The Norma Hunt

A flash of lightning followed by a crack of thunder marked the storm which continued to rage beyond the walls of the facility.

She felt the burn of the cold concrete beneath her bare feet as she ran, the rhythmic clap echoing through the confined corridor.

She went this way!

She heard the rhythmic thump of approaching boots fast on her heels. She turned a corner at the end of the corridor, another long open expanse spread before her offering little safety. It had been this way all her life, for as long as she could remember. The cycle had to be broken, she had to escape, she had to be free.

The ever looming threat of death was proving to not even be her greatest fear in life. Her greatest regret would be to leave this world unloved, having only known happiness at the helm of a device born only to destroy. She continued to run down the open corridor, hoping and praying that her salvation would be found-


A voice called out behind her. Her feet refused to slow.

We'll shoot!

The sharp metallic crack of readying weapons. She knew she had no choice, she knew this moment marked her defeat. Her run slowed to a gentle trot, her arms raising from her sides high above her head in a show of submission as she stopped.

She heard the rhythmic clap of boots against the stone floor, the cold press of metal against the back of her exposed neck.

Caught already it seems.

Another voice taunted her.

You're coming with us.

Her captors held her hands tightly against her back, forcing her through the facility with the press of the weapon into the small of her back to keep her on track. They reached their destination, the cold metal door opening to reveal lavishly decorated quarters filled with all the luxuries and comforts usually denied to Norma. She was thrown onto the large double bed in the centre of the room, feeling herself being drawn in by the voluptuous bed sheets.

Her first captor climbed on top of her to straddle her stomach, a devious glint in her captors' eyes. "I never thought you'd be caught so quickly. You should make some more of an effort to give it some sport, Chris"

"Right" Chris sighed beneath her breath. "Sorry Hilda"

"Maybe we should strip her naked next time" Rosalie said. "I'm sure she'd prove a bit more determined"

"Yes" the smile only grew across Hilda's rose red lips. "What do you think Chris?"

"Ok" Chris is resignedly.

It seemed that this was to be her sole lot in life, the dog.