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Phase One

"John, stop pacing." Roman said gently lifting up his head to look at him. John drew in several deep breaths and ignored him. He had never felt so guilty in his whole life. He was the one who had organized the entire trip, and was supossed to have everything in control, in a sense he was supossed to be the leader, only know he felt like a failure. "What if they can't help Daniel?" He asked as he finally stopped pacing and took a seat in the chair beside Roman in the waiting room. "What if he's paralyzed and has to give up wrestling?" "Calm down." Roman said gently. "Take a deep breath, and just calm down." John did as Roman suggested and drew in a couple of deep breaths trying to calm his nerves. "Any sign of the others?" He asked briefly taking off his cap and running a hand through his brown hair. Roman shook his head in response. "How's your leg?" John asked noticing the blue and purple bruise on Roman's left leg. "It's fine." He assured him. "It's nothing I can't handle. I've had tougher injuries then this."

"Still, you should still get it checked out though." John said softly. "Trust me, the longer you put off getting an injury checked out, it'll get worse." "It's fine." Roman insisted, as long as it's not broken I can handle it." John was about to respond, when he suddenly caught sight of the red haired nurse walking over toward them. "May I speak to you two gentleman for a moment?" She asked with a sweet smile. John didn't know what to say, and Roman just shrugged his shoulders. "Where's our friends?" He asked. "Are they all okay?" The nurse ignored him, and began signaling them to follow her.

As they followed her down the long hallway, the florescent lights above them started to dim and flicker, giving off an eery shadowy feeling which began making John feel slightly uncomfortable. He tried not to let it bother him, yet when the cold sensation in his stomach returned, he couldn't shake the nagging feeling his instincts were telling him. It's a damn hospital. He thought silently cursing in his mind. What the hell could possibly go wrong in a fucking hospital? He felt Roman's hand on his back which drew him out of his thoughts. "You okay?" he whispered to him. John slowly nodded. "I just have a bad feeling about this." He whispered back. "Something's not right."

Once she led John and Roman into the room, they noticed that everyone else was already there, most of them were in casts and braces due to their injuries, but John was glad to see that they were alright. "So what's this all about anyway?" Dolph asked, running a hand through his blonde hair with his free hand. "For starters, my name is Dr. Jean Halloway," She said introducing herself. "We are currently in the process of developing a new allergy drug that needs to be tested." She said as she looked at all of them. "So what does that have to do with us?" Randy asked. "All we came in here for was some medical attention." "Yes, and from what our understanding is that the bus you were in is in need of repairs correct?" All the Wrestlers and Diva's looked at each other at this point before turning back to her. "We'll pay you of course." She continued. "For each day this testing will take, each of you will recieve eight thousand dollars." "How long exactly are we talking about?" Dean asked with a smile. "Aproxemently two weeks." She replied.

Once again everyone looked at each other. "So much for our vacation." Xavier muttered under his breath. "What are the terms if we agree to this?" John asked raising an eyebrow of suspicion at her. "While you are here, you cannot have any contact with the outside world, and you must swallow whatever medication my team and I give you." She said with a small smile. There was a moment of silence between each of the wrestlers and diva's as they all looked at each other, and John could tell that they were all thinking the same thing, They needed the money to get the tour bus fixed or else they would have no way to get back. "Alright, we all agree." John said after a moment of silence. "Excellent." Dr. Holloway said now with a beaming smille. "Then let's begin."

After handing over all their personal items such as their phones, and other electronic devices, everyone was then led down the hallway into a huge room to wait for the first round of the tests. "Think we made the right descision in doing this?" Randy asked turning to John. "I'm not really sure." He admitted. "But if we don't get the money to get the bus fixed, we have no way to get back, which wil piss the hell out of Vince." Randy chuckled. "Yeah, he'll probably get so mad that his head will explode." John laughed. "Seriously, can you imagine how red his face will get? red like a fire engine." Randy held in his laughter as a tall bulky looking doctor with brown hair, and green eyes entered the room carrying a tray full of vials and needles, followed by a nurse with blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. "Which one of you is Jason Uso?" She asked as Jey raised his hand in the air. "Uh it's Jey." He corrected her. The nurse looked at him, and gave him an apolgetic look. "Please follow us." She said motioning for Jey to follow them. Jey took a quick glance a his twin brother. "Don't worry," He said softly. "I'll be back." He said as he followed the nurse and doctor out of the room.

It seemed like an eternity as they all waited for Jey's return. "He's been gone for a while now." Jimmy said getting up from the couch between Dolph and Dean. "What if something's wrong?" Naomi wondered in worry. "Don't worry," Natalya said softly as she placed a comforting hand on Naomi's shoulder. "Nothing's going to happen. They know what their doing." "Man, I hate hospitals." Dean muttered as he now began to panic. Getting up from the couch, he began to pace in agitation. "Dude, calm down." Zack said calmly. "Yeah man, take a chill pill." Said Kofi. "Your going to make us all agitated just watching you."

Suddenly without warning, Jimmy doubled over trying to catch his breath as though he had been dropped kicked in the ribs and had the wind knocked out of him. "You okay?" Randy asked as everyone took notice. "What's wrong?" Naomi asked placing a hand on Jimmy's shoulder. Jimmy kept his body hunched over, but managed to lift his head up to look at them. John could immediately tell right away that something wasn't right. Jimmy struggled to catch his breath as he softly managed to choke out, "Something's...wrong..." He said while trying to get air into his lungs. " "Jey's...hurt..." A look of shock spread across everyone's faces as they all mangaged to pile out of the room and into the hallway.

"Man, I knew this was a bad idea." Dean said with panic in his voice. "Where'd they take him?" Paige asked from behind Natalya. Suddenly everything around them grew cold, which made the hairs on the back of their necks all stand on end. Suddenly, Jimmy let out a cry of pain as he fell to his knees. "They're hurting him." He said gritting his teeth in agony. "Can you tell where they're at?" John asked. Before Jimmy could respond, a violent scream of terror tore through the hall, which made all their stomachs churn in fear. "This way!" John said as they all made their way down the hall.

Jey's screams grew louder as they got closer and closer toward the source of the location, just as Jimmy collapsed to the floor writhing in agony. "We have to do something!" Naomi cried out obviously scared and concerned. Randy and John both banged as hard as they could on the window of the room where several doctors were crowded around Jey trying to revive him. "Something's wrong!" John yelled. "Stop it! your killing him!" Randy Shouted. Dr. Holloway turned her attention toward the noise and motioned for a nurse with black hair toward them. "All of you need to return to the room now." She said calmly. "We are doing everything we can." "But your killing him!" Jimmy cried out still gritting his teeth in agony. "All of you, get back to the room." She said this time more sternly. "Or we will have no choice but to seperate you." Suddenly the sound of a flat line reached their ears, and Naomi let out a scream of horror. "Jimmy's not breathing!"

John and Randy both turned to each other with a mixture of both sadness and anger in their eyes, just as Dr. Holloway came from out of the room with a sympathetic look in her green eyes. "I'm sorry." She said softly. "We did everything we could, but it seems that he's had some sort of reaction to something in the drug. We lost him." Naomi fell to her knees beside her husband just as Jimmy managed to weakly regain consciousness. "Jey's...dead..." He choked out softly. "I can't feel his presence anymore." Everyone all looked at each other at this point, all with looks of worry and concern. They had no idea this is what they were signing up for. "It seems like we'll have to do a more therough check with our drug." Dr. Holloway said softly. "If I would've known, I would've never given him the dosage. This was my fault, and I take full responsibility. I promise you, this will not happen again." Randy narrowed his icy blue eyes toward her in suspicion, and John knew exactly what he was thinking, it was the same thing he was. Something wasn't right about all this. "Since Phase One didn't quite go as planned, I suggest we move on to Phase Two." She said as she led them all back down the hallway and back into the huge room.

TOO BE CONTINUED...What will happen next?! Tune in to find out, Phase Two will be coming soon...