A/N: I Dont own once upon a time or any of it's characters. Adam and Eddie do. Please enjoy the story.

Belle was outside on a cool cloudy fall day in the garden. She loved this time of year when the trees are full with different colors. Days like today reminded her of an adventure she went one once with Rumpelstiltskin. She grew bored in the castle and asked if she could go out so he brought her out to a deal. It was a quaint little village. The kind couple that Rumple was dealing with wanted a child. After the deal they went out walking in the woods that surrounded the village. Belle stopped in a clearing to take in the view when she heard a strange noise.

"Rumple, did you hear that?"

"It was probably nothing. Don't worry." It sounded again. This time closer. Rumple put out a hand to stop her. They waited in silence for a moment. Then it jumped out. The wolf. Before Rumple could do anything it lunged after Belle. There was a thump and the wolf was whimpering. Belle had struck it over the head with a branch. With a wave of his hand they were back at the dark castle.

"Are you alright, Belle?"

"Yes, thank you. Are you?"

"I'm fine." They stood in an awkward silence for a minute or two when Rumple spoke again. "I will be in my tower if you need me. Go dust something, or whatever you want."

Belle chuckled at the memory. She had been thinking a lot about him recently. Perhaps she reacted to quickly. He is back. Perhaps she should go see him. after all she does have to tell him. The child growing her is his after all.