Camila Salvatore was the youngest sibling in the Salvatore family. Camila was always close to her brothers, especially Stefan who was the closest in age to her but they were especially close after the death of their mother. She couldn't turn to her father for comfort nor Damon. One night, her whole life changed when she met a beautiful dangerous woman by the name of Katherine Pierce. Her skin was fair and her hair was as dark as her heart was. That night, she changed Camila's life forever by taking her human life away from her and in return making her a vampire.

After the transformation, Camila woke up feeling different, feeling a hunger that she had never felt before but she couldn't help from being afraid. She looked around seeing how she was alone, she ran straight home to her brothers but seeing the house was empty and cold. she looked around even more for her brothers when she reached a crossroad seeing both of her brothers death on the floor. Her rage and anger became stronger and stronger as the pain was to much for her to bear, not knowing what she was doing since she was still a new vampire she could feel herself loosing all the pain, all feelings. little did she know she was turning off her humanity.

Camila roamed the world creating chaos where ever she went since she didn't have a care in the world as she looked for the woman who had turned her life upside down. One day she had heard a rumor about vampires settle back to Mystic falls in what was once her home. Her curious cause her to travel back to this town that she had long forgotten about. The closer she got to Mystic Falls, the more the rumors became of an interest for her especially since the name "Salvatore" was mention countless of times. She couldn't help but feel a little hope in her heart that she still had family out there although her heart was long ago turned into nothing but darkness and coldness thanks to Katherine. Camila swore that one day she would get her revenge on Katherine but right now her main focus was finding her brothers. She made her way to her old house, she could feel her old memories haunting her mind the moment she step foot to the place she once called home. She walked around the house, letting her fingers glide against the walls as she closed her eyes letting her memories invade and take over her mind, finding her way into the living room, she could tell that someone had been living here for a while now. All her hopes became even stronger as she looked through the window, seeing a young man working on his car outback. Her excited pulled her towards this young man that she knew had to be Stefan, she could feel it with every bone inside of her but Camila quickly stopped herself as she noticed he wasn't alone. She hide in the shadows as she looked at the woman closer seeing flashed of Katherine's face in her mind. She couldn't believe it...her own brother was alive and with the monster that had done this to her? she couldn't even begin to understand how Stefan could be alive, was Damon also alive? millions of questions came at her along came hatred and anger before they could see her or even sense her, she made her way back out of the house before she knew she would do something she would regret especially if that was truly her brother.

Camila could feel her humanity creeping back into her soul over the feelings she had over her brother but it wasn't enough for them to overcome the hate she had for the woman that he was with. So that's when it started, the moment where she plotted to take her revenge on Katherine, not knowing that the woman Stefan was with was actually Elena Gilbert. Camila was not going to stop until Katherine had paid with her own blood for what she had down to her and now what she was doing to her brothers. She would stop at nothing to get her family back.