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Max, Maya, Fang, Lissa: 16

Iggy, Ella, Nudge, Dylan: 12

Gazzy: 6

Angel and Ari : 3

Prolouge: Intro


I sat in the car with my mother, my little brother Gazzy, and my little sisters, Angel, Maya and Ella. My other was a Hispanic woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Ella took exactly after her with the same personality and appearance. Maya, Gazzy, Angel, and I looked more like our father. I had blond hair with brown streak and brown eyes, and I was really tall for my age. Maya is my identical twin and we even have the same sassy, sarcastic, tomboy personality. Gazzy is a blonde haired, blue eyed, cute little boy with unusually toxic gas. And last but not the least Angel, she is every artists image of an angel.

We were heading to my father's house, he and my mother just got a divorce and she said that she couldn't take care of so many kids. Maya, Angel, and I would be staying with my father, his new wife, and his son who was the same age as Angel.

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