It was one crazy whirlwind. It was a whirling rollercoaster that was uncontrollable. But it was, at the same time, amazing and dreadful. It was amazing when we existed, like there was nothing on the island except us two. And it was absolutely dreadful when we weren't – it felt like everything I had with him was suddenly torn out in a split second. And it was rather terrible at first; it was like he just didn't want me, like I wasn't good enough for him. I wasn't good enough for a criminal, that's what it was.

And then, as it all progressed, I realised he wasn't good enough for me. I knew I could do much better than him, and in the end, even Gwen realised that. And so, he was left alone in the shadows, becoming, in time, absolutely nothing to me.

It's sad to say I do kinda miss him sometimes. I miss 'Princess'. I miss his annoying comments that would always get on your nerves, and I miss how he isn't around much more. I loved him. Maybe I don't love him anymore, but it'll take a while to forget what we had and what I felt.

I don' know how long. I don't have any clue where I'll end up years from now, but I know it will be a place without Duncan, and if it is maybe that will be a good thing. Maybe it won't.

I'll find someone, I know that. Maybe they won't be better than him and maybe they will. But I know for sure that I will miss him, and I will miss the part of me that loved him.

But I won't miss what he did to me. I won't miss Gwuncan. I won't regret slamming that spaghetti on his head so hard and crying at his feet. I feel proud that I did that.

And maybe it just wasn't meant to be. That's why I'm okay with it all, it wasn't meant to be. We weren't a couple that was going to say together forever, we had always had this small portion of hate mixed in when we were dating. I won't regret coming back to Total Drama Action and stuffing that diaper into his mouth. (He deserved it so much, though, and he should have seen it coming anyway.)

I loved that delinquent. Maybe I will miss him, and maybe I won't. But it will take some time before I'm able to forget Duncney.

It will take a really long time before I'm able to forget us. And maybe, just maybe, I'll never forget Duncney. It really was a crazy whirlwind, a crazy ride I had no idea where it was going. But I know now, and the ride was going down.

It just wasn't meant to be.

A/N – I just thought this would be nice to write. I have been feeling more about their relationship than tiredly writing the events of what they did in their relationship. And I enjoy writing about the break-ups, the rubble.

The rubble, the burn – that's the best part.