letters to Ravenwood?"

"Ravenwood, sounds like a school for magic," said Gen.

"Mom, we don't remember because it didn't happen, you would have told us," I exclaimed.

"I did tell you! I can't believe you forgot!"

"No Mom, I think you forgot," said Gen, trying not to be sarcastic. "We were going to our public school; we picked the teachers, remember?"

"You might have been going to your public school, but then we got those acceptance letters to Ravenwood, with scholarships! I know it will be hard being away from us, but we just can't give up an education like this."

"Uh, yes we can, because we have never heard of this school before."

"Gen," I said, trying to stop the sarcasm.

"I don't want to hear it girls, you two are going and that's final! Now hurry up and start packing, you only have a few days left." With that, she left the room.

"What the heck just happened?" said Gen.

"I don't know," I said. "It is weird, I mean, it's like she's the only one that remembers it, and she seemed so certain of that memory."

"What is this Ravenwood place? Has Mom gone completely bonkers?"

"I'm not sure Gen; let me think." I thought about everything that had just happened, from the lights to Ravenwood.

"Gen, didn't you say something about Ravenwood sounding like a school for magic?"

"You think Mom's under some memory spell," asked Gen, sounding like she thought I was crazy.

"I don't know, it sounds farfetched, but just before now I was in the basement doing my own thing and I saw two bright lights from up the stairs."

"If it was a spell, how could of it been cast on Mom? It's more likely a memory-wipe-type-thing."

"How come no one was just here then? How can a memory be altered? We don't really have technology for that yet."

"Yet you believe in memory spells?"

"I don't have anything else to go off of."

"That leads to your same question; no one was just here, so how could it have happened?"

"I don't know." I was saying that a lot. "Mom said we got acceptance letters, maybe from there we can figure out what's going on."

"Or it will clear up Mom's memory when she realizes there are none."

I went downstairs to ask Mom for the acceptance letters, because Gen was afraid she was the one who had made Mom mad and was afraid to see her again. I found Mom sitting in the living room, probably frustrated with us.

"Mom," I asked sheepishly.

"What is it Emily?" she asked exhausted.

"I was wondering if I could see the acceptance letters, so Gen and I would know what to pack. It would refresh our memory." 'Or yours,' I thought.

"Fine," she huffed. She left the room, and I waited. She came back with paper. "Here you go."

It was the paper from the table. "It's blank," I said simply.

"What are you talking about, Emily. Of course it's not blank."

"But it is; I'm not joking!" Mom took one of the blank pages from me and looked at it. Maybe now she will see our point.

"You need to get your eyes checked. Too bad I don't have enough time to book you an appointment. I guess I could make an arrangement with the school, but first I'll call the eye doctor."

"I don't need my eyes checked Mom, its blank!"

"Take it upstairs, and have your sister read it. If she can't, come and get me."

So I went upstairs, no more questions asked. I had come to the conclusion Mom was looney. Now I was going to get an unneeded eye doctor appointment, because I knew I could see fine.

I brought the paper to Gen.

"What's this for," she asked. Obviously, she couldn't see it either.

"These are apparently the acceptance letters Mom was talking about."

"Has she completely lost it?"

"I'm asking myself the same question."

"What are we going to do? Mom wants us to pack for some fake school, and we don't even know what to pack!"

"Easy, let's just pretend to pack. Later, we'll get dad to talk some sense into her. I'll bring our suitcases up." Just before I could though, the paper started to glow with the same light from before. Gen and I were stunned to silence.

After the glowing was done, the papers weren't blank anymore.

"Ravenwood," I breathed.

"School of magical arts," breathed Gen.

"Acceptance letters," we both breathed. There was a beat, and then…

"I knew magic existed," I exclaimed. This was euphoric. I lived in a magical world!

"And we have just been accepted to a school for one," I exclaimed.

"This is amazing," we both exclaimed at the same time.

"This explains everything," Gen said.

"Yeah, Mom must have had a memory spell cast on her," I said.

"And it must have come from the letters, which means…," Gen continued.

"They really want us," we both said at the same time.

"Okay, let's see what it says," I panted. We took a look at the letters.

I'm sorry for what happened to your mother; a memory spell had to be cast in order for her to let you come at all. Of course attending this school is entirely your choice. If you do decide to attend, your family will think you are at a normal boarding school called Ravenwood, instead of a magical one because your world is skeptical on magic. If you decline the invitation, the memory spell will dissipate and you will return to attending your normal school. Also, you should note that if you accept the invitation, you will instantly be transported to Wizard city of the Spiral, a realm distant from yours, so don't be alarmed if you accept.

Sincerely, Professor Merle Ambrose of Ravenwood,

Do you accept the invitation?



There was a bit of silence after we finished reading.

"What are we going to do," asked Gen. There was some silence. "Well, even if we do go, we can't accept right now or we'll be transported."

"I think we should go." I said. "The memory spell is already in place, and when will we ever get a chance like this again?"

"I want to go to, but like I said, we can't go now, we haven't thought things through," Gen said.

"What's there to think about? It's a school of magic!"

"We know nothing about the magic taught there, or the school, or the realm."

"They could tell us."


"Probably," I shrugged.

"What about Packing? What should we pack?"

"It's a magic place, somewhere far away; I don't think our clothes will match. Besides, we could always get some new ones."

"How do you know our money will work?"

"It probably won't, but maybe they'll be generous enough to give us a starting fee."

"Would they?"

"They really want us."

"Okay, we should at least say goodbye first, maybe wait until school starts back up."

"Who knows what will happen then; I say we just say goodbye, then we leave."

"We don't want to disturb this school in the middle of the night, we should wait until tomorrow."

"Okay agreed."

That night, we spent time with our family watching a movie we all enjoyed. They all knew we were going to a boarding school. Before we went to bed that night, we had warm embraces with all of them.

[The next day]

"What will happen once we do this," Gen asked

"What do you mean," I responded.

"I mean, will our family freak out and wonder where we went? School doesn't start for a bit."

"The Note said they would think we were at a boarding school. I say trust the note."

"So they are immediately going to think that we skedaddled of to a boarding school out of the blue, not even packed the day before, before the school season even starts?"

"I say the magic will fix their memories so they won't freak out and we'll be welcome back home when this is all over."

"I hope you're right, Em," Gen said nervously as I held the pen over the paper. "Here goes nothing."

I was honestly a little nervous, we were leaving our family behind. We were also leaving behind a potential horrible school year so I got over that quickly. After being a little hesitant at first, I put a checkmark next to Yes. Suddenly a portal opened up next to us. We were both a little hesitant to enter. We looked at each other; this was going to be hard for both of us. I reached for her hand, and she took it. We then ran into the portal together.

How was that for a First chapter, I'm calling it, the Invitation. Any problems with it, I will take them into consideration, or I will explain the dilemma to you. Anyway, tell me what you think of this chapter in reviews, or don't.