We pray that Olai isn't an asshat.

More like Ava/Arrow family

Ava went to the bakery often.

She noticed all the changes during the seasons, especially after Christmas while everyone was rushing to get their Christmas cookies at the cheapest store in town, Arrow's Icing. They'd almost ran out of stock during the holidays.

She worked next door, at Maggie's coffee and tea. Not a very inspirational name, but better than what she'd originally come up with.

As Ava stepped outside, she took a deep breath. The smell of freshly baked bread and sweets hung in the air, mixing with the aroma of coffee.

"Shut the door, you're letting the cold air in!" Maggie yelled from the counter.

"Sorry!" Ava let the door close and walked to the bakery. The tiny bell clanged against the door as she opened it. There were three people in line already, but she had time to wait. A tall man with a slow, deep voice was asking for cupcakes with flower shaped frosting. Olai nodded, telling the man when to come in.

"Thanks Mr. Tenebrose," he yelled as the man left. "Have a nice day!"

Ava patiently waited her turn.

"Hey short stuff, what can I get you this time?" Olai smiled, having seen her so often.

"DID I HEAR 'SHORT STUFF'?" Raven burst through the door to the kitchens. "You're late today, what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, it's just that Wrathia came in the shop today." Ava took a deep breath as she remembered what happened.

"She came in here too." Crow walked up and stood next to Raven, folding her arms across her chest. The delivery girls for the shop looked concerned.

"It wasn't pretty either." Olai handed her a rabbit shaped sugar cookie. Ava's favorite. "On the house," he smiled sympathetically.

Ava took a bite, chewing slowly. "Thanks," she muttered and swallowed, "So since new years is in a few days, I was hoping for some fireworks? Something festive, surprise me. But it's gotta be sugar cookies." She pointed a finger at them.

Olai finished writing and handed her the receipt. "H-hey, I can't do this, that's to small amount for a dozen!" Ava handed the receipt back but Olai wouldn't take it.

"We just got done with Christmas, you really think we're going to rob you?" He grinned down at her.

"Five dollars?" Olai nodded.

He motioned her forward, whispering "Odin told me about the other night."

Ava put a hand to her cheek, still feeling the sting of Wrathia's nails. "Yeah, just remember you can stay with us if that hot-headed beast of burden gives you trouble." Raven grinned lightening the mood.

A sense of relief washed over Ava and she felt like crying. She hugged Raven and Crow instead. She'd always known that she'd find shelter at the Arrow's place, but felt reassuring to hear it from themselves.


"Hey, Odin."

"Ava, w-what's going o-on?"

She moved the phone to her shoulder as she folded her clothes. "Nothing really, Wrathia's not home if that's why you're calling."

"No, th-that's not it. I-I was gonna ask if you want-ted to spend New Y-Years with us." Someone was arguing in the background. She heard Olai yell.

"That… That sounds great! I'm not sure if Wrathia will agree though…"

"Screw h-her. She's probably gonna b-b-be out drinking with her b-boyfriend." She could almost hear his sneer.

"I don't know Odin. What if she… Does that thing again?"

"Slap you? H-hurt you? We can call the c-cops. I'm sure T-TITAN's got a place for her k-kind." There shuffling in the background. "N-none of us think you should stay there anyway, ye-you know it's not safe."

Ava sighed, "Alright, what time should I be there?"


Odin greeted her at the front door. "Hey," he smiled warmly, "g-glad you came." He wrapped an arm around her shoulders as she walked in. "I-I'm assuming you don't drink, but w-we've got some soda. Hope you like c-coke."

Ava nodded, she leaned her head on his chest as music vibrated her rib cage, "Thanks for inviting me," she said loudly.

Odin squeezed her shoulder, "No prob-blem,"

Raven, Crow, and Olai were wrestling on the living room floor, furniture pushed against the walls. The mass of limbs was dangerously close to the TV.

"Hey Ava," Odin's other little sister, Magpie, walked past, "your cookies are in the fridge if you want them now."

Ava smiled, "We'll share, it's on me."

The girl shrugged and went to the kitchen. The next hour was filled with wrestling and belting karaoke. Raven was quite the singer she'd learned, and with Crow, they made quite the duet.

Then the TV begin to talk about the countdown, but Ava wasn't paying attention. She was busy struggling to stay awake in between Odin and Olai.

She felt Odin chuckle, "T-Tired Firefly?" Her face warmed at the nickname only he used.

"Not for long huh?" Olai jostled Odin's shoulder. Odin murmured something unintelligible but wrapped his arm around Ava's shoulders.

The TV began the countdown, "10…"

"Ava," Odin shook her.

"9…" She looked up at him, head on his shoulder and bleary eyed. "8…"

"Look I… I-I really l-like you Ava."

"7…" Ava's eyes cleared a bit and she sat up slightly.

"6…" Odin took a breath, smelling of smoke and a bit of alcohol. "5…"

"I was wondering…"


"If maybe you'd like to be my first new years kiss?"

"3…" Ava's cheeks burned.

"2…" She grabbed his shirt and leaned forward.

"1…" She closed her eyes.

They didn't hear the "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" shouted throughout the room and from the TV, their hearts were beating too hard in their chest, and when they pulled away they were breathless.

"Happy new year," Ava smiled, giggling.

Odin nodded, "Happy new year."

Sounds of disgust came from the sisters, and a hoot from Olai when they kissed again.