Pregnant 5 month and 10 days.

Join the revolution army

It has been two days since we have arrived and I have been stuck babysitting Kushina. First it was because they needed a babysitter and Sakura calls it training for when my baby boy is born…LIES! I know the truth! They want me to stay out of trouble. I stare at the white sealing and listen to Sabo snoring on the cot beside me. Can't sleep….and hungry. I can feel the need for an adventure crawl under my skin as I sit up in bed. I rub my swollen belly as I watch Sabo breath in and out. I pull the blankets back and put my feet on the cold wooden floor. I don't move just in case he wakes up. I stand up and watch him as I take small steps towards my bag. I smile in triumph as I quickly grab a dress that I bought at a prego store when I was at an island not trying to kill me. It a simple black with roses. I stand back up and slowly move to the door.

"GURGLE!" I freeze as my stomach personally telling me that it wants food now. Ace did you have to do that? I snap in my head but all I get is Ace snoring for a reply so for once it my own fault. I block Ace snoring and stare as Sabo starts to move under his sheets. Shit. Don't wake up.

"Luffy the soap not food. Eat the meat over by the bathtub…." Sabo mumbles with a snore. I cover my mouth as I try to hold in my laughter. What a funny dream. I smile in success as the bedroom door closes behind me leaving a snoring Sabo behind. I walk through the house and use the bathroom that was assigned for Sabo and I. After a quick shower I slide my dress on and brush my hair. Perfect! I leave and walk down the stairs with only my steps echoing in the sleeping house.

"I will just grab breakfast and come back. No problem." I mumble more to myself as I grab one of Sakura leg pouch. She was nice enough to lend me one yesterday when I went grocery shopping with Kushina so I don't think she will care if I take one now. I attach it to my thigh under my dress. Easy to grab and easy to hide. Maybe if I ask nicely she will let me keep one. It sorta handy. I stuff my money inside and ignore the fact that this pouch feels heavier then yesterday. I smile up as the sun starts to rise and walk my way down the same street Kushina showed me yesterday to get to the market. "Morning." Ace yawns in my head as I nod to an elderly women with a soft smile. Morning. What do you want for breakfast? Any request? I ask as I can smell different delicious smells in the air. We are here. Now where a good place to eat? I humm as I walk through the carts starting for the day and enjoy the way people smile back at me. "Anything good. Just food." I snort as I look around.

"Where to eat?" I ask no one in particular and I defiantly did not expect an answer.

"Well there always ramen for breakfast! That where I am going before I have to get to work!" I turn to face a grinning Naruto. He waring a simple white jacket with the words hokage in red letters on the back, with black pants and an orange jacket.

"Doesn't your wife cook for you before work?" I raise an eyebrow and Naruto shoulders fall as he looks at the ground.

"She mad at me for taking Kushina out for supper without her the other day. She doesn't even like ramen that much! I come home for once and she all pissy." Naruto mumbles the last part to no one in particular.

"Well…I would love some more company with my breakfast. Why don't we grab eggs instead or something? It too early for me to eat Ramen." I watch Naruto nod and stands up a bit straighter.

"There is no bad time to eat raman…But I guess it not good for your baby…My wife when she was pregnant with Kushina only ate healthy until the end she suddenly loved Ramen more than me. It was great! We had it for supper or lunch every day for two months! Hahah." Naruto chuckle as we walk along the streets. I humm as I let him talk about his daughter. He really loves his little girl. "Ya." We finally agree on a small restaurant and grab a seat.

"It an honor to serve the Hokage. My name Yito and I will be your server this morning. If you need me don't be afraid to ask." He bows before he walks away.

"Do people always do that to you?" I raise an eyebrow as I search though there dishes. "Pick something with bacon." Deal.

"Yup. Comes with the job." Naruto puts his menu down and I as well. Speaking of jobs…Maybe I can make Sabo easier. Let's see if I can be a revolutionary.

"Naruto…Why are you not agreeing to become a revolutionists?" I ask as I take a sip of water. To my surprise Naruto groans and sits back.

"Please I don't want to talk about it. For two days your friend tried and I am so tiered of saying no…Don't get me wrong! I like having you here but it the same pitch with all of you guys when you come. I just want to not talk about it." I watch Naruto sigh and I look down at my hands. "Well he defiantly not interested." I know but…

"I'm sorry. I just want to know why you don't want to join…I don't understand the political aspect of it…" I mumble as I look from my hands to see Naruto sigh.

"It's ok…I thought you were going to go in a whole speech about why we should join." Naruto adds and I shake my head.

"No. I just want to know why you don't want to. If it a good reason I will convince Sabo to stop." Naruto perks up and humms. Our server comes just in time for us to order. Of course I get the huge bacon omelet with a side order of chocolate pancakes while Naruto gets a breakfast Ramen…

"Well…Our island is a country all on it's own and the world government has always left us on our own because we are good fighters. They have left us alone so we leave them alone. They have tried many times in the past to get us to join the world government but we have always said no and they leave us in peace. I don't want to go to another war… "Naruto trails off as his hand grabs his bandage one. I watch him carefully as I bight into my egg. "So he seen war too." Ace mumbles in my head as he wraps me in a warm hug.

"What I don't understand is why you and the revolutshionest are going against the world government. They tell us more of what we are going to be doing and less why." Naruto points his chopsticks at me as he sucks up a noodle.

"They never told you what the world government does?" I ask and Naruto shakes his head.

"What a horrible selling speech." I grumble as I start on my pancake.

"So…Why are you apart of the revolutshion?" Naruto ask as he puts a slice of ham in his mouth. He just watches as I rub my belly.

"I'm not…You see Sabo is Ace brother and he helping deliver him…As you are aware. I do hate the world government though. They….They killed him." I rub my eyes as I wish Ace was still alive so I can hold him. "I'm here love." Ace whispers but it not the same. My chest aches as I remember reading the paper and the image of his smile makes my eyes burn.

"Are you ok?" Naruto ask as his hand is place on my shoulder. I rub my eyes and shake my head.

"Not really but I hate them. They killed my love because of who his father was. Not of his crimes but because of the blood that in his veins….That not all though." I whisper as my hands form a fist.

"Hmmm…" I look up and I can't read what Naruto feeling. He has a slight frown and his eyes are blank as he encourages me to continue.

"The world government does nothing for the slaves that beg for freedom. Do to some circumstances I was a slave for a day or so and it horrible…What they have to go through for years makes me sick. Then the celestial dragons are the worst. I don't want to go there but…just know if I was not going to become a pirate then I would have join them….Maybe I can help out on the side…" I mumble the last part as I finish my last bit of food. We sit in silence and I just rub my belly. "I agree with you. That why we will become a pirate. To be free." Ace adds and I nod as Naruto grumbles.

"Ahhh. The government horrible and I agree that they need to be taken down but my people don't want to go through another war…" I nod in understanding as I take a sip of water.

"I understand and I will talk to Sabo to leave you alone. Once you fight the government there no going back. You will be on their shit list. Too bad you can't take like missions. Like we pay you for secret missions so you don't get caught. That what Ninja are right? Being sneaky and hiding in the shadows! That way the government never finds out you join the revolutionist but we still get info!" I laugh at my own stupid idea but Naruto freezes as his eyes widen and he grows this huge grin.

"Koko! You are a genius! Why didn't I think of that before! We are ninja after all!" Naruto gets up and puts money on the table.

"What?" I ask but before I know it Naruto is running out of the restaurant and disappears in a puff of smoke. I hear people whisper around us as I just stare at an empty chair. "What just happen?" Ace ask me as I just wait to see if he comes back. I don't know…And he paid for my meal to…That nice of him. I get up and leave a tip for my own food before I leave. The sun up high in the sky and I am sure Sabo either going to look for me or go try to convince Naruto to join…."I think you got him to join…How though?" Ace kicks my belly and I scratch my head as I start to walk down the street. I really don't know. Maybe Sabo will tell me latter. We walk down the street enjoying the sunshine and our full belly before shit hits the fan. One minute I am talking to a shop keeper about what books are best on the village history for Robin and the next smoke covers the area. What the hell? I look around but I can't see anything in front of me. "Love duck and move to the left!" Ace orders and I do as I am told. Flames engulf my body in a protective blanket as the smoke starts to clear. Once it gone there nothing in sight. What was that?

"AHHH! She on fire! Someone put her out!" Some lady screams and before I have the chance to say anything someone acts first.

"Water style. Raging waves." Someone says while making hand signs and before I know it I am cover head to toe in water. I wipe the water from my eyes as people applaud. I on the other hand am dripping wet. Ace is not helping either by laughing in my head and kicking my stomach. Hun. Please dry me off.

"Mam are you alright? Do we need to take you to the hospital?" Someone ask and I look over to see a young lady with pail skin, straight black hair, and her eyes. They are grey with no pupils. She very pretty. "She pretty sure but you are prettier." I blush as I put my hands up. I feel my body heat up from Ace fire as the water evaporates.

"I'm fine! Thank you though." The women smiles softly as she nods her head towards me.

"That good. Are you here with anyone?" She ask and I shake my head no.

"I'm fine. I'm just looking for a gift for my friend. I'm fine. Really!" The women frowns as I turn to go back to the book store to find that book for Robin.

"Koko! Koko! There you are hahaha!" I grin as Kushina tackles me into a hug from behind. I grin down at the little girl but when I look at the other women she looks so sad but she still has a smile on her face.

"Hinata!" The little girl lets go of me to tackle the other women. What a pretty name. "I like it too!" I think it means sunny place or sunflower.

"Oh! Koko! Mama and your friend were really mad when they could not find you this morning! Mama had to get to work so they gave me a mission to find you! Mission success! Now I have to bring you home so you're safe!" Kushina blond hair swishes as she faces me with this huge smile like Naruto did earlier. They really are father like daughter. "You know you are a grown women. We don't need a child to protect us. I can protect you just fine with my fire!" Ace snaps in my head and it is annoying. All I want is some alone time and explore in the village a bit. "Agree." Ace kicks my stomach with a yes.

"Thank you but I am fine. I was just going to finish shopping then go back home. You can go ahead home if you want." I smile down but the little girls pink eyes widen and she puffs out her whisker cheeks…So cute!

"NO! No! No! I was given a mission by mama! I have to bring you home!" Kushina grabs my hand and tries to drag me down the road but I keep my ground.

"But I really need a book for my friend. Thank you but I will be ok. I can take care of myself. You remember right? Back on the train how strong I am." I smile down at the little girl but she huffs and pulls harder on my arm.

"I know but I have to take you home or I fail my mission!" Kushina pulls harder and I sigh as I look at the girl trying so hard. "This is getting pathetic now." Ace groans as I feel my body start to heat up. My eyes widen as Kushina yelps and let's go of my hand. She sniffs before she starts to cry big crocodile tears. Ace you dick wad! You don't burn a child! "But she won't leave us alone!" Ace snaps and I growl. I get on my knees and grab her hands. Her hands are red with a small blister growing on the corner of her palm. You fucking burn her! She four Ace! God what if she was our daughter! You going to burn her when she pisses you off? I snap in my head as Hinata eyes glare at me as she takes Kushina little hands and looks over them.

"Shh little kitten. It ok. Let's get it all better." Hinata coo as she picks her up.

"I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose." I start but Hinata glares at me as she walks away.

"I'm going to go take her to her mother. Like you said. You can take care of yourself." Hinata snaps before she jumps onto the roof with a crying girl in her arms. I just watch her go as I stand in the middle of the road. People whisper and I just stand there with my stomach turning. "I'm sorry." Are you really? I snap and Ace says nothing else as I walk away not wanting to shop anymore. I just let my legs lead me to a park and sit down on a bench to watch the green leaves sway on their trees. I don't know how long I sat there but I don't feel my bum and the wind starts to pick up.

"Koko?" I blink at the voice and face Kushina who looking down at her feet. Why would she come back to find me? She walks over quietly and sits down beside me. We sit in silence as we watch the leaves sway.

"I'm sorry Kushina. I didn't mean to burn you." I whisper as I want to touch her hand but stop as I look at the dressing wrap around them both. Instead I put my hand in my lap and just look at the trees.

"It ok…I don't think you meant to hurt me. Plus now I'm like daddy!" Kushina smiles as she shows her little hands. I just watch as she smiles at her hands. I get up and smile down at her.

"Why don't I make it up to you by getting you some ice cream then you can complete your mission to take me home. What do you think?" I love the way she light up like Ace flames and cheers.

"Yaaa! Chocolate please!" I humm as I walk over to the cart.

"You don't move then ok!" I wink at her and walk up to the cart. I look through the selectshion and go to pull out my money when instead a kuni comes out instead.

"What the hell?!" I aww at the black metal and the man at the stall raises an eyebrow.

"I don't trade kuni for ice cream mam. Only money please." The man sighs and I nod to put it back. That explains why it was heavier then yesterday.

"LET ME GO! KOKO! HELP!" Kushina screams from behind me and my eyes widen before I turn around. I can feel my heart beat in my chest as this man has Kushina in his arms.

"Shut up brat! It would have been easier if you just came with me!" The man snap. He tall like Sabo, all black with a wolf mask on. I don't know the symbol on his black bandana but it has three wavy lines with a slash across. Ace fire now. I run at the ninja and with the Kuni that now has fire swirling around it, I stab it in the man arm. I aww as the man curses before dropping Kushina and turn into a puddle of water. Kushina gets up and hides behind me as the same man jumps down from a tree.

"This was supposed to be an easy mission. Now if you hand over that girl behind you then you won't get hurt!" Fuck. What am I going to do?

To be continue…

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