So this story came to me on the bus and I thought it was a good idea. Here is the main character:

Name: Miyuki D. Koko (Snow stork)

Looks: Skin as white as snow, black hair, green eyes, 5 ft 6 in, above average built.


The Beginning

I stood out in the pouring rain watching the ocean crash agents the rocks. My tears were being washed away with the rain drops and my screams were covered by thunder. I knew I should feel cold because I was shivering but all I can feel is this emptiness inside and a pain in my chest. No one knows I am here then again no one really cares. I am now all alone in this world. The one thing. No the one person that cared for me is gone. I can still remember reading the headlines earlier today and how the people whispered among themselves. They were smiling that another pirate has fallen but all it did was break me even more. I ran to our spot and here I am. Covered in rain, mud and tears. Why did you die when you said you wouldn't? I wish I went with you. I wish there was a way to bring you back to life but there is no such thing .You broke are promise. The rain finally stop but the ocean was still roaring in anger. I looked down at our promise ring and I so wanted to throw it away but I am not ready to let you go. "I still love you"! I whisper into the dancing wind as it tousled my long black hair. I turn away from the ocean that you loved so much and walk into the forest that we have explored together. It had all our memories and it made me feel even emptier inside knowing that we can't create new one. I walked into the meadow and saw what the villagers say is the curse fruit. It was pink and sort of look like a pear but only half was bulging out while the other side is straight. They say if you eat it you will die. I pick the fruit up and I get an odd feeling like my body telling me I should eat it. If I eat it and die at least I will be with him. I don't care anymore and I take a bit. It was supper bitter and I forced myself too swallow the poison fruit. I felt my body pulsed and then darkness.

When I open my eyes, I am in a whit room, and an orange glow was in front of me. I watch as it floats closer to me. So this is death. I thought I would be surrounded by angels and I would see a gate. I look down and see that I am not floating. That sucks! The orange glow stops in front of me and I can feel the warmth radiant off it. I couldn't help but smile. "So you ate my fruit of life. Which life do you want to bring back?" I blink at the glowing thing and I just looked at it confused. "You ate my fruit so you can bring a life that has died back to life. Who do you want alive'? I didn't even have think about it. One name popped out of my mouth. "Ace". The orange glow moved closer to me. "If that is the person you wish to bring back then tell me their full name. There are a lot of people named Ace". The glow voice showed no annoyance and just patiently waited. "Portgas. D Ace". The orange turned white and came closer. "Request granted. Here are the rules. I will only say it one". I node in understanding. I can't believe this is happening. I may see him again. I smile hoping that the fruit I ate did not make me delusional. "You will become pregnant with Ace soul. Your body will recreate his body and he will look just like when he was alive. Instead of being pregnant for 9 months it will be 4 and half. He will grow bigger and faster. Once he is born his memory will come with his age. He will age faster then a normal child. He died at the age of 20 so he will take 20 months before he reaches his normal age. Each month he will gain a year memory of his past life. You will gain the power of not dying during childbirth. Once you give birth your body will heal and my fruit is gone. Any question"? I took in everything this orb just said and nodded in understanding. Now I really hope this is not a dream and I am not high. I watch as the whit orb enter my stomach and when I blinked I saw that I was in the field. I put my hand to my stomach and smile. "Ace, I am here and I can't wait to see you again". I smile as I got up and walked to my home knowing that what just happen was no dream or a high trip. I will be reunited with the person I love once again.

So there my story. I was wondering if I should put her with Luffy crew or Whitebeard. What do you think. Let me know with your comments below. Story characters all go to Oda. I do not own One Piece.