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Summary: A few years after passed since the end of events following Rebellion where an unforeseen event has radically altered history and changed the world. The magical girl system no longer exists and Geass exists in its place, so when Lelouch finds Homura Akemi who doesn't remember how she was imprisoned or events beyond first encountering Mami the second time in the final timeline in the second episode of the series. Realizing their world has changed for the worst and intent on making things right Homura sets out with Lelouch as the two will be faced by enemies both human and otherwise. Homura is going to need the help of some old friends to help her, but when the time comes can she comprehend the truth of events that led to their world becoming what it is now.

A/N: I need to stop coming up with ideas for new stories, but this one was created partly because of my frustrations I had with my Kingdom Hearts story which has Madoka added into it, so I had been thinking on a stand-alone crossover between Madoka and Code Geass.

Yeah so as the summary states above this happens a couple years after Rebellion, so the characters are older now than they were in the series which also probably means that is the time they have spent as normal humans in a CG world so the question is how much has their experience affected them once their memories of the previous timeline and universe is restored to them along with their powers as magical girls.

Another reason for the increase in ages among the Madoka cast is to make possible pairings with other CG characters easier as Lelouch isn't the only one I have considered.

The story begins a little similar to how CG starts out, but after events of chapter two it breaks away from there even through there are some similar events in this chapter they also break away from the normal canon slowly. Some things I might keep, but they will be handled differently through. Some for character development shake the other reason would be for the comedy potential.

Without delay let us begin the story.

Chapter 1

The Consequences

It was dark, but as she slowly became aware of her surroundings she realized she was sealed in some kind of container. She found no visible means of opening it from the inside and unable to tell where she was caused the girl to worry as she started struggling to move, but upon realizing that her hands and feet were bound she resorted to calling for help hoping someone would hear her and release her from whatever trap she had been locked in.

Her mind was trying to remember how she ended up her.

The last thing she remembered was being in an abandoned building before three girls her age, but then nothing except blackness until she woke up inside a metal sphere. She could use her magic and her weapons, but with the space so confining she would only do more harm to herself. All she could do was hope that someone would hear her and release her.

Meanwhile on the highway ahead of the truck was a blue motorcycle with a side car attached to it driving along unaware of the speeding truck coming up from behind. Both the driver and the passenger wore black uniforms lined with gold belonging to male students of the Ashford Academy. The driver had short blue hair with tan colored eyes with a fair skin complexion while the passenger had raven black hair and amethyst eyes reading a small book he had in his hands.

"So back there, that first move you made?"


"Why did you start with the king," Rivalz Cardemonde asked.

"If the king doesn't move, then how can his subordinates follow," Lelouch Lamperouge replied.

"What's with that?

"With what?"

"Do you fantasize becoming leader of a major corporation," Rivalz inquired trying to understand his friend previous statement. The two were on their way back from an underground chess match against a noble with Lelouch having won once again and made a killing, but now they needed to return to school before lunch was over so they wouldn't miss class.

"No way, ambitions like that are bad for your health."

Suddenly a honking sound was heard behind them as the truck carrying the two capsules was quickly closing in from behind leaving the two in danger of getting run down. Panicking Rivalz turned hard and sped up trying to get away from the truck, but the driver made a sharp left turn off the highway heading into a construction site. But they were traveling too fast to slow down to avoid crashing into metal frame work of the structure being built.

Rivalz stopped the bike as he looked at the dust cloud that had arisen from the impact.

"Is that our fault?"

"I don't think so," Lelouch replied.

A crowd began to gather looking over the crash site while Lelouch dismounted the bike when Rivalz was unable to start it back up. Suddenly a glowing pheromone of some kind could be seen from the bike prompting Lelouch to remove the goggles he had been wearing as he tried to look at it more clearly. But the glow was already gone.

"Oh man the power line for the bike got cut."

Lelouch didn't quite hear his friend, but was distracted by the light he saw.

"Yeah, say Rivalz take a look at this," Lelouch said, but his attention was diverted by the growing crowd of people who began to comment on the scene.

"What happened, some short of accident," A female citizen asking what should have been obvious.

"Probably some drunk driver," Another citizen, but this time it was a man in a business suit.

"Yeah it's already some moron," A third citizen commented.

"Hey maybe someone should help."

'All those idiots.'

Lelouch thought disgusted by the lack of activity from the citizens who should have been checking out the crash to see if anyone was alright. Deciding to take matters into his own hands Lelouch deposited his helmet into the side car of the motorcycle before hurrying to the crashed truck to see if the driver was alright. As the crowd began commenting about Lelouch's involvement the young man ignored them as he reached the trailer of the truck, but the driver cab was blocked to him.

"Hey are you alright," Lelouch shouted but he got no response as he tried in vain to move a fallen steel beam cutting off access to the driver cab. When that failed Lelouch began using a ladder on the side of the trailer to climb up to reach the driver seat that way, but as he did Rivalz was forced to move the bike off the road complaining about their situation.

"Yeah, yeah I know it's the right thing to do, but I wish the guy would quit flaunting his pride and give it a rest for awhile…now we're going to be late to school."

After Lelouch reached the top of the trailer he heard a voice call out to him.

'It's you…finally I found my…'

'What was that?'

Lelouch shook the thought aside as he continued trying to reach the driver. But as he looked over an opening in the top of the trailer the driver had regained consciousness. Once Nagata was wide awake he quickly started the truck back up throwing it into reserve before racing away from the scene. But his sudden reversal caused Lelouch to lose his grip and fall into the opening of the trailer trapping him inside.

"Stop I am in here," Lelouch called out, but no one heard him. "Damn it you would think they would stick a ladder in here too."

"Stop the vehicle, give yourselves up and you'll get a chance to defend yourselves in court. Surrender now!" A military pilot called out on a loud speaker as a trio of military combat helicopters was closing in on the truck from behind. "Give up now or we'll shoot to kill," the pilot warned before firing some warning shots to get his point across.

As the truck passed through a tunnel Lelouch was standing behind one of the capsules trying to figure out a way out, but even if he found a way out of the trailer he could either get shot or killed by falling onto the street below. However when the door from the driver cab opened up the young man took cover behind the second capsule.

Lelouch watched as a redhead woman entered the trailer taking off a blue uniform she had been wearing revealing a more revealing outfit underneath.

"Can you enter the subway through the Azabu route," Kallen Kozuki asked as she began to board her Knightmare Frame at the back of the truck.

"Let's use it here, why not," The driver of the truck asked.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath!"

"Ugh…you're right."

'I have seen her before…'

The young man could swear he recognized the woman from somewhere before, but yet nothing about who she was came to mind. A few moments later after Kallen launched in her custom Glasgow Knightmare Frame, Lelouch tried to escape by jumping out of the back of the truck. It closed before he could even attempt such a risky escape.

"Damn it these guys are real terrorists."

Lelouch had no idea of what was happening outside as the sound of gunfire and explosions weren't enough to give him a clear idea of what was going on. As he leaned against the second capsule as the sounds grew louder and the truck was picking up speed he heard a banging sound. There was something inside of the capsule he was hiding behind, but rather there was someone locked inside. Curious Lelouch put his ear against the container trying to verify what he was hearing was someone else inside the thing. Sure enough the young man could hear someone kicking and shouting inside, but due to the materials and their thickness the sound was muffled somewhat unless one put their ear against it like Lelouch had done.

'Could these terrorists have taken a prisoner?'

Lelouch was suddenly slammed against the wall of the trail as the truck made a sharp left turn heading into the subway tunnels, but after collecting himself he began examining the capsule. A few minutes later the former prince of Britannia found the control panel and began to tinker with it trying to open it to free whoever was trapped inside. A sharp hissing sound was heard as a side panel on the capsule opened up with a light shining through allowing Lelouch to look inside.

After the capsule was opened Lelouch discovered a young girl inside around Lelouch's age wearing a Britannian Prison straightjacket with long black hair that went down to her hips. She had purple eyes and a hair skin complexion with a black hair band in her hair. Her hands and legs were bound, but after she was released she looked up at the young man who freed her.

"Hey are you alright? Did these terrorists capture you?"

Homura Akemi looked up at the young man with confusion in her eyes.

"Terrorists, where am I?"

"Well if I had to guess I would say judging by the darkness and the bumpy road," Lelouch began before pulling out his cell phone, "And the lack of cell phone reception I would have to guess we must be driving over the old subway lines. This truck is heading for an exit somewhere in the ghetto."

"The ghetto, where exactly are we?"

"Well we are leaving the Tokyo Settlement in Area 11," Lelouch answered.

"Area 11…where is that?"

Lelouch was stunned as he almost wanted to think the girl was either joking with him, but seeing the genuine look of confusion upon Homura's face the young man realized she WASN'T joking. Even so the fact she didn't seem to know about Area 11 or what the country was shocked the young man causing him to wonder what he had gotten himself into.

"Area 11 is a colony of the Holy Britannian Empire, but seven years ago it was once Japan." Lelouch answered leaving Homura shaken at the realization as her mind was trying to grasp all of this new information. This world was all so wrong, but how it did go so wrong?

But before Homura could ask Lelouch anymore questions the truck shook violently as it crashed. Outside the truck had hit a pit in the ground trapping the front tires preventing the truck from going anywhere. Its driver, Nagata, was wounded from gunfire from a Knightmare Frame that had attacked his truck not too long ago.

"Find me Ohgi," Nagata said weakly as he flipped a switch to open the side door on the truck trailer.

"I don't what happened, but I think we should both get out of here before the military comes looking for this truck." Lelouch said before undoing Homura's bounds freeing her. Once she was freed Lelouch carefully approached the opened door on the side of the truck to check if the close was cleared.

"Ok, but what exactly are you doing here?"

Before Lelouch could answer he quickly came under attack from a Britannian foot soldier as he delivered a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of his head. Lelouch barely blocked it, but the impact was enough to send him to the ground. "Are you Britannian?"

Before Lelouch could get a response the soldier seized him by putting one hand over his chest. Homura got to her feet ready to attack, but she hesitated for an unusual reason.

"That's enough mindless murder." The soldier snapped.

"Wait I am not with them."

"Planning to use poison gas, don't play dumb with me."

"GET OFF OF ME," Lelouch screamed as he tried to kick his attack. Although he missed it forced the soldier to back off. "I am not here by choice and if that's poison gas it was made in Britannia wasn't it?"

The soldier was shocked as he muttered, "My god."

"Mindless murder, then why don't you just OBITERATE BRITANNIA!" Lelouch shouted angrily.

"Lelouch, it's me Suzaku," The soldier said as he removed his helmet revealing his identity. Lelouch was shocked by this revelation as this was probably the last place on earth he was expecting his old friend from the days he had first come to Japan. But they separated after the war between Britannia and Japan having not spoken to one another since then.

"You became a Britannian soldier?"

"Yeah, but what about you…you're…," Suzaku began, but Lelouch interrupted him.

"What are you saying?"

Suddenly the second capsule the two boys were standing next to began to open surprising Lelouch, but Suzaku tackled him to the ground putting his gas mask over his friend's face to protect him from possible poison gas. But as the capsule opened up, instead of poison gas there was another woman trapped inside wearing a Britannian prison uniform just like Homura with her legs and arms bound. The woman appeared to be around the same age as Suzaku and Lelouch possessing long green hair with yellow eyes.

After the two boys took a moment to recover from what happened they went over to the girl who seemed unconscious after seemingly passing out from being released.

"Tell me the truth Suzaku, poison gas, those girls?"

"Hey it's what they told us during the briefing."

"Obviously it's a cover up…if anything the military were transporting these girls to another location and didn't want anyone to know about it."

"But why go so far?" Suzaku asked as Homura observed the scene trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Suzaku did you contact your superiors when you found the truck?" Lelouch asked as his expression suddenly turned serious.

The Japanese teen looked down, but it was more than enough for Lelouch to confirm it.

"I see, so we better leave right now before they arrive. It's obvious we have seen something we shouldn't have seen and if they hid to you the truth about the contents its more than likely I'll be executed as a witness."

"Lelouch," Suzaku began uncertain if this was the best way to do this. As much as he didn't want to believe otherwise his friend had a very good point that not even he could argue against. "Ok, but you guys need to go now."

"Take care of yourself Suzaku." Lelouch said as he and Homura helped C.C. to her feet.

"I will, but I can't guarantee that they will give up so easily so I suggest you three should escape the ghetto as soon as possible."

"Trust me will we." Lelouch said before he and the other two hurried down the subway tunnel to look for another way out.

Meanwhile aboard the mobile command center the G-1 as it rolled into Shinjuku Ghetto three members of Viceroy Clovis's command staff were present along with a rather obese General Bartley who was without question Clovis's right hand man and his second in command for everything happen in Area 11. He was speaking to his lord the young 3rd prince of the Britannian Empire who was seated upon his throne inside the command center.

"Forgive me, my lord! The blast was mainly directed upwards, but the…" A man with a scar under his eye wearing a red uniform trimmed with gold said over an open communication line.

"Why the hell do you think I only told you people about this?!" Bartley snapped as he was told only seconds ago that the Royal Guard had found the truck, but an explosion destroyed it as they approached. However they did see that the capsule had been open and its contents were missing. All they got for it was an unconscious eleven grunt who had been knocked out by the blast.

"If capsule was empty then the girls likely escaped…SO FIND THEM NOW OR ELSE." Bartley shouted.

"W- We'll continue the investigation!"

The communication line was closed.

"The plan has moved forward to the next phase." A young blonde gentlemen in his early twenties commented.

"But, but Your Highness...!" Bartley began.

"If knowledge of those two gets out, I'll be disinherited." Clovis la Britannia said with a bored expression before rising from his throne where he sat. "Tell them back home we're carrying out a planned urban renewal here. As Clovis, third prince of the empire, I command you! Destroy Shinjuku Ghetto! Leave no one alive!"

And his assembled troops did just that as Knightmare Frames, tanks, assault vehicles and combat helicopters began attacking the ghetto with everything they had while foot soldiers armed with rifles were conducting sweeps through the homes and apartments of the Japanese killing everyone they encountered. Soon heavy artillery began pounding the Shinjuku Ghetto leveling small buildings and other locations in a matter of minutes. The shelling and explosions were felt as far as the tunnels currently being traveled by Lelouch, Homura and C.C.

"What is happening up there?" Homura asked as she almost stumbled when another shell hit.

"They are wiping out this whole ghetto…just why are they going this far for you two? What the hell did I get myself into?"

"I don't know how exactly I got involved in this myself, but if you help me I'll help you escape this alive." Homura said as their green haired companion remained silent.

As the battle raged on above them and more of the ghetto was getting demolished the three cautiously reached a flight of stairs that led to the surface. However as they neared the top Lelouch gestured for C.C. and Homura to stay hidden as he would look around to check if it was safe. Sadly it wasn't as the Royal Guard had arrived ahead of them and they had just about finished gunning down a group of unarmed Japanese civilians who had sought to take refuge inside the warehouse.

A number of gunshots prompted Lelouch to lie down and stay hidden.

"Report." The Leader of the Royal Guard asked.

"We found only Elevens here, sir."

"You're sure of it? That exit comes out here?"

"Yes, sir. It matches up with our map of the old city." The soldier replied before the sound of a child crying drew their attention….before it was swiftly silenced by gunfire causing Lelouch to cringe at the cruel and heartless act.

Just when the soldiers were about to leave Lelouch's cell phone rang giving away his position.

The soldiers quickly descended upon his position capturing both him and C.C, but oddly Homura was nowhere to be seen. Once they restrained the green haired woman Lelouch was thrown against the wall.

"What an appropriate location for a terrorist to meet his end." The Royal Guard Captain declared mockingly.

"You scum...!"

"Still, you did well for a student, but that's to be expected. You're a Britannian. Unfortunately, my clever young friend, you have no future, unless of course you tell me what happened to the other one?"

"Even if I did know I doubt you would have spared my life anyway."

"I see, but yes you are correct."

"Then you will not mind that I will end your lives right now." Homura said coldly before each royal guards member including their leader were shot in the head all at once.

Lelouch watched in shock as all of the soldiers dropped to the ground in a heap, but he was even more surprised by Homura's appearance. Instead of the prison uniform she had been wearing she was now dressed in some kind of white and gray uniform with a gray skirt complete with black tights with a diamond pattern and boots that were part of the tights. On her left forearm was a round metallic shield while in her right hand was pistol.

"Homura…what happened?"

"This is just something I am capable of. I am a magical girl." Homura Akemi answered, but before Lelouch had a chance to question the girl more another girl, but this time a blonde haired woman who was possibly the same age as Lelouch ran into the warehouse they were in. She was breathing heavily with a panicked look on her face obviously seeking a place to hide. She wore a tattered long sleeve white shirt with a green dress with suspenders attached to it. She had blonde hair tied into a pair of drill-like pigtails with golden yellow eyes.

"Mami," Homura said recognizing Mami Tomoe, although her attire was tattered and a bit dirty in some places the hairstyle and eyes belonged to only one person Homura knew.

"Who…who are you?" Mami began to say after calming down to catch her breath. "How do you know my name?"

Before Homura could answer a Sutherland burst through the wall aiming its weapon at Homura. In a blink of an eye Homura vanished, but less than a second later she appeared again before the Knightmare Frame exploded.

Another Sutherland seeing the explosion hurried onto the scene and began attacking, although Homura dodged a hail of anti-personnel fire from the rifle the Sutherland held was about to hit Mami until Lelouch shoved Mami out of harms' way. However this put Lelouch in grave danger, but his life was saved by C.C. who picked him up before shoving him away. The young man was saved, but C.C. was hit by the bullets killing her instantly before her body fell to the ground covered in bullet holes. Homura drew a rocket launcher from her shield before she swiftly finished off the Knightmare Frame.

Discarding the used up RPG the young woman hurried over to Lelouch's side as he knelt down near the woman who had sacrificed her life to save his own. Mami did the same before looking to the Britannian who had saved her life.

"Thank you for saving me, but I am sorry about your friend."

"Yeah…but why did she do that? Why did she save me?"

Without warning the woman grabbed his hand and that of Mami's with the other. At that moment Lelouch's entire world turned white in that instant. Lelouch couldn't even begin to make sense of what was happening, but was all of this real or was he caught up in some kind of very bizarre dream. Either way he heard the woman speak to him as her voice echoed throughout the white space around him.

"I saved you because I grant you a wish in exchange for granting my wish. There is something you want, but you cannot achieve it through normal means."


"It is your reason for living isn't it?"

"The girl? That's impossible! How could she even know?"

"If I grant you power, could you achieve your goal?" C.C. asked which surprised the young man. "I propose a deal. In exchange for this power you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract and you accept its conditions, while living in the world of humans; you will live unlike any other. A different providence, a different time, a different life…the power of the king will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?"

Among the flashing images and visions Lelouch was having at this moment one he saw of his own father a man in his sixties with white hair hardened his resolve and wiped away any second thoughts he might have been having.

"So a convergence with the Ragnarök connection...the myth is beginning once again?" Charles zi Britannia declared.

"Yes! I hereby accept the terms of your contract!" Lelouch declared as everything suddenly returned to normal, but Lelouch realized something was different about him and so he stood up with one hand over his left eye.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, but I am not sure what happened however something is different now...I can feel it."

Lelouch opened his left eye revealing it was glowing red with the emblem of a phoenix taking flight.

"What kind of power did you just receive?"

"I think-" The young man was going to speak, but Mami was recovering from her own experience with C.C. However unlike what Lelouch experienced Mami's own experience was quite different as she looked up at Homura.

"Homura…what happened?"

"Mami?" Homura began, but she was speechless as moments ago Mami Tomoe didn't recognize her but now she clearly remembered her. "Do…do you remember me now?"

"Yes…I…I remember everything." Mami said as her eyes were filled with confusion, but more than that she was trying to grasp everything that had happened the moment when C.C. had taken her hand.

'Mami Tomoe, when the universe was different you were a Puella Magi as the result of a wish you made. Since Puella Magi don't exist in this new universe you have lost that power. However because of your ties to the ones who rewrote the laws of the universe you are an irregularity. Through me you will regain your power as a magical girl, but with it your memories of the various timelines and universes you existed in. They are a terrible burden because many of them ended in tragedy for you, but if you desire the power to change the world it's a price you must accept. So do you wish to remember and regain your power as a Puella Magi?' C.C. had asked her.

Mami Tomoe was hesitant, but she accepted resulting in the restoration of her memories and her powers as a magical girl.

"Everything-" Homura said feeling uneasy as she assumed a defensive stance.

"Relax Homura-chan…I remember everything including all of the previous times we have met in different timelines so I understand everything more clearly now, but all of this." Mami said before her expression turned sad at all of the death and destruction around them. "What happened to our world?"

"I wish I knew the answer, but I don't think it would be possible for us to find out right now."

"I agree...we have other concerns to deal with first before we can try to address that."

"I am a little confused right now, but would someone tell me what is going on." Lelouch inquired.

Before any could be given the group was once more interrupted when another Sutherland was heard in the distance approaching them before Mami and Homura saw its approach, but unlike the last two this one wasn't poised to attack but merely investigating the destruction of the other two Sutherlands. Lelouch had an idea and stopped the two girls as they got ready to dispatch it.

"Wait I got an idea."

"What do you mean?" Homura inquired.

"Remember what she did to me. I think I can use it to help us, so give me a chance and I'll handle this."

"Are you sure about?" Mami said hesitant to leave Lelouch to deal with a dangerous foe like a Knightmare Frame.

"Let's trust him Mami-san." Homura suggested as she and Homura took cover.

The two teenagers took cover in the remains of the stairwell leading underground as they waited for events to unfold before them. Seconds later a RPI-13 Sutherland entered the warehouse finding the wreckage of two Knightmare Frames while near them laid the dead bodies of the royal guard. Inside her cockpit Villetta Nu was surprised by the scene, but soon she quickly noticed Lelouch.

"How could all these Royal Guards be dead?" Villetta said thinking out loud before pushing a button in her cockpit to address the teenage boy before her. She seriously doubted he could have done it, but at the same time Villetta was wondering if the boy was a hostage who was likely taken from a Britannian school. "What happened here…and why is a Britannian student in a place like this?!"

Homura watched silently, although she had reacted swiftly to the attacking machines before but the sight of them was a shock to Homura since she had never seen anything like them before. If she had any doubts left that the world she was in now was different than before then the Sutherland was the final proof of that.

"Are you deaf? Answer me or I'll…" Villetta said losing her patience firing off her Sutherland's battle rifle putting holes in the walls above the head of Lelouch. "Answer me!"

"I order you to come out at once!" Lelouch commanded activating his Geass.

"Who the hell do you think you are to order me?"

'Of course it only works with direct eye contact.' Lelouch thought realizing his mistake before taking a new approach.

"My name is Allen Spacer, my father's a duke. I was kidnapped by these Eleven bastards, but in the confusion of an attack by two of your fellow Knightmare Frames here I managed to escape." Lelouch said as he fabricated a story.

"Nobility?" Villetta said feeling both a little skeptical and concerned. On the offhand it seemed rather unlikely the son of a Duke would end up here, but on the other hand if she kills him and finds out if his story was true then her career along with possibly her life was over.

"My ID card is in my breast pocket." Lelouch said raising his hands up. "After you confirm who I am, I'll request your protection."

Deciding not to take any chances and the idea of a skinny teenage boy overpowering her seemed very unlikely, but still she couldn't risk her career by killing him so quickly. She disembarked her Knightmare Frame with her side arm ready. "Keep your hands up in the air; I'll take out your ID."

"Now then, hand your Knightmare and your gun over to me." Lelouch ordered using his power for the first time.

"Understood…the code number is XG21G2D4." Villetta said instantly under his control who gave him both her activation key and her gun.

"Got it."

Homura was impressed as the woman had been reduced to an obedient servant once Lelouch had her under his power, which granted the three teenagers access to a Knightmare Frame. Leaving the woman behind in her mind-controlled state Lelouch gestured for Homura and Mami to follow him, but before boarding the Knightmare Frame with Lelouch and Mami the black haired magical girl dropped a grenade and rolled it near Villetta's feet deciding it was best to eliminate any enemy pursuers. The grenade detonated once the trio was inside the cockpit with Lelouch activating the machine. He sat in the pilot seat, but Homura and Mami was having difficulty trying to get a good seat inside the single occupant cockpit.

So space was rather cramp.

"Ok let's get out of here, so we can devise a plan of escaping this ghetto."

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